TRAUMA CENTER Trailer (2019)
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Trailer for Trauma Center

  • The Lover Boy
    The Lover Boy

    I thought it was a live action for the Nintendo game.

  • Colin R
    Colin R

    Bruce Willis, better than Ambien

  • # Guiltless
    # Guiltless


  • Muscle car lover Autumn Prince
    Muscle car lover Autumn Prince


  • Michael

    The sound at 1:23 is a laser blast.

  • Andiar Rohnds
    Andiar Rohnds

    you have to really pay attention the the scenes and dialog to determine if the movie is shit by the trailer. thanks commentators

  • 671JH

    A high rise building, an airport, the streets of NYC and now an empty hospital WHAT WERE THEY THINKING 🙄

  • Alexia Liburd
    Alexia Liburd

    This movie was so fking dumb. 🙄 No wonder it went direct to video. And to say Bruce stars in it 😑

  • Владимир Путин Владимир Путин
    Владимир Путин Владимир Путин

    In the trauma film, the actress shoots in front of the police actress.

  • Lira Derno
    Lira Derno

    bad Used to

  • Donovan

    I wanted to see this movie because Bruce Willis was in it but unfortunately he is just going through the motions to collect a pay check these days. Such a disappointment. *However, Nicky Whelan playing Madison Taylor does a good job in her role.* _Kevin Smith is right about Bruce Willis._

  • Dipak Parmar
    Dipak Parmar

    I got very sad when i am looking my favorite actor doing this kind of shitty movies , i don't know what happened to Bruce willis ??

  • David Uwem
    David Uwem

    Reminds me of an old movie with Sylvester Stallone

    • Enrique Singh
      Enrique Singh

      D-Tox / Eye See You?

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    this must be the cheapest movie ever, apart from casting the bruce...

  • Badseed Nut
    Badseed Nut

    Bruce Willis's performance in this movie is the biggest trauma ever....

  • C Jersey
    C Jersey

    A trailer...cue the ‘now I know the whole movie’ comments 🤦‍♂️

  • Mr Taff
    Mr Taff

    I mean, I like Bruce and this movie doesnt seem that bad....the intense build up could be pretty good.....but all the tv shows and movies to watch, imma just gonna let this one take a break=D

  • Mickey 303
    Mickey 303

    These days you see Bruce Willis a lot of times in a Role/Chararacter in a cheap and shit low Budget Movie. Like this one..... I would maybe give it 2 out of 10.......(So not worth watching)

  • Sammy tube94
    Sammy tube94

    Nic cage,bruce willis..nic cage, bruce willis...hmmm..need to watch trailer before download..

  • Milan Matejic
    Milan Matejic

    Tito Ortiz nailed it. Surprised me quite well

  • babake marcus J.
    babake marcus J.

    Folks that's how the industry and big studios are.They chew you,use you and finally spit you out mercilessly .Sad it has come to this. An acclaimed & seasoned actor like Bruce doing such a terrible low budget movie.Hollywood you rough. Give the oldman at the very least CRUMBS of the PIE

  • Dav Rocket
    Dav Rocket

    i didnt even watch the trailer, reading few comments, skip the movie, good time investment

  • Top Tech Express
    Top Tech Express

    Download Link

  • Almost Free
    Almost Free

    FilmSelect - not very selective about movies

  • ricvai7

    just watched this movie... this is horrible movie, bruce playing one of the baddies now

  • Steve Dronzewski
    Steve Dronzewski

    Pretty sure I just saw the whole movie by watching this trailer.

  • Nik Kova
    Nik Kova

    She does not have a mobile, LOL, fuck this...

  • Invisighost

    Lmao, Bruce Willis and Tito Ortiz in the same movie...

  • Richard WILSON
    Richard WILSON

    You can clearly see that this is _very low budget movie:_ maybe less than 10 cast, one location, same outdoor, 3 ARRI rental, that’s it

    • TMC


  • Rudolph Goliath
    Rudolph Goliath

    This was the last time I'll watch a Bruce Willis movie trailer

  • Elisa Campos
    Elisa Campos

    Assisti esse filme agora, percebi que as meias brancas dela no mesmo momento que estão limpas, estão sujas de sangue. Eu sempre vejo pequenos erros nos filmes rsrs. Os caras deram cem tiros não pegou nenhum nele, ele atirou com a mão esquerda, matou os dois, Bruce Willis é duro de matar 🤣🤣🤣. Até parece que dois policiais corruptos deste tamanho iriam demorar tanto pra matar uma mulher manca, machucada rsrs...

