The Long Term Effects of Childhood Trauma | Kati Morton
Today Dr. Alexa Altman and I sit down to discuss trauma and how if the PTSD or other trauma symptoms go untreated it can follow up in later life. Research even shows that trauma or abuse can affect our own children and be passed down through our genes!! But there is a lot we can do to combat this, like catching it early on, asking those uncomfortable questions, and helping those in need.
The reason I wanted to have Alexa back on the channel is that I am partnering with the Kailash Foundation and MNsoft to help them raise money to end child slavery. Kailash has worked his entire life to give every child a right to a childhood, and you can help today by donating to their foundation. Kailash's documentary "The Price of Free" will be released on Soul Pancake's channel on November 27th and it follows Kailash and his team as they fight to get these children out of horrific work environments where they are held, forced to work, and unable to go home. Please join Alexa and I as we work with Kailash to end child slavery.
Also, before you buy anything this holiday season check if it's child slavery-free!! Do NOT shop at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Home Goods! Check the item on the app "Good on You" to know what's child slavery-free or not. Price Of Free
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  • Mathew Hall
    Mathew Hall

    Yes! Inside out was how I learned about the purpose of sadness. I had to watch it 3 times to fully understand it all

  • Raymond Marchand
    Raymond Marchand

    Never met my father and grew up in a foster home. This is interesting to me? Thanks for the information.

  • Jayvondah

    My sister believes we had a great childhood but I found it traumatic. We were brought up very differently, she was born into a loving home surrounded by loving family. I was born in a new country & both parents were under great stress. I’m in therapy as I’m still suffering the negative effects from childhood. This video really hit a nerve for me

  • Yo Yoyo
    Yo Yoyo

    as someone who has been through intense domestic violence and finally left feels like having been through a war.. like that constant level of nonstop stress for years. When I really resolved to leave and left and started actually recovering from ptsd I realized how bad it really was and how I used to think that kind of life normal. Just that constant attack and being in a crisis mode 24/7 and always being's like having been through a war. After a super scary experience I had that shook me to my core, I became really withdrawn, numb etc...I was scared of people and I was avoiding people. I didn't know that I had ptsd but I can see now that was what I was going through. Wow I see that now...

  • Enclair

    I think i have childhood trauma.... i was isolated and never let out when i was a kid... when ever i do that i get hit. Whenever i talk back, i throw a tantrum etc.. ill get hit for "disrespect"... I know i had alot of toys tho like alot... but i dont remember anything good that happened to me in childhood its like its been erased. While theres getting hit... whats worse was the verbal stuff... it was everyday non-stop..... i can't even count how many times ive been called an idiot(in a more harsh way in our language) etc. In school i cry when i get a low score on something because i think ill get hit if i have a low score or didnt get elected as the president of the class... My parents are different now but i can't love them... atleast i cant show them that i love them... because of it... and whenever something they do which reminds me of those things that happened i get irritated i cry and i want to kill 17 im very very understanding and i understand why they did all those things now... but the grudge,hatred and fear is still there.

  • Nicholas Grant
    Nicholas Grant

    Seen a lot of comments of people dealing with this. Not bragging: I have a high intelligence and fall into the Schizophrenic end of the personality spectrum. I got lucky and ran into people who I could study for different symptoms. Not trying to act superior, but if any of you guys need some pointers or help navigating your studies: feel free to message. I'm not super quick but I do check my notifications. I'm happy to help if you're in need. First free tip: Don't use "I" so much in all of your sentences. That's a hard one for me honestly (as you can probably tell). Good Luck Guys/Gals/Others!!!

  • Guillo Ramiro
    Guillo Ramiro


  • Sarah

    Thank you for this explanation. Of why I ended up the way I did and why I'm FINALLY getting the proper help for it. All that blood flow going to the limbic brain and leaving no oxygen, nutrients and blood flow to trust, love connection with others. One thing that is not true is that trauma is "genetic". A generational behavioural pattern is more accurate I feel.

