Joe Burrow’s dad says the QB would be happy if drafted by the Bengals | Get Up
Jimmy Burrow, Joe Burrow’s father, says the QB is willing to play for Cincinnati if the Bengals draft him with the No. 1 overall pick at the 2020 NFL Draft.
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  • Fernando Betanzos
    Fernando Betanzos

    Boreaux... GEAUX.

  • Weston Vlogs
    Weston Vlogs

    Bruh draft him n trade dalton for either defensive pieces or linemen and work on both from there that’s all we need we have nice young talent on both sides of the ball im a few years IF they play their cards right they could be good


    Will he be successful on the bengals? Probably not but he made it to the NFL regardless of how bad the team is

  • Doug W
    Doug W

    He'll get killed if he goes to the Bengals no line and management sucks

  • Christian

    Dan orlovsky is an idiot. 3 FRPs for 1? Who is declining that?

  • C S
    C S

    I can’t wait till this man busts so Dan can not fess up to how wrong he was

  • Xavier Duke
    Xavier Duke

    Joe burrow is not the best college qb of all time. He had the best season. But we remember his junior year too. No matter who’s the coach if you’re the best cfb qb of all time it will show by your junior year.

  • Avionic

    "If you're the General Manager in Cincinnati, what would you do?" Continue to not exist...?

  • HyperStar Gaming
    HyperStar Gaming

    I’m sorry, I don’t want teams being selfish and taking him and actively MAKING him a bust, when he could be the best by going to a team that runs a similar style to his passing offense godliness. You know, a team like... the Saints? They get late round picks, I know, but god I hate the idea that Joe Burrow is about to be laid to waste because the Bengals value the pick, not the player. They don’t help anybody on the team, they’re cheapskates. Nobody is trained well on the Bengals, and the team isn’t a team, it’s a jumble. Nobody works together because nobody feels they should try, because their own company owners don’t care for them.

  • Brent Socie
    Brent Socie

    Do they realize there is no GM in cincy?

  • Lloyd Woody
    Lloyd Woody

    If he stays in Ohio and he is good. He might think about politics after football.

  • Euan Cheney
    Euan Cheney

    Of course he is going to say that because every franchise can turn it around eventually and also he isn't Archie manning he is not going to say he will force them to trade Joe out of Cincinnati

  • Sunny D Tangy
    Sunny D Tangy


  • Rod Winter
    Rod Winter

    Burrow should go to Miami if the deal can be done, with all those draft picks the fins are on the up and up

  • Lana Navan
    Lana Navan

    Good challenge

  • ElmwoodParkHulk

    He reminds me of Joe Montana ...I was watching Joe M dogging and moving and completing passes , I see the competitive nature and the nice touch on the ball . If they put the right system around him the Bengals could have their Montana type quarterback that beat them in the Super Bowl .

  • Backgammon

    He would have one of the most talented receiving cores in the league to start his career with, a solid RB, an O-line that could be good if they can stay healthy. The offense is not a question. They need make some big moves in free agency to get some defensive leaders in there. Plus Joe would be closer to home playin for a home state team. I know the NFL is all about money, marketing and media but it would be nice to see a person play for a team because he genuinely wants to. Mike Brown just needs to invest in some good peices to put around him. It is a team game after all.

  • Thomas Goodall
    Thomas Goodall

    All of this media coverage just shows exactly how little the media have watched the Bengals, they know absolutely nothing about this current team!

  • Thatkiddadreamer 3528
    Thatkiddadreamer 3528

    Lol Bengals is actually a good place to go! Aj Green Eifert John Ross Tyler Boyd Joe Mixon

  • Sarah McCoy
    Sarah McCoy

    Cincinnati is a franchise where the career of good players go to die. How many great players have signed with Cincinnati over the years and how many have gone on to have stellar careers? Joe Burrow would be smart to say “no” to the Bengals. If Burrow wants to win. Now, if he just wants to collect a pay check, that is another story. Historically, the Bengals have not surrounded their quarterbacks with good personnel. It takes a team to win in the NFL.

  • Pete Cruz
    Pete Cruz

    Congrats Dad On that comment, but your son will be running for his life with that offensive frontline,they are faster and hit harder in the NFL,but I wish him well he's a great prospect.

  • Max Moreland
    Max Moreland

    hope Joe be good on the Bengals

  • NowWithVitaminR

    Its pretty funny how the media is pushing this story about Burrow "pulling an Eli" with zero evidence to support it, I don't remember any talk of Baker Mayfield possibly doing this when going to the Browns despite it being a QB/GM/HC graveyard and a much worse record. It seems like people are just salty that quite possibly the best college football QB is going to a team with a small home town and fanbase. Get over it.

