My Obsessed Roommate (ft. Laddi)
Thank you SO MUCH Laddi, for being the voice of my roommate!!! YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!! Please check out her channel: ***ALSO she was NOT my actual roommate in real life. She is just playing a character. She's actually a really good friend of mine! Love you girl!
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^ This story is about the time I had a very… friendly roommate in College… Like, overly friendly...
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Love you ell rats,
-ell. (your favoritesttt doodle-errrr)

  • eLL cartoons
    eLL cartoons

    ***EDIT*** PLEASE READ: Hey guys, just want to remind you that Laddi was NOT my actual roommate in College, she was just playing the part. Laddi is a comedian, and an animator like me. SHE IS NOT ACTUALLY LIKE THIS IN REAL LIFE, lol. She is also a good friend of mine so PLEASE stop typing mean comments to her! She was just voicing a funny character. Don't be mean. Thanks for reading. P.S., I was totally joking about Texas being dumb LOL, it's actually a joke I got from Spongebob. OKIE just needed to clear that stuff up. I LOVE YOU ELL RATS!!! Thanks for watching.

    • Aubrey Garcia
      Aubrey Garcia

      You are the best

    • Meikashae Thurlow
      Meikashae Thurlow


    • Meikashae Thurlow
      Meikashae Thurlow

      Can all of u pls stop?!?!?! STOP THIS CRAP WITH THE " IM A HUGE FAN" ITS ANNOYING NOW SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!how's that for a change?

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      Dinorha Flores


    • Harry The moth
      Harry The moth

      eLL cartoons I dislike on Laddi video

  • anneathea nicolas
    anneathea nicolas


  • Canyel Johnson
    Canyel Johnson

    If I had a roommate like her I would punch her. And kick her.

  • Cher Cendajas
    Cher Cendajas


  • Cher Cendajas
    Cher Cendajas

    This was so funny when laddy said "Have you ever seen a horse pee?" Hahahahahaa That was so dang funny

  • slimmy31

    LADDY WHY HER 🦛🕸🕸🦛🦖🦏🦖🦎🦛🦎🦏🐘🦎🦀🦒🐘🦐🐫🦏🦐🕷🐫🦐🦀🦐🦞🦏🦗🦐🦒🐅🦗🐅🕷

  • Kelly Hibbert
    Kelly Hibbert

    I well beat her up and say shut the f*ck up you peraneoing thing, i dont need to now about your live ok, and stop SPEKING, and if you wont to kick me out, i'll tell the principle why i,m like this wich is because you never shut up!!😡😬😠😣

  • Antonio Key
    Antonio Key


  • Purple sparkle cat cute Moonlight
    Purple sparkle cat cute Moonlight

    I’m new

  • Carnation Flower
    Carnation Flower

    “Your in my face😣😦😤” Laddie:*still asks question* “YOUR IN MY FACE!!😖😭😤😡” Me:Bahahahahah🤣🤣

  • Rohan

    Laddie sure loves to talk (;-;)

  • Isaac542009 Pro1
    Isaac542009 Pro1

    If he or she did that i will be like can you just shut up

  • Mikayla Crawford
    Mikayla Crawford

    That Fucker asshole 2

  • Kane 66
    Kane 66

    Lol Texas part is from sponge bob lol

  • Ema Suri calloway
    Ema Suri calloway

    SpongeBob: who cares about dum old Texas. Sandy: what did you say

  • Briya Carter
    Briya Carter

  • Wolfie 1
    Wolfie 1

    Next title:I killed my roomate because he won't shutup

  • Remona Walker
    Remona Walker

    Laddi:cujvkcmbngddhxnvm cnbcfbfxkgbggdnmgn ell: shut up

  • Rupa Choun
    Rupa Choun

    She’s probably U.G.L.Y

  • Amy Dole
    Amy Dole

    I like this

  • williamplayz

    Laddi is a shadderbox

  • Toy Shack
    Toy Shack

    Press the 👍 if you hate laddi👹👿😈👺

  • •/ CloverHail /•
    •/ CloverHail /•

    “Have you ever seen a horse pee?”

