Joe Burrow is the most interesting man in college football - Laura Rutledge | Get Up
Mike Greenberg, Ryan Clark, Dan Orlovsky and Marcus Spears discuss Joe Burrow's dominant season with the LSU Tigers and react to his dominant performance vs. the Clemson Tigers in the College Football Playoff National Championship.
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  • Big White
    Big White

    I know us real LSU fan would always hold our breath whenever we threw the ball and gave a big sign of relieve that it wasn't picked. Joe Burrow throws the ball and we can't wait for the amazing catch.

  • Big White
    Big White

    This wasn't Hawaii in the WAC conference....this was the SEC.

  • Stephen Mayer
    Stephen Mayer

    Orlovsky last month: nO oNe Is PlAyInG bEtTeR aT tHe Qb PoSiTiOn tHaN TrEvOr LaWrEnCe

  • Tim Hogan
    Tim Hogan

    One day they will make a move of this story of Joe Burrow

  • Aaron Morris
    Aaron Morris

    LSU aimed to just beat 'bama , but overshot.

    • Kathy Hannie
      Kathy Hannie

      Aaron Morris Well I was actually pulling to play Bama again so we could beat them down twice in one season

  • Iceman Top Gun
    Iceman Top Gun

    Joe Burrow overated.

  • Pert Burton
    Pert Burton

    Coolest QB to come out of college since Joe Namath.

    • Gerald Rodriguez
      Gerald Rodriguez

      I’d say since Joe Montana.

  • Tide

    They going to suck next year Joe Burrow is leaving and Joe Brady is going to the Panthers next year

  • Jayson Raphael Murdock
    Jayson Raphael Murdock

    Sadly he'll end up on the clusterfuck dumpster fire that is the Cincinnati Bengals. For his sake I hope he drops to the 10th to 20th picks and ends up on a good team like maybe the Saints, Chargers, Packers, Falcons, Bears or Steelers.

  • Quinton chapman
    Quinton chapman

    LSWHO fans haven’t been this happy since 2007-08 😂😂😂

    • sallie brigham
      sallie brigham

      Go away

    • Lisa Cherry
      Lisa Cherry

      Quinton chapman aww salty bama fan

  • Raw Material
    Raw Material

    Burrow looks like he's half asleep everywhere LOL Best maybe. Most interesting? Uhhh, I wouldn't say that.

  • BR Rider
    BR Rider

    All the Trevor fanboys can’t even look on social media..that dude looked average against LSU ..not a top draft pick..not a Heisman..overrated af

  • andrew chan
    andrew chan

    Who is Rudy?

  • Alabama Wyatt
    Alabama Wyatt


  • jimmy e
    jimmy e

    He'll never be left home alone again

  • Charles Stevenson
    Charles Stevenson

    Joe is great. But Vince Young had a better championship run. Vince ended the USC dynasty.

    • Charles Stevenson
      Charles Stevenson

      @sallie brigham and USC was better than Clemson

    • sallie brigham
      sallie brigham

      VY hahahahahaha I don't think so.

  • David R
    David R

    Aren't they all after they win the title? 😆 Congratulations LSU 😎 👍

  • Courtney Green
    Courtney Green

    This woman’s voice is too deep...

  • Moonroof

    Congrats Joe

  • Brian Waller
    Brian Waller

    He'll go to the NFL at #1 and be average at best in the nfl

  • Achilles

    Best season ever by a QB nobody comes close.

    • LSUchiha 16
      LSUchiha 16

      GoodKitten _YT I respect Cam’s season, but Burrow’s was undoubtedly better. He threw 60 TDs while beating 7 top 10 teams.

    • GoodKitten _YT
      GoodKitten _YT

      Jerry The Mouse Burrow’s good, but not better the Cam Newton.

  • Dan Customer
    Dan Customer

    Joe burrow is a punk and he'll be a bust in the NFL ! Lol

  • Dominic Omegon
    Dominic Omegon

    Joe was BALLING!!

  • Tiger Hoods
    Tiger Hoods

    Joe Burrow won’t ever have to work or pay for anything ever in life in Louisiana.

