Joe Burrow Knew They Were Going to Beat Clemson For The Title
Pardon My Take
The GEAUXT Joe Burrow sat down with us the morning after he won the National Title game and claims he was never worried they wouldn't beat Clemson even when they were down and also can't decide who is more hungover right now.
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  • Arcspeed 214
    Arcspeed 214

    Have fun on the Bengals. He was a nobody the last 3 years because he's not that good. It took a stacked team on all cylinders to make him good

  • D2oonz Gaming
    D2oonz Gaming

    Dude was irrelevant until this year. His ego is out of this world. Have fun being irrelevant the rest of your career

  • jimbo jones
    jimbo jones

    he seem to be humble... not

  • Taylor Zubach
    Taylor Zubach

    what a boring interview.

  • Michael G
    Michael G

    If Cincy doesn't pick him, they deserve what they get.

  • Mark Powell
    Mark Powell

    Joe Burrow will make the Bengals completely relevant and in the race for the Superbowl / I pray he becomes a Bengal ! They will rally around the Ohio prodigy / Superbowl in his second and or third year & thereafter the sky's the limit !!! So Who Dey Diddelly Da !!! Play football the right way in Cincy !!! Go Bengals !!!!!

  • Dustin Granger
    Dustin Granger

    Please, someone, tell me where he got that white throwback starter jacket!

  • Debbie Verret
    Debbie Verret

    I love you Joe Borrow!!!

  • S Jean
    S Jean


  • Anthony The_goat
    Anthony The_goat

    Joe burrow is gonna be a bust

  • RockstarFlipper

    Screenshot this. He’s gonna be a trouble maker and problem in the NFL. ZERO success and I’m almost willing to bet that he washes out or ends up in trouble, suspended etc. mark my words

    • RockstarFlipper

      @Leelo Haskin Lol.. Listen this isn't hating. I want the kid to do well.. This is PLAIN JANE FACTS.. I have a screenshot on here of when I predicted "Johnny Money" would be a complete problem Child and look how that worked out. Part of what I do for a living is assessing behavior and behavior PROBLEMS for business. (the NFL IS a business). He has trouble written ALL over him, he has an attitude, and he's already out on social media partying, smart mouthing off etc.. Not to the extent that Johnny Idiot did, but the writing is on the wall. Watch and see. Unless someone steps in and puts a stop to his "attitude and bad boy wannabe behavior" he will end up the same way

    • Leelo Haskin
      Leelo Haskin

      Lol good luck with that prediction , otherwise get in line with the rest of the haters

  • MGE_5

    Joe’s left ankle position in this video bothers me

  • Brandon Rosales
    Brandon Rosales

    Big dick joe

  • LL H
    LL H

    Has a hat that says Big Dick Joe, smokes cigars after big wins, plays with hurt ribs, skips interviews with overzealous reporters, amazing confidence, no wonder all of America is falling in love with this man.

  • Max Miller
    Max Miller

    Those mf celebrated Cajun style lol

  • Seth Clark
    Seth Clark

    I promise u a healthy Tua would have beat LSU

  • EL gaming
    EL gaming

    I'm LSU thru and thru...lived here all my life.....but why did he let them film him while he's wearing capris????

  • Mike Money
    Mike Money

    Clemson did not belong on the same field as LSU

  • Antione Jackson
    Antione Jackson

    Where was the interviews from 2018 season? I would love to see if that confidence was the same. Easy to be confident when things going your way

  • Sherman Pearson
    Sherman Pearson

    Next season they will keep saying the sec doesn't play they keep winning national titles.. Who are the sec supposed to play...its so funny...and they will brag about the little 10 schedule..its hilarious..

  • psychesoulinthehole

    The camera work gave me a stroke

  • Robert Gilbert
    Robert Gilbert

    Eminem wannabe. No class at all.

  • Caelan

    Bruh he ain’t know they were video recording him

  • RCbashing the KRATON
    RCbashing the KRATON

    Best interview ever👊👊

  • NoHoesWes YT
    NoHoesWes YT

    This is pure entertainment gotta love it

  • Crypto Ops
    Crypto Ops

    BS. How arrogant. Alot of people say that and more than half are wrong, just dont here about them until one actualy wins. You definitely shouldn't say that when your playing Clemson.

