Trauma and Addiction: Crash Course Psychology #31
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So, what do Batman and J.R.R. Tolkien have in common? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It used to be called "Shellshock" and it can be really really really destructive. In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank lays out the low down on PTSD and how trauma can affect the brain. Plus, a look at how addiction can play into trauma and the different types of treatments used to help those afflicted.

Table of Contents:
PTSD: Causes and Symptoms 01:57:18
How Trauma Can Affect the Brain 05:12:09
Addiction 07:08:18
Trauma and Addiction 07:41:17
Dual Treatment Model 08:24:07
Post-Traumatic Growth 06:31:00
The Wise Frodo Baggins 00:00
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  • Danielle Rich
    Danielle Rich

    Post-traumatic growth is not a real thing and there’s actually evidence indicating that people who think they are experiencing PTG end up with worse ptsd than other people with ptsd who don’t think they grew from their trauma

  • Landon J Powell
    Landon J Powell

    You referred to Tolkien's stories as "allegorical". They are not allegorical. Tolkien himself said he hated allegories in media. Obviously nobody's life experiences are divorced from their work, but his work wasn't an allegory for anything.

  • Banana316

    Why does he speak so fast?!? What’s the rush? This is important information why rush thru it? It’s also really stressful :/

  • Aj Cowan
    Aj Cowan

    Man I didn’t know there were Panther tanks at the battle of the Somme. OH WAIT THERE WEREN’T. Wtf

  • Moritz Moritz
    Moritz Moritz

    Was macht denn bitte schön ein Panther im WW1?

  • LMAO

    i see batman, i click. I learned something new today!

  • SecretlySane Sparrow
    SecretlySane Sparrow

    I never thought that there was such a thing as a self harm addiction. I never knew I had an addiction and then I realized that I would go as far as to steal a blade from a family member. That is when I realized I was addicted.

  • keshav tiwari
    keshav tiwari

    I love you hank

  • Artistic Endeavors
    Artistic Endeavors

    I am PTSD abuse survivor and sick of people saying get out of the past...while erecting statues of Anubis at Denver about not being able to let go of the past!....Or Obama celebrating a victory speech with a green screen of the Temple Of Zeus in the all stay out of the past, then come back and show me how to do it!!!

  • mugflub

    A good friend of mine was an ex-marine with untreated PTSD. He took his own life a month ago because of his addiction and untreated mental illness. We tried to help him, but he was in too much pain. Trauma and mental illness is literally a life-and-death issue.

  • Recovering Addict
    Recovering Addict

    My son was in a terrible accident and all kids involved suffer from PSTD

  • Caitlin Delaney
    Caitlin Delaney

    Thanks for this video. I've seen so many people talking about addiction without acknowledging trauma at all. Thanks for making this subject more mainstream.

  • Can Be
    Can Be


  • Gianna Hayes
    Gianna Hayes

    Could trauma be a period of time spent with someone rather than one specific event?

  • Bridget Moynihan
    Bridget Moynihan

    Strong Mad!

  • frank

    LMFAO when he said chemistry and Walter white appeared

  • Life of Kaay & Jay
    Life of Kaay & Jay

    I really enjoyed Psychology in college I’m getting ready for my final an kinda sad it has to end 🤨

  • J O
    J O

    1.Can you do a video on racial trauma? 2. Is trauma inherited?

  • Ng Cai Ting
    Ng Cai Ting

    Love this episode. Thank you Hank!

  • Lightning402

    i didnt think anyone could make a brain look so cute

  • Substitute

    423 people failed their test :P

  • Mikail Imthiyaz
    Mikail Imthiyaz

    i used to be bullied when i was younger and my response was violence...if it were not for the efforts of many people i would not have gotten over that...

  • Rasha K
    Rasha K

    I love your videos and I use them in my work as a therapist. One piece of criticism: pauses. Please consider pausing even very briefly between one sentence or idea. The quick cuts after sentences can be anxiety-producing and feel rushed. It is hard to keep up.

  • Jennifer Miranda
    Jennifer Miranda

    So helpful in my classes

  • MSA

    Hi, addictive behaviour cause erectile dysfunction?

  • John Roque
    John Roque

    Wow Thanks for this video, I experienced some Trauma a Few years back like My Child and the woman I was going to marry was in a life threatening situation, come to find out it's more to it that's really complicated and I've been trying to put it together but I cant. It stays on my mind and same people caused my Trauma disorder I believe are helping and I'm going to get greatly rewarded for something (Like Multi millions) but I have a drug problem and use at times to ease my mind from the trauma that was Caused. I believe if I didn't have this Trauma or at least I understood it completely I could get over it. So this is informative now I know why it's hard to stop using because my Angels/Guardians/puppeteers won't help with what I need to get over it, I think the Both at same time way may be affective, hopefully GOD hears my prayers thanks.

