What should you do if you roll your tractor??? - TMT
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  • John Higgs
    John Higgs

    But what if I roll the tractor on purpose?!?! 🤣

  • Andrew Donohue
    Andrew Donohue

    know the limits of your tractor, if it doesnt look safe it probably is not. do not put yourself and your expensive equipment at risk.

  • D Garcia
    D Garcia

    Thank very informative!

  • Rob Egan
    Rob Egan

    Grew up with grandfathers 1940's case tricycle. Always told if your going uphill go up hill, across hill go across hill Never turn on a hill.

  • Donald Parker
    Donald Parker


  • Ceasar Rustilio
    Ceasar Rustilio

    Dude. Your vids are so helpful for new tractor owners. I’ve learned so much. Keep on keepin on

  • Bill Crawford
    Bill Crawford

    Where are good tie down points when trailering? And with this episode, where would you attach lines to right a rolled tractor. I understand the latter question has many variables but I’ve often wondered why like automobiles tractors are not supplied with tie down “rings.”

  • Matty 110
    Matty 110

    Have a new r630 my driver rolled it ,have the best insurance u can buy ,15k in damage windows plastic etc,thing that sucks is they dont give you a loaner anything how are you supposed to work while its getting repaired🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Dirt Diver
    Dirt Diver

    Bring back TMT

    • Messick's

      I'm still doing them frequently

  • Jim Watson
    Jim Watson

    First you THANK GOD ABOVE you fastened your seatbelt, just like on a forklift!

  • Jord A.
    Jord A.

    First thing is check your credit remaining on agri financing...

  • John Hurt
    John Hurt

    Shut it off immediately

  • toadamine

    "but did you DIE?!?!" 😂

  • joshua bratt
    joshua bratt

    Is it safe to tow the tractor(across the land, not on a trailer) after a roll once it's standing back up, but before you attempt repairing hydrolock/cylinder venting and drainage? Asking for future reference.

    • tractorboy31

      Well is it a gear shift tranny or a hydro. If gear then i would say yes if hydro maybe. Moms lawn tractor has the pull lever if pushing. The hydro range selector on the compacts in a neautral position it may be ok to tow but i would check your manual for towing when not running

  • Penniac Wilderness
    Penniac Wilderness

    Thanks! You have excellent videos. I've got a 1990 Kubota L2900.

  • Moe Shouse
    Moe Shouse

    you for got the roll cage damage. most tractors the roll cage is made from special metal, GLX. I.E. you cant use it if it has been bent. and just cant straighten it. and you cant just weld it.

  • Greg W
    Greg W

    Step #1 turnoff the engine Step #2 ask forgiveness for the things you said as the tractor rolled over Step #3 clean out the seat, if it has a cab open the window Step #4 check for witnesses, maybe it never happened Step #5 attempt to upright the tractor my yourself, DO NOT call your friends. When they find out you're OK you will never live it down.

  • Mud Puddle
    Mud Puddle

    The first rule of tractors is DONT ROLL YOUR TRACTOR.

  • BeagleBrains 1
    BeagleBrains 1

    Roll it back onto its wheels. Did I get it right?

  • Tim Barnett
    Tim Barnett

    What you should do if you rolled your tractor? Don't be under it! Thanks, Tim

  • Michael Rhoads
    Michael Rhoads

    I saw a deuce punched 60+ shift 5th to second threw the head 200 yards in the air.

  • Moark Willy
    Moark Willy

    I put my B2320 on it's side.....once, about 3 weeks after I bought it. The turf tires kept any part of the tractor from touching the ground. For about 3 months after that I was so careful it took me twice as long to do any loader work.....but now I always use a counterweight, keep the load low and know where I can't go.

    • tractorboy31

      I had my 3 bottom plow hanging from the loader to set it on my trl when on a slight hill it swung and started picking my back tire up. I hit the brake first but when tire is on its way up the brake aint doing much then dumped my loader. The plow swung within 6 inches of taking out my trk bed. More ballast would have helped. Flat ground big thing. Yes my tractor is a tricycle front however a wide front would act the same way

  • papa bits
    papa bits

    That’s why you wear the brown pants

  • Boris Maskirovka
    Boris Maskirovka

    ....anyone can safely roll a tractor if they have enough altitude; 5,000 feet AGL is a good starting point for rolling. The landings however, always tend to suck.

    • spyder000069

      Just be careful to not run out of altitude, airspeed, and ideas at the same time.

  • Dave Kana
    Dave Kana

    Used to roll my B7100 all the time it was tippy over a piece of gravel. I bought a bigger tractor, problem solved!

  • Glenn Lego
    Glenn Lego

    Do tractors have seat belts?

    • Rex Palmer
      Rex Palmer

      Mine does, only a lap belt.


    ZOMG that row of skid steers in the background.

  • PhotoBobBarker

    To be honest the first thing I expected to hear was DO NOT JUMP OFF!!! Unless you will be harmed by something entering the cab area, ride the tractor to a stop. Then kill the engine, carefully exit the equipment, and finally check for damage (personal and equipment). You would be surprised what injuries you don't notice when in an accident.

    • PhotoBobBarker

      Yes, and the ROPS should ALWAYS be up and seatbelt on when in normal use. The problem is jumping from a piece of equipment that is rolling is extraordinarily dangerous. It is almost impossible to jump away from the direction of rotation unless you get out just as it starts to tip, otherwise you end up jumping direction of the roll and will likely get very hurt. I know people don't like wearing the belts because *reasons*, but that's no excuse to operate industrial equipment unsafely. I've seen the results first hand from a fork truck rollover.

