N'to - Trauma (Worakls Remix)
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N'To - Trauma (Worakls Remix), one of the best Melodic Techno track!
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  • Russlan Belov
    Russlan Belov

    Душа моя в тебе мой Сынок,моё сердце давно уже остановилось,мне нехватает тебя,люблю тебя мой Лёвушка!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JemandAnderz is dr315t MotivloZ
    JemandAnderz is dr315t MotivloZ



    I remember this

  • Psychedelic Valentine Infinity Love stone
    Psychedelic Valentine Infinity Love stone

    Play this song at Valentine's Funeral

  • Combat Junkie
    Combat Junkie

    Night: drive your car to this song

  • Matthew Jacob
    Matthew Jacob

    Perfect for lostplaces

  • залег на дно
    залег на дно

    very nice

  • Nicolai Schestakowitsch
    Nicolai Schestakowitsch

    Ich liebe diesen Track!!! Der Sound bescherte mir Happy-Times und viele geile, schöne und unvergessliche Momente, Nächte und Erinnerungen!!!

  • LuthorsFactory

    Like si viniste por ElRubius jugando Outlast

  • Online Income Guru
    Online Income Guru

    Bu şarkı ; Kendini katıksız gerçekleştirme halin. Kendine doğru olan yolculuğun! This song ; Your self-realization. Your journey towards yourself!

  • Rex Bellator_
    Rex Bellator_

    Who is here by Rooftop?

    • TheGT

      Almost all

  • nicomedescamero

    I heard this track many years ago in a video on youtube call it Best of Web zapato 3, look for it ohhhhhh, this video is Amazig how humans can explore themselves y every way and knowledge posible and figurite out that the universe is in ourself ledthis make me wanna travel trouth space and galaxies and discover and trasend

  • Rigger

    Would love to hear Armin do a remix of this.

  • Gonzalo Galvan
    Gonzalo Galvan

    Have you ever noticed that every time a minute passes something happens?

  • Lautaro Prado
    Lautaro Prado


  • chaztikov

    This song reminds me of grading linear algebra homework 1 hour before it was due. Not that this ever happened, of course.

  • Luna Maria Selini
    Luna Maria Selini

    Guatemala Feb20/02/2020💚🔮

  • Big Love
    Big Love

    Приятные звуки, сфокусировав свой взгляд на свет не возможно остановить свои ноги и тело и не воспроизвести звук ртом :)) thanks

  • Scr4ppy

    This song is just spectacual. Magnificent. I don't have enough words to describe this masterpiece.

  • pohjalainen olavi
    pohjalainen olavi


  • Alexpmgr8 K3
    Alexpmgr8 K3

    It is a shame about the retards who keeps stopping the video to see if I'm still sucking listening. Are they just all crazy motherfukers?or just scumbag nonces ?

  • CrStNT XxX
    CrStNT XxX


  • Lizardman

    which genre is this?

    • Lizardman

      oh, its written in the descripition nvm

    • Lizardman

      melodic techno?

  • Руслан Назаретский
    Руслан Назаретский

    И вот яв сотый раз на этом треке.очень круто.респект и уважуха!!!

  • hobbit can
    hobbit can


  • Edgar el cuh
    Edgar el cuh

    greatest footballers of all time...

  • Mindaugas Norvaisas
    Mindaugas Norvaisas

    I want to dig my head cus it shaking too fast

  • Nidge OSullivan
    Nidge OSullivan

    This song.... still can't figure it out.....I love it etc but. I have heard this song long before it was made...

  • Kamazu's Welt
    Kamazu's Welt

    It's the perfect music for lost place videos.

  • eSKAone

    Nachts, schnell, auf der Autobahn.

  • Dirk Kennstvllt
    Dirk Kennstvllt

    Ohrwurm Junge !

  • fiswam

    i get raided

  • fiswam

    fucking noob blyat

  • Александр Нестеренко
    Александр Нестеренко

    megatrack ! ;3

  • Vijay solanki
    Vijay solanki

    who else came after the Shanghai tower video??????

