Nigerian VS American Makeup | Jackie Aina
Hey boos! I was inspired by the trend of comparing American makeup to makeup in other cultures. In today's video that country is Nigeria! Nigeria Vs. American makeup! How do you think I did? What do you think are the major differences between makeup in Nigeria and makeup in the United States? Which side do YOU prefer? Sound off in the comments!
dress Shop AU (Nigerian designer!)
nigerian instagrammers and youtubers:
Dimma Umeh
Joy Adenuga
Theodora Michael
P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D:
Maybelline Brow Pencil
NARS Shine Control Primer
Estee Lauder Double Wear (Sandalwood)
NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (macao)
ABH Liquid Glow (patina)
elf X Nabela collab
Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer
UOMA Beauty Concealer
Too Faced Multi Scupt Concealer
Fenty Cashew Powder
Dermablend Powder
Jackie Aina Palette ABH
The Lip Bar Bronzer
Unscripted Beauty Lashes
NARS Cream Blush
Colored Raine Blush Duo
Iconic London Glow Spray
Fenty FU$$Y Gloss bomb
Mented Nude LaLa lipstick

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  • Jackie Aina
    Jackie Aina

    two things! voting for the PCA is closed! Thank you to everyone who voted and shared! Also yes I'm well aware my at the end isn't completely on and I don't care lol I wasn't leaving my house ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Chelsea Egbewunmi
      Chelsea Egbewunmi

      Jackie Aina 23:39 yes I’m still here

    • Life Of Faye Vlogs
      Life Of Faye Vlogs

      Voted babe!

  • lisa honey
    lisa honey

    Kuddycosmetics is a proud nigerian brand they have everything you need.

  • Esther Macaulley
    Esther Macaulley

    Nuban is nice

  • Esther Macaulley
    Esther Macaulley

    Issa and dose is nice,blossom makeup Jay vouge also

  • Izzi Ebbih
    Izzi Ebbih

    Lmaooo "i know y'all sick of pink but i can't help it, actually i can help it but it's a choice not to help myself" . You're a comedian Jackie.

  • Ella Medupin
    Ella Medupin

    Love youuuu Ugh! And of course the Naija side killedt it!

  • Kamryn- E’Tia
    Kamryn- E’Tia

    super gorgeous💯🔥

  • Adesile Ogunjumelo
    Adesile Ogunjumelo

    Nigerian side

  • Alost Jackson
    Alost Jackson

    I vote for the Naija side❤

  • Alost Jackson
    Alost Jackson


  • Delia Beyer
    Delia Beyer

    Holy crap the Nigeria side looks so pretty, I LOVE! So does the American side though.

  • mstamalaj


  • TheBrandyO1

    If you need to cover up Brain Activity, Criminal Record, maybe some Lace Residue! 😝😝😝

  • Hari Krishna
    Hari Krishna

    As long as you have a bouncy ebony booty, you good

  • Vi Harrison
    Vi Harrison

    Karli took me out 🙈😅💀and then not boots from Flavor of Love 😭😩⚰️

  • Gaby Robinson
    Gaby Robinson

    Hey! I actually work for Nars. Next time you wear Sheer Glow make sure you shake the foundation up really well and use your hands to apply it on the skin, and then use a brush. I promise you’ll love it even more! Love your videos!!

  • Alea Anderson
    Alea Anderson

    Where do you be finding those funny videos, you use between talking ??? They are hilarious

  • Raven Wallace
    Raven Wallace

    I legit do my eye makeup like the Nigerian side

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    Moyo K

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    Moyo K

    A fellow Nigerian here 🤗❣️ Edit: small MNsoftr too 😁

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    Bennett K

    okay but look at all that lid space... Jesus gave you mine and I’m calling collect.

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    Ehi Eineh

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love you 😘

  • Amanda Martins Dantas
    Amanda Martins Dantas

    Both sides are just amazing! Here in Brazil the Nigerian side is very popular among people. Love ur channel! 😘

  • Ehi Eineh
    Ehi Eineh

    Love you funny lady 💖💖💖💖

  • kitty girl
    kitty girl

    Hey Auntie Jackie, can we get a soft glam tutorial? Please

  • Toyin Afolabi-Ogunbiyi
    Toyin Afolabi-Ogunbiyi

    Hey Jackie, as for Nigerian brands you can try house of Tara, BM cosmetics and I think Zaron/ Zafron. All excellent quality and because it’s made for us and by us the pigments are insane and the nudes are black girl friendly. If you managed to get them shipped to the US please let us know how. I’m UK based myself and can only get them when I visit. Good luck 💕

  • Somar Somar
    Somar Somar

    Joy Adenuga is tha TRUTH!!!!

  • Dami Rumi
    Dami Rumi

    I wish you used all Nigerian products

  • kay wts
    kay wts

    Please try Eva Taub skincare she is in Atlanta and I want to know will it work before I spend because it will be a sacrifice to get it

  • Shane Sarabia
    Shane Sarabia

    so is the theme of "it" invincibility because I died! lmfao

  • Maxsane Mitchell
    Maxsane Mitchell

    what are your thoughts on: Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Foundation? I think I'm the shade Rosewood.

  • leslieann williams
    leslieann williams

    I love both !

  • W B
    W B

    I love the Nigeria side better.

  • Sarah Mayfield
    Sarah Mayfield

    Yessss honey!!!!! Love you Jackie

  • Vanessa Fenelus
    Vanessa Fenelus

    Your videos bring me so much comfort and happiness🥰‼️

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    Antoinette Rochester

    How will I know what color corrector is best for me? My under tone is olive ( so I've heard)

  • Awkwardly Normal.
    Awkwardly Normal.

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    Katrina Doreen

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    Mariangela Mendoza

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    KeepingitkutewithKels G

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    Antwanet Dears

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    Maraviar McCoy

    I love the USA side its pretty spot on everyday wear and I love the Nigerian side as well glamorous and bold.

  • Amy G
    Amy G

    1. jackieeee where on the internet are you finding these memes.. hilarious! 2. I hope your enjoying making these videos cause I love watching them ❤️!

  • Maraviar McCoy
    Maraviar McCoy

    I love Nigerian filled brow it's so open for your eye.

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    Eboni Mckinney

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    Wombat Happiness Girl

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    Chrissy Rush

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    Skylar Gibson

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    its shanesia

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  • Sharon Culpepper
    Sharon Culpepper

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    Og Azikiwe

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    TPP Motivational

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