Natalie Reveals She Doesn't Love Mike! | 90 Day Fiancé
Natalie reveals during their couple's interview she doesn't love Mike yet.
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  • Darlene Farley
    Darlene Farley

    go home natily

  • Lisa Jones
    Lisa Jones

    A large part of Mike's debt is due to travelling with her to Paris last year, buying her engagement ring, Visa entree fees, now travel to see her again etc, she knows all of this. Many of these girls had so many abortions in their early years , by the time they are Natalie's age ,it is very hard for them to get pregnant,

  • Felicia Waddell
    Felicia Waddell

    Run run run Mike back home.. She yucky

  • Felicia Waddell
    Felicia Waddell

    Mike leave that weird ass weird looking ass boney ass user

  • Sophie Sert
    Sophie Sert

    Why everyone in the comment section bashing about her? I know some of her sentences are not good but... How could you love someone in a short period of time? You can have strong feelings but love will happen in time not straight away. I support her even she talks a bit stupid #grlpwr 💯💪🏻

  • Aisha Krasikov
    Aisha Krasikov

    She is probably Jew from Ukraine rather than russian

  • Suzanne

    let him Go... he's playing games

  • Felisha Wright
    Felisha Wright

    He needs to take care of his debt

  • Francelina Camilo
    Francelina Camilo

    Why he anyway wants to marry her, they have nothing in common completely different cultures her religion and so one no way she is the right person for hem don't marry her you better with out her in your life

  • SiriusGD

    These types of shows are so stupid. Why did I open this video?

  • Yann Djellid
    Yann Djellid

    if you don t understand that she wants the green card,mike you are the emperor of is not a tomato plant .leave her

  • Albert C Combs
    Albert C Combs

    She lied from the get go ..

  • Albert C Combs
    Albert C Combs

    She doesn't love him. A slavic women can't love outside her race

  • Leslie Levitan
    Leslie Levitan

    She has pretty cleavage.

  • Truth Inspector
    Truth Inspector

    Hes just as difficult as she is , If hes not gonna be supportive of her religion there's nothing to talk about. And furthermore hes broke hes got no business trying to get a family Going when he can't support it

  • Loraine Kat
    Loraine Kat

    The thing is people act differently over the phone . She loved the phone version of him not the physical him maybe she came and saw he wasnt as he said he was.

  • FelixD cat
    FelixD cat

    Do these people really think someone is going to love you from one day to another!??? Especially when there is some kind of interest involved like a visa!??????? They are very naive !!!

  • IheartMariah

    She’s just too complicated and want a wealthy American man who impregnates her

  • Mai Caleza
    Mai Caleza

    NATALIE not honest at all. Why she didn't tell the truth at the first place or when he met Mike? What's your intentions Natalie to Mike? You want something from Mike without giving true a Love! ? Ohh c'mon! Ended up like this!!! You embarrassed Mike!!!

    • Mai Caleza
      Mai Caleza

      I gave thumb down on this video. I don't like how she treat Mike.

  • Angmari

    He deserves more. I wouldn't doubt she is pushing for them to have a child right now because she's possibly already pregnant from someone else.

  • MrsTaiwo

    I think she’s an actor.

  • Ben

    It's pretty obvious that you should run dude. If you don't and you marry her. You're going to live a shit life and I'll have no sympathy

  • Marielle Faina
    Marielle Faina

    So we can’t feel unsure anymore. We shouldn’t stay in a relationship where we are only there because we think it might work. I think he’s being overly dramatic and sensitive and is trying to make her feel bad for not loving him.

  • forgottenunknowen

    Lol good guys finish last. Girls always run back to the bad boys. Sorry dude; if ur the good guy, means your the back up guy! potential!!

  • Adam Kind
    Adam Kind

    Geez, don't you all know a "shit-test" when you see one? Be a rock, man up... Then she'll be purrrring in his lap.

  • mari g
    mari g

    She's a pjycho anyway

  • mari g
    mari g

    But she could have said that she did she knows she would hurt if he left she could have just said my love for him will grow ova time

  • Anna Neva
    Anna Neva


  • Anna Neva
    Anna Neva


  • Anna Neva
    Anna Neva

    Women shouldn’t love a man They should be loved ! D fuck

  • Laura Michelle
    Laura Michelle

    Look how many different emotions she displays in this video. This woman is unstable, she doesn’t know what to say anymore.

