P.E with Joe | Monday 23rd March 2020
The Body Coach TV
Day One of my 9am daily workouts

  • Grania Murray
    Grania Murray


  • maximillian NOT
    maximillian NOT

    I got this awsome vid from my homework who else got this for there homework

  • Anne Jiahuan
    Anne Jiahuan

    hmm not sure

  • Angelina Crossman
    Angelina Crossman

    Thanks for the workout! My favorite exercise were the squats!!

    • maximillian NOT
      maximillian NOT


  • Raymond Garcia
    Raymond Garcia

    Waaaaaaaaaw thes good

  • Danielle Stanley
    Danielle Stanley

    Keep the good work Joe 💪

  • roberto flores
    roberto flores

    Sorry me equivoque pense q eras maluma

  • Penny Sonzini
    Penny Sonzini

    51 yrs young USA

  • Penny Sonzini
    Penny Sonzini

    South Florida USA

  • Kassi Mulka
    Kassi Mulka

    im english too

  • Kassi Mulka
    Kassi Mulka

    i want to make a shout out to mackenzie taylor she lives in mcbain michagan in the usa

  • Luke Zhuang
    Luke Zhuang

    who heres supposed to like and comment, screenshot, and then turn in?

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  • Ayla Benjamin
    Ayla Benjamin

    I’m from United States

  • Song Xichi
    Song Xichi

    anyone else here because of your teacher

  • Saba Baker
    Saba Baker

    Who got this just because it was on there online homework I did...it's so um I don't wanna do it cuz I'm already healthy and fit enough but I'm gonna have to do it!!!😑

  • Chloe Cui
    Chloe Cui

    Thank you Joe my favorite was the frog jumps.

  • Joshua Zhang
    Joshua Zhang

    I like this It kept me pumping

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  • im zeke
    im zeke


  • G-Light Travels
    G-Light Travels

    Oscar here from Southampton, and im 6 yrs old doing it with my Mummy

  • Kerry Ryall
    Kerry Ryall

    werk werk werk werk werk werk werk werk werk werk werk werk werk werk werk werk werk werk werk werk


    your videos are crap wtf

  • Owen Purdy
    Owen Purdy

    my fav is open the gate

  • padmapriyavj

    Hello can my school get a shout out? Greenwood elementary Plymouth MN. My gym teacher assignes your videos for e learning

  • Gacha_Golden Pandas
    Gacha_Golden Pandas

    Umm nice,

  • Charlie Humphries
    Charlie Humphries

    my favorite is open the gate

  • Charlie Humphries
    Charlie Humphries

    hello there


    if your from my school sppam shrek

  • Toxic

    I bet our teachers told us to sub to this guy lmaooo

  • Anjali Udeshi
    Anjali Udeshi

    My gym teach was just like, “whatever, watch the video, copy him, tell me how you feel and don’t lie!”



  • Amin Ghalekar
    Amin Ghalekar

    can u say mine im mobin

  • Amin Ghalekar
    Amin Ghalekar

    can you do push up pleas im in london


    🔥🔥🔥🔥 🥇🥇🥇trending🥇🥇🥇 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a> 💝🖤 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥

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    Shenzy Da Music Man

    Subscribe to Shenzy Da Music Man

  • Jacob Joseph
    Jacob Joseph


  • Jacob Joseph
    Jacob Joseph

    This is a good activity during COVid 19

  • Jacob Joseph
    Jacob Joseph

    Hi joe I really love your exercises this is a good fitness

  • Nick Wright
    Nick Wright

    This is really helpful thanks Joe

  • iiSafxya Choi
    iiSafxya Choi

    I hope he knows that during <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1157">19:17</a> the 'yoongi from south korea' is noot doing hte workout, its just some BTS army trying to get clout lmao

  • Sam Farrell
    Sam Farrell

    When are you open.

