Joe Burrow wins the 2019 Heisman Trophy | College Football on ESPN
LSU Tigers quarterback Joe Burrow wins the 2019 Heisman Trophy by edging out Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Jalen Hurts as well as Ohio State Buckeye teammates quarterback Justin Fields and defensive end Chase Young. Burrow becomes the first LSU player to win the Heisman Trophy since 1959. Joe Burrow gets emotional while thanking coach Ed Orgeron, his family and friends for helping him get this far.
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  • Nicholas Vandergeest
    Nicholas Vandergeest

    The one guy with the least flashy suit

  • Georgette Beacham
    Georgette Beacham

    First class act

  • Christian Swinney
    Christian Swinney


  • Melanie Moore
    Melanie Moore

    Only reason you guys picked him is because lsu one the championship justin feilds needs heisman

  • Flashmatic

    This guy and Maholmes are gonna be the future of NFL.

  • Samantha Hart
    Samantha Hart

    So hottttt

  • eharmony

    0:40 LMAO I never noticed John bel Edwards in the audience

  • Bob

    Thank you Joe for all you've done for SE Ohio. Athens, Meigs, Perry, Muskingum, Hocking, and Washington counties are forever in your debt, brother.

  • James Mc
    James Mc

    Yep. Someone is cuttin onions again.

  • manu

    The x?

  • Lily Vanmiser
    Lily Vanmiser

    im not crying ur crying


    Well, there's a lot of great athletes from ohio

  • jasartrip9598

    Only Ohio State could lose a player like Burrow who capped off a great title season and have their own QB sitting right next to him as a sophomore finalist. They are literally the only team that can do something like that.

  • Oladipupo Adebowale
    Oladipupo Adebowale

    This boy made me cry...darn.

  • Oladipupo Adebowale
    Oladipupo Adebowale

    A good heart. Can't buy that...literally.

  • nick allen
    nick allen

    Every time I look a Paul Hornungs face I can't stop laughing

  • RJ vlogs
    RJ vlogs

    All the dislikes are Alabama fans

  • Mike Black
    Mike Black

    Wow had me tear up I hope you a Saints QB but that’s not gonna happen good luck in NFL

  • Zach ary
    Zach ary

    Pure respect. Amazing.

  • Shane Rogalski
    Shane Rogalski

    I think he is going to be a great pro player, but he is going to have his work cut out for him in Cincinnati.

  • Brooke McManus
    Brooke McManus

    Burrow: “Coach O” Me: “don’t do it! Don’t cry!”

  • hilyfe01

    Was dude fake crying? Lol like some people said this was the best speech ever lol, Derrick Henry says hi

  • Jeffries Crambo
    Jeffries Crambo

    That's a great example of Midwest respect, values, and manners. Way to represent young man.

  • Abdi Guled
    Abdi Guled

    Last go lsu

  • はめさん


  • Dom Shefwood
    Dom Shefwood

    Not to be that guy, but he may have grown up in a poor town but his family was very wealthy. His dad was the defensive coordinator for the University of Ohio. According to a 2013 article his salary is approximately $125,000. It's pretty misleading to act like he's just some kid from Athens, Ohio

    • kyle brousssard
      kyle brousssard

      as hole

    • PTHero

      That's why it's amazing to see that despite his stable upbringing, he still has concern about the community around him, knowing their situation.

    • Kaelyn Jones
      Kaelyn Jones

      What's your point? He used this time to talk about others, shed light on kids who don't have a lot. He wanted to set an example and he made one. The Athens County Food bank had $500,000+ donated because of his speech. He could have talked about a zillion other things but chose to talk about something that matters to him. Good for him. He is realizing he has a huge platform to make a difference. What a great start.

  • Andrew Mireles
    Andrew Mireles

    Pick up your bedroll

  • Cynthia L
    Cynthia L

    Such a humble young man. I see great things for him in his future! Geaux Tigers

  • john athey
    john athey

    Who would dislike the video ?

  • Enzo Gorlami
    Enzo Gorlami

    When did Macaulay Culkin get so tall?

