trying to deep fry ice cream
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  • Kyra Peacock
    Kyra Peacock

    corn flakes should be crushed more !

  • I am a sloth
    I am a sloth

    You should melt a banana then use it is as a topping

  • Madi Ricca
    Madi Ricca

    Make cake pop

  • Bearslikejaimie

    Julien, I just want you to know how much I appreciate you being authentically yourself. You're creative, expressive, and super hilarious. Keep doing you in 2020. We love it.

  • Madi Ricca
    Madi Ricca

    Gotta freeze it til it’s dry, turn the freezer down👻👻

  • Şeref Mert Arıkan
    Şeref Mert Arıkan

    those uncrushed corflakes is triggering me. JuLIEN!

  • Cassie Krueger
    Cassie Krueger

    Julien deciding to deep fry ice cream and here in Wisconsin our state fair has been deep frying butter for like 6 years now. You should come visit lol

  • Raeannabanana00

    The epitome of white people experiencing a Mexican dessert. Let’s do sopapias next.

  • MsMaddy200

    Jenna looks really sick in this video...but in a hot way 😂

  • Mesmariah Hall
    Mesmariah Hall

    "Normal family,, or household" 🥺

  • artofvoice

    Next time put the cereal in a bag and crush it with a rolling pin or glass.

  • Asalah Abdulaziz
    Asalah Abdulaziz

    *Ice cream bowl more then halfway gone* Jenna: I’m gonna eat this whole thing

  • abbey tobin
    abbey tobin

    I love julien but he really needs to get his nasal issue fixed because it’s killing me 😩😂

  • Tanya Vasina
    Tanya Vasina

    Do russian borscht (vegan version is also delisios, you can use instead of beef some plant base meat or not use any meat at all and instead of sour cream some vegan mayo or aioli) Or deep fried eggplant asian salad something like that, but with fresh tomatoes, sweet chili sauce and without rice

  • Cloey Cvetkovski
    Cloey Cvetkovski

    Julien cooking alone in the kitchen: "I'm an Aries bb" As soon as Jenna approaches: **Aries energy intensifies**

  • Sarah C
    Sarah C

    Ok comment section, we get it, he's an Aries

  • Natalia

    julien: *cooks the entire thing by himself* julien, when jenna enters: we did it!

  • BoredNSleepy Imo
    BoredNSleepy Imo

    The "ice cream shaping" creeped me out so much

  • Stacy nonyabizz
    Stacy nonyabizz

    idk where u got that recipe, but rice crispies work much better. use a curved icecream scoop to get that round shape like at baskin robbins. you need more cinnamon you make your ice cream balls, role them in the rice crispies and then pop them into the freaking freezer till they are rock solid. then fry. serve with chocolate and honey drizzled on then whipped cream and a dash more cinnamon.

  • Ana Hernandez
    Ana Hernandez

    I had fried ice cream at a fancy restaurant. I was so confused but I enjoyed it very much 😊

  • ayyKatx

    20:57 is my new screensaver.

  • Pixiee Oho
    Pixiee Oho

    Is this actually an American recipe? Always thought it was a Chinese recipe

  • Taylor Plott
    Taylor Plott

    1. the heat from your hands are melting the ice cream. use gloves/a utensil and stop squeezing the coating onto it. 2. the corn flakes need to be crushed more. 3. coat the ice cream and then refreeze it before you fry it. 4. use a deep fryer. or add more oil one.

  • Ayyoli

    Should’ve broken cornflakes more, and I’d definitely have used egg.

  • Salty Spandex
    Salty Spandex

    I thought fried ice cream was an Asian thing, I’ve definitely seen it sold at a lot of Thai restaurants I’ve been to? But I’m from Australia so maybe it’s an Aussie thing?


    The video no one looked up but everyone enjoyed.

  • Pupperdogs [art]
    Pupperdogs [art]

    Any time I've had deep fried icecream it's been covered in a really doughy outer layer :0

  • Luka Renoir
    Luka Renoir

    I would've slapped you across the face for pulling that shit at 21:00

  • Bilbo

    your nails give me anxiety

  • Piers Kryslak
    Piers Kryslak

    Your content, though chaotic, soothes my soul.

