Joe Burrow will have to overcome the NFL’s mental hurdle quickly - Marcus Spears | NFL Live
Marcus Spears weighs in on his expectations for LSU Tigers QB Joe Burrow in the NFL as he prepares for the draft.
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  • Terri Portie
    Terri Portie


  • Mike Roagression
    Mike Roagression

    SOme stat guy on reddit came up with his own system of draft grade using formulas like efficiency, YA/AYA difference minimum 200 passes, and Joe Burrow was the second highest graded QB in his system going back 15's pretty accurate imo the highest graded qb he had coming out of college was actually patrick mahomes

  • ohio stin
    ohio stin

    When joe burrow decides the NFL isn't for him, and college basketball doesn't pick him up, I think he may enjoy a lucrative career with the WWE.

  • GodAmongst M
    GodAmongst M

    He’s gonna be another trubisky spend his entire college career on the bench has one good year now all of a sudden he’s god of football I like joe burrow but he’s not the next coming of Tom brady

    • Sammie Evans
      Sammie Evans

      GodAmongst M Trubisky never had a season like this. Don’t compare that scrub to Smoking joe!

  • Kathy Hannie
    Kathy Hannie

    Marcus we love you down here at Home, proud to have you Booger, and Ryan Clark representing LSU on the big stage at such a high level!! PROUD Allium, 4everLSU!!! "Geaux Tigers"

  • Cliff Deslatte
    Cliff Deslatte

    Joe Burrow is the champ

  • Hurricane

    Tua before his injury wasn't anywhere near Burrow's league. However, now that he is hurt I hope he heals up quickly and still gets drafted high in the draft.

  • Shane Marcotte
    Shane Marcotte


  • Mdmchannel

    He’s a moon faced assassin

  • South Texas Brush Country Boy
    South Texas Brush Country Boy

    Joe Burrow looks like a young Jim Breuer of SNL - Goat Boy and Joe Pesci skits

  • The Ladies Man
    The Ladies Man

    "Whoever wants to pay me money to play the game of football, I'll play for 'em. It doesn't matter to me," Burrow said, per Josh Wingrove of Bloomberg

  • AK legree
    AK legree

    He have to avoid the bust or people well call him joe bust borrow

  • Michelle

    230th comment 😎🤗😒

  • Matthew Gehring
    Matthew Gehring

    I feel bad for him having to go straight to the worst team in the league. Gonna be a waste of talent til he can get tf out of there

  • Kahuna21

    I see another 1st round draft pick fizzle

  • Brad Keegan
    Brad Keegan

    Riiiiiiiiiight..... But if Burrow were Black the title would be "This is why Burrow will hit the ground running in the NFL". Man these Black media heads hate the successful White male

    • I believe you have my stapler
      I believe you have my stapler

      Brad Keegan it’s anti white espn

  • Herbert Otto
    Herbert Otto

    I reviewed all the 2019 LSU games - that is After the victory over Clemson. Joe reminded me of how Tom Brady works the pocket - at Brady's best. But Joe adds quickness and acceleration into a run. And he goes to the run - only as a last resort. Then he converted more 3rd downs with his run than any QB ( I think ). I watched him hug #77 Charles after some extra long times in the pocket - where Charles kept "legal" blocks on pass rushers - that ended in big plays for LSU. Joe knows he needs the work of great O-Line guys. He just makes the most of the opportunities. When Marshal dropped a TD pass - he came over to Joe on sidelines and said sorry. Joe slapped him on chest and said "We'll get the next one" -- and a few plays later Marshal made a great TD catch. It could have been a movie scene - but it was Reality - played out live on TV. I'm a believer now - after a lifetime cheering Iowa Hawks and USC. I'm a Joe fan now. He will have to do something real bad to shake me off. I'm not expecting that. Go Tigers. Go Joe!

  • jjack flash
    jjack flash

    Burrow broke his hand at OSU, nobody seems to account for that. If not, he might well have the QB there.

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius

    I hope New England gets him.

    • Weathered Memories
      Weathered Memories

      Like NE hasn't been in the spot light enough.

    • shawn. w
      shawn. w

      Ain't gonna happen

  • Joseph Reyes
    Joseph Reyes

    Arriba Burro!! Arriba Burro!!

