Take the Tik Tok High School Trivia Challenge | VS w/ Chase Hudson & Avani Gregg
Avani Gregg and Chase Hudson play a game of High School Trivia!
Play Never Have I Ever w/ Tik Tok Stars Chase Keith & Christopher Romero | VS - mnsoft.info/hd/video/pYnamdGlk7xoons
Tik Tok stars Chase Hudson & Avani Gregg REACT to their Tik Toks - mnsoft.info/hd/video/qqfXs7eaYqyqqYc
In this episode of VS, Avani Gregg and Chase Hudson play a game of High School Trivia! Which of these two will have to face off against the dreaded WHEEL OF PUNISHMENTS? Do Avani and Chase really think Philadelphia is a state? Is Dwayne Johnson the hardest kind of rock??! Watch to find out and be sure to like, comment and subscribe in the comments section below!!
The series where AwesomenessTV influencers play fun internet challenges against each other!
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Chase Hudson (@lilhuddy)
Avani Gregg (@avaannii)
EP/Director - Christopher Babers
Associate Producer - Marta
DP: Marshall Douglis
Production Designer: Jamie McGuire
Editor: Jacob Gehnert

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  • Lilly the totally real flower
    Lilly the totally real flower

    Wait hold on I’m dead It had a picture of a Diamond and it said elephant 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a>

  • Sxgarbaby xx
    Sxgarbaby xx

    *why do I ship?*

  • Jilahni Gosman-Odinga
    Jilahni Gosman-Odinga

    i don’t live in the us and i knew the president lives in washington in the white house im-

  • Rosie S
    Rosie S

    Who would also love to meet these two ❤️💗 ⬇️

  • Ashlynn Creamer
    Ashlynn Creamer

    Anthony be punching the air rn

  • Alicia Peng
    Alicia Peng

    Is this staged?

  • Stacey Rodriguez
    Stacey Rodriguez

    i’m sorry but they’re so dumb. and this isn’t even hs stuff. my 10 years sister could’ve answered these all right

  • Stacey Rodriguez
    Stacey Rodriguez

    sis couldn’t even spell philadelphia right and got it wrong. ima stay in school now

  • Maximum Million
    Maximum Million


  • reet chadda
    reet chadda

    Me being British person who knows nothing about the states in the US gets Pennsylvania. I-

  • Kayla Comer
    Kayla Comer

    Awesomenesstv:your gonna answer some high school trivia Me:I'm 12 years old and I'm not even from America and I knew the answers to all of them Edit:these are literally questions for people in 2nd class and if your not from ireland that's like 8 year olds so...

  • Mia D
    Mia D

    I got so much secondhand embarrassment watching this lol

  • Nat fam Ramirez
    Nat fam Ramirez

    Text me just just do something I just really want to meet you

  • Nat fam Ramirez
    Nat fam Ramirez

    Avine I wish I can meet you I follow you I liked all your videos please please please please please be my friend

  • Amber Williams
    Amber Williams

    Is no one talking abt how how it said elephant for the diamond

  • Clarissa Zaya
    Clarissa Zaya

    If chase cheated on Nessa then Nessa cheated on greeg

  • Amberly Lopez
    Amberly Lopez

    Chase :telling Avani you look pretty Charli :hitting the air

  • Nour Elsoda
    Nour Elsoda

    Look yes these are the easiest questions to ask but if you never knew what the Olympic ring looks like then you would say 7, cuz yes they're 5 but like if you never saw them and your imagining it, you would think 7 cause like the Olympic, the whole world, 7 contenants like SEVEN

  • Gabriella Dinelle
    Gabriella Dinelle

    9 times 10 or 9 anything under you can do this to answer quick

  • Gabriella Dinelle
    Gabriella Dinelle

    You know for 9 times 6 you could take one away from 6 which would be 5 then count up to 9 so 5 plus what equals 9 4 so 54

  • Sammie S
    Sammie S

    the fact that she wrote 28 days for june. im-

  • Payton Woodle
    Payton Woodle

    Why aren’t they together???????? Chavi already ship

  • Charli damlio fan CHARLI
    Charli damlio fan CHARLI

    Charli and Chase not avani and chase

  • Amina wlt
    Amina wlt

    Avani you can't be so dumb.

  • Pinkybelli

    But charli...

  • XxWolfiegamerGirlXx .
    XxWolfiegamerGirlXx .

    Can y'all stop making bad comments if you have nothing good to say dont say it They are teenagers and your brain is stuck in tik tok and All other social medias too so stop judging people and think about yourself it doesn't matter if they dont know let them be Hate on this comment all you want but im speaking the truth.

  • Justin Rodriguez
    Justin Rodriguez

    What happened to Charli!!

  • Jesse Small
    Jesse Small

    I knew everything and I’m in 5th grade I even knew the zodiac one

  • Tala Manasrah
    Tala Manasrah

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="391">6:31</a> omggggggg🥱🥱🥱

  • Zouzou la licorne
    Zouzou la licorne

    Charlie and Anthony sweating 😂

  • studyppl

    I'm younger than all of the people saying "I'm 11 and I know all of these". People, please...

  • Brandon Itz_me
    Brandon Itz_me

    They puted the name diamond to elephant🤣🤣🤣

  • Elijah Pineda
    Elijah Pineda

    they can slay but they can’t write an essay 😳.