  • Cailyn Benn
    Cailyn Benn

    AND I AM SICK ABOUT HEARING DUMB OLD TEXAS! *That.was Laddie's last straw* "What did you say about Texas?" Texas is dumb?" "Get out." It's just like in that episode of Spongebob. "Hey Patrick,what I'm I now?" "Uhh,stupid?" "No,I'm Texas" "What's the difference?" Patrick just roasted the fuck out of Texas.😂😂😂

  • Megan Antonacci
    Megan Antonacci

    I love y'all videos and you two!!!!!!!!❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤

  • Taro Yamada
    Taro Yamada

    Her name is---- *GET GEICO 4 CAR INSURANCE*

  • Amarillys Cedeno
    Amarillys Cedeno

    DoNt ToUch mY HaT

  • Toddles

    Buy headphones so I don’t have to hear her

  • Syafa Alwahda
    Syafa Alwahda

    Wait your collage is in malaysia?

  • Johnson Family
    Johnson Family

    It’s the female odd1sout yay

  • Gunstone Warrior
    Gunstone Warrior

    Hey ell I know that this might be like “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH DIS HAT IS SO IMPORTANT TO MEH HUH?!” It’s just becuz I was just wondering on why the hat you always wear is so important to you...P.S I love your cartoons

  • yarezi ceja
    yarezi ceja

    i love ur carttons elle

  • mitty turtal
    mitty turtal

    Y is thar sigorets?

  • Me Tree YT
    Me Tree YT

    YOUR *IN* *MY* *BED*

  • Chris McCann
    Chris McCann

    You:Walking Down The Hallway Of Dorms Me:You Walked Past 26B And Also On The Sheet It Said 36B

  • Noah Scott
    Noah Scott

    I would tell her to shut up and say that she is a idiot I hate talkative people I’m just the same as you eLL

  • Speed the gaming jolteon
    Speed the gaming jolteon

    Dumb old texas you say.... why don't you take a trip there and try there mexican food. Then let's see if it's dumb now!!! Jk but you should try the food it is really good

  • Gabe Davenport
    Gabe Davenport

    I can’t wait for college

  • Jacob Ginsburg
    Jacob Ginsburg

    She sounds like a turkey

  • The Walrus
    The Walrus

    My friend who seems to have adhd and an obsession with horses: HaVe YoU sEeN a HoRsE pEe?!?!

  • Tony Spatara
    Tony Spatara


  • just random yeeter foxes
    just random yeeter foxes

    I would *takes deep breath* KicK HEr oUT Of A wInDow ANd SpanK HEr bUTt Laddi: blah blah have you blah horse blah blah *keeps talking* Meh mind:shit😂 Me:I'm not being mean just being funny✌

  • Ste Waddy
    Ste Waddy

    I’m not in college yet but I can tell il hate it and my roomate

  • Beris Edwards
    Beris Edwards

    You said she was making a video about her being your roommate ... Where is that :3

    • Beris Edwards
      Beris Edwards

      @eLL cartoons okey, the :3

    • eLL cartoons
      eLL cartoons

      She’s not done with it yet 😋 She’s actually in college so she’s busy lol ❤️

  • Kitty Cookie
    Kitty Cookie

    And don’t you EVER! come back.

  • Princess Nevaeh
    Princess Nevaeh

    Dont call Texas dumb cuz I live there

  • Totally not a Joke
    Totally not a Joke

    OoPs i toch your hat

  • lays chavez
    lays chavez

    Let me Explain studio is Better then you But I still like your videos ok so do not think I hate you mk

  • Alex and Elijah
    Alex and Elijah

    SpongeBob reference though

  • jahquan christopher
    jahquan christopher

    Lol sandy cheeks andbpatrick dumb old texas

  • Kyle Greenwood
    Kyle Greenwood

    I hate these people

  • Snicker doodle Choclate
    Snicker doodle Choclate

    Lady is so salty dum

  • Egg dog
    Egg dog

    Lmao you think in the morning laddi going to be calm shes gonna get alot of energy

  • Leon Kite
    Leon Kite

    Yeah I’ve done that before

  • Anime Kitten
    Anime Kitten

    She just Uno reverse carded you

  • gacha lux
    gacha lux

    At 0:21 on where she's finding her dorm 26B IT IS BEHIND HER!!!

  • Lippies F
    Lippies F

    Laddi is a Karen.

  • Lippies F
    Lippies F

    0:21 26B IS BEHIND YA’ REEE yeah I knowit must’ve been an error. Me and my sister share the iPad.

  • abtwitch

    Texas is dumb OK maybe the rest of Texas is dumb but not Austin

  • Pearl Beep
    Pearl Beep

    That’s like me Amethyst: **on my bed** **Me wakes up** Me: uh, YOU’RE IN MY BED ... me: YOU’RE IN MY BED

    • Pearl Beep
      Pearl Beep

      DucQy ohmigoodness

    • DucQy

      Pearl Beep WOMP WOMP