What's Next For Joe Burrow?
Pardon My Take
The morning after celebrating LSU's Title win, Joe Burrow sits down with an even more hungover Big Cat and PFT to tell them what he plans on doing next.
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  • mango slug
    mango slug

    Joe doesn’t seriously think LSU could beat the Bengals right?

  • tyler joyner
    tyler joyner

    💴 💰

  • Ashley-Meggan Bowie
    Ashley-Meggan Bowie

    Jeaux needs a hangover iv. I always go to an iv if I have a bad hangover.

  • Bob Dylan
    Bob Dylan

    Wtf do you mean is next. He’s going into the fucking league you dipshit

  • We HipHopToo
    We HipHopToo

    He snitches at 1:48 Smh

  • J Amelotte
    J Amelotte

    How was how burrows able to sit with his feet like that at the beginning?

  • Xxxx Big Rich
    Xxxx Big Rich

    What's next a lot of losing at Cincinnati. The Bengals will not trade that pick because of the illusion of winning. Unfortunately that's not gonna happen.

  • travis white
    travis white

    “NFL quarterback in college” so fucking savage

  • Patrick Burk
    Patrick Burk

    I know joes ankles hurting the way he’s sitting

  • BhBraaq

    He deserves to celebrate but he should be careful because teams could interpret that as he's the next Ryan Leaf.

  • dudewat212

    Trevor Lawrence seems like he has a Manning, Brady, and Rodgers type of humility that does well in the NFL. Burrow seems like a Manziel, Rosen, Mayfield type of personality.

    • Corey Hall
      Corey Hall

      dudewat212 1 million% WRONG

  • Andre Green
    Andre Green

    facebook.com/groups/806816899766095/?ref=share Come join the discussion in COLLEGE SPORTS FANATICS!

  • Gary Lindsey
    Gary Lindsey

    Bet they were at a strip club!:)

  • Stokeley Hauf
    Stokeley Hauf

    Welcome to CINCINNATI JOE WOO I’m a Bucs fan but I would love to see you play

  • ron estes
    ron estes

    Joe is hanging around the wrong people! Stay straight Joe leave the weed, and drugs alone!

  • Ryan Unavailable
    Ryan Unavailable

    “Might have to grong that parade” ☠️☠️

  • Swagdaddy 123
    Swagdaddy 123

    Where tf are they😂😂😂 they’re like in the hallway of some random building

  • Ryze Lion
    Ryze Lion

    Talk yo shit joe u proved it🐐

  • Aric Alvarez
    Aric Alvarez

    Lmao joe high as shit

  • Chris Murphy
    Chris Murphy

    Hank what’s up with the shitty camera work

  • mxamiss5

    He wins the national championship then talks to these morons? Kid is going no where

  • Kolin Bartlett
    Kolin Bartlett

    Can Joe be a future Blake of the year nominee???

  • Buster Buds
    Buster Buds

    He couldn’t do 225 more than 6 times 😂 I use to be able to throw it up 13 time in Hs at 198 pounds

  • The Chillest Son
    The Chillest Son

    so imagine the browns trade odell to the bengals that’ll be hilarious

    • ajgreen4 pres
      ajgreen4 pres

      There's no way Mike Brown would pick up that clown. He learned his lesson with Terrel Owens Bengals 12-4 the year prior to him 4‐12 with him

  • PoPo #123
    PoPo #123

    And No! L.S.U. Could not beat the Bengals.

  • Ctay

    😂😂😂😂 he said I don’t know

  • calvin peeler
    calvin peeler

    joe burrow is a good quarterback i hope green bay is the team he goes to

  • Jason Ash
    Jason Ash

    Better get hammered. Back to bama dominating the sec again next year. No joe burrow. No joe Brady. No Dave Aranda. Wow!!! That lasted long? We coming next year!!!! 🤘

  • Aaron Gilbert
    Aaron Gilbert

    Can LSU beat the Bengals? Depends on which uniform Joes wearing.

