Returning my quince dress | My Dream Quinceañera - Emily D. EP 2
AwesomenessTV My Dream Quinceañera
When Emily wants to return her original quince dress for a new one, she'll have to get the approval from her parents.
my makeup artist cancelled | My Dream Quinceañera - Emily D. EP 3 -
Turning 15 is a rite of passage and becomes a major event when having a Quinceañera. There's finding the dress, planning the fiesta, and the list goes on when you are planning the Quince of your dreams!
Planning My Royal Quince | My Dream Quinceañera - Emily D. EP 1-
Special Thanks to Yesica Bridal!
Supervising Producer: Tara Cole and Kevin Stalker
Producer: Jackie Merry
Director: Jackie Merry and Omid Afshar
Associate Producers: Omid Afshar
Line Producer: Vanessa Naive
Story Producer: Anais Bergues
Director of Photography: Kevin Castro
Camera Operator: Golnar Fakhrai
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Production Assistant: Casper Hanney
Editor: Armir Camangian and Anais Bergues
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  • Giuly Vega
    Giuly Vega

    her brother is so handsomeee

  • Pr3ttykid’s Production
    Pr3ttykid’s Production

    Isn’t her theme Pink that dress look Old asf

  • Livania Santos
    Livania Santos

    Who gets this girl she wants glitter and then she does not one that much glitter. Like wtf

  • Livania Santos
    Livania Santos

    She so rude to her parents mostly her mom just get a dress ready your ticky for every is pick a really plain dress 🤬🤬🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • Mariana Orduna
    Mariana Orduna

    The way she talks makes this show boring asf. Her vibe is not it.

  • Robin Swanson
    Robin Swanson

    Bruh thst new dress is lowkey ugly

  • Salyssa Martinez
    Salyssa Martinez

    She's so rude. She needs a reality check. She's so ungrateful it's sad. Just seeing the sadness in her mother's eyes makes me so sad. She doesn't deserve her as a mother.

  • Jade Oscco
    Jade Oscco

    so like noone is going to talk about the fact that her face is orange asfffff

  • Emely Suarez
    Emely Suarez

    She’s trippin for real

  • Cookie_Sky _
    Cookie_Sky _

    How and why would she say that her dress is beautiful and her parents clearly had been paying for it if she didn't like it why couldn't she said in the first place like it look like the mom was about to cry

  • Jennifer Vazquez
    Jennifer Vazquez

    she never got the ass whoopings she deserved .

  • junior dodger
    junior dodger

    What she needed was a custom-made dress!! Something that was made with her likings! How does she expect to have a big different spontaneous dress if she’s shopping at a store with dresses from catalogs like dancing Queen, Vizcaya?? Those dresses are worn by the whole world already!

  • Mirelsi Av
    Mirelsi Av

    First it wasn't enough then it was to much like omg girl😒😭😂

  • Fernanda Vences
    Fernanda Vences

    Y’all should stop judging because something maybe happened in her past that happened that changed her and her attitude my mom died when I was 7, witch was 3 years ago and that changed me, my attitude, and my style now I don’t do good stuff I talk back to my teachers and that all changed when my mom died, so stop judging because you don’t what the person has been through.

  • evelyn ramirez
    evelyn ramirez

    its sad how her mom seemed so scared to tell her daughter things like toward the last clip

  • Aide Flores
    Aide Flores

    PresumidaMUERTA de Hambre , !! You are soo freaking annoying the way you talk! Makes me mad you talk like if you have a lot of money!!

  • Yktv _tete
    Yktv _tete

    her fat ass need to get it together like the stress in her moms eyes and voice is just sad. and the second dress gave me she's about to get married vibes, but i say less it's not my stuff. she's just embarrassing and spoiled i would not even let her change it.

  • Ashley Valenzuela
    Ashley Valenzuela

    This gurl too loud......

  • mia rodrigues
    mia rodrigues

    she so pretty but that attitude and the way she acts towards her parents makes her SO UGLY jesus

  • Heather zamot
    Heather zamot

    this girl is so selfishhh, it made me mad that she wanted to get another dress. My mom would of been like nope, you're using that dress whether you like it or not....and can we talk about how FINE HER BROTHER IS?!?!

