Shannon Sharpe reacts to Joe Burrow torching Clemson in the National Championship | CFB | UNDISPUTED
Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless react to Joe Burrow and the LSU Tigers capping off a 15-0 season by topping Clemson to win the College Football Playoff National Championship.
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Shannon Sharpe reacts to Joe Burrow torching Clemson in the National Championship | CFB | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    How will Joe Burrow perform in the NFL?

    • Pinion512

      As long as his team has a decent O line and respectable receivers, he'll do well. Take that away and any QB will struggle.

    • Wonton Bong
      Wonton Bong

      L G R W 10,000 yards but only 50 touchdowns. That’s disappointing.

    • zeke boss
      zeke boss

      Brees is literally the best QB in the NFL

    • Good Morning
      Good Morning

      Give Burrow the Bengals, dont give Burrow to the Bengals. He'll be the HC and OC

    • Jay Gahm
      Jay Gahm

      @Rome 87 Joe Burrow just might be good enough and determined enough to even overcome the Brown family.

  • Pinion512

    The old white guy is tripping.. Coach I has never been in the "hot seat" at LSU. People like him say he was in the hot seat, but that's never actually been the case. Everyone with the program and the fans were willing to give him a chance to prove himself and nobody expected him to just step in and start winning. Which is what he did.

  • Major Patton
    Major Patton

    So now we have the token chic on every sports show.

  • J Fred Knobloch
    J Fred Knobloch

    Joe should do well.

  • Cliff Wright
    Cliff Wright

    LSU has more championships than Clemson so i don't get what skip is saying

  • James Pappas
    James Pappas

    I love LSU, but I was a little scared after Old Miss, because of the defense, but man did they turn it around.

  • Zes


  • Pat L
    Pat L

    Skip Bayless is clueless

  • guyfroml

    Also, keep in mind one of Clemson's TD drives (70 yds) had 30 yards in penalty against LSU on two questionable calls.

  • Stringman1950

    Bayless is an idiot ... sometimes intentional ... but his brain is filled with idiot blood. When his mouth opens you hear idiot wind (ref. Mr. Dylan).

  • The Fabulous Lommax
    The Fabulous Lommax

    You guys were doing fine until you decided to kiss Dabo's backside. Coach O not as good of a coach? Please. As far as Coach O being and Xs and Os guy, Burrow has said that's what he though before the recruiting trip to LSU. He also said that he was wrong and that Coach O is very much an Xs and Os guy.

  • Jerome Purpera
    Jerome Purpera

    Everybody says "he came outta no where". He didn't just get that good while he was at LSU. He was lighting it up high school also. He's been great since he was very young. Just look it up. GEAUX TIGAHS!!!

  • Cool Observer
    Cool Observer

    Correction: UGA is the top scoring defense, not Clemson?

  • Chase Jackson
    Chase Jackson

    My reaction was I already picked LSU to win so it didn't surprise me.

  • andreas z
    andreas z

    Preach it Shannon....Amen...Hallelujah....Skip "hmmm....hmmmm...hmmm"

  • Brodney Lands
    Brodney Lands

    Sux that tiger dik bih

  • Big Papi
    Big Papi

    Anyone could look good in the ACC, just sayin’!!!

  • James Kirk
    James Kirk

    Really Clemson's D wasn't all that, OSU moved on them, not surprised LSU went up and down the field on them.

  • Dazed & Amused
    Dazed & Amused

    Do people still not know the job of a headcoach? Lmao I love hearing people hate on him. Can’t deny his turnaround. 😂

  • cortez thompson
    cortez thompson

    The score was 28 to 25 at one point 😂

  • Tom Morris
    Tom Morris

    Clemson has a weak schedule-but LSU been the best team when they played them. But I do have respect for Clemson. Clemson will have more players comeback next season. LSU has a lot of the stars ⭐️ won’t be coming back. Oc coordinator-joe Brady won’t be back, that’s what coming to hurt the most because he brought the nfl pro style playbook

  • Max Stone
    Max Stone

    Dabo was dancing all the way down the sidelines on that play. Fast forward to 4:00 left in game and Dabo was holding TL face. Sometime you just got to dance to someone else’s music! Geaux Tigers!

  • R R
    R R

    What is this show about?

  • Slatt Bidness
    Slatt Bidness

    Cam Newton still had the better season , best college qb ever

  • Jason Henriquez
    Jason Henriquez

    "mmm hmm"

  • Mr.NaughtyPants

    This Skip Bayless sucks, he looks like fairy tea totallering golfer.

  • John Lube
    John Lube

    Sad bing is that LSU ain’t making the playoffs next season

  • Bucky Lawrence-Phillips
    Bucky Lawrence-Phillips

    As A Born And Raised Nashvillian I’m Loving What Ryan Tannehill Is Doing For The Organization But I Would Truly Love To See The Titans Get Joe Burrow Some Type Of Way Which I Know Is A Long Shot And Damn Near 100% Certainly Not Going To Happen But I Feel Like Joe Burrow Could Literally Make What People Are Calling Tennessee’s Post Season Cinderella Play Off Story A Regular Every Game/Season Reality If Tennessee Was To Get Joe. I Will Say Though The Way Ryan Tannehill Is Playing He Definitely Could Be The Quarterback That We(Tennessee) Should Just Stick With And Give The Keys To This Off Season Going Into 2020 Season..... Ryan Is Definitely Playing At A High Level And It Definitely Isn’t By Coincidence Tannehill Is Proving That He Is Just A Good QB That Knows How To Win Games In The Titans System. But Joe Burrow To Tennessee Would Be Awesome

  • Joe R
    Joe R

    They sure do know that Dabo is a much better coach than O. Well, Dabo sure did beat A&M this year and squeaked by Ohio State. That should do it.

