This Changes Everything *Automatic Elimination | Twin My Heart w/ Merrell Twins Season 2 EP 2 Pt 2
Veronica and Vanessa Merrell are setting up not one, but two of their best friends, Franny and Nezza, as they search for love.
7 Boys Write Me a Love Song + He Kisses Me | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins Season 2 EP 3 Pt 1 -
It's a race to win their hearts, as contestants compete in challenges, deciding who will stay and who will go. ❤️❤️ The guys hit the floor to compete in an ultimate dance battle to win Franny and Nezza's heart. But when one guy takes it too far with another contestant, the girls must decide if his actions are cause for an automatic elimination.🙅‍♀️
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Director + Supervising Producer: Katherine Martinez
Executive Producer: Vanessa Merrell @VanessaMerrell Executive Producer: Veronica Merrell @VeronicaMerrell Executive Producer: Paul Merrell @ThePaulMerrell
Producer: Taylor Henriquez @TaylorHenriquez
Editors: Jennifer Reilly, Shayna Thea @ShaynaThea
1st AD: Aaron Ellis
Director of Photography: Trevor Roach
Camera Operators: Hao Yu, Connor Vickers, Edward Uken
1st AC's: Robert P. Chuck, Stephen Ho
Sound Mixers: Rommel Sungia, Will Mill, Ken Hobson, Victor Salas Alcaron
PA's: Preston Grant, Paul Rivet, Scott Rojas
DIT: CJ Ballesteros
Line Producer: Brett Hodgson
Production Manager: Lauren C Brooks
Production Coordinator: Tina Poston
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  • AwesomenessTV

    OKAAAAY LISTEN when you're done watching this, get the behind-the-scenes TEA about all of the stuff that was LEFT OUT in the Twin My Heart PODCAST (yes ma'am u heard that) RIGHT NOWWW -

    • Isabelle Chicaelli
      Isabelle Chicaelli


    • Phil Cabilesbrothers 009
      Phil Cabilesbrothers 009

      I love the merrell twins on this they are good helper love Vanessa and Veronica and fanny and nessa xxx 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

    • Meriam Meriam
      Meriam Meriam

      Go Rynan

    • Eryn Le
      Eryn Le

      Dang Dennis needs to take a chill pill I mean like r u serious?

    • Eryn Le
      Eryn Le

      One vote for Ryan and Franny

  • Melanie Booth
    Melanie Booth

    Ryan: My abs are burning Me: What abs?; )

  • Tina Tili
    Tina Tili

    Bennett had stress when he went to sleep 🙁😔

  • Tina Tili
    Tina Tili

    I'm about to cry for Bennett

  • Tina Tili
    Tina Tili

    I feel really bad for Bennett

  • Gacha Dude
    Gacha Dude

    Does Dennis remind u of Brandon

  • originally Maria
    originally Maria

    Okay Franny your beautiful stop doing that to yourself you deserve so much just know to love yourself too

  • Sarah Huynh
    Sarah Huynh

    Dennis is ugly 🤮 both inside and out

  • Kynique Johnson
    Kynique Johnson

    I feel like bentha and Connor and dissen because Connor said something about dissen family probably

  • Back to that Topic
    Back to that Topic

    It looks like Dennis is season 2’s Brandon

  • Danica Arias
    Danica Arias

    I'm really glad that Dennis left cause 1 he choked Conner and 2 he need to take a chill pill

  • teegan marfise
    teegan marfise

    So if Dennis is happy to be eliminated why did he slam the door

  • Fazal Uduma
    Fazal Uduma

    Bennett is here for the luxury not for the girls

  • teegan marfise
    teegan marfise

    Conners voice sounds fine but Dennis is the on that’s about to get kicked out

  • teegan marfise
    teegan marfise

    Ok so there all nice and then Dennis comes in

  • Chelsi Fortenberry
    Chelsi Fortenberry

    He crazy ain’t nobody bout to put they hands on me and go back to sitting down and I hate how they always talking trash and they have barely made any progress with either of the girls or they would of had they’re one-on-one

  • Little Miss Giggles
    Little Miss Giggles

    Denis literally needs to go home!

