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  • Sav Gallardo
    Sav Gallardo

    They've grown so much since season 1 but still love them💗

  • Idayanna brown
    Idayanna brown

    Random person:pissing himself Finn:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Uh Storm
    Uh Storm

    At 0:03 why does hopper have no nips

  • Creeper_ Xersion
    Creeper_ Xersion

    1:14 how it feels to chew 5 gum

  • V.V.E Vines
    V.V.E Vines

    1:11 When they pick the wrong room without your glasses

  • Katie Bullock
    Katie Bullock

    "JESUS" "I fell. "

  • Sanity? What’s that?
    Sanity? What’s that?

    Gaten:“Jesus!” Finn: *”I FELL”*

  • Benjamin Surratt
    Benjamin Surratt

    0:59 to 1:00 the girl in the background🤣

  • Keisha catcheway
    Keisha catcheway

    IN THE beginning . HOPPER FELLS 😂😅

  • Angry Boneless Pickles
    Angry Boneless Pickles

    1:11 ??

  • lauren alexis
    lauren alexis

    Nobody: joe keery: uhhh what’s up?

  • Sharlene Graham
    Sharlene Graham

    I'm a big fan.

  • LA Jos
    LA Jos

    they were so littleeeeee aww

  • Joshua Loncke
    Joshua Loncke

    Is no one gonna talk about the van crash 😂😂

  • Angela Pia Spinelli
    Angela Pia Spinelli


  • Happy-To-Hate

    Me: Do ya got money? Creaters of Stranger things: Yea...why? Me: DID YA SEE DAT TRUCK!? 1:14 Creaters: Oh right....that truck...

  • CallieOwObnharules Yes
    CallieOwObnharules Yes

    Hopper:*falls off couch* Me: XD HAHAHHAHhhHhhHhHhHAHAHA

  • Ian Murphy
    Ian Murphy

    Anyone here in 2019, and seeing the cast when they were so little... 🥰 they're so cute...

  • Jen8

  • KittyGamer XoXo
    KittyGamer XoXo

    1:12 uhhhh whas up?

  • Chloe isabelle Malonzo
    Chloe isabelle Malonzo

    Wheres the difference.👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄💋👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄

  • FrodoXAnnalover 12
    FrodoXAnnalover 12


  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig

    0:05 me in the morning when I gotta go to school

  • Holden Conley
    Holden Conley

    me when i trip on my dog and don't wanna fall on my dog 0:41

  • Galaxy Cookie Goddess
    Galaxy Cookie Goddess


  • Music 24/7
    Music 24/7

    I love you oll

  • Luca Paladino - Punny Productions
    Luca Paladino - Punny Productions

    Dustin: JESUS!!!!! Mike: I fell

  • Lion Skriller
    Lion Skriller


  • Ezekiel Kennedy
    Ezekiel Kennedy

    Ha ha I always wonder what will happen after Steve was😂 still in the girls bathroom

  • Jennavieve Morales
    Jennavieve Morales

    Hello guys sorry but is it possible to be in stranger things 4 by chance because i was just wondering sorry for bothering you that was just a question that came to my mind

  • Adam N
    Adam N

    Come on, they need to upload a 30 minute compilation for each season. I am sure they have at least that much in their production archives.

  • Drs Bns
    Drs Bns

    Ceux qui ont kiffé les sons de cette série doivent checker cet album :

  • Salwa El Jaaran
    Salwa El Jaaran

    Mike *WHAS* so cute but now..

  • Nicolas Alor
    Nicolas Alor

    0:22 lo ame

  • Mena


  • Alice Angel Gacha
    Alice Angel Gacha

    Finn was so cute including Millie

  • François Samson
    François Samson

    Millie Bobby brown i Love you

  • Gabby Vale
    Gabby Vale

    Am i the only one that feels like in season 1 every one looks like babies

    • Eadaoin Murphy
      Eadaoin Murphy

      They're fetuses

  • lílчth jσч
    lílчth jσч

    Is it just me or do season 1 bloopers have a lot more crackhead energy then the other 2 xD

  • Aliyanna Ceballos
    Aliyanna Ceballos

    Her hair to look like you 11 and she was 11 for Halloween

    • Aliyanna Ceballos
      Aliyanna Ceballos

      My friend cut

how is Riverdale a real show