Sibling Balloon Shaving Challenge | VS w/ Brent and Lexi Rivera
In this episode of VS, Brent and Lexi Rivera face off in a game of Sibling VS Sibling! Who will claim to have a photographic memory in the emoji memory challenge? Who will pop the balloon?! And finally, whose sibling portrait will win it all?! Watch and find out!! Be sure to like, comment and subscribe in the comments section below!!
Will He Marry Eva?! VS w/ Brent and Lexi Rivera -
The series where AwesomenessTV influencers play fun internet challenges against each other!
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Brent Rivera (@brentrivera)
Lexi Rivera (@lexibrookerivera)
Executive Producer: Christopher Babers
Director: Marta Palley
DP: Carlos Medina
Production Designer: Meranda Carter
Editor: Jacob Gehnert
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  • Becka Beauchene
    Becka Beauchene

    Omg Lexi

  • Kayla Smith
    Kayla Smith

    Brent purposely popped it!

  • Esther Perez
    Esther Perez

    So funny😂

  • A&L ASMR
    A&L ASMR

    Am I the only one who is afraid of balloons popping

  • Kylie Martinez
    Kylie Martinez

    Only if they had the razors from those shaving commercials that are soft.

  • Adriana Cancino
    Adriana Cancino

    I feel like the razor would make the bollon pop.

  • Princess Denise
    Princess Denise

    Brent's face when it popped 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Elvia Diaz
    Elvia Diaz

    They looked so suprised when the ballon poped

  • Queen of Laziness99
    Queen of Laziness99

    I actually heard Lexi's stomach growl lol Also they looked so scared when the balloon popped

  • Canono Araceli
    Canono Araceli

    That was so funny when Brent popped the ballon amd they shocked like 😲😲😲😂🤣

  • Ersil Dowdell
    Ersil Dowdell

    Who is definitely afraid of balloons?

  • Dr. Rayn
    Dr. Rayn

    Love you 🥰

  • Nyasha Kaziboni
    Nyasha Kaziboni

    I keep forgetting that Brent and Lexi are both brothers and sisters but still they have other siblings

  • Gas Mask
    Gas Mask

    I hate Brent

  • Giovanni Casto
    Giovanni Casto

    Lexi is better

  • Melissa Grindstaff
    Melissa Grindstaff

    Poor Lexi

  • Yunified_ 0216
    Yunified_ 0216

    How many people on 0:43 tryed to flip there phone upside down

  • Maddie P
    Maddie P

    Zombies 2

  • Maddie P
    Maddie P

    Brent and Ben was on a zombies commercial



  • Gracia d
    Gracia d

    4:37 Wow Brent you can be so cute with your sister!! 💖💖

  • Oluwatoyin Abiloye
    Oluwatoyin Abiloye

    brent opped it on purpose 5:10 :/ idk why maybe more views like if you saw and agree with me

  • Rashmi Jain
    Rashmi Jain

    Can u make more kids now a days videos

  • XxxGachaRedSenpaiXxx _Roblox
    XxxGachaRedSenpaiXxx _Roblox

    They dont look sibling

  • autumn adams
    autumn adams

    i chocked on my cheesecake when they were painting and when the balloon popped

  • autumn adams
    autumn adams

    when brent popped the balloon i was dead

  • Megan Halion
    Megan Halion

    0:56 me trying to study😂😂

  • Selena Alharbi
    Selena Alharbi

    Brent faces is HILARIOUS 😂😂 Brent didnt want to take the blame 5:10

  • Tatiana Shekrallah
    Tatiana Shekrallah

    Love ya all guys

  • Bo Liu
    Bo Liu

    It’s soooooooio I’ll

  • Solarsky the night fury
    Solarsky the night fury

    Me hearing 100000 times to hear lexi say: BROOO MY BALLOON

  • Ruth Soberano
    Ruth Soberano

    I'm not really sure what to do with the new year and then go to the other day but it's not going to be a good idea.????????

  • Hiilanimai Kavapalu
    Hiilanimai Kavapalu

    Lexi Brent doesn't know what it's called because he doesn't have any hair to shave

  • Emmanuel Arroyo
    Emmanuel Arroyo


    • Emmanuel Arroyo
      Emmanuel Arroyo

      Hi BFF

  • Cynthia Miller
    Cynthia Miller

    My friend loves you

  • Bella Musser
    Bella Musser

    I am a big fan of your MNsoft videos text me on tik Tok

  • Bubblegum Bella
    Bubblegum Bella

    5:32 LOL

  • Linda Vazquez
    Linda Vazquez

    Everything was shook

  • Kira Hartmann
    Kira Hartmann

    go lexi

  • CubicPlayz

    Brent's painting literally looks like a titan from attack on titans

  • Taylor Mason
    Taylor Mason

    Lexi: that’s really nice Brent!!!! Bahahahhaha

  • Rayshel Unicorn
    Rayshel Unicorn

    my name is Rayshel Rivera

  • Francique Celira
    Francique Celira

    It brent

  • Vic Estrada
    Vic Estrada

    this vid is so funny

  • rheema lois de leon
    rheema lois de leon

    The party hat part Brent was like NOPE

  • Lina Russell
    Lina Russell

    No not for u cuz 🙄 Lexi. I won lol that had me dead 💀

    • Lina Russell
      Lina Russell

      Cuz I won lol for got to put that her lmno

  • Shobha Gangal
    Shobha Gangal

    These two are the best

  • Harper Taurima
    Harper Taurima

    That's cool

  • mikeyj1216

    Ya'll are awesome adorable beautiful baby boy n girl angels 💖💖💖💖💖🤴🏻👸 ya'll every day yeah

  • Carly rose
    Carly rose

    11:48pm 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  • Carly rose
    Carly rose

    i fink Brent is win Brent is in the leed ♥️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️💗💓💞💕

  • Carly rose
    Carly rose


  • Carly rose
    Carly rose


  • loulia alsamman
    loulia alsamman

    Brent face is priceless 😂

  • Barry Furr
    Barry Furr

    i wanted brent to win sorry lexi

  • Giftlin Olivia T CBE CBSE
    Giftlin Olivia T CBE CBSE

    I died when the ballon popped 😂😂 Brent though 😂

  • Unspoken Wolfie
    Unspoken Wolfie

    The comment if full of 😂😂😂

  • Natalie Suggs
    Natalie Suggs

    5:32 Lexi looks so offended

  • Savannah Oney
    Savannah Oney


  • Jocelyn Bell
    Jocelyn Bell

    this is how many people heard lexis stomach growl . . . .