    • Marcial©


  • Armani Edwards
    Armani Edwards

    Spears you are not going to say anything negative about borrow, you know why, you need this job.

  • Ernest Espinosa
    Ernest Espinosa

    Hes going to the Saints...

  • Gumbo Jambalaya
    Gumbo Jambalaya

    Floor=Andy Dalton - Ceiling=Matt Ryan

  • M Catherine W
    M Catherine W

    He is a stone cold fox as well haha - but no lie I would not ever want to be playing against him. I can see his eyes.... he has that eye of ...’ eating no for breakfast’.

  • Bussinyagirl Cheeks
    Bussinyagirl Cheeks

    What if the saints traded for the 1st pick of the draft to get him 🤯

    • Bussinyagirl Cheeks
      Bussinyagirl Cheeks

      Shine4TheCam true that. It would be cool if they did do

    • Shine4TheCam

      Saints cant & wont. Unless the saints give cincy their next 4 first round picks & every young player including on their oline to cincy.

  • Oppressed Panda
    Oppressed Panda

    I really dont see the hype with Tua.

    • Nikko Jennings
      Nikko Jennings

      Joe had one year???? Tua showed up 2 years and won national championship too but tua is injured alot

    • shawn. w
      shawn. w

      Tua is a hazard

    • Mika Mikaele
      Mika Mikaele

      Really hes been consistent for 3years now n hes won chips n one of the most accurate passers ever to come out

    • Jerry Kwerve
      Jerry Kwerve

      Same here

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian
    Book of shadows contributor Brian

    230th comment 😎🤗😒

  • Andrew

    Unfortunately, he doesn't have QB face. It's a real thing in the NFL. Patriots use this as their in their draft profiles for QB.

  • Jared Thomas
    Jared Thomas

    yeah, but doesn't EVERY rookie have to do this ? burrow will be just fine. he's a STAR in the making at cincinnati, something they haven't had at THAT position since CARSON PALMER

    • shawn. w
      shawn. w

      Yeah and it's time for a change Andy gotta go

  • Rich

    This talk of Tua going #1 in the draft is ridiculous. Burrow will be #1 so stop it with all the silliness. Tua will be lucky is he goes in the top 4.

    • shawn. w
      shawn. w

      Tua would be lucky if he goes in the first round

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee

    Can't wait for Burrow to prove all these people WRONG like he did all this season. 🤣

  • Ryan Porter
    Ryan Porter

    Name a white hiesman winner that’s been good or better yet, still in the league? You can throw millions away on this guy if you want to, he’s Brady Quin. This is what you call a product of being surrounded by ELITE TALENT......period‼️💥

    • Colin Barlow
      Colin Barlow

      Ryan Porter no. He had all the talent before LSU. Joe Brady just helped him develop it

    • Kevin Lee
      Kevin Lee

      @Ryan Porter Thats your choice not to be sold on him. People haven't been all year. But it seems nothing he does is good enough. If he wins in the NFL certain people will just keep moving the goal post. He wins a SB ... bet he can't win 2. He wins another .... bet he can't win 3. He can't win with some people. And thats clear from discussions I've all year long. Whenever he does what people say he can't, instead of giving him props, they move the post. Its sad.

    • Ryan Porter
      Ryan Porter

      Kevin Lee..... It’s not hard to look good in a luxury car. Bradford, Lienart, Tebow, Jonny football, and Baker all looked good in LUXURY RIDES too. How did that turn out, he had a fabulous year, all credit to him. I bet you believe in that “born leader”, “galvanize the locker room”, “face of franchise” rah rah. That’s fine, I’m just saying I’m not sold on him. If they never CHANGED THE RULES, none of those guys would have EVER sniffed the hiesman trophy.......FACTS‼️

    • Ryan Porter
      Ryan Porter

      Colin Barlow.....What is he a fifth year senior? He knew where he had to get to and why. If Justin Fields get there first, bench city!! He lucky Ohio State plucked him from Georgia but before this year he was nobody knows Joe. LSU made this guy, but kudos for cashing in on the opportunity!!!

    • Kevin Lee
      Kevin Lee

      @Ryan Porter But he's playing against elite talent as well so you're not really making a valid point.

