Joe Burrow - Heisman Highlights ᴴᴰ
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Joe Burrow Highlights (Heisman Winner)
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  • richi vie
    richi vie

    Good QB if he has a good OL he could be the second best QB in the NFL after PM15

  • Kelly Ballaro
    Kelly Ballaro

    Payton Manning didn't look this good in college

  • Its Cupid
    Its Cupid

    Bro this man #1 is cookin

  • Angoose

    I like the man. But he's playing for the Bungals lmao

  • Kirk Perez
    Kirk Perez

    Ah all them Ohio State highlights. To bad he couldn't cut it there. Pretty bad he had to go to a loaded team. He is worth Cinci. But I bet he he will pull a Manning and tuck tail to go to another loaded team. He wont have to work for it. He wants the glory without the work.

  • Astoria

    In his heisman speech he doesn’t talk about much, except appreciation to his parents, coaches, teammates, his o-line, and god. Mad respect to him for being so humble, I feel as everyone says everyone is humble and down to earth all the time about all celebrities practically, but joe burrow truly is.

  • Fisher Webre
    Fisher Webre

    Who’s watching this after LSU goes Fifteen and Eaux?

  • QuantumT

    Justin Jefferson and jamarr chase are like Odell and jarvis😂😂

  • AnimeDoug 99
    AnimeDoug 99

    *the Bengals are watching this closely*

  • Dave G
    Dave G

    This guy made magic, lsu won't be the same without him

  • tannercollins9863

    As long as the Bengals dont ask him to do too much. He's money at mid range. Pound the ball, let him throw some play action passes. Similar to the 49ers offense.

  • * Nandan
    * Nandan

    Cincinnati Bengals

  • Mr Grinch
    Mr Grinch

    So is it burrow or bureaux?

  • Jamaal A
    Jamaal A


  • Jackson Reese
    Jackson Reese


  • 420boyyy

    I LOVE how mad everyone is that hes gonna be a bengal .Its their time .sit back and enjoy the ride ! Who dey

  • Ricardo Vera
    Ricardo Vera

    I don’t know if this is the best QB prospect to ever come out. He did excellent things with an all time supporting cast, which is what you’d want. I love his story. Whatever team drafts him, I hope they do right by him.

  • Jamaal A
    Jamaal A

    Absolutely incredible!

  • Anthony Vasquez
    Anthony Vasquez

    But can he run?

  • MORAVIA1979

    Welcome to Las Vegas.

  • Jonathan B
    Jonathan B

    My dude about to become a Bengal. Absolutely love the idea of Joe in our stripes #GoCincy #OhioBoy

  • Huddah Huddah
    Huddah Huddah

    He better refuse the Bengals if he wants a future

  • Finn_Irgendwas

    yes he has a good o-line and yes he has good receivers. But he is still god damn good

  • Dwight Booker
    Dwight Booker

    This is the perfect example of a great coach, a great O line, an elite Receiving corps. A dominant defense and a great QB creating the perfect Storm. He couldn’t have done this anywhere else.

  • Adam Perez
    Adam Perez

    I wonder how many times Joe Burrow has watched this 😂

  • Timbo Gym
    Timbo Gym

    So many props to the edits man, check out 'MaxWrist' with his impact edits. Get some of that action man keep growin your game! much love

  • Ted Jarman
    Ted Jarman

    So is it spelt 'Burrow' or 'Burreaux'?

  • Jordan Phillips
    Jordan Phillips

    That whole online were brothas lol that's a rarity!

  • Jordan Phillips
    Jordan Phillips

    Dude is nice!

  • Yosef Ben Avraham
    Yosef Ben Avraham

    Somehow, I think he ends up in Miami

  • Bray B
    Bray B

    Let's talk about how good Jamarr Chase is and how much he gets open

  • YouTube explorer
    YouTube explorer

    No college QB was better

  • Kenny

    It’s the line not him. Any QB can complete with that kind of time and throwing lane

  • Jasper Jones
    Jasper Jones

    I'm not even a LSU fan, but damn 2019 was a hell of a year for them! Hands down one of the top 5 programs of all time for a single season. Being southern I am a SEC fan, and I really started paying attention to LSU after the Texas game. I had a feeling they were going to be something special after that. Idk why; I just had a feeling.

  • Gage Camplin
    Gage Camplin

    Joe Burrow is destined for greatness. Just has the “it” factor.

  • Melanie Willingham
    Melanie Willingham

    Hall of fame in the .acking

  • Mr. Ryan
    Mr. Ryan

    Ed Orgeron always sounds like he’s about to challenge Hulk Hogan to a steel cage match.

  • jdmarti100

    Good bunch of receivers on that team too !

  • John

    There needs to be a movie made about this team and this Championship season. Call it “We are LSU”.

  • Unkn0wn Man
    Unkn0wn Man

    Poor guy. Hes gonna end up in Cincy. Hopefully they find a way to not be horrendous

  • Brandon Savitski
    Brandon Savitski

    What a cry baby ass bitch. The Bengals can have him. I don't want a sniveling pansy ass sissy leading my team. I hope he fails miserably in the NFL. Cry baby!

    • Truevillany


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    If he doesn't become a good NFL QB then idk what to say he has all the tools that ball comes out with a little something and it looks so easy

  • Gaxlactic Gaming
    Gaxlactic Gaming

    I’m a forever buckeye. I’m honestly mad that Urban didn’t make him starter for us. Just look how insanely good he is! If we kept him on OSU, we probably would’ve won the Championship this season.

  • Jr Green
    Jr Green

    Imagine burrows and Odell Beckham

  • Jr Green
    Jr Green

    Cleveland better trade to get him he will get the browns to the super bowl several times over.

  • La Dura Verità
    La Dura Verità

    🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻

  • Sworn Chaos
    Sworn Chaos

    joe's story kinda reminds me of tom brady's i think he might be the GOAT

  • Josh Films
    Josh Films

    A sure to be bust

  • Jose Garcia III
    Jose Garcia III

    Joe Burrow looks like the antagonist qb in a dramatic football movie

  • 8MoneyIzmyMission8

    The funny part is after these "heisman highlights", he went on to put up another 950 pass yards 12 TD 0 int and 80 rush yards 2 TD, against 2 top 4 teams. He sat almost the entire 4th quarter vs Oklahoma, and Ed O decided to not score another TD that would have made the game 49-25 vs Clemson. Complete domination.

  • Timothy Spearman
    Timothy Spearman

    Magnificent bunch of guys. Unlike other LSU teams, they actually were a team.

  • Ash DC5 Daphnis
    Ash DC5 Daphnis

    Anyone know the last song?

  • wow man
    wow man

    after he's drafted number 1 QB in the NFL good by Lamar Jackson down to number 2

  • kooliozful

    I am praying that my Chargers trade up from 6th to get this guy- I know these are highlights but he seems to have great awareness to avoid the sack on loads of plays.

  • Colin Ryan
    Colin Ryan

    This editing deserves an Oscar.

  • Ryan Pearce
    Ryan Pearce

    Hope dolphins trade up for that third pick and draft him! Fins up 🐬


    I’m not saying he’s Joe Montana, but his touch and accuracy looks at lot like Montana’s but he’s got quicker feet. I still think anyone who goes to Cincinnati is cursed.


    To be honest he looks like a draft bust

  • Jacob Holladay
    Jacob Holladay

    Wow they really had to stop making NCAA video games huh?

  • Flame Tongue
    Flame Tongue

    Everyone talking Bengals. Dolphins are going to steal this one.