Finally revealing our baby boy's name 💙tysm for your support we love you guys!!
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  • Terri Lyn
    Terri Lyn

    So cute !

  • Lestie O
    Lestie O

    Congratulations! ✨ You two are so blessed. I just love the way you guys are. God bless your baby boy 💜✨

  • Jeweliette Barnes
    Jeweliette Barnes

    Nursey nursey lmaoooo lil man reference 😭🤣

  • Whitney Lewis
    Whitney Lewis

    Will is half y'all because i swear he said he was Jamaican one time ...

  • Whitney Lewis
    Whitney Lewis

    Fryson? Where does that come from?

  • Food Lover
    Food Lover

    sooo will don't look high? oh okay.

  • Chrissy Dinero
    Chrissy Dinero

    Beautiful, I Love It ❤️

  • Keys Universe
    Keys Universe

    You two are both GLOWING & look amazing!! I think definitely some Gold royalty themes. Even marigolds if you want flowers. Or a classy drip if that makes sense lol I absolutely love the entire name!

  • Dear Olivia
    Dear Olivia

    Awwww they singing happy birthday to him

  • Blessed With Londynn
    Blessed With Londynn

    I keep going back to 8:50 that shit so cute

  • Karla Anaya
    Karla Anaya

    6:35 “he reminds me of you he’s funny” “He reminds me of you he’s mean”😂

  • Jastayveon Dickens
    Jastayveon Dickens

    either yall high asl while im high asl watching dis or will high asl while im high asl watching this

  • Black beauty
    Black beauty

    OMG I love this will is a caring, selfless and wise person....... Itz rare to find someone like him which makes her lucky I know that he will take great care of that Golden child love all 3 of u...🤒😍😍💕

  • Paige

    So happy for y’all and yalls beautiful baby

  • Jahnia Nicole
    Jahnia Nicole

    So happy

  • Its_just_Shamija Franklin
    Its_just_Shamija Franklin

    Olivia is just soo pretty 😻🥵💍❤️ I love how will treats her 😭❤️ the baby gonna be so freaking cute 😻👶🏽I love y’all and y’all should do a story time about how y’all meet

  • justin Sigler
    justin Sigler

    congratulations guys💛💛

  • Diamond Glizzy
    Diamond Glizzy

    Girl other people’s pregnancy seem quick urs seemed like it took forever 😭😭but congrats

  • Tiana Wilson
    Tiana Wilson

    Maybe he is a little upset because he won't be getting all of the attention that he used to get before the baby.

  • Baps Kay Kayla Yoakum
    Baps Kay Kayla Yoakum

    Do a toy story theme. That’ll be nice.

  • Zakiya Wiltz
    Zakiya Wiltz


  • Ashley Jasmine
    Ashley Jasmine

    He’s a Capricorn 😍😍❤️👏 yesssss

  • Destanie Sales
    Destanie Sales

    was he high in the video

  • Shermaine McLaren
    Shermaine McLaren

    Will funny

  • Shermaine McLaren
    Shermaine McLaren

    I so love you guys

  • Shermaine McLaren
    Shermaine McLaren

    Will is the best

  • sximply bri
    sximply bri

    Awee, his name is so cute 🥺😍😍

  • Lauryn

    he is such a blessing! so happy for you guys that he's happy and healthy!!!... and all that HAIR!!!

  • Alicia Boschman
    Alicia Boschman


  • Queen Pee
    Queen Pee

    Singing happy birthday had me in tears! I can tell you guys are going to be great parents

  • secret cattouse
    secret cattouse

    I just love how y'all vibe like frl dass love ❤😘real love

  • Nae T.
    Nae T.

    I’m so happy Reign is here ☺️

  • London Rivers
    London Rivers

    Y’all so fucking beautiful 😍😍😍😍

  • Mercedes B
    Mercedes B

    OMG congrats girl

  • Tamera Davis
    Tamera Davis

    I just love y’all 😩😍😍

  • FinesslLik

    He gone sleep for now.....when he hit one and walkin😭😭😭but luv y’all💪🏽I like how y’all didn’t pick a regular name....he gone be a different breed😭💪🏽❤️

  • Charrieka Brown
    Charrieka Brown

    So beautiful!! Love you guys. Congratulations again. Many blessings

  • Niah Gené
    Niah Gené

    At 9:08 they said his name💕.. your welcome

  • Keeepingup withGigi
    Keeepingup withGigi

    U guys should do a vday shoot since it's coming up

    • Keeepingup withGigi
      Keeepingup withGigi

      Valentine's day**

  • mia smith
    mia smith

    9:00 for the people that just wanna know the name

  • Just Dushal
    Just Dushal



    Good boy Zen ! I love yall!! Such a beautiful family !! Congratulations again ❤️

  • Angel S
    Angel S

    May God bless your beautiful family abundantly!! ❤️

  • ShyPlusTrux2 Fam
    ShyPlusTrux2 Fam

    Such a relatable couple 💯💕 mnsoft.info/hd/video/fm2dlZdmosh8eKU congrats

  • Journey Marshall
    Journey Marshall

    @ 9:10

  • Kate Gang
    Kate Gang

    They threw lil hommie a fuck birthday

  • overcoffee

    The one time I actually wanted the comments to spoil it, they come thru like dang I had to search for that name or a time stamp or something lol Name is Reign

  • Karly Black Kettle
    Karly Black Kettle

    i love yall sm, congrats!!! its only up from here, live life to the fullest

  • Hazox

    Day 1 of being a dad....man....I wonder how that feels....I'm only 17, soon 18 so I still got some time until I reach that point

  • Holli_ShaTv

    Need a love like Olivia and will a man who thanks a woman for having his child...genuine ❤️❤️😩❗️

  • missmeeky1

    Congratulations 🎉 on your new blessing 💜

  • Chyna White
    Chyna White

    Amen to that neva let evil come in bewteen yall luv.. blessings God Is Alive If not how would anybodys that Godly know how luv...

  • Slick Cares
    Slick Cares

    Will is high as a kite in this video I’m screaming 🤣🤣🤣

  • Patrien Pinnock
    Patrien Pinnock

    Congrats on your bundle. Enjoy every moment. Next time dont have an open flame in the hospital or around oxygen.

  • Jadyn M
    Jadyn M

    Wait does will follow the honorable Louis Farrakhan

  • Jadyn M
    Jadyn M

    Will is a whole clown😂 when she said her boobs get big from not breast feeding. Bro. Watch that smile gradually appear😂😂 I don’t know what it is but is it just me or does it seem like Olivia is glowing more than usual?

  • Trinity McConn
    Trinity McConn


  • Viviana Arias
    Viviana Arias

    Everyone talking about them but no one gon talk about the baby’s name

  • it's me maria
    it's me maria

    I mean the name is ok but I just wont name my child that but the name is cute (Reign Amil fryson)

    • Lerato Yamkele Potongwane
      Lerato Yamkele Potongwane

      Of course you won't name your child like that if you don't like the names. It wasn't your decision to have them name their child like that. Who are you to tell them you won't name your child like that. It was their own decision which they loved. So your opinion is unfortunately irrelevant.