  • Daniel Cho
    Daniel Cho

    Joe Burrow's 30 for 30 should be 16 to 60

  • Armani Edwards
    Armani Edwards

    It’s funny, no negative chatter associated to joe borrow. # POOR LAMAR JACKSON “

    • Kevin Lee
      Kevin Lee

      Are you kidding? All you keep hearing people say is "One year wonder".

  • Weathered Memories
    Weathered Memories

    Looks like Joe is going to remain a tiger. Welcome to the Jungle Joe.

    • Marcial©

      Who Dey!!

  • Mark Hogue
    Mark Hogue

    Best QB ever no doubt

    • scubajeeper1

      Oliver McCall sure he will. He won every game this year and never struggled. Go back and watch the games, he was cool and steady all year. He will be fine in the NFL.

    • Oliver McCall
      Oliver McCall

      But will he live up to the hype?

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody

    This kid had super talented recievers, a beast running back and a dominant Oline. I think you put me back their and ill throw 2k yards and 20 tds. ive seen this formula too many times and I see this kid being an average qb at best if not a career back up.

    • Iron Goon
      Iron Goon

      Mr. Nobody you’ll throw hella interceptions bruh😂

    • Mr. Nobody
      Mr. Nobody

      @M Cat yeah because he knows the system so well. Im not saying hes a scrub im just saying he is not going to be an elite qb in the NFL. Hes basically Dalton 2.o. The road two the NFL is littered with QBs with far more talent and success in college who didnt cut it.

    • Kevin Lee
      Kevin Lee

      @M Cat 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • M Cat
      M Cat

      LSU has always had elite talent. This year Joe executed the offense to offense that finally utilized the talent.

    • Kevin Lee
      Kevin Lee

      You will be proven WRONG

  • Dio Black
    Dio Black

    I see nfl bust.

  • Vripper

    Jungle Joe

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody

    lol the Bengals will just be drafting Dalton 2.0

  • Vripper

    Burrow is Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers mixed

  • Rowtheboat nice camber
    Rowtheboat nice camber

    After having to SIT ON THE BENCH => FOR 3 YEARS => BEHIND A LESSER TALENTED QB => while at OSU...….I think he'll handle it fine => unless the BENGALS HIRE URBAN MEYER and he drafts Joe and then sits him another 3 years.....LMAO. If that happens => I hope Joe DEMANDS a TRADE ! MORE JOE BURROW ==> less urban meyer

    • Owen Hope
      Owen Hope

      FYI, don’t use so many arrows as to not cause a reader to have an epileptic attack

    • RP225


  • Wayne Wayne
    Wayne Wayne

    Start calling him jungle Joe because he's gonna ball in Cincinnati. Yeah and Laura Rutledge is hot.

    • Michael Kirshner
      Michael Kirshner

      @Patrick Hull I dunno, it's his home state. That's not necessarily a great look to start your career

    • quickboat22

      Jungle Joe, I like that!

    • Patrick Hull
      Patrick Hull

      Joe Burrow, if he's smart, should resist and refuse to go to the BungHoles. His career will be over in 2 seasons if he does go there.

  • nesseiht gnay
    nesseiht gnay

    Oh yes they are really really good until the pros 😆

    • Oliver McCall
      Oliver McCall

      Bet you think Kyler is a bust

    • Kevin Lee
      Kevin Lee


  • Fweiveli - FTBBK
    Fweiveli - FTBBK

    Mannn stop playing w me I’m the best thing outta Miami Fl check my highlights 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀

  • alex Motts
    alex Motts

    Is it me or does he look like to y sopranoes kid?? 😂😂😂 just sayin 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • e a
    e a

    Tua== hip surgeory=== 12 months min==== i've had it! bengals will prob take him!

    • Arvind Talukdar
      Arvind Talukdar

      e a colts.

  • Make Men Great Again
    Make Men Great Again

    He needs to stay away from Instagram models!!! Don’t let a pair 10 dollar leggings and a tube top cost you millions!

    • Cynthia Gatica
      Cynthia Gatica

      yes mate

    • Tim Castens
      Tim Castens

      Words of wisdom

    • Mr. Nobody
      Mr. Nobody

      lol so true

  • El Patria
    El Patria

    23 years old is NOT a “kid”

  • Xavier Ivory
    Xavier Ivory

    God I want him on my Vikings.