  • Natasha Rodgers
    Natasha Rodgers

    I love pe

  • Qmp Cloud
    Qmp Cloud

    Thanks joe

  • Sophie Elgie
    Sophie Elgie

    Thanks for the workout Joe. My favourite exercise were the lunge jumps.

  • Isaiah durham
    Isaiah durham


  • Isaiah durham
    Isaiah durham

    nice idea mate

  • Alfie Hutton
    Alfie Hutton

    I got set as homework who else did

  • Jodi Montalvo
    Jodi Montalvo

    Sup Joe from Canada. Thank u for the workout. My favourite exercise was the star jumps / jumping jacks.

  • GodsGrace Etowa
    GodsGrace Etowa

    Thank you for the workout, Joe! My favourite workout was Jump Squats.

  • Emmanuel Etowa
    Emmanuel Etowa

    thank you for the amazing workout. I loved the Jumping Lunges

  • Guest_9653

    Yup got this for homework too

  • Hannah deSilva
    Hannah deSilva

    thanks for being the stand in gym teacher for my class. My favourite part was <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="402">6:42</a>

  • Shaun Benny
    Shaun Benny

    whos here cuz of hw

  • lee jf
    lee jf

    Who's from ZHSS here

  • weird girl
    weird girl

    can i have a shoutout please

  • Aryan Sambrane
    Aryan Sambrane

    why do we have to do this for school?

  • Madison Law
    Madison Law

    thank you Joe Wixs. My favourite work out was climb the rope.

  • Abigail McPherson
    Abigail McPherson

    I love this video, my favourite work out move is jumping jacks

  • Aly Heiraas
    Aly Heiraas

    My favorite workout move was the jump squats!

  • Biniyam Vriend
    Biniyam Vriend

    Your lunge workouts where you go back and forth were my favourites.

  • Beatriz Silva
    Beatriz Silva

    thank you to our gym teacher for recommending this! It was great and it made me work hard!

  • Noah Manuel
    Noah Manuel

    Thank you for the work out. My favorite exercise was the kangaroo jump

  • Austin Kielstra
    Austin Kielstra

    Thanks Joe, I liked the punching workout

  • Christian Hovanes
    Christian Hovanes

    It was fun. Fav workout was jumping jacks

  • Mya Jansen
    Mya Jansen

    This is fun

  • Margaretha Erasmus
    Margaretha Erasmus

    Thanks Joe! What a great workout! It definitely keeps you busy during quarantine. I really enjoyed the rope climbing exercise. 😁

  • Max Kaldi
    Max Kaldi

    Thanks joe. My favorite was the reverse lunges

  • woah mo
    woah mo

    wheres this dude from i got a question on it

  • maddie S
    maddie S

    The whole workout was great.

  • Molabo Oseni
    Molabo Oseni

    Thank you Joe my favorite was the jumping jacks.

  • Jayden Deemter
    Jayden Deemter

    Thank you Joe my favourite move is the bunny hop

  • Sydney Vanegmond
    Sydney Vanegmond

    Thank you Joe I love your videos! My favourite work out was jumping jacks (star jumps)

  • Charlotte Kolmotycki
    Charlotte Kolmotycki

    Thank you so much for posting this video! It was great and it really helped me! My favorite exercise was the squat jumps!!!

  • Avery Hamm
    Avery Hamm

    Thank you so much! This video really helped. My favorite exercise was the kangaroo jump!

  • BlockMiner

    Absolutely loved the sprinting on the spot, one of my favourite exercises. Keep up the good work!

  • Alanna Vanderputten
    Alanna Vanderputten

    Thank you joe for keeping all of us fit and healthy. Keep up the good work.😍 my favourite exercise was the squats.

  • Kim Chemerika
    Kim Chemerika

    Washington, DC says hello!

  • Kendra Martin
    Kendra Martin

    Thank you for putting these videos up so that people can stay fit. My favourite exercise was climbing the rope one but overall it was a great workout. Thank you!

  • Madison Foxcroft
    Madison Foxcroft

    my fav workout was mummy kicks