  • RP225

    Skip eating something good. Mmh mhh mmm mhhm

  • Daddy Finley
    Daddy Finley

    If he goes to the Bengals, he'll get beat down to mediocrity. Y'all know I'm right. Cincinnati is where great QBs go to die..

  • John Meyers
    John Meyers

    What Skip misses is that Clemson played 12 cupcakes! Now if they had been in the SEC, Big 10, then different story but it is the ACC, the worst conference in the nation

  • daren

    The Clemson players were missing the Ostarine advantage this year.

    • Jimmy C
      Jimmy C

      And a depleted Alabama defense with a poor game plan.

  • John Garren
    John Garren

    Clemson plays in the ACC. The competition isn’t even close compared to the SEC. All those defensive stats mean nothing...LSU was a machine this year, no one was stopping them.

  • Michael OBrien
    Michael OBrien

    Sometimes the Heisman winner looks bad in the post season. Not so with the 2019 winner. BTW, Trevor Lawrence is an exceptional quarterback.

  • gerald 413
    gerald 413


  • gerald 413
    gerald 413

    He called this game right. LSU NATIONAL CHAMPS 🐅

  • Derrick Connor
    Derrick Connor

    Burrow will be a superstar

  • P Mac
    P Mac

    Skip Bayless...... UMHUH.........yeah...... umhuh

  • luigi 74
    luigi 74

    Thanks lsu won $100.00 on this game

  • 1 2
    1 2

    Best performance I've ever seen from a college qb on the biggest stage joe deserves all the accolades he receives I wish him the best at the next level

  • Trey Tassin
    Trey Tassin

    People who don't know where this Joe Burrow came from should watch 2018's ATM and UCF games. You could see it start to click for him.

  • Doug Witherby
    Doug Witherby

    Clemson should have never been there...

  • Rick Kloete
    Rick Kloete

    Thank you Shannon for giving kudo’s to a deserving team and QB. Historic/Record breaking performance for the season and the CFP and championship game. Averaging a TD/Qtr. all year and 5 TD passes in the NCG vs. #1 scoring defense?? What???//. Please tell Skip that Joe is the best ever and is so much better than Tony Romo it’s not funny. Joe Burrow 2X> Tony Romo.

  • Jameson Donnell
    Jameson Donnell

    Why do I get the feeling burrow will end up like manziel?

    • Bo Weevil
      Bo Weevil

      Jameson Donnell You think coach Jimmy Burrow raised a fool ?

  • jeriel williams
    jeriel williams

    Can’t Burrow not be in the draft and go into Free agency ? Less pay but I don’t wanna see him on the bengals

  • Gavin Coen
    Gavin Coen

    Skip “mmm” bayless

  • CellGames

    He's got such a great NFL QB name.

  • Clifton Brown
    Clifton Brown

    Congratulations to LSU for winning the national championship game 😎💯💯

  • Ronnie Civella
    Ronnie Civella

    LSU won 10 games last year. Burrow had a pretty good season last year. I’m just saying

  • James White
    James White

    Spot on analysis.

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe

    LSU beat five, FIVE teams in the final top eight polls. Not just beat but embarrassed them. Don't think we'll see greatness like that again for a while

  • Rick Scollon
    Rick Scollon

    Dabo might as well be carrying around a Waffle House menu on the sidelines. Venables and the other million $ + coordinators are what keep Clemson humming. Dabo is a great CEO and knows how to lead the organization but I don't think he's a great X's and O's guy.

  • pete's autos
    pete's autos

    I heard he did it on a bruised rib too

  • The First Witness
    The First Witness

    Joe Burrow: all-time all-time great.

  • John g.
    John g.

    Clemson didn't belong. OSU belonged. NCAA/tv wasn't going to have 2 blowouts for the 2 games. Rigged bs. OSU beat 3 top 10 teams last 3 games shouldve been ranked 1. crooked bs. Btw dabo got outcoached badly both games. Day was a class above him until the NCAA played God

  • aventura excellence
    aventura excellence

    As a Gator fan, I remember when he first entered the portal and they were saying Florida was a possible destination, LSU was obviously mentioned as well. I remember hearing at some point, their coach say, we're happy with the guys we got, which I get, you have to say that. I'm not throwing shade, Florida won 11 games this year so I'm good on that front, however, I remember being so F***** happy that they seemed to show little interest in them because they had Felipe F'N Franks......SO! Now, no one knew he'd turn into what he did and maybe at Florida he doesn't have the year he had with LSU this year but again, so F'N happy they didn't even seem to try to land Burrow, afterall, Felipe F'N Franks!!

  • theknightswhosay

    You don’t have to be great with X’s and O’s if you hire coaches who are. Dabo knows that too.

  • Bailey Wilburn
    Bailey Wilburn

    Skip "Mhmm" Bayless

  • TheOne&Only

    Trevor Lauwrence has no business in this conversation