    • Todd Raymond
      Todd Raymond

      Yeah, this QB looks 40 years're a TOOL

  • Sam M
    Sam M

    “Coach O” Ight yeah imma cry

  • Charlie S
    Charlie S

    Nothing but respect for this guy almost had me tearing up and im a cal bears fan

  • Bibb Kikk
    Bibb Kikk

    I think I've found my second favorite team😁

  • Altin Kurti
    Altin Kurti

    Outstanding QB, awesome humble guy. Happy for you Joe.

  • C.J. Bates
    C.J. Bates

    I'm not crying. You're crying!

  • Tyler Morro
    Tyler Morro

    Who’s here after watching him obliterate Oklahoma’s defense?!

    • Tyler Morro
      Tyler Morro

      @samsaauce good point big 12 doesn't play defense LOL

    • Tomi Owoeye
      Tomi Owoeye


    • samsaauce

      Oklahoma has a defense???

  • Arturo Lopez
    Arturo Lopez

    Joe Burrow: The first thing I wanna say is, screw you Ohio state!


    he looks like rudy

  • Bongo Fury
    Bongo Fury

    Wait a second. Are you trying to tell me there are poor WHITE people? How can we justify our “poor, discriminated BLACK folks” narrative if this turns out to be true? This is very troubling for the cause.....

  • Tony Ha
    Tony Ha

    Im a big fan!!!!!!

  • Wyatt Brownell
    Wyatt Brownell

    Even as an LSU fan I was starting to think Joe might be a robot cuz of how stoic he has been. Of course there was no better time to let it out. All of LSU country is thankful he chose us and we’re forever fans of him! Geaux Tigers!

  • wesley kielski
    wesley kielski

    Even if he doesn’t do well in the NFL, this guy is a future man of the year contender. That’s a better award than an mvp in my eyes.

  • abiogenesis

    Joe is the kind man whose career I will follow to the end, no doubt. What a guy.

  • SooperFlye

    Though Jalen Hurts didn't win, his NFL prospects are going to be good. Hurts was almost a has-been at Bama after losing his 1st string QB position. Left Alabama for the Sooners and look what happened. Runner up for the Heisman.

  • Jacob Thompson
    Jacob Thompson

    When he said “You can be here too” referring to the impoverished kids in his hometown area it really hit how humble and genuine he is. Not just some dumb jock. Wish him the best

  • Mike Westfall
    Mike Westfall

    Congratulations to the kid from Teen Mom O.G. Your wife and kids should be proud of you.

  • Felicia Moniq
    Felicia Moniq

    They are all winners. Great young men. But he is special. He hugged literally everybody.

  • Kimberly Rogers
    Kimberly Rogers

    Not a LSU fan....but all were great nominees!!......

  • Thomas

    Class act. Win that national championship buddy. Go LSU!

  • Enigmaster

    This should be unanimous

  • DNZ 1014
    DNZ 1014

    Hurts is gonna be the best QB coming out this draft tho... Hope chargers pick him up

  • Kawhi Lens
    Kawhi Lens

    Speech wasn’t great lol. I thought it would be better. Watching it for the first time today.

    • Kaelyn Jones
      Kaelyn Jones

      He said he didnt write one. He spoke from the heart.

  • Kawhi Lens
    Kawhi Lens

    NFL bust sorry guys

  • Alan Holmes
    Alan Holmes

    When you look at this kid he's the total package. He has accuracy, arm strength, can read defenses and he's mobile. Then the best thing he's a leader and a kid others will follow AND fight for. His character just shines you would be a fool not to take him #1 Cincy. Greatness in store for him. 🙏🏽

  • Charles Adams
    Charles Adams

    No dis respect to coach o. But the Eddie Robinson award for coach of the year should go to Baylor’s coach that team lost 11 games year before last and won 11 games this year no team has ever done that before, coach o took a good team and only made them a little better Matt Ruth took a bad team and improved them emmencely

  • Dylan Corbin
    Dylan Corbin

    It's just a QB award now. Just like MVP for the NFL

  • Keith Mikell
    Keith Mikell

    They didnt leave Johnny's joint in the trophy's mouth?

  • Jeff Glines
    Jeff Glines

    Love the gratitude and how grounded Joe is and it says a lot about who he is on the inside!! Congrats!

  • P Y
    P Y

    Hear that Bengal growlin mean and angry! Back home to Ohio in them Stripes!!! Burrow’s Bengals!!!

  • Nick Sweet
    Nick Sweet

    Helluva guy. Glad he came to LSU