  • Lisa

    Great you did this fundraiser. Thank you for all the videos and information 😊

  • Sungod_Da_Don

    Sucks that it can get passed to your children. I actually see myself having kids some day but I want to be at my healthiest mentally before I wanna do that.

  • Debasish

    I'm late ik, but what's the age for you to have childhood trauma? At what age should said traumatic events should happen to you ro get you diagnosed with "childhood trauma" later in life?

  • Kim Jones
    Kim Jones

    At 22:40ish, a discussion begins about how would-be "surrogates" should approach a child about what's going on that might be contributing to a change in behavior. After listening for a few minutes further, I realized that to someone who was that type of child, the suggested conversational openers sound either very naïve or not thought through from the child's perspective. I never heard an adult, even the best-intentioned ones, casually ask a child "So how are you?" Well trained in how to speak to adults outside the family, I would have mentally frozen and given the first chipper, mature answer i could think of that would make the scary questions stop. As to pediatricians: Around age 10-11, I was taken to the pediatrician to investigate some bedwetting, which was most likely about sleeping too hard to wake up at night to pee because of the daytime domestic stress. The pediatrician sent my mom & brother out of the room, and then took advantage of this opportunity to ask, among other close-but-no-cigar questions, "Has anything changed at home recently?" Well, that answer was "No" - because nothing had changed: It had -always- been that way! I know that my particular situation would have been handled differently by all the adults around me had it been happening in 2020 instead of 1974. This is some food for the strategic thought that needs to go into easing the armored and conditioned state of mind of a victimized child.

  • rylee burnand
    rylee burnand

    Anyways the problem is capitalism and we’re treating billions of different symptoms but in the end we can only treat the problem with socialism

  • Luke  Cyphers
    Luke Cyphers

    The first 5 minutes of this video were absolutely the most informative thing I've ever seen or heard on my situation. Thank you.

  • Crystal Pasztor
    Crystal Pasztor

    Oh my god. So I didn’t get sick this year (when everyone else did) and I’ve been extremely stressed lately. But, PLOT TWIST, I watched a SciShow video explaining if your immune system is weak you’ll actually show less symptoms and maybe even no symptoms because your immune system fighting viruses, bacteria etc is what causes symptoms like runny nose, sore throat, nausea whatever. So if your immune system shuts down . . . viruses and such can get in easier and it’ll take more of them to cause symptoms but by that point you’re super sick. Also . . . all through K-12 I always got sick last and during the holidays . . . wow. I’ve just been a stress ball all my life too it’s all making sense. I GOT STREP THROAT EVERY YEAR

  • Ydursot

    I was so isolated, I really wish I had that 'Safe' Person in my life. You are all enough.

  • Meaningful Living
    Meaningful Living

    It’s weird how she keeps smiling while talking about disturbing stats and trauma. Very very dissonant and unsettling.

  • Breanna Prior
    Breanna Prior

    There were a lot of teachers and adults who did exactly what you said. Asked how I was feeling and a built a relationship. Then they called DCF. I had 9 DCF cases in my childhood because my story wasn't always straight (because of repressed memories) and both my parents where firefighters and paramedics they closed every single case. So my trust in people's intentions vanished. I'm 21 now and I've been barely making it on my own for 2 years. Now I have an eviction trial next week. I'm working with a therapist, but because I ended up getting help so late in life I can't work and I'm waiting to hopefully receive disability benefits. I have no family that is safe or supportive to go to. My friends are amazing and extremely supportive. They are my real family. Though they don't have the power to do anything. We ALL live in the same apartment complex. I'm reaching out to as many resources as possible,but until I'm approved for disability I'm kind of screwed. It's shocking I've made it this far! I score at least 5 on the ACE study, and I'm pretty much on my own except for a few friends and my therapist. I'm doing everything I can my options are limited. I'm extremely resilient though so that's a plus! I'm writing this not for advice because at this point I've been doing everything I'm capable of at the moment and I physically, mentally, and emotionally can't take anymore on my plate. I'm writing this to get it out. I also want to share my story,but I fear backlash from family and family friends. Especially when it's firefighters and police connected with my parents. I'm about fed up of staying quiet about it though and I want to share my experience with others and hopefully inspire them and share the lessons and experiences I have encountered on my journey. I just don't know where to start and I'm pretty drained as is.