  • Baaba Q
    Baaba Q

    He immediately got more intense when Jenna walked in. That's love

  • Baaba Q
    Baaba Q

    Aries Kitchen!!!

  • Michelle

    When Jenna and Julien are 80 years old it will be iconic to see Julien be his Aries cooking self (making a mess) and Jenna telling him that the kitchen is a disaster 🤣

  • Amanda Parvin
    Amanda Parvin

    they haven't put cinnamon toast crunch in their vanilla ice cream and it shows

  • Kayla McCabe
    Kayla McCabe

    Pls make a plant based sausage

    • Kayla McCabe
      Kayla McCabe

      Like dinner sausage

  • Clarice Mcleod
    Clarice Mcleod

    I see Jenna is wearing e-girl makeup...

  • Kate does stuff.
    Kate does stuff.

    The chinese restaurants here make it with Panko crumbs and we serve it with caramel sauce. Delightful

  • Liv Mies
    Liv Mies

    Make vegan stretchy cheese with your own twist. Watch emmymadeinjapan video. Looks awesome!

  • Kim Hogue
    Kim Hogue

    I wish I had deepfried ice cream for my birthday I had it at a restaurant once and it was bangin

  • Liron Weirdo
    Liron Weirdo

    anyone else not that julien gets 10x more chaotic when jennas there

  • - mikayla -
    - mikayla -

    what happened to shawn from die with me from reviewing bad apps 5 did you guys stream together or what dawg

  • Tommy Forbes
    Tommy Forbes

    why not just use eggs?

  • Jordyn Ferguson
    Jordyn Ferguson

    I’ve used corn flakes when frying onion rings (I had nothing else on hand that day) but I gotta tell you it was a nice sweet and salty kind of flavor

  • Emma Wood
    Emma Wood

    I really wish y’all could have Mr. Brightside from TikTok (also known as the San Fran Solomita of TikTok) on the podcast or in a video. That would be so dope but idk how old they are so idk if it would be ok

  • Kaytlynn Malone
    Kaytlynn Malone

    clip peach's NAILS!!!

  • Life with B
    Life with B

    Next time make the ice cream balls freeze it, coat it, freeze it again and when its solid enough then fry it :)

  • Natalie Tomlinson
    Natalie Tomlinson

    When I make this we make the ice cream balls and freeze them for an hour, then we coat them in egg and ground up cinnamon graham crackers 3 times (refreezing them for about 30 mins after each time) then we keep them in the freezer until we are ready to fry them

  • Stephanie H
    Stephanie H

    Colab with Threadbanger!

  • Brianna Bee
    Brianna Bee

    Am I the only one distracted af that only SOME of his nails are painted?? Idk why its bothering me so much I can’t stop looking at them whats happening😂

  • kwanuhh

    “we gonna do it to em”

  • Livia Stine
    Livia Stine

    plastic wrap Julien,,, just use plastic wrap to shape the ice cream

  • Victoria J
    Victoria J

    Yall. The cornflakes arent the issue. The chickpeas are supposed to be whipped into a meringue I'm pretty sure. Thats what chickpea liquid does, it mimics egg whites when whipped. Then when its coated over the ice cream it creates a shield

  • Emily Clucus
    Emily Clucus

    You should make Mac & cheese bites!

  • Ashley Shanley
    Ashley Shanley

    my mom used to feed me cold spaghettios :/

  • Ashley Shanley
    Ashley Shanley

    make scallop potatoes but like better

  • Alice

    julien saying "balls" for 24 minutes straight

  • Phoebe Cereal
    Phoebe Cereal

    Alright, no one asked for this, but I have a feeling that you and Jenna should just, just try it, try Cowboy pie. It's got cornbread, which is a yes. Y'all can stick some Beyond Beef in there. It's got beans. It's got corn. It's loaf-like (so maybe Jenna will melt into childhood). I know not what else to say to sell this food to you, but I think the world needs and Jenna and Julen gluten free vegan Cowboy Pie. ✓

  • Ordeal Music
    Ordeal Music

    Me on the second day of a diet: HOw To DeEP FrY IcE CREAm

  • Sydney Sanders
    Sydney Sanders

    You can mix conflates and butter and ranch seasoning and bread meats or tofu and bake it. Really good. Love your content! 😊

  • bailey swords
    bailey swords

    Nashville hot chicken!!