Joe Burrow Says Odell Beckham Jr. Handed Out Real Cash To LSU Players
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  • jose najera
    jose najera

    Charlamge is and idiot. THEY fucking go to school for FREE, everything payed for ROOM and BOARD, to PLAY a FUCKING GAME. PEOPLE always complaining about some shit, they new the FUCKING RULES.

  • Louis Vuitton
    Louis Vuitton

    It's not a question of loyalty but a question of mentality in this particular case. Stupidity at its best

  • Dominant Persona
    Dominant Persona

    DOTD for telling the truth

  • Cheryl Harlin
    Cheryl Harlin


  • A. R. TV
    A. R. TV

    Damn he just threw his teammates and school under the bus

  • I’m Me
    I’m Me

    What’s going on with Odell Beckham Jr lately? This is the second thing in the headlines in a few weeks. 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️

  • John Khaos
    John Khaos

    They can receive gifts from friends right ????????

  • Raul Ovalle
    Raul Ovalle

    Odel beckham is the real donkey. He was handing out cash in front of cameras just to get attention. His selfish ass wanted to steal the attention.

  • Deshaun Hawkins
    Deshaun Hawkins

    CTG 😂😂😂 who died & made u Takashi 😂😂😂💯💯💯 for real

  • ChromeDome 007
    ChromeDome 007

    How is the donkey of the day? Odell knows the rules and so do the players. NCAA athletes can not accept anything from anyone . If you ask me OBJ is the clown

  • Nahshon Askew
    Nahshon Askew


    • jose najera
      jose najera

      Why you gotta pull the RACE CARD get over that shit . THEY fucking go to school for FREE,some of the TOP colleges in the states everything payed for, ROOM and BOARD, to PLAY a FUCKING GAME. PEOPLE always complaining about some shit, they new the FUCKING RUL

  • Martin Luther
    Martin Luther

    Joe Burrow is the cat that has his group message on silent when everyone else is getting there story in line 😂😂😂

  • Demarco Wolfork
    Demarco Wolfork

    Joe probaly goin to bengals to play odwll twice

  • Pull up Papi
    Pull up Papi

    On the cool tho Odell Be doing too much

  • Jr

    Odell hands out cash in front of cameras like a dummy, and joe the donkey for not making a blatant lie when every one already saw the cash? Lol. This weak

  • Erik Ruiz Felix
    Erik Ruiz Felix

    NCAA is a piece of shit make a shit load of money off players and can’t get a dime off of it

  • jump4 man
    jump4 man

    Why you not blaming Beckham ?

  • Jim Beam
    Jim Beam

    His draft stock just slipped for snitching 😂

  • Zelda Williams
    Zelda Williams

    Too much goddamn mayonnaise!!😬 It'll do it every time.....🙄🤨

  • Wisdom4Life LoveIsTheWay
    Wisdom4Life LoveIsTheWay

    B$$$$ white boy was scared af😭🤣🤣🤣

  • Musty Bryce
    Musty Bryce

    lol he's white OBJ is black and plain stupid

  • The Homeless Advocate
    The Homeless Advocate

    Joe Burrow👎🏿

  • Horton Biz
    Horton Biz

    "Tattle Tell,Mr see something say something" 😂😂

  • Jay Spear
    Jay Spear

    That's a classic case of a MF forgetting who got you where you are

  • Nick Glass
    Nick Glass

    Imagine being the reason the school made billions of dollars per season and getting kicked off the team for getting a Just another day at the plantation

  • AllofIT Gaming
    AllofIT Gaming

    “Who died and made you tekashi 69?” Legit using this for the rest of my life with snitches

  • Akon Fenty
    Akon Fenty

    Joe Burrow gets donkey of the day for telling the truth? Make this make sense.

  • Graffiti_Lee 313
    Graffiti_Lee 313

    He's gonna have a hard time in the NFL 😆

  • SentientCentrist

    Why should Joe lie? Odell is the stuntin jackass butt-toucher.

  • SarahBM

    "Who died and made you Tekashi 69?" 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Gail Whitley
      Gail Whitley

      A FOOL!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Porsha Edmun
    Porsha Edmun

    Lmao Odell had to be drunk AF from the money to the ass slapping 😂😭

  • J. L
    J. L

    Get the gat

  • Golden Gun Media
    Golden Gun Media

    OBJ should get the Donkey of the Day for handing out cash and slapping a Securities ass?? Am I Wrong? Acting a fool in public

  • DivineForcesBro

    obj don’t have no damn cash app? Lmao

  • Nicholas Buccelli
    Nicholas Buccelli


    • Nicholas Buccelli
      Nicholas Buccelli

      @Akon Fenty ya hencoulda been solid and just said it was fake money

    • Akon Fenty
      Akon Fenty

      So he's supposed to lie?

  • WesSideER

    We’ve come to the point where telling the truth gets you ridiculed... Odell needed the spotlight on him like always. Give him donkey of the day.