  • William Hughes
    William Hughes

    Big d Joe is a big deal, just saying

  • mark anderson
    mark anderson

    answer: The NFL....end of conversation....cya

  • Roland Vic
    Roland Vic

    The camera work sucks. Jesus

  • David Holcombe
    David Holcombe

    Sorry! meant to write the below script to the next media program on my Watch Later que - Stephen A. on ESPN show called "First Take," when their host who is and always has been a Clemson bias - was trying to stir the pot. How stupid of an accusation. But what was Odell thinking? Thanks again Joe and I wish you and your family the best. You worked for it. And relayed a great message to young people that hard work and being persistent pays off dividends!!!! Congratulations! "I think the host wearing the tie and sitting next to Stephen A. is salivating to expand a story which is not true. I heard Joe Burrow answer a question about Odell Beckham handing him some cash, but since it was a question, Joe's answer was obviously to me just a joke. 1) Was it real or was it a$1? Nobody knows, 2) I never heard Joe say he handed cash to a bunch of players, rather just him, 3) Paul Finebaum says it was fake money, 4) Burrow also said he really didn't remember much while out celebrating 5) do not say things and break your journalist ethics unless you have oath bearing facts, 6) You the host should bite your tongue and keep your anti-LSU mouth which is and has been obviously Clemson biased shut - because in my interpretation it is you not ODJ that is inviting trouble and promoting a falsehood, and in a court, what is called "heresay," 7) You got video evidence? And was their "quid pro quo " involved? Shame on you. Paul Finebaum disagrees with you and has much more integrity and knows and said the money was fake. I know you would not be saying this if it was a Clemson situation. You are down right malicious and evidently have an agenda. Please refrain from what is legally called "hearsay " in a court of law. Per Wikipedia: "At its core, the rule against using hearsay evidence is to prevent out-of-court, second hand statements from being used as evidence at trial given their potential unreliability. Hearsay Defined. Hearsay is defined as an out-of-court statement, made in court, to prove the truth of the matter asserted."

  • Jibbles Nbitz
    Jibbles Nbitz

    Imagine paying for gold and getting a shaking video

  • MannyVision

    I'm 28 I still want to play college ball. For some reason my body hasn't full matured I'm still growing! This hurt my feelings yall saying hes o old haha. I dont want to try out to the pros right away haha

  • ohio stin
    ohio stin

    Rumor has it that dabo Sweeney was looking for a Gatorade bath in the second quarter.

  • Mark Burch
    Mark Burch

    What's next for Joe Burrow? A shortened career at a shit hole Bengals organization.

  • Ricardi

    This seems like a different side of Joe. Doesn’t sound like the humble heisman trophy winner. I’ve always thought he was fraud personality wise, not player wise, i may have been right..

    • Georges Mendy
      Georges Mendy

      Ricardi shut up they all drunk lol 😂 what is you talking about ?

  • Tim Castens
    Tim Castens

    I think whatever offense Joe is out in and whatever talent that's around him, he'll maxamize it and get the most he can out of it . He'll have a learning curve but I think people will be amazed how fast he picks it up.

  • Righteous1

    They're either hung over or high or both

  • WhiteRyno27

    That Ryan Leaf swag

  • Bussinyagirl Cheeks
    Bussinyagirl Cheeks

    Joe Borrow straight up snitched on OBJ enters the NCAA Investigation

  • Micah Heard
    Micah Heard

    Yes I know every NFL team is loaded with college's best players and there are definitely starters for us that wouldn't make it to the NFL. Atleast not for long. That being said I still think LSU would win the match-up hands down. Three future NFL starting and star hopeful DB's that make game changing plays and shut guys down. Our LB's are solid and O-line showed much improvement vs Clemson, but they would obviously be our con of the defense as a whole. Pro are our DB's, then I don't think there are too many DB's that could lock up almost guarantee able future NFL Stars at WR in Ja'Marr Chase, Justin Jefferson, and Terrace Marshall. If two get locked up, one is nearly always going to be open or wide open. Our running game would struggle tho, except for Burrow. He sees wholes and performs magics trick with his legs better than any other QB in College or the NFL. LSU *38* BENGALS *33* *Plot Twist:* Bengals give LSU the win because they're on a tanking mission to lose the most games.

  • Dev Brown
    Dev Brown

    Lol he basically said “what class?” 😂😂😂

  • badgyrl310

    I really wish he wouldn't have snitched. This OBJ situation is becoming way overblown. I hope this doesn't cause problems for some of those players and for the school. It's just gonna become an even bigger situation with him talking about it.

    • Edwurrd

      badgyrl310, how is it snitching if it’s even on camera 😭😂

  • ChuaChewa

    Oooohhhhh nooooo, he’s kinda a douche bag. But nowhere as bad as Baker, so it’s all good.

  • Daniel Tayong
    Daniel Tayong

    Burrow has alpha energy

  • Mrbradboy1

    Un 23 is young bro if ur in ur 20s thats still young.

    • Stan Nkereuwem
      Stan Nkereuwem

      Sports wise is not. 18-19 so athletes are still growing with an upside

  • Homey don't play that
    Homey don't play that

    NFL quarterback in college 😂😂

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams

    I don't know, ask his blame deflecting coach. who blocked who again?

  • MrBezl

    What Nikes are those

  • Anthony Y
    Anthony Y

    PMT won a national championship with this absolute gold mine of content. Love it, GEAUX TIGERS

  • Brian Hopkins
    Brian Hopkins

    LSU is going to slap some man ass I guess....

  • Katie Cosentino
    Katie Cosentino

    What a cocky dick

  • Paul Brasier
    Paul Brasier

    Who told him this was a good idea, fire him.

  • TheMan750

    I know ESPN is pissed that Barstool gets all the scoop

  • Brett Delatte
    Brett Delatte

    Joe's so chill and cool

  • Von Miller
    Von Miller

    He could either be the next trubisky or Watson 50/50🧐🤷‍♂️

  • spirit rush
    spirit rush

    😂😂😂 he isn’t a student athlete anymore 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Ice Cold
    Ice Cold

    GO!!! JOE!!!!!