Joe Burrow 2019 Heisman Season Highlights | LSU Football
Joe Burrow had a record breaking 2019 season for the LSU Tigers. He is the first Tiger to win the Heisman in 60 years, and he led LSU into the college football playoff as the number 1 ranked team in the country.
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  • pappppie

    That last TD against Georgia @ 12:46 is such a beautifully designed play. It's basically unstoppable.

  • La Jo Ba
    La Jo Ba

    Boy he had excellent O line... Had plenty of time to make those passes.... How will he do with a lousy Bengals O line?

    • Rylee Wilson
      Rylee Wilson

      I'm a 100% Chiefs fan but I enjoy football completely. He is going to do better then the last 3 1st picks.

  • lilmik551

    My dolphins need to do whatever we have to do to get dis kid burrow do yall not get he did this in the SEC are you kidding me that was no fluke dolphins hes the next great QB i played it and i see it he look like he knows what the def is gonna do presnap alot of the time ie peyton n brady i see both of them in him with more athletic ability dolphins make the move plz for god sakes

  • Ptrixle

    The number one thing that stands out to me vs Tua (I just watched his highlights as well) is that Tua was improvising in an ugly pocket, whereas Joe was going off a lot of play-action or stepping into a beautifully set pocket. What does that mean to me? I think Tua will be more ready to play on not so good offense and Joe will struggle a bit more behind a bad line. I'm a Dolphins fan, I think both are great but kind of want Tua a little more than Joe.

  • Chicago hustle Zone
    Chicago hustle Zone

    I really feel bad for this kid if he gets drafted by a crap 💩 Team like the bangles

  • Orrapsac O
    Orrapsac O

    In an interview burrow said his best ability is knowing what the defense is going to do before they do it. Hindsight shows in this video

  • Kimetsu Gaybitch Garbage
    Kimetsu Gaybitch Garbage

    I hate me

  • julio guzman
    julio guzman

    Im sure burrow is gonna be a disaster

  • Jackson Gilmore
    Jackson Gilmore

    It the Bengals Keep A.J Green then he has Green and Boyd to throw to

  • rogue warr
    rogue warr

    Joe make's it look easy in collage ,But the NFL is a whole different story .Good luck with basement team your going to ,your going to need it ...

  • Phil Lee
    Phil Lee

    I like this man for reasons I don’t understand, yet.

  • Mad x Nasty
    Mad x Nasty

    Aye my man is coming to Cincinnati so I’m not trippin

  • John Russell
    John Russell

    Burrow has that look of someone you just know will not be a bust in the NFL. Some players are overrated and once they make it to the NFL but I bet you he lives up to it.

  • Charles C. Parker
    Charles C. Parker

    Nobody had a chance against them. Joe is heads and shoulders above anyone. He is going to break a lot of records as a pro quarterback.

  • Austin Ryan
    Austin Ryan

    Chase is a Beast! Future 1st rounder im sure.

  • Craven

    2:31 Man I love those uniforms

  • I.G13

    He’s a smart Brett Farve

  • Shantorey Wilkins
    Shantorey Wilkins


  • Jack Moreland
    Jack Moreland

    Heisman Trophy Joe Burrow is going to be a bengals player

  • Russell Magee
    Russell Magee

    I hope whatever team this guy ends up on, likely the Bengals, does right by him. What a talent!

  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore

    Man, LSU beat everyone.... Big Joe, I'm excited re the NFL. Can't wait to see you at the Dolphins.... haahahah, dreaming.

  • Nikolas Karras
    Nikolas Karras

    Him going to the bengals reminds me of saquon going to the giants 😭

  • BrewCity Badazz
    BrewCity Badazz

    Sam Darnold 2.0 😏

  • Chuck Lee
    Chuck Lee

    Carolina Panthers

  • nyphix4321

    People think he's going to the Bengals, but Joe Brady is headed to Carolina and there's a good chance they do their best to get the #1 pick and take Burrows.

  • Jim Jr44
    Jim Jr44

    Well, in my opinion, the offensive line deserves the Heinemann.

  • Rachel Fleming
    Rachel Fleming

    As a die hard LSU fan, we have never been known for having good quarterbacks (other than Billy Cannon) so to be able to witness not only the best LSU qb of all time, but the best QB of CFB of all time, is indescribable. On another note, Ja’Marr Chase. Holy. Hell. Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Justin Jefferson are UNSTOPPABLE. Watch them closely, because all of them will be running the NFL within the next 3-4 years. Best offense to ever play the damn game!! 💛🐯🏈💜

    • Benoit Balls
      Benoit Balls

      Rachel Fleming I agree with everything you said. I’m also a huge LSU fan. But Billy Cannon was not a QB.

  • Andreas Ryge
    Andreas Ryge

    I dont see an NFL qb but I could be wrong.

  • Austin Green
    Austin Green

    college GOAT

  • Emmanuel Toluhi
    Emmanuel Toluhi

    Can’t wait to see him in the league 👀

    • Berkshire 88
      Berkshire 88

      Agreed, bro. I think cinci is a good fit might reinvigorate Green and Mixon they have been a nearly team in the playoffs with Dalton imagine Burrows under centre.

