Megan Thee Stallion & Normani (Birds of Prey: The Album) - Diamonds [Official Music Video]
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  • Gabriel

    The fact that this still has only 5 million views after days of its release pisses me off. WHERE ARE THE PROMO FOR THE GIRLS ATLANTIC?!?!

  • Vincent Videos
    Vincent Videos

    Why did no one tell me about this?!?!

  • Beatriz Guimarães
    Beatriz Guimarães

    Aplaudindo com os pés, as maos estão digitando o quanto a Normani é linda

  • Mayo

    Girl reminds me of Mya a lil.

  • Владимир Кошелев
    Владимир Кошелев

    И это видео 12+ голые жопы и золотые цепи , идиотия на высшем уровне !

  • anisa nurraudah
    anisa nurraudah


  • Darrell Mason
    Darrell Mason

    I mean dang i like the video better then the dam song i mean just saying

  • Ji Jo
    Ji Jo

    Beautiful women!!

  • Dappis

    I don't even have memes for this, Megan just fucking killed it.

  • Sheck z
    Sheck z

    Another unnoticed bop for these Queens... 🙄

  • harley quinn
    harley quinn

    Movie doesn't come out the song comes out 😂

  • Savannah Raye
    Savannah Raye

    I live for normani🤩❤️😍

  • prancer1000


  • shabye boop boop
    shabye boop boop

    why does megans flow sound like saweetie @1:42

  • Toni Sara
    Toni Sara

    I get it. Harley Quin has a split personality. One is shown by Normani's cool but sensual character: She'll steal for heart then your wallet. The other personality is Meghan the stallion which is more aggressive and overtly sexy: She'll leave you with a broken heart and a concussion.

  • Konceited Kai
    Konceited Kai

    ill probably watch the film now

  • Kpop TimeXOXO
    Kpop TimeXOXO

    The collab I needed☺️


    D,, dsmssss

  • WellnessDiva Chronicles—KETO
    WellnessDiva Chronicles—KETO

    Anybody else feeling like it's time for a 2020 "Set It Off" reboot? I need to see it.

  • Monopolybuteragrande Iloveari
    Monopolybuteragrande Iloveari

    Normanis pants had the word motivation on it

  • jean russel
    jean russel

    The Marilyn Monroe reference♡

  • Shomari Monroe
    Shomari Monroe

    I loved watching your video today


    They better get a VMA Award for this 🔥

  • Amanda Walcott
    Amanda Walcott

    This song, (VIDEO) is FIRE! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jaihlyn williams
    Jaihlyn williams

    This is fire

  • Moon Rise
    Moon Rise

    They actually make me wanna watch the movie!! That "don't call me angel" song turned me off from the movie.

  • Sarah Contr
    Sarah Contr

    First listen: it’s okay I guess Second listen: it’s actually pretty good... Third listen: DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND!!! 💎 💎 From a Cardi B fan, this is a great song!

  • Harry Pothead
    Harry Pothead

    Can't wait for this.Also I heard Chris Terrio and JJ Abrams are working on man of steel 2 with Henry Cavill which will be a continuation of Zack Snyder's mos.

  • ankamovi

    Está genial

  • Williams J
    Williams J


  • Stevii Lal
    Stevii Lal

    This sounds like Fake smile by Ariana Grande

    • Deshawn Sain
      Deshawn Sain

      Stevii Lal it’s not even close

  • Gia Rene
    Gia Rene

    This vid would have way more views if it were posted on Megan or Normani's channels. I feel like it was posted on Atlantic's because of their higher subscriber count, but most of their subscribers aren't even active with most their vids, so like....


    I don’t know if Harley finna sing this in the movie while wearing Marylin Monroe dress on


    Os, ,a,, a, skkss

  • Saise


  • JovanaSkyWarrior

    Norman I keeps slaaaayyyying !! Givin me some 50 cent and Gwen stefani vibes mixed together somehow😍💯

  • Nichole Peters
    Nichole Peters

    Love it!

  • Amelia Ibrahim
    Amelia Ibrahim

    I only came here for normani

  • Arlindo Carvalho
    Arlindo Carvalho

    Normani entenda vc é perfeitaa

  • James Storey
    James Storey

    Two fine woman in one video, cool 😎👍🏼😁😁

  • Lacy Powless
    Lacy Powless

    They did so good idk why this song didnt make as i thought it should. Its a top of mine.

  • Yousef Omar
    Yousef Omar

    We need remix with nicki minaj queen 👸🏽✋🏼🦄

  • feron minsaria
    feron minsaria

    i like

  • Yungbaby oat
    Yungbaby oat

    This remind me of Candy Girls in The purge. Love that

  • Rizky Arifin
    Rizky Arifin

    Squad Goals

  • Просто Нохчо _095
    Просто Нохчо _095

    Только я здесь из росси и только уменя эта реклама

  • Dhani Agustia
    Dhani Agustia

    They need to sing it on live tv show/awards show. This is SOOOOO GOOD!!!

  • loubna loubna
    loubna loubna

    5 ml in 5 days not good.

  • Mary Kozakura
    Mary Kozakura

    Doja Cat is coming.

  • Coup Jean
    Coup Jean

    I'm low key hoping that these badass women show up in the film as Eva and Holly Green

  • Grumpygaykid

    I’m sorry but every time I hear “it’s freezing in my bag” I hear “it’s freezing in my bed” lmao

  • Daud Rotama
    Daud Rotama

    They both look like the Birds of Prey more than the Birds of Prey themselves.

  • Hunter Kelly
    Hunter Kelly


  • Blue Love
    Blue Love

    Normani: am about to be the black marylin moroe for this shit Director: can you do that ? Also normani: 2:33

  • R. Ann
    R. Ann

    Hell yes now errrybody gonna know who Megan & Normani are 👑👑

  • Tammy Brewer
    Tammy Brewer

    I can take the pain. Fuckin realest for realz

  • ShaneGlossin

    You can put a diamond on a pig and it still ain't yo best friend

  • Toshinori Yagi
    Toshinori Yagi

    I love how you can here Marilyn's voice at the end that's a nice touch , I never noticed that before😊

  • j Bryant
    j Bryant

    I wanna see nicki minaj, megan and normani hop on a track 😩.