Joe Burrow caps perfect season with 6 TDs in CFP National Championship | College Football Highlights
Heisman winner Joe Burrow throws five touchdowns to Ja’Marr Chase (2), Terrace Marshall Jr., Thaddeus Moss (2), and runs in another to lead the undefeated LSU Tigers to a 42-25 CFP National Championship win over the Clemson Tigers.
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  • Ivan Grado
    Ivan Grado

    Burrow is such an amazing QB . Cinci better treat him right cause he can win some super bowls on the future

  • Cheat Activated
    Cheat Activated

    That number #8 DB “Terrell JR” on Clemson defense is HORRIBLE! Literally didn’t even put his hands up or look for the ball at 1:55. Dude should’ve gotten benched this game cause he gave up so many TD’s and huge plays and all he does is Pass interference on the WR trying to hold his arm everytime... terrible... simply terrible


    After watching this 2 months after the game I almost completely forgot that Clemson actually had the lead at one point.

  • Ellis Hugh
    Ellis Hugh

    Will anyone EVER again score 14 TD's in the two-game CFB Play-off? LSU dropped an easy TD, missed a gimme FG and took a knee on the 4 yard line to end the game - they could have hung 60 on Clemson, the #1 scoring defense in the nation.

    • RedT

      56. The field goal miss happened after chase dropped the easy TD. But still yeah

  • b harty
    b harty

    It seems like a dream that this Ohio kid is coming back home to play for my Bengals!

  • Serafin Nunez
    Serafin Nunez

    The Geauxt played the second half with a separated rib.

  • JS Pizzolato
    JS Pizzolato

    This is so much fun watching over and over again. I was worried that Clemson might have a scheme to trip up the REAL TIGERS, but as we all know: they didn't! GEAUX TIGERS of LSU!!!!!

  • Leslie Jackson
    Leslie Jackson

    62 haters 😝😂😂 Geaux Tiga's!

  • Brandon Vilssaint
    Brandon Vilssaint

    Joe Burrow 🐐😎💯

  • John Fox
    John Fox

    Such an incredible story

  • Tom Sarsfield
    Tom Sarsfield

    Perfect season. I don't care how much certain people hate LSU. It was the greatest season, by the greatest team, with the greatest quarterback, in the history of college football...EVER.

  • Steep Grade54
    Steep Grade54

    Mahomes vs Burrows and whatever team he’s the qb on.Can’t wait to see that game...🤤

  • Jon W
    Jon W

    with Mike Brown calling the shots in Cinci, Burrow is in trouble. i hate to see such a talent go to waste. hopefully he can get out after a while and on a descent team. AND I LIVE IN CINCI. moved here in 2018 and the vibe here is ehhh not very good.

  • Nurse Belle
    Nurse Belle

    At the very start of the video I don’t get the comparison of playing QB like a MLB? Isn’t it the opposite way around when describing the position? Lol

  • 2nd to none Bear
    2nd to none Bear

    Can’t wait to see him in Cincinnati

  • Brent Carroll
    Brent Carroll

    I am ready for April 23rd been long time Bengals fan since 2002 Joe going lead my Bengals to Super Bowl 55.

  • Luis MVP
    Luis MVP

    Burrow in Bengals 2020 🔥

  • Cohen Smith
    Cohen Smith

    Joe wins the hesiman trophy we are undefeated a win against Alabama and national champions what a unbelievable season

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor

    Lacks Arm Talent....yeah I don't See that at all here

  • cmillerdaniel

    Fake news if you do t call this the greatest college team ever.... middle finger never Trumper’s


    Clemson would have had 2 or 3 losses this year if they were in the SEC. They weren’t any better than most other teams LSU played all year. Not even our toughest game.

  • P G
    P G

    And that’s our third natty in the last 20 years and I saw them all geaux tigers

  • Mark Hogue
    Mark Hogue

    Joe is the GOAT ☀️💥☝️🎰🌌

  • Ray Pratt
    Ray Pratt

    Ya know this kid BURROW is really good but how much credit should be given to his WR's??cuz hes got a tremendous group of pass catchers,the catch EVERYTHING!!and again his timing looks to be awesome,but u can see his recievers adjust to where the ball is gonna be,they work really,really well together!!if this poor guy ends up in Cincinnati 😢😢😢I think he'd be better off in Miami,with PARKER and GESICKI,but imo it would be kinda crazy to give away all ur top picks for him,even tho he looks great,wouldnt be the first time a kid comes into the league and looks nothing like what everyone saw in college!!