  • Lucas Mermet
    Lucas Mermet

    Assaultcube 😈 #Niyaz

  • John Edwin The same
    John Edwin The same

    I lost this song for 8 years!! I can not believe!! It's espectacular.

    • Stirling

      oh my god. i watched a motorcycle video with this song like 3 years ago and lost it since. searched for it for 5 days without even a name. now it pops up as a sugestion.

    • chaztikov


    • Zed X
      Zed X

      Yep from 2012 :)

    • krellewill

      Haha - Me too. I watched a video of Jürgen Klinsmann and this song was in the background :D Instant love!

  • John Edwin The same
    John Edwin The same


  • Andrei Semkiv
    Andrei Semkiv

    такая хорошая музыка что умереть и не встать

  • Dawid Szczepaniak
    Dawid Szczepaniak

    2020 enyoi

  • Dawid


  • Ben s
    Ben s

    Babbaaaaa alter, immer noch harter fetter track. Kickt mich auch die nächsten Jahre heftig

  • JP Next
    JP Next

    My neighbor called the cops on me for playing this song too loud. They arrested him.

    • Eric Bruyn
      Eric Bruyn

      They should lock HIM up forever😂🤣

    • I'm a Footballer
      I'm a Footballer

      @JP Next bruh :)

    • JP Next
      JP Next

      @I'm a Footballer but then there are others who don't ;)

    • JP Next
      JP Next

      @Chris Chu :(

    • Chris Chu
      Chris Chu

      were you trying to be funny? yawn

  • DrukaBrat

    Djeca kašlju,žena bolesna a ja na balkonu slušam i maštam ✌

  • Susan Morgan
    Susan Morgan

    This has gotta be the best 10 minuites of your life

  • Jonathan Rubio
    Jonathan Rubio

    Cristiano Ronaldo brought me here!

  • Clemence Jusserand
    Clemence Jusserand

    what people do to avoid coronavirus

    • I'm a Footballer
      I'm a Footballer

      Drink beer, viruses would go mad if they come to your body

  • David Oscar Martinez Perez
    David Oscar Martinez Perez

    Muy epica sin duda una pieza espectacular. !!! Saludos desde Mexico!!!

  • durrani khan
    durrani khan

    This is making me clinch my fist. Just the clinch

  • Dacho

    Februar 2020 anyone?

    • András Móri
      András Móri


    • Chela Maya
      Chela Maya

      Yes meeee

    • Dewi Sartika
      Dewi Sartika


    • Boyko Lazarov
      Boyko Lazarov

      Yes, I need a higher volume on this, any ideas?

    • A. Muliawan
      A. Muliawan

      Good music. I know it from "Messi's body feint skill" video. Too bad, that video is already deleted.

  • Velican Nacar
    Velican Nacar


  • Matter

    legend, memorable song, along with this dude: mnsoft.info/hd/video/a2m6qNOvhNOdjJU

  • Susan Morgan
    Susan Morgan

    Play it at 0.75 or 1.25

  • Nadia Zozulia
    Nadia Zozulia

    "Music makes the world hurt us less......🎶❤️🌎❤️🎶THANKS....

  • Jacob

    So simple but so good

  • Sarah mulligan
    Sarah mulligan

    LoVe LoVE LOVE this.....soooooooooo §iCK!

  • Cris meme
    Cris meme

    The best part of the fucking song: 8:00

  • Joen2000 jones
    Joen2000 jones

    I hear that when im climbing a hotel building xd

  • saamohod

    Years pass, but I can't get enough of this masterpiece.

    • James Saunders
      James Saunders

      It sounds primitive to me, like as if the Stone Age is here, all around us. I feel ancient. I am a ghost The years fade away Eras and ages pass A reminder of our past, present and future. It’s bleak, but it’s there. Screaming Eternal

  • Why

    Who is better, Mustang Wanted or On the roofs? On the roofs: Like Mustang Wanted: Comment

    • saamohod