  • Kimberly Yanez
    Kimberly Yanez

    Does anybody else think dennis is too sensitive

  • Gabby Perez
    Gabby Perez

    Nezza + Tage = Tezza

  • Hardeep Dhadrall
    Hardeep Dhadrall

    Frany and Ryan should be together

  • rafeeah murtaza
    rafeeah murtaza

    I loved nessa's reaction when Dennis slams the door XD

  • linaysha perera
    linaysha perera

    The amount of times they said 'NO WAY' ⬇️

  • Natalie Brinkley
    Natalie Brinkley

    U LITERALLY KEEP A PERSON WHO CHOKED OUT ANOTHER PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤪🤪🤪😟😟😟😬😬😬😰😰😰 Ok so now later I just paused and commented but now I continued so thank u because that is just straight up childish DENIS

  • Maria Carbonell
    Maria Carbonell

    gud thing bennet and dennis left they don't deserve it and has no respect and good thhing they left.

  • Ellie Lewis
    Ellie Lewis

    Franny said Brian instead of Brian by accident 😂

  • j o e l l e
    j o e l l e

    i ship tage and nezza

  • viviana santos
    viviana santos

    hehe franny was not into ryan at all

  • Kpop Sarcasm
    Kpop Sarcasm

    Bennet....just...doesn’t...umm suit....the girls In my opinion tho But if any of them like him then that’s nice and cool Edit: nvm he got eliminated...

  • JayJayJannat -
    JayJayJannat -

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">1:43</a>

  • Valentina De Leon
    Valentina De Leon

    I love how all the boys are getting ready and he's just like <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="407">6:47</a>

  • Boho Crescent
    Boho Crescent

    I want Ryan to win.

  • Phil Cooper
    Phil Cooper

    i do silk

  • Melodious Mystery
    Melodious Mystery


  • Jazmine Kim
    Jazmine Kim

    I feel like Bennett is nice but just over confident and that's good. I feel like he can change cuz' of the thing he said that he can't sleep well means he's thinking about it and Bennett: I feel like I overvalued myself without putting it onto work

  • Jazmine Kim
    Jazmine Kim

    Benett: I feel like Tage is doing well with Nezza Vince: He's a charmer. Connor: He charms me. Yah Connor I see you right there👀

  • Jennet Avila
    Jennet Avila

    I think alot of the boys like Nessa😳

  • Th3 Madst3r
    Th3 Madst3r

    Dennis effing sucks bro. LOL.

  • Jo Z yt YouTube
    Jo Z yt YouTube

    Dennis reminds me of Brandon from last season ELIMINATE HIM

  • Neva Del Rosario
    Neva Del Rosario

    Denis is toxic. Yikes happy neither of them ended up with him

  • Zai Tha Khun
    Zai Tha Khun

    Pls eliminate dennis🤩

    • Zai Tha Khun
      Zai Tha Khun

      Jo Z yt MNsoft yea he seems really aggressive

    • Jo Z yt YouTube
      Jo Z yt YouTube


  • AwseomeAizy Plays
    AwseomeAizy Plays

    I love how they hype each other up😊

  • Neva Del Rosario
    Neva Del Rosario

    My standards are wayyyyy to high now.

  • 3146themidnightsinger Donut
    3146themidnightsinger Donut

    Hey at least they got rid of the Brandon!

  • kill me
    kill me


  • Zali Clapson
    Zali Clapson

    Franny: team frezza F the boys like mood

  • Michael Eddy
    Michael Eddy

    Why ryan look like Tjass ?

  • Jazmin Mendoza
    Jazmin Mendoza

    Welp we found our Brandon this season *cough cough Dennis *

  • Precious Panda89
    Precious Panda89

    Frayn or Ranny

  • Litzy Jimenez
    Litzy Jimenez

    Dennis is trying to act like Brandon from the other season 🤣

  • Precious Panda89
    Precious Panda89

    I HATE Dennis!!!

