The Ace Family caught doing THIS... (WEEKLY RE-SPILL)
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  • Miss Priscillaaa
    Miss Priscillaaa

    I unsubscribed to them & their videos still pop up on my home page??? Like why ?

  • Liv Smee
    Liv Smee

    I acc fucking despise the ace family omg they’re like a disease that spreads negativity instead of positivity , god help their kids

  • Schadlyn Charles
    Schadlyn Charles

    her intro>>

  • Andrea Lleras
    Andrea Lleras

    Tea videos are so much better with a fresh cup of Earl Grey tea

  • no way
    no way

    what's the point of filling ur whole backyard with pumpkins ? I wanna know THE WASTE

  • fififoo uwu
    fififoo uwu

    for the first one with the airport thing, i think the dudes a bit dramatic LMAO. im not a james stan but like,,,, if im doing something then ion wanna be interrupted

  • Cami Ch. :3
    Cami Ch. :3

    If i was one of the Dobre i would be like”OMG HI!! How has your day been?” Or something decent lmao

  • helveticaes

    I think Austin needs to get broke again to understand basic humand decency.

  • Luna Milk
    Luna Milk

    People: Austin is a r*pist and a genuinely bad person Catherine please leave him The Ace Family: We are so weak🙂😂😂 that people get so jealous 🤨👏🏻 over what they can’t have💯❌🧢

  • Dione

    "Busy releasing his inner lawsuit" I'm yodeling-💀

  • melophobia

    I hate James Charles so much but even I knew that Asian guy is annoying bruh sit the fuck down clout chaser

  • melophobia

    Asian guy sounded annoying and entitled

  • Rose Galaxy
    Rose Galaxy

    Not a fan of James, but he doesn't owe you jack shit, hun. 🙄

  • ThickemsUP

    why do we have to tip we pay the business they pay the employee done

  • Azoyah Nelson
    Azoyah Nelson

    The intro gets me every time 😂

  • zoe gordon
    zoe gordon

    going into 2020 can we all agree the ace family is irrelevant?

  • Miss Tsuki
    Miss Tsuki

    James Charles is a child I am sorry XD

  • Melinas Adventures
    Melinas Adventures

    Nooooo there just fine ur just jealous

  • Joy G
    Joy G

    toz ah laike


    @austinmcbroom .. he is such a punk ... why are people even wasting their time mentioning him ..

  • under the seafoam
    under the seafoam

    I know that he owes you nothing but he at least should've told you he couldn't. He was rude. His stans need to understand that although they didn't pay him, he still has to at least say he was busy and he couldn't. These are the kinds of things that could tarnish a star's reputation. No, it's not saying no to fans asking for photos, it's ignoring fans asking for photos as if they don't exist. Y'all stans of him need to realize he's not right all the time.

  • Hshshsw cgsshsg
    Hshshsw cgsshsg

    Y’all make a big deal I understand they worked hard but come on a tip really that there job a thank you for u service was be appreciated but come on Brahhh he already payed for the 500 pumpkins

  • stevie bana
    stevie bana

    Ok but is no one gonna talk about the dobre twins they could have at least tried to fake a smile, even those 2 other guys at the end were smiling.

  • Iconicx Rose
    Iconicx Rose

    Damn ace wtf u was ready for Halloween wasn’t u 😱

  • Vivienne Pullen
    Vivienne Pullen

    i don't think people should have gone at them that much for just not tipping them

  • Caitlin Grieve
    Caitlin Grieve

    I'm from Australia, so I don't really know how pumpkin patches work, but surely that's super wasteful???

  • Cameron Seymour
    Cameron Seymour

    james doesn't owe anyone shit ? "no ones bothering him" so..maybe be everyone else and don't ...bother him?"


    Does anyone else notice Austin's nails in the thumbnail?

  • Taya

    No matter what Austin does he gets away with it all the time smh

  • uhm ily
    uhm ily


  • Maria Alvarez
    Maria Alvarez

    Are you Chinese or Japanese?

  • Pumpkin Peach
    Pumpkin Peach

    Who doesn’t love Tea Spill?!? ❤️

  • Pumpkin Peach
    Pumpkin Peach


  • Fluffer Puffer13
    Fluffer Puffer13

    7:50 why is this even a question like what the-

  • Kiara Williams
    Kiara Williams

    Inner lawsuit?!? Lmao 🤣🤣

  • Cold Beef Stew
    Cold Beef Stew

    Okay but even seeing a stranger, smiling and nodding politely, usually you smile back. No excuses. He was being a dick

  • T Bow
    T Bow

    Yo that photo of Austin on the Grinch body with the pumpkin had me rolllllling

  • leekalivery

    “The ace family did this” *half the video is about a petty tik tok “scandal” involving james charles...

  • Didi Sow
    Didi Sow

    Imagine being such a clown that you think you're entitled to someone's time and energy at all times, just because you support...

  • Natasha's tyZ Rodriguez
    Natasha's tyZ Rodriguez

    No he bought 500 pumpkins the owner and workers made money off him they should be greatfull that he bought them at all..