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  • Elizabeth Hannigan
    Elizabeth Hannigan

    Vik: points at ear Points at neck, stomps. Josh : Shreck

  • loadie yt.
    loadie yt.

    Do smash bros game

  • NTDKgaming

    Yo jj that was Ed Ed and eddy not cow and chicken

  • Ben Whitty
    Ben Whitty

    Jj said dancing queen

  • IcyTigerPvP

    The Sidemen: Harry the Autistic Vik the Curry Indian Josh the Old Creepy Uncle Simon the Lanky Virgin Ethan the Outrageous Laugher KSI the BBC Boxer Tobi the Big Nose

  • Resp Mic
    Resp Mic

    Inteligente is spelled wrong...

  • Phil Jones
    Phil Jones

    No one : Harry ✋👱🏼‍♂️🤚

  • Ami covers
    Ami covers

    when you see wish you were gay and SCREAM the words

  • I’m O’ gallagherosaurus
    I’m O’ gallagherosaurus

    Why Tobi and JJ always matching🤔

  • Luke Stickland
    Luke Stickland

    Vikk had the longest yawn I've ever seen at 7:15 and also what is vikk doing at 7:20 -What is the noise.

  • Zz Zane zZ
    Zz Zane zZ

    Pull up, pull up in the gold I’m leading, ksi’s hairlines receding

  • Zz Zane zZ
    Zz Zane zZ

    9:06 of course they give Vik the kid question

  • Prospekt

    Ethan and Ksi are dumb 😂😂😂

  • Gadge

    JJ and Ethan are the dumbest guys out these lads by a mile how they putting them on the same team lmaoo

  • Rory Forsyth 10
    Rory Forsyth 10

    Comment Who would win a fight JJ KSI BABATUNDE AFRICAN MAN

  • UGOTREKT Youtube
    UGOTREKT Youtube

    Who's here after KSI wins

  • FrenzyGames FTW
    FrenzyGames FTW

    Took me 15 seconds to get the whole of jj’s because I always pull the pirates of the Caribbean charade whenever I play this game

  • Michelle R
    Michelle R

    11:22 what has happened to Josh lmfaoooooo😂😂😂

  • Noor

    Josh and Vikk’s chemistry is next level lmao

  • Lamb Chop
    Lamb Chop

    For the dancing queen I was literally yelling at my screen lmao.

  • Zorc

    Simon please wear socks.

  • Umar Ahmer
    Umar Ahmer

    arent they supposed to post these type of videos on the offical channel ??

  • Cris 1
    Cris 1

    Is no one going to talk about 11:21?

  • Slippery

    Who is here after JJ beat Logan Paul

  • GoldenLemon

    11:20 My brother walked in the room and saw this on TV


      GoldenLemon oh shift that’s 😵😮

  • Multimelvin

    at 5:56 jj says dancing queen

  • no


  • Skye

    Harry lowkey looks sexy in this video

  • Jaquitoz

    7:51 some lady in the back: ight, imma head out


    That’s not even cow and chickens theme song it’s Ed Ed and eddy 😂😭

  • TheOneGuyGamer

    Here after ksi’s victory

  • Maxi Gunn
    Maxi Gunn

    Ksi beat Logan let’s go

  • Chelsea

    The fact they couldn’t get “dancing queen” hurts my fucking soul so bloody much

  • The Boys ASMR
    The Boys ASMR

    here after the fight

  • BytoviakMKS

    When JJ showed 10 words I knew immediately it's going be one of the "Pirates...", but my first guess was the last film (which is actually 9 words :)

  • DeInfiniteGaming

    Anyone else noticed when they guesses harry's for the first time they got 2 points

  • Alex RDM
    Alex RDM

    Do sidemen mafia

  • Lloyd culver
    Lloyd culver

    Shit shout out to the people that actually saw Toby at the end

  • Pack Davis
    Pack Davis

    This is Logan 🧔🏼 👕 👖 One punch = One like

    • Izlex

      This is Pack Davis: Moron One like, one fuck off

    • diss dissor
      diss dissor

      It's One like= one punch Fucking idiot

  • W!L. CO
    W!L. CO

    why are JJ and simon the only poeple not wearing socks?.

  • Moist Ravioli
    Moist Ravioli



    I love Harry! (No homo)

  • Yusuf Challenge
    Yusuf Challenge

    we want to see speed dating part 2 like if agree


    15:20 watch the scores intelligente goes up 2

  • Justin Angelo Alvarez
    Justin Angelo Alvarez

    Is Harry too young for Cow and Chicken? haha...

  • Justin Angelo Alvarez
    Justin Angelo Alvarez

    Harry's disco dancing though...haha

  • Immigrant Mentality Stiopic
    Immigrant Mentality Stiopic

    8:32 lol

  • Rage Night
    Rage Night

    Ethan and Harry there might be some beef

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M

    jj- sings ed edd and eddy when asking if they never seen cow and chicken LOL

  • Bailey McLeod
    Bailey McLeod

    I have a discord server called General chat. There are daily Weather reports, news reports, fun facts, jokes and memes posted every single day. I am looking for a advertiser, joke maker and admin!

  • stuart btw
    stuart btw

    That's the Ed, Edd and Eddy theme JJ..

  • Wolf

    FUCKING DANCING QUEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rayan Ali
    Rayan Ali

    Ethan is so fucking annoying omg stfu blaCk peaRl blaCk peaRl scaRed scaRy

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      We want more of this

  • Holly Louise
    Holly Louise

    Logan gunna smash his arse

  • Montana Dolan
    Montana Dolan

    *I guessed “Dancing Queen” as soon as they guessed “Dancing”*

    • Azo0oz Alketbi
      Azo0oz Alketbi

      What the fuck do you want us to do

    • Montana Dolan
      Montana Dolan

      fouoii gyhh LMFAO

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      Cleaner tryna get airtime

  • John O'Neill
    John O'Neill

    So this is what having friends is like!

  • Joanna

    Hi welcome back to moresidemen were the sidemen Tobi 2019

  • fortnite liker more like minecraft liker
    fortnite liker more like minecraft liker


  • Oliwier Szafert
    Oliwier Szafert

    14:03 women on the left ;)

  • Elloise Branley
    Elloise Branley

    Anyone else get the pirate of the Caribbean one straight away??

    • Joanna

      Tobi copying JJ