  • Ruth


  • xanthony00

    She wants a baby because that’s a ticket to a green card and most of mikes paycheck for 18 years. Dump her before she wrecks your life bruhhh

  • All Names Are Taken
    All Names Are Taken

    She can have a baby with a guy she doesnt "love" apparently

  • soxpuff

    I appreciate her honesty though.

  • rod Colt
    rod Colt

    Why was this recommended to me?...

  • Jojo Island
    Jojo Island

    LMAO wtf did i just watch 😭😭 Sir she don’t love you she loves her dream

  • Cindi Gonzalez
    Cindi Gonzalez

    Mike you are such a great guy and this woman acts like a teenager and throwing her engagement ring at you should be the last straw you will definitely find someone here in the US because you are a great catch move on my friend this woman even though she may be cute and sexy to you is not right for you

  • noelly89

    There are so many communications issues here besides the language barrier. They each express their feelings differently and also define love differently. They each have different religious beliefs and value systems associated with their respective backgrounds.

  • Resi Mart
    Resi Mart

    She wanted to have babies with him and after he told her that he has a debt she stopped loving him 😭

  • Bane Herrera
    Bane Herrera

    Wow 😳

  • Helena J
    Helena J

    From this part of the world, saying you love someone isn’t that easy and takes time. Americans say it to everyone and in the end it loses its meaning. I think of the other couple on 90 day fiancé, actually there were two women I think from the Ukraine or Russia? (Aziza and Alla!) None of them were able to say they loved the man but as far as I know both couples are happily married today and one of them had a child too. So don’t judge without knowing the background or culture. She could’ve very easily lied and said she loved him but instead she was honest saying it will “grow”. I get her 100%. Also I think there may be a language barrier and she can’t express herself as clearly.

  • Ana Jimenez
    Ana Jimenez

    Sasha can give you a green card and a baby which is what you're looking for and then he is going to bounce which is what you're looking for lol

  • Stoik Gramadanski
    Stoik Gramadanski

    I think they both play the " Cat and mouse" game....So in that matter they have something between.... So far the best couple on this show...!!!

  • Jade Jabines
    Jade Jabines

    Shouldn't she have said something before his trip to Ukraine?

  • joe bel
    joe bel

    She is Syco

  • j s
    j s

    Mike is kinda desperate.

  • vsboy 25
    vsboy 25

    I know what he likes about her

  • TheTurk56523

    SUKA BLAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liz Adame
    Liz Adame

    It’s normal to think you love someone until you spent time with that person and realized you really aren’t! It’s best to know now than later when kids are involved. People act as if they’ve never made the mistake of confusing lust over love!

  • Glinda Oz
    Glinda Oz

    She's so scary looking. Freaky.

  • Mangosrsweet

    Ship her azz baaaaccckk!!

  • Racharina B.
    Racharina B.

    I think she just screwed her chances of coming to USA.

  • Morgan Byrne
    Morgan Byrne

    This is a gorgeous girl with a zest for life and who is not after his money, and yet he is doing everything to screw it up. Is he crazy???

  • ArieXzion ForkenFire
    ArieXzion ForkenFire

    I wonder if I could get better health care in Russia?

  • MrJosCHEWa

    Potential is not worth it. Girl you have to know.

  • Ana Cimerman
    Ana Cimerman

    She should be honest before...she looks a bit loca.

  • Awais Khan
    Awais Khan

    Those eyes when shes sucking the soul outta u😍

  • Greg Madison
    Greg Madison

    The women on 90 Day Fiance treat the men like crap.

  • roxy galicia
    roxy galicia

    “At LeAsT sHeS bEiNg HoNeSt” uhhh she accepted his marriage proposal, started the visa process, has him fly out multiple times, tried so hard to get him to have babies right away How is this being honest and not leading him on 🙄

    • Erin

      He knew exactly what he was getting into.

    • Lara M
      Lara M

      he knew what this was

    • mpg1146

      I think it has a lot to do with her culture, where women still often are nothing without being married and they get married with a good man, not always because of passion. That still doesnt mean the relationship couldnt be and become good. Couldnt be me, but I understand.