Trapped on an island with my family *help | Going Garcia w/ Karina Garcia EP 10
Follow MNsoft's craft queen, Karina Garcia and her larger than life family, as they come together to work and play all under one roof. 🎉​ Bon voyage! The Garcia family is headed to Catalina Island for a day of sightseeing and shopping, but not all goes as planned, as the crew discovers the island is basically empty, the shops are closed and the Wi-Fi is...oof, there is no Wi-Fi. 📵😑
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Director: Justin Johnson @Justin_Johnson21
Executive Producers: Katy Wallin, Stephanie Bloch Chambers, John Magennis, Adam Krasner, Karina Garcia and Mayra Garcia Renteria
Supervising Producer: Katherine Martinez @KatherineLauren
Producer: Taylor Henriquez @TaylorHenriquez
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  • Tensie Evans
    Tensie Evans

    I love how y’all are all about family. 😍

  • Arlette Flores
    Arlette Flores


  • nevaeh holwager
    nevaeh holwager

    I just watched a video of a boat sinking then watched your video and then got on a cruse ship

  • LyfeAsLucy

    Anyone else notice how they had the blinker on the golf cart the whole time? Like, you turning or what sis? Lmao

  • Caitlin Gillett
    Caitlin Gillett

    my gramdma were do you see yourself in 5 years me on the couch whith a bag of patato chips

  • Victoria Hernandez
    Victoria Hernandez


  • Anna Ak
    Anna Ak

    “These arteries are shaking” I mean.. SAME 😂

  • Stephhh

    Omg we need a season 2 🙏🏼😂

  • Kpop Trash
    Kpop Trash

    Raul and Bryan are really like the Garcia twin’s right hand the Twins are lucky to have them and they are lucky to have the Twins and seeing Raul and Bryan hold and take care of the lil kids!Cute couple goals honestly! They are also like two lil co workers who seem to understand the silly problems they have to go through Lmao like letting Peter drive 😂😂😂😂 7:24

  • family sanders
    family sanders


  • family sanders
    family sanders

    thank you god for my name

  • family sanders
    family sanders

    OMG CATALINA ISLAND THATS MY NAME no wonder my name is famous in novelas and places

  • Kristina Munoz
    Kristina Munoz

    The way top is freq cold! They have buffalos and a little restaurant

  • yoshiakemiinu

    I am new here, so I was wondering if Peter and Karina’s hubby are related?

  • Terry Turner
    Terry Turner

    Peter trying to be the centre of atention again. I dont like the boat.....Let me get back on the boat. The only thing he got right was about the Garcias work ethic. Instead of sponging on others he should get a job and support himself.

  • pacu1115

    Luis doesn’t come off well in this series. He just seems angry and bitter and a little homophobic. He doesn’t make a good cast member. Next season should be without Luis.

  • Jocelyn Heredia-Garcia
    Jocelyn Heredia-Garcia

    last part of the parents talking about their kids.. got me!!.. i dont have much togetherness with my family... wish mine could be like theirs.. love u guys and ur family morals

  • Jocelyn Heredia-Garcia
    Jocelyn Heredia-Garcia

    this needs to be a tv show..... please!!!!!!! .... love them lol

  • Andy Love
    Andy Love

    i went to Catalina Island :D it's really nice and fun! Even though my dad on the golf cart riding on the edge was scary-

  • Gisela Lujan
    Gisela Lujan

    Chubbs is meeeeeeee sleeping while eating 😂

  • Ailyn Lopez
    Ailyn Lopez

    Oysters are bomb asf with Chile , limón , and sal 🤩🤩

  • Aza T
    Aza T

    im so ready for season 2!!! Karina maybe pregnant??

  • 생명아드리안

    Its sad how there all laughing and Chubbs is all asleep and no one even cares 🥺

  • Melvi cabanas
    Melvi cabanas

    I’ll tell u what 2020 has in store for y’all. Carona virus, California bush fires, forest fires, and cobey & his daughter Gigi’s death.

