The Truth About The Ace Family..
Cole Carrigan
this video had to be made and i hope u guys can understand. thank u for watching..

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  • Ava Bullock
    Ava Bullock

    I got raped 10 years aho

  • marcus hanna
    marcus hanna

    Why does his face look like he’s having multiple strokes at once 😂

  • Nanda F A
    Nanda F A

    I dont even know, who is ace family??? Gosshhh

  • pRoJect 45
    pRoJect 45

    Oh shit- this nigga gay

  • Kinley Kaczor
    Kinley Kaczor

    I think this is fake but maybe not

  • florentiabc

    i mean he is kinda mental . Not surprised

  • BC Stealth Grow
    BC Stealth Grow

    Clout chasing! I don’t trust this thing.

  • Mrs.Bubba Bubba
    Mrs.Bubba Bubba

    Had to report this video. This is WAY too serious of a situation to be making a casual MNsoft video like this to get views.

  • Wandandine

    Who is the girls with austin in Miami ?

  • Den Ned
    Den Ned

    Are u a guy or a girl? Not judging just asking.

  • Alicia 5H
    Alicia 5H

    ....not the dad...:(

  • Natalie Fontaine
    Natalie Fontaine

    this is bull but whateva

  • Potato Bear
    Potato Bear

    I’m disgusted

  • Liberty Fitzgerald
    Liberty Fitzgerald

    This is not drama or tea this is a crime they would be arrested for this those girls pain is unbelievable they should tell the police cause this is not ok

  • Pilot Bravo
    Pilot Bravo

    And why would you care? All you want is fame

  • Pilot Bravo
    Pilot Bravo

    You look g a y as f@ck

  • Pilot Bravo
    Pilot Bravo

    Is this a man or woman? W t f

  • Fanscy Hamm
    Fanscy Hamm

    For 1 why didn’t they involve the cop and why did he edit her voice

  • Avakin Queen10
    Avakin Queen10

    F*** the ace fam...i thought that they were the perfect family but i was wrong not gonna watch their fake videos anymore 😡😡😡...

    • Pilot Bravo
      Pilot Bravo

      Avakin Queen10 you don’t even know if this is real. For one I wouldn’t believe this cole guy or girl because look at him. He looks like a trans sexual

  • Ramlat Ibrahim
    Ramlat Ibrahim

    Am I the only one reading the comments without listening to him

  • Brøøklyñ

    Don’t just makes vids! Take action and contact the police showing the evidence people! Unless it’s not a crime.

  • jasleen Andrade
    jasleen Andrade

    Ace = Austin Cheats Everyday

  • Cayleigh Horne
    Cayleigh Horne

    how can you be a victim of rape and not want to come forward honey yeah i don’t understand what it’s like to be raped but if it’s so traumatic wouldn’t you want justice? wouldn’t you want for that bastard to be in jail? seriously yeah i’ve never been in that situation before but i know if i was in that situation i would want that person to be put in jail so they can’t do it to more people.

  • lavigne avril
    lavigne avril

    yuvi phan brought me here

  • Alanie Cymone
    Alanie Cymone

    Don't get mad because Austin has something you could never have u just jeloous I mean i would be too. He got Cathren Alaia elle #ACEFAMILY FOREVER.

  • Ibraheem Obaid
    Ibraheem Obaid

    Cole ain’t nobody gonna give u clout

  • Juliana A
    Juliana A

    I almost threw up when I heard that his dad joined in I’m disgusted

  • Nour Zein
    Nour Zein

    i have a question why does he keep looking to the right (if cole is seeing this it wouldve been ur left) as if someone there like focus on his eyes and everytime the video cuts

  • Skyla Silva
    Skyla Silva

    I don’t understand why the police hasn’t been contacted .


    Okay shut the fuck up austin would never do somthing like this to put harm to his kids or wife yall are just doing this shit just to get him I troble when he has noting to do it so yalll stop lying

  • Susan Feitl
    Susan Feitl

    I will take this seriously when they take this to court because this needs to be addressed as soon as possible

  • Emily Aceves
    Emily Aceves

    I love how he thinks hes being a good person by filming this video, when what he really should be doing is calling the police if he thinks whatever Austin and his "friends" did was a crime...

  • Wadima Hamad alnaqbi
    Wadima Hamad alnaqbi

    Fun fact: don’t blink too fast because that means ur lying

    • Era Playz
      Era Playz

      No? Some people get nervous speaking to a camera/crowds (or fake eyelashes?) and will blink a lot no matter how long they’ve been doing it for. Unless you’re an expert in reading body language don’t say things like these.

    • Gloria Vincentia Riyadi
      Gloria Vincentia Riyadi

      he's using a fake eyelashes, naturally he will blink a lot #duh

    • I like myself but
      I like myself but

      I dont think so. Thats fake.

  • PewDiePie

    They are just acting like nothing happened! Greedy money bastards

  • Ryders World!
    Ryders World!

    So if this has happened to mulitiple people they can be arrested for awhile and I mean awhile!

  • Kristina ruiz
    Kristina ruiz


  • Sas L
    Sas L

    Wow what happened you stopped talking about the ace famliy. No one knows what's going on..... Did you really get sued?

  • Melissa Sippa
    Melissa Sippa

    Woowwww for all the “ace family fans” y’all be fake as hell one minuet ya’ll are in Austin’s side and the next minute ya’ll are on Cole’s side... like wtf! Ya’ll don’t even know if this shit is true or not you guys are js here for the tea and whatever he spills you drink and you are like “omg 🤢🤮” etf is wrong with y’all js cause he has “receipts” don’t mean it’s true he never even unblurred the names so how are we suppose to know it’s him or whoever tf he’s talking about? Y’all “ACE family fans” really fake asf. Like if you’re still apart of the Ace family. And if he really did do this I’m sorry for bitching but if it’s not (which it isn’t) then FUCK YALL FAKE FANS y’all would take any tea ppl spill just to fill your head.🙄🙄 hhmmm ahh I smell CAP!

  • Anime Queen
    Anime Queen

    Shut up cole he know what he did and he know what he did wrong stop hating before someone will call the cops on u

  • Isaac Ruiz
    Isaac Ruiz

    For some reason I hate this dirty bitch for five days everyone was talking about him but he only gain a little bit more subscribers yikes