    • Kobe theGOAT
      Kobe theGOAT

      @Xavier Ivory lol

    • Xavier Ivory
      Xavier Ivory

      CMBurnette4 • “not bad” doesn’t win super bowls sadly. We are still currently at zero.

    • Oliver McCall
      Oliver McCall

      Kirk is a top 30 QB

    • CMBurnette4 •
      CMBurnette4 •

      Xavier Ivory You got Kirk though. He’s not bad

  • Alton Riggs
    Alton Riggs

    Marcus is THE MAN!!!

  • ThatGuy Man
    ThatGuy Man

    Panthers trade cam and their pick to draft burrow. Bengals get a qb and another player. And panthers get a qb and coordinator thatve worked together

    • Weathered Memories
      Weathered Memories

      Haha it's okay to dream.

    • shawn. w
      shawn. w

      Keep dreaming ain't happening


    I think Burrow should play *running back or tight end* no way he can make it at Quarterback. Yes I know he won the Heisman and broke all kind of School records, but will his playing style translate to the NFL ?? The HYPOCRISY is COMICAL

    • Colin Barlow
      Colin Barlow

      MELANATED KING he literally played in the Saints offense..?

    • ewright2017

      Stay off the weeeedddddd *Stephen A Smith* Voice

    • Aristide Williams
      Aristide Williams

      MELANATED KING Tf 😂😂 bye bruh

  • Damage Case
    Damage Case

    Every College QB that got this much hype never lived up to it in the NFL.

    • Daion Crumbley
      Daion Crumbley

      Umm Deshaun Watson?

    • Mike Lopez
      Mike Lopez

      @Damage Case Lol, more than lots of other NFL QBs ever accomplished. Winning Super Bowls doesn't make you great. It's your entire track record that speaks for itself.

    • Mike Lopez
      Mike Lopez

      @elijah5791 So what, it doesn't mean he'll be any good. Jason White, A.J. McCarron, Chris Weinke, Danny Wuerffel. These are all guys who won the Heisman and/or National Championship and sucked in the NFL.

    • jahiem jenkins
      jahiem jenkins

      @UCndU_UoAcuF56lWDxuZaC2A tf lack luster 2 super bowls, 5 time mvp (most mvps ever) , 7 time all pro,3rd all time in passing yrds, 3rd all time in tds, nb1 in game winning drives,2nd all time in passing playoff yrds and 4th all time in playoffs td and he got the colts a got danm chip nothing lackluster about that eli not even close to his brother.

    • Damage Case
      Damage Case

      @elijah5791 that's pretty Brazen, I'm pretty sure every player in the NFL worked hard to get there.

  • Road Dawg Trucking
    Road Dawg Trucking

    Look at his HS Film. Dude been ready. A machine in the pocket. He just got bigger faster and stronger

    • T South
      T South

      fr tho

  • Jarrett Simoneaux
    Jarrett Simoneaux

    He will

  • Road Dawg Trucking
    Road Dawg Trucking


    • saucy mix
      saucy mix

      Road Dawg Trucking so obvious youre lying ur still prob in 7th grade

  • Jack White
    Jack White

    It depends where he goes. If he goes to the Bengals he’s finished. People will call him a bust. If you switch a lot of qbs around in the league we would be naming different qbs when it came to a top 5 or 10 list.

    • Kevin Lee
      Kevin Lee

      He won't be a bust

    • will

      He’s got a good core in Cincinnati, especially if they get a healthy AJ. They need to buff up the line a lot. Then work on the defense. Cincinnati is probably three years away from being a playoff team. Five or six from being a contender.

  • Game Over
    Game Over

    I can’t wait to hurt joe knees welcome to nfl Mr Burrow

  • That1Dude 44
    That1Dude 44

    I would never ever take a QB at number one, I wouldn't even take one in the first round! Out of all the first round picks that were QBs over the last 10yrs only 4 are balling out in 2019-2020! And it's less than 4 If you look at first pick of the first round!

    • Kevin Lee
      Kevin Lee

      You'd make a HORRIBLE NFL GM 😂😂😂