TRICKS Advertisers use to make Food look delicious
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  • Alyssia O'Field
    Alyssia O'Field

    OMG when I saw this I thought, well Im not eating out tonight...

  • TBNR_mrpeanut 2404
    TBNR_mrpeanut 2404

    Sniper i think moto moto likes u

  • TBNR_mrpeanut 2404
    TBNR_mrpeanut 2404

    Sniper I ink

  • alpacahunter1

    Get the Subway salads

  • Julia Van Doren
    Julia Van Doren

    Is the ice cream edible

  • Sarah Arnett
    Sarah Arnett

    My Little Caesar's has a lot of cheese and it's great

  • Zheia Eyeglass
    Zheia Eyeglass


  • Tide Girl
    Tide Girl

    7:25, doesn’t really work

  • Cupcake fishsticks
    Cupcake fishsticks

    “You could be the UGLIEST person on earth but I would still date you cuz you’re a person.” -Lia 2019

  • Jilly Mcgrew
    Jilly Mcgrew

    Food is the real catfish

  • Jilly Mcgrew
    Jilly Mcgrew

    Your the best I love your videos

  • Jilly Mcgrew
    Jilly Mcgrew


  • Jilly Mcgrew
    Jilly Mcgrew

    OMG or LOL

  • Kelly Lam
    Kelly Lam

    This person making this visit got fired from a commercial job and he decided to expose them😂

  • Cat Person 2.0
    Cat Person 2.0

    A Minecraft stack of likes

  • Mark Graham
    Mark Graham

    I play fortnite I am dolphinfan017 Can u please add me. And text me please

  • Ggirl Wii
    Ggirl Wii


  • Ggirl Wii
    Ggirl Wii


  • Ggirl Wii
    Ggirl Wii


  • Ggirl Wii
    Ggirl Wii


  • Ggirl Wii
    Ggirl Wii


  • scpnerd6666

    me:hmm whats on youtube today? SSSniperWolf: Pizza glue :3 pizza ad: sup bros me: **LIP SMAK* BRUH I AINT FALLIN

  • Mica Charles
    Mica Charles

    I care of how food tast like.

  • cris orozco
    cris orozco

    Me comes to the guys who made the ice cream Also me : hi can I eat that Guys who made them: no it’s- Eats* Also me : I knew it sssniperwolf was right Ice cream guys: SSSNIPERWOOOLLLFFFFF

  • Dr. Ricciardo
    Dr. Ricciardo

    i am vegetarian r u

  • Rachel Fitzgerald
    Rachel Fitzgerald

    "Orange peel pits" 😂😂😂

  • Angelic Orta
    Angelic Orta

    me: do you want some pancakes friend:sure,does it have syrup me:yeah umm oil

  • Trive's

    A had zoon pizza en het was reel

  • Lesbian kawii Pup
    Lesbian kawii Pup

    “Sharing is caring” Not when it comes to me pizza and cookies :3

  • Tracy Burke
    Tracy Burke

    I have plastic ice cubes but they're colored

  • Andrew Evans
    Andrew Evans

    Try going to Fat Burger and getting your mouth around one of the XXXL monster burgers 🍔.

  • Randomness Person
    Randomness Person

    0:12 she opened her mouth before the potato came up 😂 not hating

  • *Furby -Ball*
    *Furby -Ball*

    The bubbles on the beer are real

  • Ryker Irontooth
    Ryker Irontooth

    ʏᴇᴇᴛᴜs ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ʟɪᴇs ᴏғ ғᴏᴏᴅ!

  • Azxlial _
    Azxlial _

    That’s a WASTE OF FOOD

  • giovanna banana
    giovanna banana

    3:35 baskin robbles


    With something you put in your...BURGER XD

  • Humor Productions
    Humor Productions

    6:00. 0.25 GO

    • pete Avila
      pete Avila


  • Miguel Robles
    Miguel Robles

    9:22 that wow is so funny XD

  • raven warfield
    raven warfield


  • Countess Coloratura
    Countess Coloratura

    @ SSSniperWolf Seeing all of that delicious food made me drool

  • Krîššÿ

    I cant belive its jot glue coat -lia i cant belive its not ɹǝʇʇnq -s,ɹǝɯɹɐɟ ɹǝʇʇnq

  • Olivia Kiwi weirdo
    Olivia Kiwi weirdo

    I think I’m like u where if someone’s live streaming I won’t watch unless I’m notice. In a few you tubers live streams I asked questions and they never answer them. Am I the only one?

  • cbecker

    you said toilet paper when it said paper towels wait sssniperwolf uses paper towels as toilet paper ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Gacha FNAF Gamer
    Gacha FNAF Gamer

    sometimes they use dry ice with boiled water for steam

  • Sofia Gallegos
    Sofia Gallegos

    I microwave my cereal to get it soggy like if you don't like that or like that

  • Adryanna Mendes
    Adryanna Mendes

    Now that lia knows that the food is not even cooked she’s like I’ll skip dinner today

  • եɑեɑ Biss
    եɑեɑ Biss

    I’ve had a cheesy pizza in the galleria at Houston tx it’s was so good and it’s mad right in front of you

  • B3D _Huskie
    B3D _Huskie

    The one ware thay yous sprtany thay did a spy tan to vs realtey the realty was crusty and masdey and sort tan was norml

  • lexi the gamer girl
    lexi the gamer girl

    the plactic ice cubes are re usable thats why

  • Zeroert


  • Ella Hullett
    Ella Hullett

    roses are red apples are too hey I got a like wait why is it blue

  • Bladimir _Playz
    Bladimir _Playz

    0:01 mE

  • Springgy Girl
    Springgy Girl

    Im not gonna tell u to shut up tho cuz your literally my favorite youtuber

  • Kara Shaffer
    Kara Shaffer

    But in France a bigmack is a big tasty ( McDonald’s)

  • Springgy Girl
    Springgy Girl

    No thats not how they make the steam come out of them baked patatas my mom works at wendys i know how they do

  • Alyson Jones
    Alyson Jones

    why does she look like the girl from camp rock 2

  • ᄆAmyitest

    *the icecream melting is probably the video using a heater to make it melt fast (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

  • Gabrielle Whitfield
    Gabrielle Whitfield

    i did not know that they use tampon for steam

  • lenae cepeda
    lenae cepeda

    3:36 basken Robels!!!!!!