World class hit maker (Galantis) and worldwide popular singer (Charli XCX) collaborated to create the SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ music video!
World’s first ever SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ area opens at Universal Studios Japan this summer! #USJ #Nintendo

  • Film Canel Studios
    Film Canel Studios

    0:45 did i see sadie sink

  • アメリカンドック


  • Denzel Blossiers
    Denzel Blossiers

    Nintendo instead of collaborating with Universal you guys should fix Nintendo switch control drift.

  • Daveon Pereira
    Daveon Pereira

    #Nintendo Rewind

  • Daveon Pereira
    Daveon Pereira

    Nintendo made a better MNsoft rewind with this

  • Daveon Pereira
    Daveon Pereira

    #MNsoftRewind 2017 nintendo!!!

  • Chriskat65

    #we are mario

  • Riley Johansson
    Riley Johansson

    This might as well just have have been called Super Mario

  • Nick Y
    Nick Y

    This looks so desperate...nintendo trying to be cool again, and universal trying to go "hey fellow kids" by turning to a brand that's peaked a 2 decades ago. This park is like 15 years too late

  • Ryan The super dolphin boy
    Ryan The super dolphin boy

    I love it

  • Daniel MacBride
    Daniel MacBride

    Cringed pretty hard

  • SML Nerd Fan
    SML Nerd Fan

    This song should be included in the 2022 Mario Movie.

  • Daniel Hashimi
    Daniel Hashimi

    We have Super Nintendo world...can we have XCX world now?

    • Jovasilevsky Valmeji
      Jovasilevsky Valmeji

      Omg yes yes please

  • Peter G.
    Peter G.

    They forgot the WiiU. Fake news right here.

  • P Ferreira
    P Ferreira

    Will customers be slipping and sliding all over the place to forced difficulty while going after rom sites?

  • Maestro joel
    Maestro joel

    When the enemies and yoshis dies

  • SuperFlashs YT
    SuperFlashs YT

    Pannel: "WE ARE MARIO!!!" Me: *Cries in Luigi and Yoshi.*

  • Andrew Benestante
    Andrew Benestante

    Can’t wait to do all of this. After each 2 hour line

  • Omran Habib
    Omran Habib

    Why this is are Mobile game

  • Pawel Kucaj
    Pawel Kucaj


  • David Williams Life
    David Williams Life

    How many GB is this park???

  • Winterfield Tube
    Winterfield Tube


  • NoName Studios
    NoName Studios

    I wish the Mushroom Kingdom was a real place, cuz I could just play Mario in real life with hundreds of people, drive go karts, jump around, dodge enemies and touch the flag pole! That would be so much fun!!!

  • Jonathan Lüders
    Jonathan Lüders

    Can I get so appreciation for Galantis? ❤🙌

  • Angus Hilliker
    Angus Hilliker

    Yay but why a music video... :(

  • Phillip Davis
    Phillip Davis

    Talk about Mario mania! this is awesome!!!

  • BBC Shrek
    BBC Shrek

    This kinda just looks like Humans Invade the Mario Universe and Destroy it's Ecosystem

  • Jared da Robloxer
    Jared da Robloxer

    *peach sees so many Mario’s* Peach:special night

  • [Insert Name]
    [Insert Name]

    People who live in America:😢

  • [Insert Name]
    [Insert Name]

    Wait so like universal got Nintendo now or something

  • Charlie59876

    this is better than youtube rewind change my mind

  • Marcela Fuentes
    Marcela Fuentes


  • Eowyn Seymour
    Eowyn Seymour

    Well, looks like they are gonna make a animated super mario movie after all.

  • Rita Araujo
    Rita Araujo

    Nintendo vocês voltam para o Brasil

  • Cake Gaming
    Cake Gaming

    None of these people would be athletic enough to even make it past goombas

  • Fabio Tekken
    Fabio Tekken

    Charli XCX queen of videogames

    • Jovasilevsky Valmeji
      Jovasilevsky Valmeji

      Its charli baby

  • •SW33T BUNZ•
    •SW33T BUNZ•

    Imagine jumping off a building or stop your astronaut duties to get to ‘ a land of gamers ‘. That my friends is this video and I don’t blame them

  • Trex

    Imagine how fun it would have been for the actors

  • Jack Stockard
    Jack Stockard

    so many marios.

  • aazz0099503

    Give me Mario sunshine

  • l tom
    l tom


  • Lemon AID
    Lemon AID

    Can't believe charli xcx invented games

    • Jovasilevsky Valmeji
      Jovasilevsky Valmeji

      Its charli baby

  • Episaudron

    autotune, why???

  • Jovasilevsky Valmeji
    Jovasilevsky Valmeji

    Omg its charli 🥰🥰🥰 I thought she was going to say its charli baby I was waiting for that at the end hahah

  • Hydro Pump
    Hydro Pump

    Cool trailer

  • Anthony Navarro
    Anthony Navarro

    The song & dancing totally gave me "Shake it Up" vibes 🤪🤪🕺🏽💃

  • Shylohim

    0:18 The blond girl reminds me the young Samantha Mathis

  • Tstormer

    WTH is this

  • chuck solomon
    chuck solomon

    Put it on repeat for the rest of my life!

  • Scorpius Jones
    Scorpius Jones




  • super mario adventures
    super mario adventures

    i love nintendo

  • super mario adventures
    super mario adventures

    i love you mario

  • super mario adventures
    super mario adventures

    man i love mario and they all did a great job it dose not matter if they got to the top every body is a winner

  • Blind Charo
    Blind Charo

    Excuse me as I book the next plane to Japan!

  • Miss Cloud
    Miss Cloud

    Alright who wants to come to Super Nintendo World with me?

  • can this channel plz get 2000 subs with no videoss
    can this channel plz get 2000 subs with no videoss

    And they wonder why we like Nintendo better than Sony and Microsoft.

  • リトり


  • Not Kiara
    Not Kiara

    I am extremely okay with this

  • Erik Delgado
    Erik Delgado

    Put goku in smash you fuckheads smh