  • Brandon Farlin
    Brandon Farlin

    Coming out about this publicly today. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Charity Sparks
    Charity Sparks

    I have ptsd from a very physically, sexually, and emotionally abusive relationship for years. I’m really looking for a way to stop these nightmares and panic attacks that don’t involve alcohol anymore. I really appreciate this video.

  • Nonchalanto

    Yeah my dad put us through a lot of horrible things and i grew into a drug addict. I was an active addict for 19 years and didn't start my road to recovery until I started talking about my father. Like that was all it took

  • Michael King
    Michael King

    I have seen you on psy show so many time but I'm glad I found you here. Thank you.

  • Leryan Burrey
    Leryan Burrey the...shock...

  • Rosalind Jimenez
    Rosalind Jimenez

    Yeah, everybody thinks shellshock & PTSD are the same. George Carlin talked about it. But no, it is a bit different. WWI vets who were in the trenches, particularly at the battle of Somme, experienced the constant shelling/explosions for days and days on end, with no real hearing protection. This constant stressors on the hearing and mind resulted in "shell shock". Go ahead and look this up. Check more recent sources than some from 20ish+ years ago.

  • Gilbert

    Thank you for all your hard work crash course. Everything from history to psychology, this channel has changed my life. 👍

  • David Sender
    David Sender

    I had been through a traumatic incident that left me with PTSD, 2 years later I had a serious mental breakdown that completely debilitated my life to the point that I could no longer leave my house or go to school. I saw a physchiastrist that specialized in PTSD and through the EMDR therapy, meditation and the little medication I took, my whole life changed forever and over the past year I have grown to become an entirely different person. Different severities of trauma affect almost everyone in our world and we all deserve the right to get proper treatment for our trauma and the gift of being able to grow from it and strive for a promising future.

  • Vance Biondo
    Vance Biondo

    Naw . HOLY SPIRT PROTECTION . Christ sealed .

  • Nells 54
    Nells 54

    Err, .(cough) is o be humam✴

  • port02 Onstage
    port02 Onstage

    The painful part is that you try to understand or explain those memories that caused you trauma

  • Markus JP
    Markus JP

    I knew i had trauma but i didnt Know It Was An Issue yknow?

    • Mark Carson
      Mark Carson

      It is!!!

  • TheonlyHoneyBadger

    Loved loved loved this episode Hank!!! You’re too good!

  • Peter no
    Peter no

    This dude spent way more time talking than he did explaining. I mean damn.

  • Robert H.
    Robert H.


  • Kalina B
    Kalina B

    ALSO! My therapist says that if you start triggering, do the 5 senses on an object touch, hear, see, smell and maybe not taste

    • Will Fryer 2
      Will Fryer 2

      5 senes is a myth there's more

  • Kalina B
    Kalina B

    I suffer from PTSD and thought I was the only one who would have these panics or triggers (it's triggering now so I won't go into too much detail) but my dad was always so abusive and controlling, it effects (Affects??) My everyday life, I can't sleep until 2 in the morning, I start to zone out whenever it starts triggering, I have to live with my dad bc my mom can't physically take care of me, he still hurts me, CPS won't do anything, the only one who listens is my therapist (which I have for different reasons) I'm gonna stop it here bc... Well yeah...

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot

    Tolkien started writing his stories in grade school.

  • Amelia Grace
    Amelia Grace

    BRILLIANT! I love crash course and think this level of education is MUCH needed in society today. Someone to sit and explain in laymen terms complex issues. Bravo!

  • Aaron Ramsden
    Aaron Ramsden

    I knew there was a reason I loved Tolkien

  • Psyche

    Around this year my therapist disanogned me with PTSD it steamed from me being sexually abuse by someone who was very close to us , I experience extreme moment's of rage , impulsive actions like stealing , I am plagued by nightmare flashbacks to the event it almost feels like it had just happened yesterday I have moments in where I feel emotionally numb to the point in where me even wanting to make relationship with people are to much I have issues with mostly with opening up to people because since this person was close to me he knew lots of things and I felt comfortable talking to him but after what happened I couldn't bring myself to get that close with someone again , I am afraid someone will get to close and take advantage of me the way he did , and I am trying to move forward with my life but that is so hard when my mother constantly brings up as an insult saying " this is how the way you made it for everyone life because of you * then( she would point at me) " , " or I just wish I could get away" @nd " your family in Georgia doesn't want you and so doesn't this one I a can't take you anywhere no one will let you in your house But I know when I am older I am going since no one wants me then I won't be around as much .