  • batman likes pizza
    batman likes pizza

    This honestly wasn’t even that bad.

  • Rebecca Musolino
    Rebecca Musolino

    I love you

  • Alyssa Lent
    Alyssa Lent

    They would be cute together I ship them

  • ღ Coco Studio ღ
    ღ Coco Studio ღ

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="435">7:15</a>...😍😍 Ok i Ship🥺❤️ (No it’s joke but they is very very very cute 😍😍❤️)

  • jade nathan
    jade nathan

    avani is literally me

  • Brianne Olu-Cole
    Brianne Olu-Cole

    Lol I’m from Canada and I even said Pennsylvania lol 😂

  • Maddie Okrasinski
    Maddie Okrasinski

    charli puncing in the air right now

  • Maddie Okrasinski
    Maddie Okrasinski

    it said elephant when you said the hardest rock

  • Addison Marin
    Addison Marin

    Its ok because I said philly in my head to 😂

  • mathew miller
    mathew miller

    They should kiss b/c he broke up with Charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily Chen
    Emily Chen

    multiplication is.... high school math??!!

  • Christina Chovancová
    Christina Chovancová

    Ok so i am 13 from Slovakia that is eastern europe and we learn slovak and english in school but we only talk slovak. I had 2 mistakes. AVANI AND CHASE ARE SOOOOO STUPID

  • Maya Van Meenen
    Maya Van Meenen

    I ship them🤭🥺

  • Charlotte Maltes
    Charlotte Maltes

    I’m twelve and knew all the answers. Kids these days😒

  • Princess Traywick
    Princess Traywick

    Let's just ignore that they were actually kinda flirting at the end

  • Lucy Hughes
    Lucy Hughes

    Im from the UK never been to the US and even i guessed Pennsylvania...

  • sinde park
    sinde park

    chase literally said "pretty" "beautiful" "you're so beautiful" few times, i don't ship and don't want to but that tickling part and they kinda looked cute and romantic but I DO NOT SHIP

  • Kammy360 !
    Kammy360 !

    I like them together

  • Valerie Varte
    Valerie Varte

    Chase : *wore bts merch* . Am I the only one noticing? Okay bye

  • Kaelyn Cantu
    Kaelyn Cantu

    I ship them but I know that her and Anthony are dating

  • Lauren Jordaan
    Lauren Jordaan

    god i’m sorry but wow. they really aren’t the smartest hey

  • Alishbah Arif
    Alishbah Arif

    Ya can tell he likes her

  • military boi
    military boi

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="147">2:27</a> awe

  • ellie x
    ellie x

    what‘s the hardest rock? everyone : „diamonds of course“ me : „bedrock, y‘all stupid“ 😂😂😂 (not everyone will get this)

  • Impulz Karuto
    Impulz Karuto

    I also thought it was igneous

  • Alexis Buwembo
    Alexis Buwembo

    Y’all are getting pressed in the comments because everyone is saying that chase and Ava I are stupid but Ava I didn’t know where the president lived and chase thought there was such a thing as a month with 32 days let alone June so... I’m not saying to attack them I’m just saying it’s justified and nothing anyone can say will change my mind

  • Donna Pernici
    Donna Pernici

    these are questions for 5th graders they got the title wrong. i didnt know tiktokers were this dumb

  • samantha Almazan
    samantha Almazan

    Honestly philly is its own state😂 we are not part of Pennsylvania

  • Ava Turunen
    Ava Turunen

    i feel bad for charli lol

  • 「Diana Wong ツ」
    「Diana Wong ツ」

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="93">1:33</a> i’m sad i’m an aries 😢 😂

  • 「Diana Wong ツ」
    「Diana Wong ツ」

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a> is no one gonna y’all about how it was a diamond but it said elephant?

  • Brihanna p
    Brihanna p

    Not to be mean but they are actually pretty dumb even like these are easy questions, stay i school kids

  • Ritu Gupta
    Ritu Gupta

    y'all spelled Egypt wrong too...

  • savannah

    and this is why we stay in school kids

  • J K
    J K

    Avani is dumb

  • Allie Buffalo
    Allie Buffalo

    Chase looks ticklesh

  • Allie Buffalo
    Allie Buffalo

    Chase looks ticklesh

  • Ivy Vam
    Ivy Vam

    I ship them srry charli

  • Katie Collins
    Katie Collins

    Omg I don’t even live in America and I got the pensilvania one 🤣sorry if I didn’t spell that right 🤣

  • Abdo&Huda Syrai
    Abdo&Huda Syrai

    And this is why we stay at school kids...

  • Jozlyn Anderson
    Jozlyn Anderson

    Poor plant.

  • Jozlyn Anderson
    Jozlyn Anderson

    Stay in school kids

  • all those ChIcKeNs
    all those ChIcKeNs

    Send them kids back to school

  • Alma Ravn
    Alma Ravn

    Them: thE aNsWeR iS dIamOnd Title: ElEpHanT

  • ala wojtaszak
    ala wojtaszak

    I have no words.....

  • Zayed Toys and games
    Zayed Toys and games

    there are literally 90 million - 500 million words in arabic......

  • peachy x roses
    peachy x roses

    people who don’t live in United States be like : 👁 👄 👁

UPDATE on my Son...