  • K S
    K S

    I didn’t act out. I would’ve gotten beaten for doing that at home, school, anywhere. I was told to not talk about anything that happened at home. I didn’t trust anyone and thought if I told anyway they wouldn’t believe me and would treat me bad too. Once I snuck to a neighbor house and called an abuse trauma hotline. She said just go home and talk out how I feel. That was a definite NO. I stayed silent until I got out on my own in adulthood and it was no help. I’ve had to heal on my own. I’m still working on it, hence watching these videos.

  • Jeffrey Morrissey
    Jeffrey Morrissey

    So Lysenko may have been less-wrong than we were told...

  • Thyrador Uhtmârson
    Thyrador Uhtmârson

    A bit sad about most of the videos about this topic won't talk about some of the worst outcome of higher degrees of childhood abuse. It's not just anxiety, suicidal behavior or depression. What I really want to see is a collab/documentation about the really dark side, which most avoid to talk about. Don't want to be the negative guy here. Don't get me wrong. Childhood abuse and very traumatizing situations can give birth to (true) 'monsters'. Not just the type that, for example, just get abusive against others, kills someone or things like that as some sort of 'compensation'. I'm more interested in talks about people, who seem settled, weird but kind of normal (for the common people). Where something seem off, but since you can't describe it, you don't try to think that much about. What if a person 'decides' to get 'revenge'/'compensation' on a higher scale, manipulating and destroying larger groups of people. People, who weren't unable to learn because of constant fear/anxiety. Who adapted and taught themselves. Who feel 'superior' in some regards because these people proved themselves, that no one else is needed (anymore). Things, that will part these people even further from society. People, who can cause really huge damage to others, in multiple ways, because of what they have become and what they want to achieve with their actions. I think it's worth a talk and something I am really interested in. How you would deal with people like this, what you think is possible to give them some sort of healing. There are plenty of examples throughout history, who did so unbelievable things. Some of them because of their messed up childhood. What would you do, if you realize that you have a client with these kind of tendencies? Would you try to help him? How would you do that? And what if you realize, that this person's vulnerable core is buried so damn deep, that you are not sure if you ever be able to reach it? Or hear it's cries? I know it's a bit special, so feel free to add your opinion to it. Since English isn't my first language I tried to describe as good as possible what kind of traumatized people I'm talking about. So don't judge too hard if something seem off or offensive from what I've tried to describe.

  • Servant Of-Yeshua
    Servant Of-Yeshua

    Neglect. Severe physical abuse. Abandonment. Emotional abuse. Sexual abuse. Religious abuse. etc. have had therapy by specialists to no avail. 57 now. single and meant to be alone

  • desert rose
    desert rose

    ਸਹੀ ਗੱਲ ਆ!

  • chivy

    Yeah psychologists you know what's trauma but just very few knows how to treat it.

  • Joy Kim
    Joy Kim

    Human connection...I have not had such a feeling with my family. I managed to survive, which they use as evidence about how nice they were to me.

  • Kim Sassman
    Kim Sassman

    Bpd, bipolar disorder and ptsd with server anxiety disorder. Why do i feel like im not understanding and nees to rewatch? Something here my brain doesn't want me to know i guess... 🙁

  • Michelle Morgan
    Michelle Morgan

    Thank you Ladies x

  • kitten mastermind
    kitten mastermind

    Fear of Spyder Explain.

  • Desiree Evans
    Desiree Evans

    I have childhood trauma and i dont know how to get over what happened. What should i do?

  • Amani Rowan
    Amani Rowan

    So i’m wondering if threats to kick a child out for 1-2weeks and once every month being hurt physically is abuse or just a kid being sensitive?

