Understanding Trauma: How Stress and Trauma Cause Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, & PTSD
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  • Sharon Gonzales
    Sharon Gonzales

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping all of us understand our inner world!!

  • Katie Grooms
    Katie Grooms

    This was so helpful; thank you!

  • mikdre

    This exactly explains how my life is.

  • Henrietta Decosta
    Henrietta Decosta

    Thank you Scot for this wonderful explanation. I have never understood it so simply and clearly.I realise that I have and am suffering from Developmental Trauma. I tried a lot of therapies only to feel so easily frustrated. I am only understanding much of it recently. Trauma work by Peter Levine, David Bercelli and Robert Scaer and Van der Kolk, have helped me tremendously to understand it and work onit. With Robert Scaer, I do believe that Trama can and does become a GIFT to us. Thank you very much. I may approach your website.

  • Mz Liz
    Mz Liz

    Thank you so much for this information.

  • LoneWolf

    holy wow, this all explains my life in last few years... and seems nobody understands.... also having life threatening cancer twice doesnt help all the chronic pain i have....

  • drand co
    drand co

    well done. thanks for sharing.

  • brwneyesaz

    Relative information. As an adult I can see reactions that I had in traumatic and stressful situations as a child and my reactions to them. Thanks for video it helps.

  • J79

    Wonderful video. I have suffered from PTSD in 20 yrs, but I am now cured and not afraid to live my life anymore. This video really clarified the symptoms that I used to have.

  • Emma Pitman
    Emma Pitman

    Thank you

  • Miss Enna
    Miss Enna

    Great video! Thanks!

  • psmcbrayer

    This is the first PTSD resource that I have actually seen provide a lay explanation of the chemical basis of trauma in relation to survival instinct, and where this skill becomes an impediment to normal functioning. I highly recommend

    • psmcbrayer

      One of the keys to recovery from PTSD must also be to REMOVE a person to a SAFE ENVIRONMENT...stop all the triggers long enough, the symptoms can be managed or greatly diminished. I think we are seeing more and more cases of PTSD in military members due to REPEAT DEPLOYMENTS, even if voluntary...getting hooked on high pressure, low sleep, urgent timeline environments...we call it high operations tempo. THIS is why we should have activated the DRAFT system...to reduce this kind of stress. It also would have likely improved the political will to resolve these military operations more quickly, as a greater cross-section of the US would "have skin in the game". This is the longest military engagement in US History and the first time we have NOT instituted a draft for any extended engagement or declared war! Folks, PTSD does not have to prevent people from being productive, employable or stable forever...PTSD is a diagnosis that sticks and conjures images that are extreme. It will always be there, but, we can retrain our emotions and automatic responses to live relatively normal lives. Some people might never know it was at one time an issue for someone. It is time to put the images of someone "going postal", to bed!

  • Randy Delgado
    Randy Delgado

    Awesome teaching Thank you.

  • Pamela Rose
    Pamela Rose

    Wow!! Very informative!! Thank you for sharing!! Also sounds very relatable!!

  • Bluestarwarrior1

    Thanks for post this! I learned a lot of information.


    i had a concussion and i am pretty sure that i am experiencing post concussion syndrome causing anxiety and depression

  • kookiecanuck

    yes I can certainly check off quite a few on the list..sad most werent intentional on my part but some how domino into the others

  • Manuel De La T
    Manuel De La T

    Thanks a lot for this video helped me so much

  • Randy Tonner II
    Randy Tonner II

    Fuck I hate how true this is and how no one understands. :-(.

    • Kyle Porter
      Kyle Porter

      i get it i go to dialiacit behavior therapery dbt sorry for the bad spelling it helps me with my ptsd. its a lot of work ,but worth it. it has givin me hope been doing it about a year and have better skills for coping now its still dificult though

  • Randy Tonner II
    Randy Tonner II

    This is the one single thing that really seems to understand . Please take the time to listen. Maybe it's your friend , family member or yourself. Help others understand the best you can. God bless.

  • Michelle Ciardullo
    Michelle Ciardullo

    this is all so true. Your mind and body will keep triggering and retriggering those responses...then they become learned responses. I know them all very well.

  • Andreas748

    my ex wife is a Drama-tologist....who causes me much stress

  • GiA JuSt'INa
    GiA JuSt'INa

    Very easy to understand thank you

  • cdub42

    Have you heard of Vipassana meditation? Even without all the details, the technique you describe sounds remarkably like what I learned at the meditation retreat that I attended. I wonder because I was speaking with my boss, who is a post-doc in neuroscience and genetics, about the techniques I learned there, and she said it was very similar to a neurological technique called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I'm glad these sorts of things are coming to the forefront. Thanks for the video :)

  • Son_0f McDemon
    Son_0f McDemon

    Read Richard Schwartz "internal Family systems" to get the accurate model of the mind and the method of treatment. Or type Peter Gerlach in MNsoft and watch his 180 plus videos detailing the correct treatment.

  • Son_0f McDemon
    Son_0f McDemon

    Although this is well meaning it is fundamentally flawed. The mind of every human being is composed of sub personalities. AAT can not fix Trauma, because all "mental health Issues" are to do with conflict between sub personalities and resolving the conflict is the way to overcome trauma. Like old therapies, AAT deals with the symptoms of trauma, not the underlying cause which is always conflict between sub personalities.

  • Christopher Healy
    Christopher Healy

    Listen for the car alarm at 7:33

  • Serenity9iswhatiwant

    thank you!

  • Associative Awareness Technique (AAT)
    Associative Awareness Technique (AAT)

  • Ian Borland
    Ian Borland

    Excellent Presentation. Really well done. The voice is good and well-paced with nice relaxed tone, the graphics are good. The animations do add something. The information is very good. I enjoyed this and found it interesting and helpful. I will certainly think about purchasing the book too.


    Not fair

  • Live, Love, Lift, Game
    Live, Love, Lift, Game

    Great video :)

  • Associative Awareness Technique (AAT)
    Associative Awareness Technique (AAT)

    I'm glad you found the video helpful. Please make sure to subscribe to our channel and share with your friends. Our Goal is to reach as many people as possible and provide new insights into the form and function of the Human Nervous System. New Science...New Perspective...New Opportunity for Lasting Life Change. You truly don't have to remain "Stuck", but you do need to learn how to activate and direct neuroplastic changes within your brain. Understanding the science leads to the methods.

  • Max Trine
    Max Trine

    This is exactly what I need to understand and work on to move forward in life which has been defined as STUCK!!!!!!

  • GoNuts!

    Thank you for your answer. I will consider that. :)

  • Associative Awareness Technique (AAT)
    Associative Awareness Technique (AAT)

    I'm glad you enjoyed the information. You may be surprised to learn how simple it can be to reprogram your Nervous System to stop reacting in old, patterned ways re: learned helplessness. The key is not found in intellectualizing your past, but in training your brain to react differently now. To achieve this, you simply need to learn a method of communication that takes advantage of your brain's ability to change, called neuroplasticity. Click the link above for more info or to contact us.

  • GoNuts!

    Thank you so much for this video! But how to overcome Learned Helplessness? My story is that as a newborn I was subjected to physically painful experiences due to illness and treatment, & separation from my mother. Since then to this day I still often feel very anxious and helpless in many social situations. I find it hard to state my demands or ask for sth. I'm especially sensitive to anger of others. I feel very fearful and cannot defend myself, and become totally helpless in these situations.

  • Wendy Nickerson
    Wendy Nickerson

    Fabulous review of this topic!