    • Messick's

      the industry has a recommendation for this. You should not jump Only If the roll bar is up and you're wearing a seatbelt. Otherwise you're to get away from the machine as quickly as possible.

  • Jhonjhon 17
    Jhonjhon 17

    take it to a dealer to get the ROPS (roll over protective structure) checked out

  • Luke Johnson
    Luke Johnson

    Step one: cry; step two...

  • duckslayer92

    Fluids aren't compressible unlike air that's why hydraulics work and why hydrolocking a engine is so damaging. However great video I'm just busting your balls I knew what you meant

  • Turbo Diesel
    Turbo Diesel

    If you can, shut off engine immediately. Get away from tractor and seek medical attention if needed. Tractor is no where near as important as you are. Remember, machines are replaceable, you are not. You may also need to return home to clean up and to change your underwear. LOL Now, swallow your pride and go get other folks to help you to get the machine back upright. Be sure to take key from the ignition (if applicable) and put in your pocket! (That will prevent anyone from trying to start engine.) TAKE YOUR TIME AND BE PATIENT. Take your time and upright tractor slowly and safely, making sure that it is secured and cannot roll away in any direction once uprighted. Use of blocking / chocking and extra straps/chains are recommended. Check battery and neutralize any spilled acid with baking soda. You can also flush the hell out of the area with excessive amounts of water (not very practical unless you are already back near a water source). Turn engine over backwards (if possible) by hand until you can get at least 2 full revolutions. This may prove to be difficult with some engines due to lack of access and may need to be done back at a shop where tools and other things are available to gain access to manually rotate engine. Check all fluids (engine oil, coolant, trans/hydraulic, battery) and make sure they are in the "safe zones". If not, fill to appropriate levels. Once you are certain that engine is not hydrolocked and will freely crank over, you should be ready to attempt to start engine. Again make sure tractor is secure, not in any forward or reverse gear, and attempt to start engine. Once engine begins running, expect a lot of smoke from the exhaust and other possible strange happenings once engine fires up at first. All should calm down and dissipate rather quickly as engine continues to run and warm back up. Pay attention to everything, including gauges and indicator (idiot) warning lights. If you take your time and use common sense, your unfortunate mishap will be much less of a loss overall. Oh, and call your insurance company if you have farm/equipment insurance (hopefully). Often times any decent insurance will help to pay to get your tractor repaired.

    • Graham Peters
      Graham Peters

      Hi & thanks Turbo Diesel I was unconscious when I left the Cab via rear window and landed about 20 ft from where the tractor an I parted company when I came to my dominant right shoulder was the size of Rugby ball (all my rotator cuff muscles were later found to be ripped from my shoulder) and was lying on some burnt out Gorse which is a bushy plant with 3/4 inch thorns. I didn't turn the key off as it was my intention to drive the bitch out when we came to a stop! but the rules were changed? You all have a good day the sun is shining and its 14 Deg C and its 6th May Autumn here winter starts around June. May get to mow lawns once more before winter sets in and depending on what type of winter we have maybe I have to start mowing them late July - August. I live in the southern South Island at about 46 Deg south but still a long way from Antarctica . Bye all and have a good productive summer season

  • CKOD

    A friend had a F250 with a fuel injector get stuck and flood a cylinder. Luckily it didnt bend a rod trying to crank when the leaky injector was discovered. After the replacement came in, we pulled the old one, put a rag in the port to catch the fuel, and turned it over. It shot the rag out, and sent a jet of diesel about 30-40 feet. Everything was fine after that, but boy was that a bit of a surprise how much pressure it came out with.

    • Pennsylvania Mike
      Pennsylvania Mike

      Damn boy. Did you not wonder why it's called an injector pump? LOL..

  • camb1802 toronto fire
    camb1802 toronto fire

    Most important thing , don't tell your wife !!

    • Moark Willy
      Moark Willy

      I had to....I needed her to help me right it.

    • Tim Henry
      Tim Henry


  • MrCoontastic

    *tries" to compress the fluid, not "it compresses the fluid* must be a new super special fluid that Kubota developed. Careful how you word things, Facebook will be full of this new "Kubota only compressible fluid."

  • Go Ahead Make Our Day Scooter &Peanut
    Go Ahead Make Our Day Scooter &Peanut

    I lucked out rolled compact tractor and then got it stood up and sure enough engine was hydraulic locked with oil in cylinder when i turned key to restart engine.Like he said don't try to start without having it checked out good.

  • mrgearheadfromhell

    If you are turning the engine manually for this reason in particular it is helpful to turn the engine in the reverse of normal rotation. Doing this will send any excessive fluid into the exhaust. If at any point the engine stops turning, do not force it, change direction to the normal rotation. If you can't make two full revolutions in either direction the engine is hydro locked on two or more cyl's. Usually you can make two full rev's in reverse rotation, however if the engine has a aftertreatment system you don't want to send the fluid out the exhaust.

  • Jennifer White
    Jennifer White

    should be a day course for the use of the tracker or any farm equipment special on a riding lawn mowers

  • Anna Miller/ Ronnie truth
    Anna Miller/ Ronnie truth

    What if you do it on purpose?

  • Little Skull Big Brain
    Little Skull Big Brain

    Make sure that once it’s back up right it’s not going to roll away.