We Broke Up.
Thank you all for the love and support during this difficult time. 💔
I'll be back to filming and creating with makeup soon.
My heart is trying to heal and repair. I love you guys so much.
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  • Dng Aroha
    Dng Aroha

    I hope things turn out well for you both Jeffery. Sending you love and light during this hard time.

  • Fatima RG
    Fatima RG

    The typical comment in this kind of situations: I tried to film this video 10 times 🙄(rolling me eyes)...

  • lol Rodriguez
    lol Rodriguez

    I am here for you no we are all here for you

  • Allison Runstedler
    Allison Runstedler

    Hey jeffrey im so sorry about what is happening right now there's so much i want to say to you to make you feel better. Whats happening is terrible and hard. But when you said "nate taught me patience, love..." its almost like thank you next. I hope you are doing better and i send you best wishes. Love you😘

  • Darkness

    Now watch these “Fans” attack him

  • Amber Riggins
    Amber Riggins

    I know this is suppose to be serious and I hate it for him but the puppy @4:25 melted my heart!

  • Alma Torres
    Alma Torres

    Just listening to this broke my heart again . . The whole waking up next to no one anymore is the most painful thing. I pray only the best for you and Nate. We are all here for you ⭐️

  • Sasha Naomi Robinson
    Sasha Naomi Robinson

    So sorry to hear everything your going through I hope everything gets sorted out for you and you become happy with yourself ❤️

  • Brookyatch

    Why is so much drama happening

  • Sparkle Pink
    Sparkle Pink

    I am originally from Flint and what you did to help Kevin's family was amazing to say the least. I did not know him, but a few people I know did. You have such a big heart and I pray that your heart heals soon Xoxo p.s. just subscribed and Ibam definitely a new forever fan ❤

  • Natalie Benns
    Natalie Benns

    I've just stumbled across this channel after hearing all about Jeffree Star but never watching a video... but I love him already after watching this ❤ this is heartbreaking and so much emotion here... he seems like such a loving caring person. New subscriber here and I hope to follow you on your journey of healing ❤ lots of love to Jeffree ❤

  • Keira VERCOE
    Keira VERCOE

    Normal people after a break up: that d**k Jeffrey: still talk good about him That maturity

  • Keira VERCOE
    Keira VERCOE

    4:35 even his dog is crying

  • D

    Pain brings strength and possibly a better bond in the future. One love

  • JiaRui Shen
    JiaRui Shen

    Life always has troughs. Be brave, Jeffree.

  • Quirky Cosplay Corner
    Quirky Cosplay Corner

    omg i'm so sorry jeffree! i hope you feel better soon. its a new year, fresh start.

  • Red Kat
    Red Kat

    I never expected this at all this is very shocking. But if you don't have to make any videos for awhile. We all understand, and we all love you Jeffree.❤️

  • Simple Entertaining
    Simple Entertaining

    Dont worry honey he still love you,he needs space only because your super famous now he cant handle it.

  • Chiara

    had the same thing, I know you won't see this but I wish you the best

  • Abigail Toupin
    Abigail Toupin

    you didnt need to give us an explaination! you need take time for yourself and make sure that your doing well.

  • Liv A
    Liv A

    Sending so much love and positivity to you and Nathan. I know that a break up is hard enough to begin with but I can only imagine the circumstances as a celebrity. 2020 has good things coming Jeffee

  • Michelle Eatherton
    Michelle Eatherton

    :( I'm sorry Jeffree. We all love you and are hopeful you will get back together. XOXO

  • PanicLedisko

    My heart goes out to both you and Nate, in every video I watched of yours I could see and feel his love and support for you. He seems like an amazing guy and I was very happy for you, it breaks my heart to hear you’ve broken up, but I’m glad you both have the maturity to realize you need to go your separate ways instead of trying to force the relationship. 2019 was a terrible year, after spending the last 8 years of my life with my fiancé and my soulmate ..... he passed away accidentally on April 3rd. I’m still struggling with his passing, we were inseparable and of course planning on getting married soon and having a family. Now he’s gone and I don’t know what to do with my life, he was my everything. I hope 2020 is a better year for you both 💜

  • michelle edwards
    michelle edwards

    My ex and I broke up last year after 18 years together I feel ur pain. My heart breaks for u xxx

  • TheReal AJLewis
    TheReal AJLewis

    I hope you guys overcome all of this! Its hard being a Public Figure but we appreciate you and everything you do! i know this is hard but we're all here for both of your well being!

