Why Is AwesomenessTV So Terrible?
Casey Aonso
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Why Is AwesomenessTV So Terrible?
Today we're going to be checking out AwesomenessTV, a production company that casts MNsoftrs and social media stars in their shows that typically get uploaded on their MNsoft channel. The company has been around for a while but I feel like their content has always remained pretty... terrible and cringe so I thought it'd be fun to look into the state of the company and their channel and speculate why that might be!
Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel :) This week I thought it would be interesting to check out AwesomenessTV's channel as a whole. Some of you guys might recognize the channel just by being a longtime MNsoft viewer but you also might remember it as the producer of the Dream Date with Chloe Couture series we've been reacting to on my channel. Throughout filming that series I've come across other shows AwesomenessTV has been uploading and between that and my opinion on their older series that I came across in past years, I thought it would be interesting to dedicate a video to the channel and company itself and try to figure out why their series (in my opinion) are so bad. SO today we are going to be looking at some of the series they have running on their channel right now such as Malibu Surf and Date Takeover as well as past series like Dream Date with Brent Rivera. I hope you guys enjoy the video and if you did feel free to give it a like and subscribe to the channel, it really helps me out! :)
ALSO for anyone curious about the state of my Dream Date with Chloe Couture/bootleg bachelor series, the third and final video in that series will be going up in a few weeks! Sorry it's taken so long but it is coming :))) + if you guys have any video recommendations feel free to leave those in the comments as I'm looking for some future video ideas for the next coming months! OK THAT'S IT I SWEAR SORRY THIS IS SO LONG TY LY HOPE YALL ENJOY THE VIDEO
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if you see this comment "i wanted to show you im a queen with no drama"
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  • rianna

    a concept: dream date with ratalouis but the only contestant is casey

    • dandiesthealthylion

      Someone write this fic please or I will do it

    • Zoe Harrell
      Zoe Harrell

      i need this in my life

    • KatieGunzz

      the snake that rattles ppl

    • the snake that rattles
      the snake that rattles

      shed get pushed off a balcony during the second date 😔

    • Juno

      TAKE MY MONEY!!!

  • Lula XOXO
    Lula XOXO

    Anyone remember that TERRIBLE “expelled“ movie?

  • It’s Simone Baby
    It’s Simone Baby

    RIP pop smoke

  • Shemika

    does anyone remember summer break??? like what happened to that youtube series ?

  • how wow
    how wow

    I used to watch the skits when i like 9 and i enjoyed them and i got older n realized how trash the content was

  • Athena Jaxon
    Athena Jaxon

    I need you to do the Brent Rivera series

  • Hollie Jackson
    Hollie Jackson

    Please review each of these programs, they all look so terrible I could do with a giggle

  • Şimal

    I'm shook. I didn't know that 'to all the boys...'(so lazy to write it) film was produced by awesomeness tv. this is weird

  • Caitlin OBrien
    Caitlin OBrien

    I've actually enjoyed the Hulu/AwesomenessTV shows, but like in the way one enjoys watching cringe compilations.

  • Sam Paz
    Sam Paz

    bro i met brent in italy... it was so scary like tf

  • dave strider
    dave strider

    Bruh a name with “awesomeness” in it is automatically cringe

  • Chris Heyward
    Chris Heyward

    I remember them being on Nick

  • Chris Heyward
    Chris Heyward

    LA is the most overrated city in the world

  • צביקי סופר
    צביקי סופר

    please react to the Israeli eurovision song for 2020! Eden alene - feker libi. thank you!

  • Zookey Ke
    Zookey Ke

    Can u plz talk about the shipping and the problem with it and gay ships because ships can ruin people’s friendship

  • multiplesifl

    I know it's not kosher to say things like this in 2020 but I don't think Cloe is cute, like, at all. She looks like she's trying to block fart smell with her upper lip.

