The Ace Family is Still Bad
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  • Emily Peterson
    Emily Peterson

    oh my god, i can’t imagine being that little girl and then looking back on this video when she’s older...ace family is going to end up with their daughter repressing her whole childhood...😳🤯

  • Anastasia Kr
    Anastasia Kr

    Somebody NEEDS to take the child away from them,this is highly disturbing and I'm being totally serious!

  • Keona Avery
    Keona Avery

    I used to love Ace Family. I used to love their pranks and stuff, but they started to go downhill.

  • Rose Wilfer
    Rose Wilfer

    Why on earth did they think that the kid should be here for ANY of that... like genuinely. She’s a toddler WHAT????

  • Boogiemywoogie

    The word “sexy” should not be said in front of a 3-year-old. The undertones in the video make me feel so gross.

  • Juliana Mottin
    Juliana Mottin

    he said, "this is not youtube" 😂😂😂 I agree!

  • Jamie Tallstone
    Jamie Tallstone

    Ok after the Robin Hood one Sam and I had the EXACT same expression

  • c camargo
    c camargo

    Plz do a reaction video to their new music video, I will be waiting for it lmao

  • S. T.
    S. T.

    ok but wtf is this...that dad made me so uncomfortable in every second he even opened his mouth like no bro no that is not ok

  • 13juniper

    how is that poor little girl gonna grow up, with parents that think their video is ok? i don't think a 3 year old should know the word sexy, or hear their dad say it in that way. its so.. ugh. ew. i totally agree about the start of porn. it seemed more like she was trying on lingerie, not halloween costumes.

  • IcyPopsicle

    The Mom: You guys rate them too! Me: So let’s see... a 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, and just all zeros.

  • Ashley Farina
    Ashley Farina

    The Leafs!!!!! Nice

  • Jordan Hargrove
    Jordan Hargrove

    I love your videos but I think you are a little rude

  • Bridget Endjala
    Bridget Endjala

    when you are j.......s this is what we do

  • Breazy derp
    Breazy derp

    "I just to watch Paw patrol and eat fruit loops" -itssamcollins

  • Pamela Adams
    Pamela Adams

    I feel sick at my stomach after that

  • Angelina shanel ashby Chapman
    Angelina shanel ashby Chapman

    No they are not

  • Maya Moon
    Maya Moon

    This poor kid I gonna grow up so messed up. That is not how you act in front of your child

  • Phoenix Fire
    Phoenix Fire

    That poor child

  • JustDave

    Sam, you are a magnificent specimen... WOW. I can't focus on the video except for your gaze...

  • Random Girl
    Random Girl

    I'm concerned that a 3 year old knows what sexy means... I mean, I'm 17 and I still don't know what sexy means???? I feel so uncomfortable, leave the poor kid alone. They need to stop using that word in front of the child.

  • Picklemations

    GOSH would he stop saying *S E X Y* I'm crying. This kid doesn't deserve this.

  • Twiggle Downtown
    Twiggle Downtown

    On an unrelated note, that ringtone reminds of something you'd hear out of a spyro game for the gba.

  • julien

    sam be a secksee mermaid for elle

  • Cal The Nobody
    Cal The Nobody

    They legit just put their daughter in the video to seem more child friendly and get more views from people like aw their girl is so cute, this video would be so funny

  • Pay Payyy
    Pay Payyy

    this makes me really fucking uncomfortable

  • L Bird
    L Bird

    I dont know about yall but Im getting vibes that the guy see this as a type of foreplay....

  • SkillfullAirHeads

    "... cause you might throw up.." Me: *is having problems with stomach* OH GAWSH NO But seriously. What is wrong with these people? They have always acted so suggestive and stuff around their daughter, and I find that absolutely horrifying.

  • Clara Mampinda
    Clara Mampinda

    That so true like Austin gotta grow up little lol like who wloud say that to her daughter

  • Marcus Andersen
    Marcus Andersen

    i don't know what to say WTF

  • Levi Idk why I need a last name
    Levi Idk why I need a last name

    Oof. I grew up with my dad smacking his gf’s’ asses in front of me. (To be fair, I didn’t see him much because he was “busy” and mom didn’t want me around all that shit😂)

  • doctorwhonerd912 hemmersbach
    doctorwhonerd912 hemmersbach

    I feel bad for this kid honestly she only wants to see costumes that a 3 year old would want to see and not what an adult would like to see

  • Meat Cat
    Meat Cat

    0:45 the girl looks dead inside

  • Sparky Shafiq
    Sparky Shafiq

    Omg they need to stop !!!

  • Lea Payne
    Lea Payne

    The thing is even if they done this video without Elle , their audience (you can tell) are mostly very young so it would still seem unsuitable for me .

  • Rose and Meg Elizabeth
    Rose and Meg Elizabeth


  • BTS YoongiMa
    BTS YoongiMa

    The way that little girl is disassociating and daydreaming I really fear for her mental health when she gets older.

  • yoaisuperqueen

    I have a three-year-old daughter and this video was very disturbing I don't know why Austin couldn't just rate her outfits by himself if he was going to do that or why both of her parents didn't rate kids costumes if they wanted to do a video with their daughter ... Literally they just picked the most inappropriate weird uncomfortable video idea that they could think of

  • CloverGaming 12
    CloverGaming 12

    SeXy CoP

  • Annabelle's Vlogs
    Annabelle's Vlogs

    Maybe there editor hates them also and that’s y they put all of this in 😂

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