  • Soumia Moujane
    Soumia Moujane

    Hi I have suffered from being jealous and envious around the women my age. And I stopped going to social events where I felt small and like a child around them. I realised I have panic attacks, nightmares, bad dreams and feel sweaty and hyperventilating and flashbacks. When I was around them. As I was mollicoddled by my family as a child. And they weren't. Now in my adulthood I can't stop reliving my childhood as I was mollicoddled and my family didn't have any belief that I can do anything and they use to call me horrible names associated with my health. And my family say I can't do things for myself. And I avoid places and the women my age that bring on memories and flashbacks and nightmares and trembling. And my family didn't let me grow up. And every time I go to a social event where the women my age are I end up having a panic attack at nights after the event when I am a sleep. My triggers are the women my age.

  • Sergio Reyes
    Sergio Reyes

    Wait a minute! I thought learned responses could not be inherited from our ancestors, or passed on to our offspring. That's Lamarckianism, and I thought it had been completely disproven.

  • Warm House
    Warm House

    Amazing video you are giving amazing insight about things people are scared to do and say keep it up 👍🏾👍🏾

  • Addictive

    My ace score is 5 hell yeah

  • Morgan Johnson
    Morgan Johnson

    The part about trauma being genetic that's what I understand about slavery. I know people say get over it I'd argue a lot of people can't. I also got an understanding about how it's passed down spiritually as well.

  • Jennifer C RN
    Jennifer C RN

    And we can't go there with child slavery and not Planned Parenthood which has many many videos undercover, seen here on MNsoft, hiding and protecting child molesters and rapists. Please see the connection and educate. Thank you!

  • Ian Clarke
    Ian Clarke

    I'm very disappointed with myself for not being able to rise above it , I have at times but it will never be banished and I'm always vulnerable if a victim seeker finds my weakness because of the social stigma.

  • Ian Clarke
    Ian Clarke

    I've gone through shit but it pales into insignificance compared to others but it has tainted my whole life.

  • Ian Clarke
    Ian Clarke

    So many kids get traumatised

  • Hanan Ibrahim
    Hanan Ibrahim


  • Daniela Dolores Hidalgo
    Daniela Dolores Hidalgo

    Does someone is crying while watching this? I just can't control the tears :'(

  • ben

    maybe the information is pertinent but I was unable to sit threw your presentation