    • RedT

      He will if Carolina gets him

    • Tyran Burnside
      Tyran Burnside

      Tiger Hoods it’s like when kawhi was in Toronto last year

  • elver galarga
    elver galarga

    I knew someone would eventually play the race card to hate on this young man

  • Samuel DeChamp
    Samuel DeChamp

    Why ain’t nobody callin mr runs out of the back of the end zone out for saying Lawrence was the best ab in the country a like two weeks ago

  • Jimmy Jones
    Jimmy Jones

    now on to the Bengals who will destroy his career in 4-5 years

    • Lee Hennessy
      Lee Hennessy

      Jimmy Jones Ain’t it the truth: Cincinnati, where QBs go to play, and end careers, in miserable obscurity.

    • Giffond Hall
      Giffond Hall


    • Jayson Raphael Murdock
      Jayson Raphael Murdock


  • Joseph Santiago
    Joseph Santiago

    “Hero’s get remembed. But Legends never die kids.” Foooorevvver!

    • Ryan S
      Ryan S

      Squints voice “F O R E V E R”!

  • djthakid91

    Cam did the same thing Joe did a decade ago. Funny how people forget that.

  • David Lax
    David Lax

    Rutledge is a dawg

  • whydouneedakno

    I guarantee you this guy will NOT win a SB as a starting QB... The NFL will NOT allow 2 things, a fully black QB to win the SB or a guy to win both a College title and SB... Cam Newton came close until he was told to throw the SB... He was black and he won a College title yet got told off to throw the SB

    • Jamal Sufi
      Jamal Sufi

      Doug Williams won one, lol everything's not a conspiracy .

    • 215 Bran
      215 Bran

      Russell Wilson not black?

    • MasteR BlasteR
      MasteR BlasteR

      @riode777 he's just jealous

  • Ben Toney
    Ben Toney

    Does this means SEC is the best conference? Yes I do they dominated bowl games and playoffs. Georgia, Tennesee, Kentucky, Florida, Alabama, Texas A&M, Ole Miss all won bowl games.

    • SaltyBuns

      Darren Banks ACC needs to be replaced with either big 12 or Pac12. The only good team in ACC is Clemson

    • Darren Banks
      Darren Banks

      Sec 1 big10 2 ACC 3 rest irrelevant.

  • PuppyTube

    Drew Brees is Joe Burrow’s hero. It’s ironic, cause now Joe is the hero for Louisiana Over Brees lol

    • PuppyTube

      420 Bassman that SB seems like lifetimes ago my guy

    • 420 Bassman
      420 Bassman

      Cant compare a college championship to the superbowl

  • Raymond Smith
    Raymond Smith

    As a Redskins fan I liked the progression of Haskins, but dear Lord I hope Burrow falls to us!

    • 420 Bassman
      420 Bassman

      But why would the Redskins draft him after they just took haskins less than a year ago?

    • Brando

      He's already got a locker in Cincinnati.

  • Ben Toney
    Ben Toney

    LSU has 3 number 1 Receivers smh I ain't seen wrs like this since Bama last year

    • RedT

      @Ravi Patel he was hurt a good portion of the year

    • Tyran Burnside
      Tyran Burnside

      Ben Toney literally they catch everything man I told my folks LSU as gonna win and I was going to Clemson tryna have some hope but LSU was just way to dominant

    • Ravi Patel
      Ravi Patel

      Collin Dowling very good player and all, but he’s not even in top 50 this season

    • Collin Dowling
      Collin Dowling

      Ravi Patel terrace Marshall?

    • Ravi Patel
      Ravi Patel

      Ben Toney only ja’marr and Justin. Omar bayless is like 2nd

  • No 0b
    No 0b

    Saints are willing to give micheal thomas drew bree and first round for him

  • Ben Toney
    Ben Toney

    Not the greatest season but a top 5 for sure

  • Riddim Boss
    Riddim Boss

    Imagine he was a black they will say if his play will transcend into the nfl

    • Aaron Morris
      Aaron Morris

      Right because nobody ever talks about Lamar Jackson.

    • Byron Young
      Byron Young

      If he were black he would be called the best football player ever to hold a ball

    • 420 Bassman
      420 Bassman

      SOMEBODY sees through colored frames 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    • Brando

      If he was Black and playing like this they would be praising him more. Give the guy some credit. He's been amazing this season.

  • Mansa musa
    Mansa musa

    Florida State had a better season the jamis Winston Team

  • KingLoop13


    • Kyle Johnson
      Kyle Johnson

      That was an instrument

    • Greg Nettles
      Greg Nettles

      thats was the sound of Clemsons team deflating

  • Bass Fishing Freak
    Bass Fishing Freak

    Iv never seen a team besides Auburn get screwed so bad by the refs. Obviously some corruption in college football.