  • Franz Zcis
    Franz Zcis

    Walang kwenta No sense.. Poor movie.. Shit ive wasted my time watching this

  • Dharc Nexus
    Dharc Nexus

    so.... this hasn't to do with Caduceus International, right?...

  • Dro gon
    Dro gon

    It's like an adult version of Home Alone where villains have to be dumb for the good guys to survive

  • Samuel S
    Samuel S

    If it doesn't have Gentle Breeze, I'm going to riot.

  • mueloon

    This feels like a horror movie.

  • Pavel Jarosch
    Pavel Jarosch

    plot twist Butch is the killer

  • psulionz87

    Bruce Willis needs to hang it up

  • nistel SE
    nistel SE

    people get a trauma just viewing this trailer.

    • Almost Free
      Almost Free

      Speak for yourself, snowflake.

  • ACK Preacher
    ACK Preacher

    It sad to see actors like Bruce Willis, Nicholas Cage, Travolta, Cuba Gooding Jr, Deniro -- at the point of their career where they will put their name on anything -- Its a shame they didnt invest their millions better --- If they werent so old and worn out they'd be doing porn --

  • Laurens Pang
    Laurens Pang

    nice hairstyle and makeup for a patient

  • Ayoub BALI
    Ayoub BALI

    /////@@@|||||GUYS WARNING ! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ////@@@||||| hahaah this is my first bad , worst movie I have ever watched in my entirree life ,, i cannot believe it that Bruce is acting weirdly and the camera's moving with no actions it is like the movie has been filmed with a cell phone ughhhhh

  • Riad Mess
    Riad Mess

    Stupid fucking film

  • Ali Moorad
    Ali Moorad

    Tito Ortiz 🤣

  • reo reo
    reo reo

    B_ _ _ _ ring.

  • bobby cole
    bobby cole

    smh...there they go again, showing the whole shit

  • Fox McFog
    Fox McFog

    Doo doo doo doodoo doo doo doodoo

  • mohamed Harhash
    mohamed Harhash

    The funny scene when the officer put his hand on the jacket pocket and said I lost my memory card without putting his hand ;p :D

    • Dro gon
      Dro gon

      Hospital where phone network is zero

  • Landon Patrick
    Landon Patrick

    Trauma Center, that place gives her more traumatic moment

    • Solutions


  • Paxus

    i'm not gonna watch this because it has tito idiot ortiz in it. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • E X P L I C I T - C R I T I C I S M
    E X P L I C I T - C R I T I C I S M

    If I had to rate this movie on the scale of 1 to 100, then my answer would be 1 for 100. Probably some dumb fuckers may like this piece of crap.

  • E X P L I C I T - C R I T I C I S M
    E X P L I C I T - C R I T I C I S M

    One of the worst till date hollywood movies. Those two cops are chasing her to kill in the hospital and she relaxes to eat the cake. Whoever wrote this, directed it, produced it are nothing more than pure piece of garbage in the name Movies. What a waste of time, money and important of it gets on your nerves to watch such a Pig Shit movie. Bruce could have chosen the part of a dead body in the mortuary in this movie, he fucked up his reputation.


    How desperate can he be taking a script like this?? It's like drinking a none alcoholic beer...🤮🤮

  • Jon Wax
    Jon Wax

    Bruce did it

  • Lajos Kelemen
    Lajos Kelemen

    If you like weak story line, bad acting then this is your movie.

  • ashur

    I didn't like this movie in fact it pissed me off bcuz it was stupid 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • jaime GAMER
    jaime GAMER

    Worst witness i ever watch.

  • Ufo Joe
    Ufo Joe

    his movies look more and more like steven seagal c- rated movies...

  • Л. Живкова
    Л. Живкова

    So should I watch this or nah 😆

    • ashur

      I just did and I came to write it was piece of shhhhhhhhh it in my opinion watch something alse maybe taken its good or John wick

  • MrSkajvokerLajos

    Wow, Bruce Willis and Tito Ortiz in a low budget movie............ These guys are going bankrupt .