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Watch this video to learn what next steps you need to take after rolling over an old 401(k).
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Congratulations on rolling over your retirement plan assets! Now that you’ve taken this important step, you’ll want to ensure that your assets align with your unique needs for financial fitness. But how? To help demonstrate the importance of staying engaged with your retirement assets after rolling over into an IRA, let’s take a look at a hypothetical investor, named Jim.
Jim has a lot of exciting things going on in his life. He recently moved and started a new job. Way to go, Jim! At his prior job, Jim’s retirement assets were part of an employer-sponsored plan. To keep his finances active and healthy, he routinely made contributions to his account, sought guidance on which funds in the plan fit best for his retirement savings goals, and reviewed or rebalanced his account annually. His employer also offered matching contributions which Jim took full advantage of. As a result, his retirement savings grew. As part of the transition to his new firm, Jim decided it was best to roll his old 401(k) over to an IRA. But his assets are sitting in cash. This may not be good for his long-term financial fitness. He needs to be proactive because the process isn’t complete once the assets from an old 401(k) are rolled into an IRA. Jim isn’t alone. Many people don’t take action when it comes to maintaining their financial health. Why? Maybe there are too many investment choices in an IRA or we fear making an investing mistake with a large sum of money; a fear that outweighs the concern of missing out on potential growth from invested funds.
Whatever the reason, it is important to take action! In the same way that your physical health depends on regular attention and care, your financial well-being also requires routine TLC. So, what’s next for Jim? He needs to invest his assets to give them a chance to grow and stay healthy. To do this, he can go to Fidelity.com or contact a representative to implement an investment strategy with his rollover assets. He also has access to tools, such as the Planning and Guidance Center, to help him analyze his current investment mix and help suggest what may be the most appropriate allocation for his situation.
Jim is on the road to getting fit! He’s looking forward to periodic checkups with a representative on the phone or in an Investor Center, and plans on checking his portfolio anytime, anywhere via Fidelity’s mobile app. Get fit like Jim, and take those next steps with YOUR rollover assets! Visit Fidelity.com, stop by an investor center, or call a representative to learn more about choosing an IRA.
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