Roll Over Crash Compilation - over 11 minutes
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  • Phoenix

    в автокатастрофе советской россии ты It’s a Soviet Russia joke in Russian In Soviet Russia car crash you

  • Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made
    Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made

    1st one OMGGGGGGGG that was a shitload of flips😯😯😯

  • Brett Spires
    Brett Spires

    I can't help but laugh at that lone wiper at 6:50. He wiped till the end.

  • Stevie T
    Stevie T

    4:15 the luck to not slam into an oncoming car is insane

  • Bimpson

    0/10, would *NOT* want them on my drifting team.

  • cb81987

    They must be handing out drivers licenses like candy these days

    • Moon Holiday
      Moon Holiday

      cb81987 nope. people just act professional on the driving test and that’s it dude. then you can do whatever after the months: btw your username is so stupid

  • Furry trash ÙwÚ
    Furry trash ÙwÚ

    3:21......that car was.......was thanos'd

  • MikeJ 2016
    MikeJ 2016

    This video should be called Russians suck at driving

  • Apple Tech Restorations
    Apple Tech Restorations

    0:17 Look carefully. That guy was ejected from the vehicle, and landed on the fender of the car when it landed sideways. Thats SUPER lucky.

  • Apple Tech Restorations
    Apple Tech Restorations

    Tat first one was epic.

  • Storm owo
    Storm owo

    5:13 GTA

  • Chris Galea
    Chris Galea

    why are all of these like me

  • NickTheVoicer

    Me If i Manage To Get a Drivers Liscence

  • bradleremond

    Yikes. It's not worth trying to speed up or trying to overtake.

  • Michael John
    Michael John

    In Soviet Russia car drive you.

  • Tdogtheripper

    That first one was like a record it almost looked like a rally car it rolled so bad

  • loveanddreambig

    @7:30 the driver is listening to an accident report right when he witnesses one. Damn.

  • Stephen Gilberg
    Stephen Gilberg

    For the second video, it looked like the videographer's car was cruising right on by without stopping to help.

  • Pele JDM
    Pele JDM

    Beamng real life

  • GMD 9191
    GMD 9191

    Add this

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    Always wear a seatbelt

  • Cameron Miller
    Cameron Miller

    song at 1:05 anyone?


    0:16 Half in half out and slammed hard. If that guy survived it would be a miracle.

  • ElTurbinado

    These are nascar level, jeez

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Russians 😴😴

  • NoobBoi124 XD
    NoobBoi124 XD

    when you think you can drive

  • NoobBoi124 XD
    NoobBoi124 XD

    car crashes are so satisfying

  • Lucas Pittol da Silva
    Lucas Pittol da Silva

    Most crashes of trucks exploding tires are from Taiwan, not Russia.

    • Tommy Rivera
      Tommy Rivera

      Lucas Pittol da Silva Russia has more crashes and more videos, as Russia is easily more than 100 times bigger than Taiwan and has 100 million people compared to taiwan’s 23 million people. Most insurance companies in Russia force you to have a dash cam

  • Lucas Pittol da Silva
    Lucas Pittol da Silva

    Your channel deserves MORE subscribers! A car crash video with only about 7% disapproval is really stunning! Most makers include annoying sounds or vines, maybe it causes their rating to drop considerably.

  • slimeycheesecake

    First car crash: me riding my bike really fast

  • Idaho

    What Song at 1:58?

    • Idaho

      Hm. Shazam doesn't help and I don't understand Russian. But it sounds nice. I would google the lyrics but I don't understand them

    • Red D Film
      Red D Film

      I have no idea :)

  • Captain Morgan
    Captain Morgan

    8:45 had to be a fatality. That was fucking brutal!

  • shaverlocal

    Are they all drunk or are the roads just that fucked up?

  • alan spagnolia
    alan spagnolia

    Russian acrobatics at it's finest. NO ONE can beat 'em !! Stupid, god damn mother fucking Russkies !!!!!

  • Orcinus1967

    If only there was a camera rolling for all the crashes on Rte 111 in Palm Springs USA. It gets really windy so trucks and campers blow over all the time. People driving cars seem to wreck and drown in the Whitewater river pretty often too.

  • Al Seaver
    Al Seaver

    Russia=one giant demo derby!

  • John H
    John H

    7:18 the blue car LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

    • Brett Spires
      Brett Spires

      Must've felt like an idiot if he watched the video lol

    • Stevie T
      Stevie T

      He panicked haaard

    • Brayden Udders
      Brayden Udders

      John H Homie didn’t want to get hit so he went for the bush 😭

    • Keshav Indrajeet
      Keshav Indrajeet

      Laughed very hard on this lol