  • pipdoo

    Brent Rivera is to Awesomeness TV as Smashmouth is to shrek: integral, but awful

  • Emma Thompson
    Emma Thompson

    Malibu surf is just a shitty Blue Water High. That show was something else

  • Mischief

    Hey Casey! I just wanted to request if captions could be added? I know it's hard to do captions but some of followers could help! Just wanted to request this since my hearing isn't the best

  • Des


  • vargFren

    Finally, I always randomly get advertisements of ther videos everytime

  • tamara sky
    tamara sky

    I can't people still watch it

  • Alex

    Malibu surf reminded me of Moody's Point on the Amanda Show.

  • Fatimah Elsayed
    Fatimah Elsayed


  • Sara L
    Sara L

    Malibu Surf is garbage. The actors suck, the storylines are dumb and make little sense and the dialogue is awful. It seems like the actors are trying to improv at times but failing miserably. I didn't know it was supposed to be a reality show until I found out the social media links they put in were real and those were the actors real names.

  • Hillary Calderon
    Hillary Calderon

    i wish u had talked about their less cringey content such as cheerleaders and my dream quinceañera. they’re reality based but not so scripted

  • LittleVMKGirl2

    Malibu surf looks like a Great Value version of Laguna Beach/The Hills lmao

  • Uhmeare

    I want a Casey Aonso bachelorette series on AwesomenessTV

  • life with trinity
    life with trinity

    I'm I the only who got a litte triggered when she kept saying *cloe cucher*

  • Mae Luna
    Mae Luna

    girl, brent is like 5, he's not gonna get a lost reference

  • Cryptic Introvert
    Cryptic Introvert

    I used to watch Awesomeness tv on tv

  • brandon roberts
    brandon roberts

    yup they suck.

  • E Genovia
    E Genovia

    Hope you don’t get sued.

  • Alicia

    I was like 13 when Laguna Beach came out, so I was so into it. I tried watching that freaking Malibu Surf show, and it gives me such knockoff vibes.

  • Galaway

    wait omg tatbilb is from awesomeness tv???

  • Loegoe

    Sidenote: teila dunns wig is still terrible a d continues to get worse. However, now that I see her mom I understand.

  • VSN

    malibu surf is my favorite show

  • Olivia

    i’ve seen all 5 seasons of malibu surf and it’s so bad n cringey that it’s somehow entertaining

  • Daddy Feli
    Daddy Feli

    You look like miss piggy

  • Ines Vija
    Ines Vija

    Its funny how literally everyone has Riveraphobia

  • kaylee thomas
    kaylee thomas

    The only good thing ATV ever gave us was Cheerleaders.

  • coscorrodrift

    that whole channel just seems like attractive young people reading dumb stuff in well lit environments lmao

  • Missab4000

    Danielle Monet... no...

  • no

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="387">6:27</a> wow no one appreciated her Lost reference

    • Emily Wirth
      Emily Wirth

      I was looking for this comment!!

  • Miriam Schanz
    Miriam Schanz

    malibu surf is lowkey my (very) guilty pleasure

  • Tillysnow1

    The only reason I subscribed to AwesomenessTV was for the show 'Cheerleaders' which followed a Californian all-star cheerleading team, just like Cheer on Netflix, but I've never bothered watching anything else because their scripted stuff is absolute trash.

  • lcngfords :0
    lcngfords :0

    notice how she didn’t say anything bad about the merrell twins 😌

  • logan regina
    logan regina

    ok this s literally not even bc you have the same name but OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU LOOK LIKE CASEY WILSON

  • Monica Niblett
    Monica Niblett

    Awesomeness also did a dating series with Meaghan Reinks YEARS ago. My BF's friend was in it and I was like, "wtf?" And my BF asked and the guy said it was just a casting call he replied to.

  • Ethereal Iris
    Ethereal Iris

    Even to all the boys i've loved before kinda lost their charm. The second just not on par with the first one cause they changed the director. Lost of weird and unnecessary directing choices. But yeah when it comes to their youtube content it's definitely a big yikes.