  • Solani Someni
    Solani Someni

    OK, fair warning here... This is going to be long... I realize that this video is a year old but, I still want to thank you guys for bringing to light the long term effects of prolonged early childhood trauma/abuse. It *IS* a deep dark subject that many don't dare bring up, much less discuss. Me, I have nearly all of the experiences/criteria that you listed during both my earliest childhood years as well as well up into my teenage years and beyond. Just different humans/ADULTS. I was kidnapped by my bio father when I was 7 month old and flown to Florida to live with his hmm... "strange" mother way out in the swamps and her abusive/pedo husband. I was not allowed to meet other humans, if someone (rarely) came out to their trailer, I was hidden away in a small bookcase/cabinet, Yes, I loath confined spaces and have more times than I can remember even run out from the safety of my own home, merely due to the feeling of confinement. If I become "afraid of the dark", it's always inside a house/apartment and NEVER outside, regardless of if it's pitch black outside and especially not if I'm in the middle of a forest and where I have chosen to live more or less off grid... That is where I'm able to feel safe and have quality of life. \I'm almost 60 yrs. old now so, I've lived with this for a long time and have learned various coping mechanisms, mostly on my own, what works and what doesn't... I was free to roam the swamps on my own from a very early age and made a point of trying to stay as far away as I possibly could from granny's husband when he was around and especially if my granny wasn't home... I managed to make friends/connections with the various animals that lived out there. Not to the point where I feel that I would/could be considered to have been a feral child but, close enough to have formed a deeper bond with the animal kingdom than humans, throughout my life. I still to this day feel safer and more comfortable and able to understand animals more than humans, be it domestic or wild animals, than I ever feel when I'm in close proximity with a human/adult. Children are the only humans that hold a special place in my heart and I will ALWAYS fight for a child's well being. One of my major questions has always been, when does said child stop being a child and someone I care deeply for and become an adult that I no longer trust or care about??? I honestly don't know... I have the diagnoses CPTSD/PTSD/OSDD. OSDD meaning that the "imaginary friends" I had during my isolated childhood years and further, have become permanent consciousnesses in my system. Differing from DID, which are separate personalities which black out when one of the other personalities within their system takes over. I am fully integrated with my 2 other consciousnesses and we share the same experiences, cope slightly differently when SHTF. Change front personality when one crashes and needs to take the back seat. Not to the point where others notice and not many humans know "we" even exist. Learned early to keep our mouth shut about each other. On person asked my son once, how his mother was able to live all alone the way I do. His response was, "my mother is never alone". Thankfully that person most likely thought he meant that I had my dogs, cats and farm animals.... I do have a 4 yr. university degree, geared towards the prolonged effects of childhood abuse/trauma/neglect/etc. I opted to go that route, due to that I felt that I needed to be able to better understand myself and why I was/am the way I am. I agreed with some of what I was taught but disagreed with most of it. Having lived it, you have a very different view of what's accurate and what ISN'T... Constantly aware of my surroundings, want nothing or very little to do with human society. Heck, I don't even feel human most of the time, even if I mentally know that biologically, I am suppose to belong to the human species... I've never been able to feel it. Fake it yes. I've learned over the years what is socially accepted behavior, even if it will never be more than skin deep and a mask I put on when needed. Got that beaten into my bare skin more or less daily, accompanied with multiple threats of abandonment if I didn't behave. Church elders coming to the house regularly, chasing me down, pinning me to the floor wherever they'd managed to catch me. Bible in hand raised towards the heavens screaming/praying to god (intentional lower case g...) commanding whatever demon was "possessing" me to return to hell... Heck, I wasn't possessed, I just didn't know how to behave or cope. The whole new world I'd been thrown into was totally alien to me. Of course I would fight, scream and cuss, which only resulted in them believing even more that I indeed was possessed. I was scared out of my mind. These were big adult men and having being both physically, emotionally and sexually abused from infancy up until 4 and a half yrs. of age, I knew what they could have done to me... One day out of the blue when I was 4 and a half, I was thrown into the back seat by my granny's husbands big blue car, driven and abruptly dropped off on the curb outside of my bio mothers house. Told, your mother lives in that house and he drove off, leaving me there all alone, wondering what do I do now?? I remember A LOT of what happened way back then, unfortunately perhaps but... There's "3" of us in our system and we all remember bits and parts... In other words, you're not just dealing with ONE INDIVIDUAL that has the diagnoses we have, there are 3 of us that share the same experiences and intrusive memories/flashbacks. My bio mother kept me for 3+ weeks. I managed to locate her when I was 14 and flew back over to the US to meet her and my younger siblings when I was 17. She told me what I was like when I'd come back to her. I was far from the sweet innocent baby she'd given birth too. She told me that she'd call me a swamp breed wildcat and she couldn't handle me. She told me that if she would have kept me, she most likely would have killed me. Add to that, she was worried that I would seriously harm my younger siblings, which was a definite possibility, considering how I was.... So, I was adopted in a private adoption, by an elderly overly old fashioned christian couple that had married late in life and couldn't have children of their own. They were not told what my life had been like before they adopted me... In many ways, I went from the glowing red hot embers into a raging fire. I remember when I was 5 yrs. old, after one of the "exorcisms", sitting alone in my bedroom on my bed, thinking that I HAD TO learn how to act/behave, at least until I was old enough to be on my own... When I was 14 yrs. old I walked into the Social Services office in the town we lived and asked to talk to a case worker. I told her everything that had been my life up until then. Long story short, I was granted my freedom and was legally deemed an adult. I've been more or less on my own since then. Did have a brief marriage, 2 children later within 2 yrs. I took my children and left him. Unfortunately, those of us that have been through crap, have a tendency to choose partners that we are "familiar" with... I adopted another daughter many years later that was in her upper teens. She'd grown up with my children and had a not so good relationship with her bio mother. Her bio mother died when she was young but, my daughter still has the scars deep down inside and most likely always will. She'd from the first day she came over to play with my children called me mom and was more in our home than her mothers so, when her bio father was dying due to diabetic complications. I asked him if he would allow me to adopt his daughter. Told him that I'd always seen her as my daughter and that I loved her as much a my own natural born children. he cried and said that he knew that and even though he'd never spoken about it, was very thankful that I had been a mother for his daughter. He gave me his blessings to make his daughter my legal daughter. All 3 of my children are now in their mid to upper 30ies. And yes, all three of them have problems. They are functioning in society but.... they all have anxiety, depression as well as PTSD... So yes, it is something that is passed down to our children... Sorry for the long rant but, I thought you might like to hear from someone that has lived this shit and SURVIVED. I am a WARRIOR, not just a survivor and will be that way til the day I die. And no, I'm not suicidal or use any form of drugs, legal, illegal or alcohol. Why, I can't stand the way those substances make me feel, as well as numb my brain, which results in me not being able to be fully aware of my surroundings/survival. I manage to live a full life that I feel is worth living, by staying as far away from the human species as I can. Only drive into town when I absolutely have to and sleep for nearly half a day when I get home again... //Solani