  • Emmanuel Toluhi
    Emmanuel Toluhi

    He abused Vanderbilt

  • bryce colwell
    bryce colwell

    I'm not convinced. I see some great throws, but what sticks out is an offensive line that gives him all kinds of time, none of these highlights show pressure. I see wide open receivers and NFL level adjustments. This looks more like an LSU highlight reel then a Burrow. There's nothing, zero, that shows he can rise above the ineptitude and chaos of a perpetual loser franchise. You know who else played one great season out of no where? Akili Smith

    • Berkshire 88
      Berkshire 88

      He didn’t have time against Clemson he made plays

  • Schfaun Harrington
    Schfaun Harrington

    Calling him a bust right now. Fuck the stats because if you notice the ncaa is rigged because you play maybe 1 or 2 ranked teams sometimes not any in the top 10. And the other games are from small no name schools. Basically playing 3rd stringers when you have a #1 offense. I dont like his mechanics and technique in reading plays and throwing motion. I dont think he has the 5 sec. Window for snap to release and making presnap adjustments to what he see's to create miss matches by changing plays

  • Christopher Miller
    Christopher Miller

    He’s an athletic Tom Brady!

    • Terry Landa
      Terry Landa

      @Christopher Miller Joe Burrow game looks like Tony Romo can move outside pocket with mobility has a good arm but not a strong one

    • Terry Landa
      Terry Landa

      @Christopher Miller Joe Burrow game looks nothing like goat 🐐 Tom Brady 😂

    • Terry Landa
      Terry Landa

      @Christopher Miller I can't believe how stupid you are 😂

    • Christopher Miller
      Christopher Miller

      Terry Landa wow I can’t believe how wrong you are ... 😂

    • Terry Landa
      Terry Landa

      @Christopher Miller Look at highlight 12:14 by Joe Burrow it's Tony Romo like

  • Mike Garner
    Mike Garner

    Joe's the best ever just the best ever from Missouri fan

    • HackHoss

      I Missouri too

  • 5100yes

    I haven't followed LSU ball, but If Burrow is this good, the LSU Wideouts must be pretty good too!

  • Tony Adams
    Tony Adams

    He remind me of Jimmy g in the pocket. He calm and can good throws.

  • JaCrispy

    Bengals fans are like: Hell Yeah!



  • Preston Linville
    Preston Linville

    Best qb ever

  • Trey

    Just rename this LSU dance highlights

  • Blake Brooks
    Blake Brooks

    Thank you for not putting shitty music in your compilations.

  • Evans Lemont
    Evans Lemont

    They just clowned on everyones defense this year. Dancing on everyone lol.

  • Durrell Kitchen
    Durrell Kitchen

    Joe Burrow #9- QB 🏈🐯

  • Cam Armstrong
    Cam Armstrong

    Could be the greatest bust of all time.

  • Paul Sterkowitz
    Paul Sterkowitz

    bengals SHOULD trade down for picks because they have more problems than just QB and try to grab tua or justin herbert.. all they are gonna do is ruin this kids career

  • Goat

    No defensive highlights, he’s overrated and won’t make the league

    • Geaux Tigers
      Geaux Tigers

      Lol 60 TD passes 5671 passing yards 5 rushing TD and only 6 interceptions is overrated?

    • Paul Sterkowitz
      Paul Sterkowitz

      what the f lmao

    • HD Productions
      HD Productions

      Lmao wtf

  • Enrique Maldonado
    Enrique Maldonado

    The sad part is that he is going to the bengals😂🤣

    • Crusader1815

      @BingeFest1 The Bengals need everything. The whole organization sucks. Burrow is going to wind up like Christian McCaffrey... big stats with nothing to show for it.

    • HollywoodHalla23

      They made the playoffs like 5 times this decade with Andy dalton at the helm

    • Mike Garner
      Mike Garner

      @Julian Kuhn if anyone cam joe can damn he's great

    • Julian Kuhn
      Julian Kuhn

      People laugh at the Bengals but we lost like 8 games this year by one score. Burrow is gonna dominate and turn this franchise around.

    • Vineeth Garnepudi
      Vineeth Garnepudi

      Ya but hes gonna have joe mixon aj green and tyler boyd

  • Julian Clement
    Julian Clement

    Do y'all realize there might be a game next year where Joe burrow plays drew brees

  • LSU Saints
    LSU Saints

    Last year against Miami Joe Burrows first start I was just hoping that he was somewhat decent I would’ve never expected that he would be a heisman trophy winner

  • will 2 grind
    will 2 grind

    The question is will the bengals ruin him

  • jmiami89

    Overrated as hell & will be a bust. Nothing more than a one hit wonder.

  • Eddie Gonzalez
    Eddie Gonzalez

    Next Bengals quarterback

  • krazyfrost24

    Burrow Touch Down to AJ Green! Cant wait

  • DmgOvrTym

    Welcome to the Bengals I guess.

  • J R
    J R

    Burrow = NFL bust

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    "Do you think Joe Burrow will be the Heisman?" LEARN THE LANGUAGE AND GRAMMAR RULES. MORON!

  • Milo The Joker
    Milo The Joker

    Lsu vs Ohio st bet.

  • Danny Owens
    Danny Owens

    I certainly believe that Joe Burrow will go down as the greatest ever

  • Troy Perdue
    Troy Perdue

    Joe burrow, jamar chase, Thaddeus Moss, Justin Jefferson, Terrence Marshall, Grant delpit and Clyde Edwards__ helare are all unstoppable. Geaux tigers .

    • Troy Perdue
      Troy Perdue