  • Gabby Calderas
    Gabby Calderas

    this is off topic but her brother is fineee 😭

  • Mari_sun Xx
    Mari_sun Xx

    Why does she look so mad and annoyed at her mom.her poor sweet mother looks so exhausted. She trying her best.what a lil b*tch Emily is.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Jennifer Lopez
    Jennifer Lopez

    “My brother thought I looked like a princess” sissy he said Yhu look so grown up not a princess 😭😩!

  • Mari Salcedo
    Mari Salcedo

    This girl is dumb asf bro! Ungrateful ass

  • Priya k.p
    Priya k.p

    The dress she already have is better than all of them ...

  • Andrea Bustillo
    Andrea Bustillo

    BROO SHE NEEDSS TO STFU EVERYTIME SHE TALKS I JUST ROLL MY EYES SMHH like be grateful i had my fifteens and i was grateful with anything of what my parents done and it was alot of moneyyyy theyy put smhhhh and i felt bad bc im not rich or anything cause my dad the only one who works in the house smhh

  • Tehima Taruia
    Tehima Taruia

    Sis went from extreme to “too plain” .

  • Alexis Marie
    Alexis Marie

    her new dress was my dress and also was i little more than $1,100 so the fact that her parents had to pay that much more makes me so maddd

  • It’s Caybree
    It’s Caybree

    Her trying to tell her parents why she likes the dress sounds like a persuasive essay a 3rd grader would write.


    “Just make sure you don’t get a third dress”😭😩

  • its me
    its me

    Am I the only one that does not like the dress

  • Marisol Corona
    Marisol Corona

    All bad all bad🤦‍♀️

  • Sabine Mezidor
    Sabine Mezidor

    i feel bad for the mom and the dad you saw her mom face when she said '' the dress i have is so ugly'' uhh i hate her

  • Sabine Mezidor
    Sabine Mezidor

    this girl is too much like this is the first quincenera video I hate

  • Dani 02
    Dani 02

    She really wanted a new dress cause she don’t like the first one she tries on two and almost gives up is ungrateful for what she has and what her parents give her and still ends up getting new dress that is uglier then the first one which was perfectly fine

  • Estefani Mejia
    Estefani Mejia

    I normally don’t get mad with the girls, but god damn...her mom and dad are stressing out. And now she wants to change her whole dress...I can’t with her. Those dresses are you expensive. She should be thankful.

  • Beatriz A Guerrero
    Beatriz A Guerrero

    My quince is coming up and my dress is the second dress she tried in gold, and its beautiful

  • Michelle Andreina
    Michelle Andreina

    I swear these girls now and days act like they grown af and don’t understand the hard work there parents go through and I remember not even wearing makeup when I was her age because it was a tradition for my mom to put me it for the first time the day of my quince because it meant I was becoming a women

  • Alexa Rauda Ruiz
    Alexa Rauda Ruiz

    Bruh I WISH I had a quince

  • brxanna

    her brother is fine asf and looks like he appreciates the things his parents give him and respect them i can tell who got the good genes

  • brxanna

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">2:20</a> I'm sorry but the way she was standing she looked like a fat old man

  • Nurse Julie
    Nurse Julie

    She so lucky to have a quince I have two sisters and two brothers. I had Leche cake and my mommy call it a day when I turn 15. 😆

  • areesh

    why’s her brother so sweet 🥺 and hot

  • Ariana Terriquez
    Ariana Terriquez

    this girl didn’t deserve her party.

  • Yvette Mendez
    Yvette Mendez

    the first dress was prettier the second one was ugly😭

  • Yvette Mendez
    Yvette Mendez

    this is bs. she made them buy a whole ass new dress those are hella expensive. throw her away she has hella attitude. if she didnt like the 1st dress then she shouldnt have gotten it

  • Jissel Martinez
    Jissel Martinez

    I feel like she is being a brat because her mom was most done paying for the first dress and how she said how her dress was ugly

  • Giraffe_Gamer207

    I don't like the bodice on her, it doesn't look right. If it was like more in then it would look so much better

  • hi_ whatsagoodusername
    hi_ whatsagoodusername

    I like her brother more than her and the episodes aren’t even about him.