  • nostxlgia

    If I was your friend I would definetly give you comfort and make you happy

  • Brandon Montenegro
    Brandon Montenegro

    Lost my high school sweetheart,wife and my bestfriend this year. Could totally relate

  • Sarah Dent
    Sarah Dent

    Jeffree, we all have your back. No matter what the media says, haters, or anyone else in between. When you’re feeling down, remember to keep your beautiful chin up and persevere. You are so strong, look at what you’ve built yourself up to be. Heartbreak is one of the hardest mountains to climb, but you will do it. If you can build yourself up from nothing to everything, you can DO THIS!! You will grow from this and turn it into a learning experience. WE LOVE YOU!!! -Star family

  • michelle edwards
    michelle edwards

    Omg no no no no!!! Wtf

  • Cbear Is awesome
    Cbear Is awesome

    gay 4 pay

  • Joahana Garcia
    Joahana Garcia

    Big House And Youre All Alone qith your Mom :(

  • Meiko Imayama
    Meiko Imayama

    “He met me when I had nothing and.. he never changed” This is a really painful news. I’ve been aware of this video for a while now but only had the guts to watch it now. It’s funny since Jeffree isn’t crying but i am 😭💔 Both of you deserve a rest.

  • Kate playz
    Kate playz

    poor u

  • Shareka B
    Shareka B

    🖤🖤🖤😔 Praying for your healing love

  • LV Cure
    LV Cure

    MNsoft think they so funny, reccomending liza koshy's breakup under this video for me😭😭😭

  • Mininaut


  • Alejandro Gomez
    Alejandro Gomez

    He ist to hot !

  • Mandy Roy
    Mandy Roy

    I love you Jeffree!

  • Hello Potato
    Hello Potato

    Jeffreestar: *We broke out* James Charles: *JOINED THE CHAT*

  • Oppo Oppo
    Oppo Oppo

    Are you a gay

  • Nicole Hart
    Nicole Hart

    I really hope that you and Nathan can each heal this year, I hope you take all of the time you need whenever you need it to self reflect

  • the Laura family
    the Laura family

    Omg im so sorry your broke up with him

  • Jaclyn Ng
    Jaclyn Ng

    Girl,stay strong!🥺

  • Aleyla Officially
    Aleyla Officially

    That sad but be happy you still have us

  • DJBubblicious


  • Touch Bionics
    Touch Bionics

    I think he finally got fed up of that pink shit It literally set my migraine every time I see his pink house, I can’t imagine how it’s living there

  • Touch Bionics
    Touch Bionics

    Love yourself first, you’ll never suffer break up like this

  • KATE 25
    KATE 25

    This channel is empty without nathan.😥😪😭 I just can't belibe omg you and nathan shoud have been married not divorsed😶 come on....... you and nathan are sooooooooooo cuteeeeee tooooogatherrrrrrr☺☺😍😍🤩

  • Yoli Ari
    Yoli Ari

    Jeff: We broke up Me: ahh ok... so, who's hungry?

  • Alysha Suastegui
    Alysha Suastegui

    I'm pretty late watching this but I hope you're doing okay and that Nate is doing okay. I know how it feels to lose your true love and your dog. Wishing you both well.

  • Kristin Richmond
    Kristin Richmond

    Im crying you guys were the best and sweetest couple i could even think of

  • Kelli Cooper
    Kelli Cooper

    You don't owe us anything but thank you for sharing your heart with us. We love you Jeffree!

  • Tú Pu
    Tú Pu

    No te entendí ni vergas no hablo inglés

  • michella unicorn16
    michella unicorn16

    I feell sorry for u😭


    Nothin but love for you both. We all go through hard stuff-hoping you’re able to find whatever peace and comfort you need. Both of you.

  • K/LLM

    Its ok Jeffree, you'll get through this! You are a literal queen and no one will stop you from being an amazing person❤

  • Esther de Boer
    Esther de Boer


  • Emily Min
    Emily Min

    This is really sad, you guys were so cute together. But sometimes life makes choices for us, and we can’t even do anything about it. This is not funny, I’ve seen so many memes about this, and it’s irritating. How can you make fun of someone’s pain, and heart break? It’s not cool at all. I was there, i know what you’re dealing with honestly I don’t wish for anyone to ever be in this situation. Losing your soulmate, is almost like losing yourself, nothing will feel the same anymore, everything will feel empty, they’ll be on your mind 24/7. You have my support Jeff. if you see this. Stay strong.

  • ayessa valdez
    ayessa valdez

    Went to the end immediately hoping it was a prank video

  • il mchrime
    il mchrime

    Stay strong jeffree. Love you 😘