  • dr. bombbay
    dr. bombbay


  • Gregory Ponds
    Gregory Ponds

    They should be getting paid to play anyway

  • 1st Up
    1st Up

    Because of this, I will never like Joe Burrow when he ends up in the NFL I will always criticizing and mock him and hope that he isn't successful moving forward

    • Akon Fenty
      Akon Fenty

      For doing the right thing? You'd like him if lied or something?

  • William Cortelyou
    William Cortelyou

    NCAA are literally modern slave owners. They buy the best for pennies, and market them, make em work, and don't give em a dime. If they get hurt, they let em loose. Least they don't put em down.

  • Lo Phan
    Lo Phan

    Donkey of the day should go to Beckham. He’s the one who should know he can’t be doing that.

  • Buttered Rollz
    Buttered Rollz

    I wouldve been paying debts on the low. But come on Joe, you gotta be quicker than that.

  • David Wright
    David Wright

    Why condemn Burrow? He prolly just ain’t wanna lie and further throw OBJ under the bus 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    NCAA = slavery

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson

    Ho Burrow

  • David Newton
    David Newton

    Joe Burrow is a Rat but OBJ is the big dummy tho. Cmon man.

    • Akon Fenty
      Akon Fenty

      A rat for not wanting to lie? I hope you're trolling.

  • Tazhie Nunurbusinezz
    Tazhie Nunurbusinezz

    It is absolutely ridiculous that these athletes can't get paid. They are used & exploited by rich people & the overwhelming majority will never see the NFL to be able to make decent money. That degree is only as good as the college allows it to be & since these players need to be in practice & working out several hours a day, there isn't much time to be doing the homework the rest of the students do so it's always seemed a bit off to me anyway. If someone has made your name & image into merchandise or a "brand" & you make absolutely nothing on that deal, shit has gone off the rails somewhere.

  • Jordan Stevenson
    Jordan Stevenson

    How is he a rat if it was live in tv ? Honesty is the best policy. Why would he compromise his future for lying 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Akon Fenty
      Akon Fenty

      Somebody here with a brain that works.

  • Terracotta Kim
    Terracotta Kim

    🍃 👀 🍃 No loyalty, they are black and he is WHITE - they are for them - no matter how much they run that game on black folks - he didn't give a damn 🍃 👀 🍃

    • Terracotta Kim
      Terracotta Kim

      @Akon Fenty he would have never told if his white buddies were getting money - he is leaving with an NFL deal, he doesn't care about those black boys he is leaving behind.

    • Akon Fenty
      Akon Fenty

      What does race have to do with this?

  • J Dubb MrGnG22
    J Dubb MrGnG22

    From what's being said all that took money are going to the draft anyway so they are no longer student athletes.

  • Andre Salazar
    Andre Salazar

    Of course the white guy snitched! #NOONEisSurprised

    • Andre Salazar
      Andre Salazar

      Akon Fenty you’re clearly not very intelligent = the SCHOOL said the money was fake = the SCHOOL answered for the STUDENTS & this idiot decided to ignore that = he’s the DEFINITION of a snitch! #YouDumb #DUH #WhiteLogicStrikesAgain

    • Akon Fenty
      Akon Fenty

      He snitched when OBJ was caught? So Joe is supposed to lie? I'm not surprised ppl aren't that bright here.

  • Marques Smith
    Marques Smith

    All of em should've got paid b/c they beat the brakes off Clemson 😂🤣

  • E M.
    E M.

    The exploitation of athletes from the NCAA is corrupt.

  • Junior Thomas
    Junior Thomas

    Maybe he's just honest a guy and did not want to lie. like you said Odell knew better he should've at least done it in a better way we know cameras are everywhere

  • Ritch Castle
    Ritch Castle

    Short version of the story, Louisiana state is paying there players. Vacated title????

  • alikorestate

    He's white. What you think..

  • chasej822

    Wrong. The student-athletes get a free education. Most universities are over $60k per year times four years is around $240k. They get paid. Other students don't have that luxury unless you're on an academic scholarship. Now, not all athletes are on scholarship, obviously, so they definitely get screwed. There is a disparity between the TV contracts the universities get and the tuition, room and board, the student-athletes get but stop it with this nonsense that they get nothing. You could quite easily make the argument that the amount of times they practice and lift weights doesn't allow them to properly get the most out of their education and I wouldn't argue that. I think the NCAA could try to ensure programs aren't prohibiting their student-athletes from completing their degree as a fall back should they not make the pros.

  • Evan Rivera
    Evan Rivera

    Charla needs to give up the sports talk. Never knows what he’s talking about

  • yung drew
    yung drew

    I'm confused as to why Odell ain't the donkey. If he wanted to give them money he could of did it out the public eye, but he wanted the clout

  • Dragon Father
    Dragon Father

    “I told Odell to bring monopoly cash that day, he decided stop at the bank...he’s been that way since he was a baby - Tk kirkland