    • 420 Bassman
      420 Bassman

      HUH? WHO GOT SCREWED BY THE REFS? couldn't connect with any of their wrs down field LSU was clearly the best team

  • Custom Shade
    Custom Shade

    No, he used to be in college football... not any more! Hello really bad NFL team!

  • Joe Misek
    Joe Misek

    "spoke into existence"... lol. No, that's a heresy and Burrow balled out.

    • Ben Morgan
      Ben Morgan

      Right? I’ve never once heard that preached in a real church haha

  • Todd Ellis
    Todd Ellis

    Can't fuk with the Bayou Bengals. Luv me some Marcus & Lauren continues .

  • bludevmike


    • Ben Lazarus
      Ben Lazarus



    White ppl happy they have a white guy to talk about.

    • Henry Trahan
      Henry Trahan

      Your stuck on STUPID, Can't fix that

    • 420 Bassman
      420 Bassman

      @CEONHD Just calling a spade a spade bubba

    • CEONHD

      @420 Bassman You're racist for thinking im black because of a comment. You racist.

    • Zyrean

      Imagine having to bring race into that. Low life, let the kid have his moment he earned it. Not because white people wanna talk about white people.. your ignorance is showing

    • MasteR BlasteR
      MasteR BlasteR

      @420 Bassman na he's a EU wossie boy

  • Charles Martino
    Charles Martino

    Joe burrow is a class act on and off the field

  • Richard Guzman
    Richard Guzman

    Idk bout the best . Vince young 2005 season was the greatest qb season ever

    • Brian Waller
      Brian Waller

      And how did Vince young's nfl career go? Lol

    • MasteR BlasteR
      MasteR BlasteR

      Not anymore

  • Mensrea

    That score could have been way more lopsided. The 2nd biggest winner last night was OU. They're not a crappy as everyone thought after that LSU beat down. Turns out LSU is just that much better than everyone.

    • Lee Hennessy
      Lee Hennessy

      Mensrea That easy drop for TD was by Chase, the Billetnikoff winner this year. He hasn’t dropped many all year, but in the end it did not matter. LSU was loaded with talented receivers which, coupled with the scheme and an awesome O line, made Burrow look like a Heisman winner. This year LSU took it to another level on offense, one which others will try to emulate beginning yesterday.

    • A Skinwalker with Internet Access
      A Skinwalker with Internet Access

      Mensrea do they teach logic or higher order thinking wherever you’re from? You said that the SEC is massively overrated while talking about how an SEC team shredded an ACC opponent. The top 5 programs in SEC are better than top 5 in any other conference. Except maybe for that staunch defense they play over at OU and the Big 12 😂

    • Mensrea

      @A Skinwalker with Internet Access They teach reading comprehension in Russia? I said the SEC has 2-3 really good teams every year. But 2-3 teams does not make up the entire conference.

    • A Skinwalker with Internet Access
      A Skinwalker with Internet Access

      Mensrea and you’re saying that an SEC team eviscerated the best ACC team (farrrrr superior to OU) while simultaneously saying the SEC is overrated, good argument bro

    • A Skinwalker with Internet Access
      A Skinwalker with Internet Access

      Mensrea if you truly think that this game somehow paints OU in a more positive light then idk what to tell ya... SEC is by far the best conference in college football this season and most seasons in the last 15 years, If you deny that you’re dumb or trolling lol

  • Buku Tramm
    Buku Tramm

    Made in Ohio! Go Buckeys! Osu should of known what they had before letting him go.

    • Buku Tramm
      Buku Tramm

      @Lee Hennessy 👊

    • Lee Hennessy
      Lee Hennessy

      Buku Tramm Thank You Ohio State! We owe you one ..... NOT!

    • Jayson Raphael Murdock
      Jayson Raphael Murdock


  • ReeseTFG

    If you guys want a good laugh, watch my recent video “Who is the best NBA player?” 😆

    • ReeseTFG

      Because the opinions are hilarious

    • XD Gaming
      XD Gaming

      ReeseTFG Why would that be funny?

  • Richard Childs
    Richard Childs

    Too bad the Bengals will ruin him.

  • jay j
    jay j

    joe burreaux 🐐

  • willemdee

    He's not the most interesting man in the World tho.

  • Abrar Ansari
    Abrar Ansari