  • Nicodemus Tema
    Nicodemus Tema

    I feel bad for bennet if that's he's name

  • Kiddo Simmer
    Kiddo Simmer

    NVM I didn't finish watching it😂he's still psycho tho

  • Kiddo Simmer
    Kiddo Simmer

    I don't understand why Bennet left and not Dennis the menace

  • Holly Greenfield
    Holly Greenfield

    Dennis is such a douche bag it is SUCH a turn off when people judge someone off of things they can’t change.

  • Jessica Hizer
    Jessica Hizer

    For some reason Bennett’s hair looks like a wig

  • Lauren Mathews
    Lauren Mathews

    When Dennis left it was literally like Brandon from season 1! He just got mad and left without saying anything but he deserves to leave bc he literally tried to choke Conner and he's just annoying in general.

  • Jailyn Mercer
    Jailyn Mercer

    You should have eliminated Connor cause he wouldn’t leave Dennis alone

  • Nada Allen
    Nada Allen

    The problem with this is that it ends up turning into a competition they don’t want to lose (just for the sake of winning) rather than actually wanting to get the girl.

  • Savannah No yeah business
    Savannah No yeah business

    Dennis is rude I wouldn’t date him he tryed to choke him my gosh

  • Henry Nguyen
    Henry Nguyen

    Silk trainer I wanna see what your made of Ryan Not much Me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • wow

    wow. dennis is mean

  • Haadiyah Chishty
    Haadiyah Chishty

    I ship Franny and Ryan so much but... I don’t have a ship name for them 😭

  • Angela Taleb Karam
    Angela Taleb Karam

    When all the boys went in the hot tub Bennett was actually sleeping and then bumped his head in the black fense and woke up

  • Olivia Verlander
    Olivia Verlander

    I hope tage and message get together

  • Olivia Verlander
    Olivia Verlander


  • Samantha Hernandez
    Samantha Hernandez

    No one: Troy: it’s Brittany bitch

  • Jamie Zepeda
    Jamie Zepeda

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="407">6:47</a> dustin is me

  • Jouji Dhdouh
    Jouji Dhdouh

    Bennett is really wierd wtf I hate him

  • Gacha Potato
    Gacha Potato

    Dennis and Brandon should be friends not joking they’re almost like the same

  • Milly Rose21
    Milly Rose21

    Ha don't see Ryan with Franny that's funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • Krybaby Gacha
    Krybaby Gacha


  • mellakya right
    mellakya right

    whats wrong with spongebob?

  • Mathews Kailei
    Mathews Kailei

    The brothers CRACK ME UP IN THE EPISODES im suppose to be sleep but im laughing so HARD 😂😂😂

  • Rylee Welti
    Rylee Welti

    Is it just me or dose other people getting so so so tired of Benett

  • silvia morales
    silvia morales


  • boomer

    bro i know that everyone doesn’t like bennett, but when he put himself in between the guys fighting, it really shows maturity 🥺

  • Helena Yesa D. Cabiad
    Helena Yesa D. Cabiad

    I ship Franny and Ryan. *FIGHT ME*

    • Dennis Hernandez
      Dennis Hernandez

      Helena Yesa D. Cabiad 👀👀

  • Ariel Thrasher
    Ariel Thrasher

    dennis is toxic behavior at its finest.. no one did anything and he has to get all physical bc he’s mad at what? a dudes voice? he can’t control that.. i hope they eliminate him soon.

  • Kailey Newland
    Kailey Newland

    dennis was completely unreasonable. like he judging someone for something they can't control. & if she was that annoyed he could've left the room all this shows is immaturity, selfishness, & toxicity. grow up.

  • Eshal Khan
    Eshal Khan

    Bennet said he doesn’t see Ryan and franny yea well Ryan won lol

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