  • Jared Thomas
    Jared Thomas

    agreed, why not ? being the number ONE overall pick is GREAT

  • Byron Young
    Byron Young

    At what point do Joe's Nuts stop dragging on the ground LOL

  • Ian Burke
    Ian Burke

    Who’s a tiger always a tiger

  • Jack Moreland
    Jack Moreland

    hope Joe be good on the Bengals

  • Jack Moreland
    Jack Moreland

    hope Joe Burrow brings that fire to cincy Bengal

  • A T
    A T

    The media is insane if they think Joe Burrow is going to pull an Eli in his home state. Honestly it's pretty sick how these people are trying to manipulate where he goes. How does ESPN allow this? I mean they might as well be taking money from the other teams it's so obvious.

  • A T
    A T

    I think you mean Jared Goff has some Burrow maneuverability. Burrow is way more athletic.

  • Lance Mcdonald
    Lance Mcdonald

    Feel bad for him

  • Streaming Kayaking
    Streaming Kayaking

    Burrow wouldn't pull an Eli Manning move and trade to another team after being drafted

  • Troy Jones Sr
    Troy Jones Sr

    LOL, little skinny guy with glasses trying to create a style, looks like a confused beta male with a foo foo hair style😂 The Bengals get three first round picks plus, they'd be smart to trade.. Forget emotional distractions.. Cowboys traded Walker, shocked everyone..result: Multiple Superbowls😳😎✊

    • shawn. w
      shawn. w

      This ain't Jerry Jones we're talking about Mike brown he's not gonna trade the number one pick

  • R’illest Talk
    R’illest Talk

    Good thing about the draft, a bad team like the Bengals could draft the no. 1 pick and negotiate multiple and future picks/trades for him to fill more needed positions. No losing team can change overnight with one player ... if ever. After his initial NFL contract, free-agency will land him back in Louisiana with the Saints. Drew Breeze didn’t mentor him for nothing.

  • BeerGrills

    Joe Burrow is the most complete QB in years.. We’ll miss you in Louisiana. With Brees retiring in the next few years, would love to have him at the Saints

  • Mark Burch
    Mark Burch

    Sad that Joe Burrow will have his promising career wasted in Cincinnati.

  • MrKastila

    as an LSU Tiger and NO Saints fan, I am looking forward to seeing Joe go to Cincy and stay a bengal/tiger!

  • Austin Farrell
    Austin Farrell

    There’s no speculation espn and the media are just saying he shouldn’t go there

  • Milap Mehta
    Milap Mehta

    ESPN should make the GetUP set shrink from 6 to 5 because of Orlovsky's comment. Please show me all the titles Oakland, Cleveland, Detroit, St.Louis (LA), Carolina, Indianapolis, and Tampa Bay have won with their number one overall QB picks. That's just me going back to 2007. There are plenty of other failures that can be added to the list. Please ESPN, get some real analysts. There are lots of journalism students/graduates who can actually add something to these conversations.

  • Jack Moreland
    Jack Moreland

    joe burrow is going to be a Bengal

  • Righteous1

    If I was JB I would go to a big city that has a history of winning Superbowls.

    • Righteous1

      @Brandon Larkin Eli Manning did it to San Diego, John Elway also did it, I heard.

    • Brandon Larkin
      Brandon Larkin

      He dosent have a say so my guy lol

  • AJ Maka
    AJ Maka

    Of course he'll be happy to go to Cincy. He's a Ohio boy. Duh! The media themselves speculated about the possible of him not going there but then they break the news to themselves about his dads comments..😂😂 This is hilarious. No one is suprised by this news except the media

  • Hydro Gen
    Hydro Gen

    He's the next Josh McCown out there or JP Losman, maybe even Matt Shuaub. Because we all know it, he will either be rookie of the year next season or a beautiful royalty to tell you that most NCAA champions don't go anywhere in the NFL. They are a wheeler of that position at QB and will probably end a 2-3 commitment at Buffalo Bills or Houston Texans. Now I don't imagine teams jumping at him for a first overall draft pick. If they do, he could even end up Cincy that's a good point. But don't imagine them ever turning that organization around with him. No, not with Andy Dalton either. What a wise guy.

    • Heath Reynolds
      Heath Reynolds

      Shhhhhh, dummy

  • Free Tilly
    Free Tilly

    After 3 years, he can go somewhere to get paid.

    • Mark Burch
      Mark Burch

      If he can survive the plane crash that will happen at Cincinnati.

  • Claude Crevecoeur
    Claude Crevecoeur

    Yeah right !! Joe Burrow will not be a successful QB in the NFL with the Bengals

  • Force Alchemist
    Force Alchemist

    People forget that the Bengals won a lot of games over the past decade including making the playoffs five years in a row. They just could never get over the hump in the playoffs with Andy Dalton. They put great offensive lines around both Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton. They are just in a rebuild phase like they were in 2003 and 2011. They'll put pieces around Joe Burrow and he'll ultimately have a chance given recent history.