  • Ashley P
    Ashley P

    Naww this girl way to rude like come on yo parents doing the best they can so she can have her 15’s With her ungrateful ahh im sorry but its just not fair. Making her parents buy her ah whole other dress like you had time to think about it. Be grateful on what your parents doing for you babygirl after you regret it one day.

  • Ximena

    “I’m really happy I found the dress” continues to have a normal face 😐

  • Itz Mimi
    Itz Mimi

    She chose Rapunzel when she don't act kind like Rapunzel or not even close to look like Rapunzel😂

  • Marlen Garcia
    Marlen Garcia

    Her brother tho..

  • banana. jk
    banana. jk

    i liked her original dress better then he dress now

  • Diana Aguilera
    Diana Aguilera

    She out here saying she wanna stand out but she wants a basic ass pink dress everybody is getting that bye

  • beaudaeful

    lmaoo if i was like this my parents would be like aplácate niña crees que somos ricos ??

  • Ilovekitkat Ilovekitkat
    Ilovekitkat Ilovekitkat

    The first dress was actually really pretty and looked better on her than the second dress

  • Kathy

    So were they able to return the first dress?

  • Karla Lopez
    Karla Lopez

    LMAO she built like a fridge

  • Weekly Podcast
    Weekly Podcast

    he brother is so sweet and nice like my brother could never all he is protective

  • x. Natalie_
    x. Natalie_

    i dont even think ima have a quince cause we really cant afford it rn n im 14 n yet with the money wasted on them dresses i can make a little party with at least a nice dress n theres my quince

  • Maximiliano gonzalez
    Maximiliano gonzalez

    This girl getting me mad😂

  • Carolinamolina Molina
    Carolinamolina Molina

    Bro this bitch is so ungrateful bitch better be glad she is having a XV her spoiled ass

  • Leslie Guissell
    Leslie Guissell

    Honestly, I thought Giselle was bad but you, girl you're so unappreciative. Stay with one theme you have no idea all the money your parents are wasting on your rude ass. Can you be even ruder to the people who brought you into the world? Go get a job and help your mom with everything that she gotta pay for.

  • Samredhi athwani
    Samredhi athwani

    I loved the First dress. The second one is pretty but the shape of the bottom is Like a football

  • Jasmine Gutierrez
    Jasmine Gutierrez

    bruh que no mame. I would’ve been embarrassed asking my parents for another dress.

  • Lore Vazquez
    Lore Vazquez

    She said I feel powerful 😭😭😭

  • CaptainTAE

    The flowers on the dress were so pretty

  • Alyssa Gonzalez
    Alyssa Gonzalez

    This b* really changed the whole theme. Do you know how expensive quinceaneras are to just change everything! Also can she please speak up bc I literally have to turn my volume all the way up just to hear her. Also she doesn’t look like she gives a you know what. If I was her mom I would’ve said no Royalty is your theme not Rapunzel. She’s so picky she was t kidding when she said that

  • Gissell Alvarado
    Gissell Alvarado


  • Eeman. A
    Eeman. A

    She has such a supportive brother!

  • ace of spade
    ace of spade

    Bless her moms soul. Such a patient and kind woman.

  • leilanyxmarie

    ty for dropping the brothers @

  • Glossyy K
    Glossyy K

    Honestly the first dress was so pretty and classy, the second one looks like a dirty napkin

  • Carlahehe


  • xox sharai
    xox sharai

    lmfaooo she was rude the whole time

  • Luz Hernandez
    Luz Hernandez

    Ungrateful bitch🤦🏼‍♀️ she should starting to help pay her parents pay those two dresses

  • мεүвεlιηε gυεvαяα
    мεүвεlιηε gυεvαяα

    this bitch if i was her mom i would’ve slapped her ☺️😹

  • Comfy Jenrosel
    Comfy Jenrosel

    Emily:I want a different dress Everyone:Is she for real going to change here dress

  • Jenna Garcia
    Jenna Garcia

    She’s so greedy

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