  • Jam Slam
    Jam Slam

    OMG I'm amazed at how great this video quality is, it's soooo sharp! Oh and Burrow wasn't bad either!

  • Dylan 1400
    Dylan 1400

    Bengals drafting a young 🐐

  • Robert Rodz
    Robert Rodz

    That was simply Beautiful !! That Burrow kid is awesome !! ✌️

  • Brent Carroll
    Brent Carroll

    Who Dey

  • URSoDead2Me

    Did anyone REALLY believe Clemson's secondary was going to be able to cover either Chase, Jefferson, Moss or Marshall 1 v 1? C'mon man...Chase absolutely abused TF out of Terrell.

  • Kelly Ballaro
    Kelly Ballaro

    Steelers have to be Nervous, Lamar Jackson-Joe Burrow-Baker Mayfield......and poor Mason Rudolph...LMAO Steelers are soon to be basement dwellers in the AFC North

  • Money Shot
    Money Shot

    LSU only won because they scored more points

  • Travis Bourg
    Travis Bourg

    5:48. Perfect reed by the qb. Saw no safety

  • Bill N
    Bill N

    I am 80 years old and have been an LSU fan since I was about 5. This is the best LSU team I have ever seen. They deserved that championship.

  • Larri Lindsey
    Larri Lindsey

    Early doucet should be proud #9

  • Chris CJC
    Chris CJC


  • lucozademan999

    omg the band is annoying

  • Gjr Hatz
    Gjr Hatz

    Stephen A, you’re a moron!

  • Rodney Cooper
    Rodney Cooper

    Cant even say Tom Brady and this guy in the same sentence. Talk to me when he has 6 Superbowl s

    • Colin Barlow
      Colin Barlow

      Rodney Cooper Joe Burrow > Tom Brady

    • Rodney Cooper
      Rodney Cooper

      That's 6 Superbowl not a college bowl game with two teams who probably have 2 guys going into the nfl

  • Pissu Kollek
    Pissu Kollek

    won't be surprised if mike brown passes up on this dude.

  • Trevor Johnson
    Trevor Johnson

    Urban Meyer chose Dwayne Haskins over this guy wrap your head around that .

    • T South
      T South

      Not chose, he got injured, Haskins stepped in and earned the job, even became a heisman favorite

  • rooster

    I love it that clemson got beat, I hope and pray that Bama will never ever lets dabo become our coach, Bama will be there next year and continue the beating of clemson again for the NC. SEC

  • saintconnor

    this man just had 13 TDs vs 2 of the top 3 teams not called LSU in consecutive weeks. how crazy is that.

  • Third Herd
    Third Herd

    This kid needs to get a world class agent to get to Miami instead of Cincy!!! Just ask Eli Manning

  • Tori Rodriguez
    Tori Rodriguez

    Number 8 on Clemson lost his girl that day

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown

    If I'm Ohio state I'm going to be thinking real different

  • Chef Danger
    Chef Danger

    Already loving our new QB. WHO DEY!!!!

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike

    I just hope this wasn’t his peak.

  • dovid70

    Burrow and AJ green on the same team going to bne something to see.

  • Connie B
    Connie B

    I hope he’s ready for Cincinnati. So sorry he will have to get beat down like that.

  • Eric Fitch
    Eric Fitch

    LSU hacked college football this year.

  • Michael Barras
    Michael Barras

    Nothing finer than being a Tiger fan! LSU, LSU, LSU, LSU, LSU, LSU, LSU!!!! GEAUX TIGERS!!!! #1 BABY!!!!

  • Wrangle McDangle
    Wrangle McDangle

    he's special

  • Human_Guinea_ Pig_
    Human_Guinea_ Pig_

    Joe Burrow is all the proof you need that the game of football is alive, well, and not going anywhere!

  • charlie kim
    charlie kim

    Poor guy he will probably go to Bengals

  • Fishslap 33
    Fishslap 33

    Glaturations. and welcome to the Cincinnatti Bingos!

  • O-H-I-O Go Buckeyes
    O-H-I-O Go Buckeyes

    How'd you like that targeting call Clemson?😂

  • Lloyd Christmas
    Lloyd Christmas

    Imagine if joe burrow was a freshman!

  • Daniel Jordan
    Daniel Jordan

    Carolina Panthers

  • Eric Jackson
    Eric Jackson

    Dude is a crazy talent but that O-Line is incredible

  • Richard Dixon
    Richard Dixon

    Most accomplished qb and team in history