  • lesley velis
    lesley velis

    The content is cringeworthy BUT I love Malibu Surf for some reason 😭

  • NeshyNesquik

    i wanted to show you im a queen with no drama

  • Shawmila Stan
    Shawmila Stan

    I just want to say that Awesomeness tv has been doing drama for a while now but before it was with A-list (main stream) celebrities instead of MNsoftrs

  • Alva Andersson
    Alva Andersson

    brent rivera came to my starbucks and he ordered an iced coffee with vanilla AND regular sweetener w cream and it just... it really told me everything i needed to know about his personality

  • haidée m
    haidée m

    the episodes feel like watching a david dobrik vlog for the first time

  • Diego Del rey
    Diego Del rey

    The social life of Amanda was literally so freaking good. The drama gave me lifeeee !

  • georgetta perri-butler
    georgetta perri-butler

    Holy shit I was on awesomenessTV in 2016... if you watch camping with Meghan I’m the one who wore a pusher beanie almost the whole tome and had maybe three minutes of screen time hehe

  • Ariana Irias
    Ariana Irias

    awesomeness tv WALKED so brat could RUN

  • Sunday Dreamland
    Sunday Dreamland

    Malibu Surf is trying to be Laguna Beach so hard is it just me or am I old? Even copied the love triangle of Kristin, Stephen and Lauren.

  • Amber Hodge
    Amber Hodge

    You should watch my dream quince and growing up Eileen. That shits funny 😆

    • Siana

      Amber Hodge right? I love those shows!

  • Luna CL
    Luna CL

    I think it's very telling that even with a Netflix contract, professional actors and crew, and an already sucessful story to go off of, this is the best they could do with To All Boys I've Loved Before...

  • Chanel's Angel
    Chanel's Angel

    malibu surf was so terrible but i LOVED it😂

  • Goober Greatest
    Goober Greatest

    love ur vids. just hit the bell for notifications

  • Malu B
    Malu B

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="225">3:45</a> is she Trina from Victorious?

  • Nicole Sullivan
    Nicole Sullivan

    laguna beach walked so malibu surf could run

  • Brianna Suros
    Brianna Suros

    i used to watch them as a kid

  • Cynthia Raddatz
    Cynthia Raddatz

    That Harry vinyl in the back during the ad

  • Ilana Monelli
    Ilana Monelli

    Clearly Brent and his sister never watched Lost cause roses are red, violets are blue, 4,8,15,16,23,42 was honestly quite clever

  • kimmi ann
    kimmi ann

    Thanks for the Function of Beauty coupon code! Been wanting to try their products forever but they're so expensive. Probably gonna order some shampoo/conditioner and a hair mask some time this week. ☺

  • Ramyeon Han
    Ramyeon Han

    I actually really like their show Light as a feather on Hulu, but it's way different than the MNsoft content 😳

  • Hannah Stevenson
    Hannah Stevenson

    Please please PLEASE review the awesomeness tv series “t@gged”. Let’s just say it’s a gem

  • keira wilson
    keira wilson

    ur completely monotone reactions makes me scared to send a meme. even tho for some reason when anyone reads a meme out loud it’s not funny somehow ???

  • Annabelle The Animal
    Annabelle The Animal

    Ad: “Feeling insecure?” Me: *slow chuckling* you have no idea

  • silvia vetter
    silvia vetter

    I don't dislike everything on AwesomenessTV they have one show, Twin My Hart, that I actually enjoy watching. They episodes are around 30 minutes each, the interactions are not awkward and it's not scripted. But maybe i'm biased because I like the merrell twins but idk. I'm subscribed to AAwesomenessTV tho, because of their other content...

  • Rugilė V
    Rugilė V

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="615">10:15</a> is that Tati's step-son?

  • rachasaur

    i forgot that TATBILB was produced by AwesomenessTV and i was shocked. then i remembered the second film and i was like, yeah that tracks actually

  • Amara Tasnim
    Amara Tasnim

    Wait. I had no idea tatbilb was an awesomenesstv production

  • ReadingRapunzel

    I blame you for my hatred of Brent Rivera because if it weren't for these videos I'd know nothing about him 😂

  • lu

    i can't be the only one who didn't know "to all the boys i've loved before" was from awesomenessTV

    • ReadingRapunzel

      you're not. I'm shook

  • Maeve Conner
    Maeve Conner

    They “actors” suck and the writing sucks

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