  • Freightmare

    I knew a few people sexually abused and they had terrible problems, one dude just got locked up for slitting a dudes throat. That’s why I get pissed when people say “love is love” and attempt to say pedophilia is normal, if you have a whole generation of abused people you’re society is gonna collapse from drug issues, mass murderers, serial killer etc

  • Shadowlover187 #H9mestuckF9rever
    Shadowlover187 #H9mestuckF9rever

    Could you do a video about disorders having to do with rage? Specifically IED, Intermittent Explosive Disorder. You explain situations, disorders and symptoms very well and I'd like to see and hear you explain this interesting disorder.

  • Li

    6:59 don't let him hear you use the a-word 😅

  • Gabriel Tobing
    Gabriel Tobing

    2:45 I get flashbacks of someone almost murdering someone I know, I won't say who for privacy, but it's something that's stayed with me since my childhood and I can still remember the phone that was used to call and the large knife in the air.

  • Gabriel Tobing
    Gabriel Tobing

    2:15 My trauma is from my parents getting a divorce and making me choose to pick a side when I didn't want to. Eventually I accidentally messed up a visit as I wasn't actually supposed to be there and then am now with my dad. Due to my fear of loosing my mother I tried to open up to her but had been back stabbed emotionally by her and her manipulative lawyers who placed an airport watch list on me and my brother, meaning that we can't leave the country because they fear we might leave for good even though we have everything here. Because of this as shown by the screen at 2:15 I avoid her at all cost by ensuring no contact is available to her including verbal communication, something which I have avoided doing for the past 4-5 years. Every time she tries to talk to me or comes near me I rage inside and have flashbacks of what she's done. Because of this even it's lead to other things which I've monitored and tried to keep in check including anxiety, addiction, depression and possibly other stuff. When I shared this story of how she back stabbed me to my counselor at court in charge of kind of representing my thoughts and ideas she had simply shrugged it off as not a traumatic event and knowing that she has bias to my mum to win in the court I still rage on her for all of the things that she's caused and ruining my whole childhood. Even though when consulted with 2 psychologists from the city's top hospital, it was indeed a traumatic experience of some sort. My story may not be as extreme, but it still teared me to shreds to have to decide.

  • Jess S.
    Jess S.

    So I've binged watched these videos a lot BUT the cool thing is that I'm now able to use these videos! After years of treatment for PTSD, anxiety, epilepsy, depression, eating disorders, etc I am getting back into work! My managers hired me knowing about the conditions and we're using these videos to give them an in depth and well explained understanding

  • Deo Anda
    Deo Anda

    I considered my father's behavior as normal as a kid. There were times when he would tell me he would shoot me or cut off my ear or tongue. There were times I even thought it was my fault, he actually believed so. I got into psychedelics to get rid of myself... but it only gave me worse conditions like depersonalization, derealization and existential ocd. I wish I can be happy again.

  • jiffYBiffY roblox
    jiffYBiffY roblox

    I never knew drugs caused brain related harm. psych! Haha we all do but were all to dumb not to use those for our own well being and others well being

  • jiffYBiffY roblox
    jiffYBiffY roblox

    Who knew bullies were deadly (everykid) Schools: we had no idea , surely this is unacceptable. Also Schools: 2 days detention for you boys/girls.

  • Abby Elaurza
    Abby Elaurza

    This topic might be my most understanding and easy to remember because on the previous ones, PTSD really associated with anxiety and stress that it is so self-explanatory to grasp information. Once we understand the main concept of stress, we will simply interpret how it does affect to an individual and to his/her surroundings.

  • Siva Wright
    Siva Wright

    You put Batman on the thumbnail but never talked about him in detail...You could've explained all this with Batman himself...

  • Tason Patio
    Tason Patio

    I grew up in a physical and abusive household, it was more of a stream of somewhat traumatic events and I also have seen things on the internet that have made it worse as well as had an ex who wasn't so nice. What a serious thing is, is that you can experience arousal from certain things that are similar to things that have happened to you and that SUCKS as a poor way to say it but it's hard when you don't want to have physical arousal but your body reacts anyway. It can trigger my memories and at one point I couldn't sleep for more then thirty minutes without waking up to a nightmare related to past experience. Luckily though I've been able to mentally grow and being pregnant and married to a man who is very willing to listen and hug me has helped me learn that I'm. Worth more then my PTSD. Because being pregnant helps me realize that if my baby went through anything I went through, even if they chose to go through it and it mentally scarred them like my PTSD does me I would love them just as much if not more, but never less.

  • Nine Ball
    Nine Ball

    In my worst trauma I wrote three or four beautiful novels. One day those books will be Oscar winning movies! My trauma didn't cause addiction though because as a christian we are told how to behave in the bible and so we know better than to be addicted to depraved things