  • sticky plays fran subscribe
    sticky plays fran subscribe

    I never knew Gracia had a twin (・o・)(・o・)

  • Fernanda Sanvicente
    Fernanda Sanvicente

    Love that in this episode the parents were actually interviewed... melts my heart to hear my beautiful language

  • Insidemymind

    Mayra and Karina: gagging and being grossed out Raul: NOT THE CANDY KARINA!! 🤣🤣🤣 Lol, I need more episodes ASAP

  • Insidemymind

    Peter just wants to flex his vocabulary and said thalassophobia about 10982388362 times.

  • Sarah R.
    Sarah R.

    What did I miss? I was waiting on an upload today 🤔🤧

  • GisselleG Grndo
    GisselleG Grndo

    I really hope they do a season 2 either with more episodes than 9 or longer episodes!!

  • Olivia Perez
    Olivia Perez

    Loved this season! Hopefully there’s a season 2 soon!

  • Kaylin Grace
    Kaylin Grace

    We need a season 2 asap. I can only rewatch season 1 so many times.

  • Mckayla Simpson
    Mckayla Simpson

    I didn’t kn she had a tiwn

  • hermelindadlc

    Season 2 pleasee make them longer !

  • hermelindadlc

    There parents are truely thankful for everything and family is everything ❤️

  • Kayla Flores
    Kayla Flores

    My fav episode 😓❤️

  • Stephanie Hernandez
    Stephanie Hernandez

    “Like imagine eating a burger and just swallowing it...BORING” 💀🤣🤣

  • Lips by Leah
    Lips by Leah

    “ can we y’all about the loch ness monster “ omg i learned that in school like a month ago .😂

  • TalesFromLiL DC
    TalesFromLiL DC

    The parents at the end omg made me cry especially the dad

  • Isabel R
    Isabel R

    Season 2 but longer please!!!!

  • Sol MH
    Sol MH

    I wish we could get to see your parents being more involved in the upcoming season or whatever😥

  • Jebethrubes

    I love this showwwwwww lmfaoooooooooo there better be a season 2

  • Marilyn Perez
    Marilyn Perez

    What the parents said at the end is everything 🙌🏼God Bless you guys

  • 2plus1is3

    Que Kardashian’s ni q nada, Going Garcia better! Hope we get a season 2 and that their parents are more involved in it too.

  • Lizbeth Leon
    Lizbeth Leon

    I’m really hoping they do a season 2 I love these episodes I can’t get enough of them 😭😭💞💞

  • anadely perez
    anadely perez

    Omg they where in Long Beach! Why they have to go when I don’t live there no more 😫

  • Oneida Rodriguez
    Oneida Rodriguez

    Yumm!! I love raw and cooked oysters! 😋😋😋👍🏻👍🏻

  • Celes Highlights
    Celes Highlights

    I subscribed to this channel because of them.... Season 2 please!!!

  • Nat

    Peter is EVERYTHING 😂😂😂😂

  • Isabel Hernandez
    Isabel Hernandez

    I feel like Mayra would do an amazing job as a designer, I love they way she dresses and the confidence she has is bomb!!! Wish you all well ❤️

  • Moon Wolfie
    Moon Wolfie

    Mini titanic-2020 ⛴🛳🛥🦦🦦🤿🦈🐋🐬🏊🏼🏊🏼🚑🚑

  • sam96 rod
    sam96 rod

    21:41 😂😂

  • melissa torres
    melissa torres

    I’m from rosarito 🇲🇽 🥰

  • Johana and Romie
    Johana and Romie

    Going Garcia is the only reason i'm subscribed to awesomenessTV

  • Michelle Arrez
    Michelle Arrez

    Season 2 please

  • Katherine Marie Paredes Fernandez
    Katherine Marie Paredes Fernandez

    Peter needs a Tesla auto drive 🚗

  • Laura Hernandez
    Laura Hernandez

    Karina is MEEEE saying “ i want more food “ 🤣❤️

  • Sienna Luke
    Sienna Luke


  • Queen Ojogan
    Queen Ojogan


  • mayra blazquez
    mayra blazquez

    I need more episode 😩 cant be over