  • Valerei Renfro
    Valerei Renfro


  • SupersonicPug

    I feel disgusted at myself lol I was created (raised) from fear and negative emotions... I hope i can get cured or get better.... if doctors and therapy cant help me I might think of suicide as an option. Their no point in living like this unless I unleash myself but am afraid of the part of me that's damaged because i was raised afraid and feel negative feelings and I'm afraid my frustration and isolation might combine and make me wanna hurt others... I should stop myself If ever get to that stage..

  • Fabled Creature
    Fabled Creature

    Acting out... Can also be silence. The invisible child. That was me.

  • Geoffrey Linehan
    Geoffrey Linehan

    The concept of inherited trauma seems interesting and reminds me of Jung’s collective unconscious.

  • Lindsay Overseas
    Lindsay Overseas

    I’m a teacher in Korea, and I have a couple 6-year-old boys who act out a lot. How do I build that relationship when they can’t yet understand enough English words? The teachers aren’t allowed to tell the parents about these problems. We have to pretend that each kid is doing amazing.

  • nikiichan

    I feel like telling them that you are there to support and that you can be trusted doesn't always work either. A lot of abusers make sure to use the same words before a person with good intention gets the chance to.

  • Families in Trauma
    Families in Trauma

    Great content and really important for young and the not so young. The comments on this channel show how great the need is. Nicely explained. looking forward to more.

  • MrOrcslayer

    So are you two sisters?

  • Zedd

    It’s pretty bad when it’s a cult or in other words fanatical or ritually driven abuse.

  • Jes Lookn
    Jes Lookn

    Ragealolic father, Alcoholic mother. Physically and emotionally abused. Neglected. First suicide attempt at age 10.

  • MauiGirl 888
    MauiGirl 888

    Kati thank you!!!!

    • Kati Morton
      Kati Morton

      You’re welcome MG


    yes it douse get past down

  • Liz Frusher
    Liz Frusher

    I’m a 7 on aces. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m gonna need to see someone.

  • Voirith

    UGHHH....Being a victim and you search for answers on youtube. HUMMM.. My health is somewhat ok and empty. I feel nothing. What am I?

  • Katie Kane
    Katie Kane

    After working through childhood trauma, depression & borderline personality disorder I've come to some insights. ALL I needed to hear was "what's happening isn't right & it's NOT your fault". THAT is what I would tell a kid who was experiencing trauma. Great talk ladies!

  • true2theory a priori
    true2theory a priori

    This was a really great video.

  • Gemma Hamilton
    Gemma Hamilton

    I've been struggling with BPD for years, only just starting to connect the dots from my childhood. I'm petrified my children are going to experience what i do on a daily basis.....even a fraction of my daily experience would break my heart. I wouldnt wish this on my worste enemy.