  • Clown comments
    Clown comments

    Bengals still gonna suck like every year 😂

    • Varun Prabhu
      Varun Prabhu

      Looking on the past decade (2010s), the Bengals went to 5 straight playoffs (they did lose every playoff game, but a team making the playoffs consistently is not usually one that "sucks"). Only NE and GB had more straight appearances in that time. But foolish of me to think that you watched football.

    • Daniel Mocsny
      Daniel Mocsny

      They went 12-4 in 2015 and won their division, just like the 2019 Patriots.

  • Benny Greene
    Benny Greene

    Not to criticize clemson, a great team, but you cant just cover your man, but you need to turn around to look for the football or you can never be able to swat it down. Fundamental: Turn around , look for the football.

  • Y. J. Hinton
    Y. J. Hinton

    What would people say about Joe Borrow if he tried to dictate where he'll play and what conditions it would have to be under? Joe B. is excited for the opportunity to be the first overall draft pick, to play in the NFL, and has confidence that he can be successful wherever that is. With that said I hope the Bengals stop reaching for mediocrity, stop running itself as a third rate team, and put the pieces around him to succeed, starting with the "O" line. Hopefully they realize what they have, the opportunities he'll give them to be successful on the field and with their fans so they don't waist his talents. They have a great fan base that will consistently come out to support them which will bring them more money.

  • Na je
    Na je

    I would answer calls on the pick. .they need more then just a rookie , they got to get better defensively. Dalton is not bad but he does need a fresh start . I would try to get teddy and draft tua

    • Daniel Mocsny
      Daniel Mocsny

      Of course a team should entertain the offers. But it would have to be a sky-high offer to justify giving up Burrow. And it would probably be worse for Burrow to go to a team that just gave up multiple first-round picks to get him, since that would hurt that team's rebuilding prospects for years. No matter what, Burrow is going to a bad team, since none of the good teams have enough draft capital to trade all the way up to #1. Burrow would have to do something stupid to fall in the draft, if he wants to go to a currently good team.

  • Braden Carter
    Braden Carter

    I feel like Joe will be a bust and in a few years they will make a “why were _ players picked before Tua”

    • shawn. w
      shawn. w

      @Braden Carter tua would be nothing but a hazard a team wouldn't get nowhere with him as qb

    • Braden Carter
      Braden Carter

      @Heath Reynolds "lil fella" ahahaha someone is mad that i gave my opinion. what if no one cares what you think?

    • Heath Reynolds
      Heath Reynolds

      Braden Carter No one cares what you think, lil fella

  • Bert Jones
    Bert Jones

    Get the four eyed blithering idiot into the dunce cap! Can Joe be the guy, as if football isn't a team sport. He can't make others players better with their skills. Sounds like he's crushing on Joe rather than doing analysis. Joe might play for the Bengals but he's no Cheeto Jesus. He's going to need help from the top down.

  • Bill Murray
    Bill Murray

    Who dey!!!!!

  • Jamaal Ali
    Jamaal Ali

    He's an Ohio boy he should be elated. He would be an instant hit with the fans and ticket sales would increase and he might be the one to help turn it around...

  • MultiKushie

    Been saying this.. even if they get Burrow, that’s still just a piece of the pie that they need ..

    • Daniel Mocsny
      Daniel Mocsny

      Sure, but they'll have years to add those pieces if Burrow plays well. After the then-sorry Colts drafted Peyton Manning, they took five years to win a playoff game. Once a team has its quarterback, adding the other pieces is straightforward.

  • FabioJ-

    Burrow is either a Bengal or Panther no question. It’s just whether Carolina is willing to trade possibly 3 first round draft picks. And then some

    • shawn. w
      shawn. w

      Mike brown said he's not trading the first pick for nothing

  • JJ Grey
    JJ Grey

    Sadly, JBurrow will in fact be a Bungle....They are such a BAD org (owned by a rich kid who NEVER accomplished anything on his own despite having ALL the advantages) that he will end up disappointed in his career...Carson Palmer had to threaten retirement to leave Cincy because he'd seen enough...MBrown has not changed...they brought up MStafford at Detroit... considering his skill it's been a crashing disappointment...the Lions are also owned by a bunch of rich kids who have never accomplished anything worthy in their lifetimes despite having ALL the advantages...yes, unfortunately the Cincinnati Mediocre Black Hole Jungle will consume his promising career...too bad...the kid deserves better

  • Clip Clop
    Clip Clop

    lavar ball says you can stop me anytime

  • Chris smith
    Chris smith

    he will end up in in new england watch


    Joe Burrow will be a massive success in the NFL. He is no Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, or some basket case QB that was hyped up during the draft. He has Peyton Manning written all over him. The Bengals will be the talk of the AFC North for 15 years when he becomes the QB.