NF - Trauma (Audio)
Official video for “Trauma” by NF.
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Music video by NF performing Trauma (Audio). © 2019 NF Real Music, LLC

  • Tom Hanks
    Tom Hanks

    20 years of addiction and struggling, loss of everything that ever meant anything and love I'll never stop loving pain blood sweat tears never knowingly just needing an outlet to find the strength to use it all to become someone I never thought I'd be. Thank you, Nate. You have no idea what you have done in such a short period in my life. Now to write my book

  • Lindsay Sears
    Lindsay Sears

    I haven't heard this song till today 😢 it's beautiful

  • Kevin Webster
    Kevin Webster

    Whats a bigger tribute than to lose LOVE...

  • Stella Love
    Stella Love

    omg it’s the first time i’m listening to this song and it’s like he made a song about my life:(

  • Judah Playz
    Judah Playz

    honestly this music is so good i dont think anyone can truely express it with words. Dont know how you do it NF

  • Brandon Fowler
    Brandon Fowler

    Best and realest music ive ever heard

  • Shera Mop
    Shera Mop

    "Ask for help, you call it weakness." I don't ask for help, because I believe it will make me weaker.

  • Nadiya Khan
    Nadiya Khan

    Beautiful track, love you surely 😍💐😘


    Is that a heart attack nope... just Nf in my chest

  • Dustman777

    IF anyone is struggling with depression i'm here for you

  • Ruby Whipp
    Ruby Whipp

    My friend told me not to listen to nf because his music will make me feel worse because of what its about...but i doesnt make me feel worse it helps me to express my emotion 🖤 x

  • AceCraft

    For those who see this: You are loved and you will be successful

  • Terry Castro
    Terry Castro

    Damn this song lit some deep forgotten feelings inside

  • Andypo playz YTpo
    Andypo playz YTpo

    "i wish u just loved me back" I say this to myself but nothing ever happens back

  • Ashley UwU
    Ashley UwU

    I can't stop crying 😭😭😭

  • Nene Maliana
    Nene Maliana

    "I ask for help. You call it weakness." Heard that many times. Relates to me because people would always say I'm an attention whore, asking for help all the time. There's a lot of people who needs help, no matter how many times they ask it.

  • Nene Maliana
    Nene Maliana

    I ❤ this song. I listened to this song last Wednesday, for the whole day. Nice and lovely song to dance to.

  • Daniela Avila
    Daniela Avila

    I lost my only and true best friend today and i don't know what to do, it hurts so bad...😔

  • Kenzie McDonald
    Kenzie McDonald

    Sent this to my mum reminds me of her and I relationship

  • Cracked RICH
    Cracked RICH

    This song Is true but sad and addicting

  • ConRaps

    I don’t know what to do anymore, I feel so broken and I have no one to talk to. I can’t stop attacking myself every day. My dad abused me all my life and was recently taken away by the police, every night I stare at the ceiling and cry for hours. I’ve probably slept for 5hours this last week. I don’t know what to do, I give all of my joy away to make others happy to the point there isn’t any left for me. I just want to know if anyone feels like I do. I don’t know how much longer I can live this way. I’m only 15 but I wish I wasn’t born in the first place, all I feel is pain if this is life then what’s the point.

  • Theresa Soraire
    Theresa Soraire

    Idk if NF reads comments but if you do just know we support you through everything. While we may not know you, you’ve helped too many of us for us to leave you. We support you whole heartedly, and want you to get through whatever you’re going through. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us.

  • Lazhar Drif
    Lazhar Drif

    The best rapper in our generation i swear😍

  • Ne1bolt_ ST
    Ne1bolt_ ST

    I want to cry so bad

  • shawn boyd
    shawn boyd


  • Brooke Whited
    Brooke Whited

    I get goosebumps every time I listen to this song. It's so real, and I can relate. So much music has lost its' meaning, but not NF. I really appreciate him and what he's doing.

  • Messi_Toe da welsh girl
    Messi_Toe da welsh girl

    This song is so depressing that 585+ people could see the difference between the like button and the dislike button through their tears

  • AChunkyBoi 98
    AChunkyBoi 98

    This reminds me of life is strange, and always will

  • Ariona Russell
    Ariona Russell

    We are all drowning in a way

  • Ariona Russell
    Ariona Russell

    When I listen To Nf it helps me understand

  • cobain _staley
    cobain _staley

    Play it 0.75x for extra tears

  • Natalie Martinez
    Natalie Martinez

    his vocals 🥺😍

  • Natalie Martinez
    Natalie Martinez


  • Natalie Martinez
    Natalie Martinez

    He Deserves the world .

  • Natalie Martinez
    Natalie Martinez

    My favorite artist

  • Natalie Martinez
    Natalie Martinez


  • Natalie Martinez
    Natalie Martinez


  • Natalie Martinez
    Natalie Martinez


  • Natalie Martinez
    Natalie Martinez

    better than Billie idc I said it .

  • Abby E
    Abby E

    Yessss what we wanted!! NF's beautiful singing voice. Man he does it all.

  • Benji Gaming
    Benji Gaming

    its like midnight and i got school in about 6-7 hours then i got wrestling practice from 3-5 I should be going to bed what im doing instead listening to NF

  • Natalia Ramirez
    Natalia Ramirez

    La ame 🖤

  • Mohamed Desouky
    Mohamed Desouky

    He is the only rapper that made a full album of total hits It has 20 songs and they are all great

  • Anorak

    I feel like Nate has made so many different songs, touching on so many subjects dealing with mental health and stuff, that it’s hard not to connect with at least one song

  • Anorak

    I wonder how many people Nate has saved from death through his music.. I know he’s helped a lot of people through depression and anxiety and sadness and stuff, I’m on of those people. But I feel like he’s helped out so many people that have felt suicidal, just being able to connect with how they feel n stuff.

  • Amanda Morticia
    Amanda Morticia

    like when u think NF is the best rapper in the world and deserves way more credit❤

  • RJ Wallace
    RJ Wallace

    NF is my favorite music artist ever. i really want to go to one of his concerts.

  • Brooke Aries
    Brooke Aries

    everytime i have a panic attack or just a mental breakdown i listen to this song and it makes me ball my eyes out, then once the song is over i feel at peace

  • Tom Meharry
    Tom Meharry

    How wants to here a song from nf and Billie eilish

  • angelina r
    angelina r

    "i wish you'd just love me back"

  • Lillian Baron
    Lillian Baron

    is it just me or does "grab my" sound like grandma xD

  • zachary hower official
    zachary hower official

    We all need someone to help us. Me. Alls I need is nfs music. We all should be there 4 one another. If you're reading this. We all are here 4 u

  • howard shaw
    howard shaw

    give me peace but then you steal it... yeah....

  • Cody Casteel
    Cody Casteel


  • Maryam

    "Traumas they surround me " Literally my life

  • Tamlyn Adolph
    Tamlyn Adolph

    He has a beautiful voice. Excellent artist.

  • Mallory Puckett
    Mallory Puckett

    this reminds me of a song that would play on a movie after i kill myself and they take me into the hospital to pump my stomach and no one is there and no one cares but that’s why i did it. i’m all by myself yk.

  • ******** Random
    ******** Random

    Thanks NF...

  • Stephen Sage
    Stephen Sage

    Nathan is something else, his music are so on point... God bless u man.

  • Kamran Kiarimov
    Kamran Kiarimov

    If you can relate to these lyrics I’m sorry