  • RespectEdits

    3:28 explains my thoughts exactly. People keep feeding Joes ego (and he is good) but I honestly believe when he gets to the NFL and doesn’t have mismatches on cornerbacks and a ridiculous O line he won’t be able to do much. And also that cocky attitude he’s got is gonna end him up in Johnny Manziels position

    • Shaivon Williams
      Shaivon Williams

      Jaylen Blount , The NFL Is A Whole Lot Different Than College.

    • RespectEdits

      Jaylen Blount ya you’re right he can be as cocky which is also going to make people like me and a lot of others dislike him and his attitude

    • Jaylen Blount
      Jaylen Blount

      I don’t think his career will be anything like johnnys

    • Jaylen Blount
      Jaylen Blount

      Homie threw 14 tds in 2 games against the 4th and 2nd ranked teams in the nation he can be as cocky as he wants

  • rynobell

    Cincy will ruin this guy

  • TheMikeSanchez

    Can you fire your cameraman and let me take over please

  • Trey Johnson
    Trey Johnson

    Dudes just a goat

  • Chris Vazquez
    Chris Vazquez

    Joe gets his junk stuck in zippers. No more zip up boots for him

  • LiT TV
    LiT TV

    #BDB Big Dick Bearaeux

  • youngmurk100

    Didn't steam roll auburn but they did beat my bama 😆

  • Charlie style
    Charlie style

    Man, yalls camera man sucks and should be fired. Just have one job to hold a steady frame and keep the camera centered and he failed at both. Smh

  • that dude with a killua profile pic
    that dude with a killua profile pic

    I felt like one of them was just going to throw up out of nowhere

  • ZigZag88

    Bull fuckin shit burrow, the TV cameras we’re pointing at you’re 8 year old temper tantrum face when y’all were down. Don’t play tough guy shit lol. Y’all lucky as fuck Clemson wasn’t playing their best, otherwise, you wouldn’t have been sittin there.

  • dudewat212

    Still would draft Lawrence over Burrow if they were in the same draft. Lawrence has the quiet humility that can win in the NFL: Manning, Brady, Rodgers. On the other hand, we’ve seen a dime a dozen the boastful types like: Manziel, Rosen, and Mayfield.

  • Don Harvey
    Don Harvey

    Been a bengals fan since 1989. Not to excited about having the first pick

  • NiightDJ

    Burrow didn't know LSU was going to win lol, everyone expected Clemson to win and was shocked when LSU did

  • Sharkzillah Tornado
    Sharkzillah Tornado

    Hank your Academy Award for cameraman of the century is in the mail

  • Delilah Puddingstash
    Delilah Puddingstash

    Damn I wish we had Joe for a couple more years! He is the DEFINITION of SAVAGE...

    • Dinkdownn

      For real! I miss him already 💜🐯

  • John Nash
    John Nash

    Fuckin Eminem lol

  • David Schneider
    David Schneider

    Purple suit dude “1st play was so awesome they should not have called penalty”??? Did this guy ever play any sport??? Dufus!!!

  • Tivi Birch
    Tivi Birch

    “Dude, you won the National Title” Instant sub

    • Professor Bau Bau
      Professor Bau Bau

      Tivi Birch burrow: “yes, yes WE did”

  • Steven Vicijan
    Steven Vicijan

    Dudiest u

  • gardenrookie

    Can't wait for Trevor to smash this guy in the pros.

    • Nathan Benson
      Nathan Benson

      gardenrookie why didn’t he smash him in the championship then ? Trevor was mediocre at best.

  • stacy frady
    stacy frady

    Because it was scripted and rigged.......knew LSU was gonna win to

  • UnholySermons

    Wonder if he'll end up having a huge ego in the NFL

    • Leelo Haskin
      Leelo Haskin

      Lol I dunno they have a way of humbling your ass tho

  • Cory the goat
    Cory the goat

    Omm Joe used to be looking high in interviews

  • Derrick J
    Derrick J

    J Beezy

  • Chris Murphy
    Chris Murphy

    Hank are you trying to make us drunk too with your camera work. Wtf man lol

  • Amezy


  • James Miller
    James Miller

    They're definitely in the discussion for being one of the best teams ever. But their defense wasn't dominant, they were good but not dominant. And they didn't really have any blowout wins against a top tier team. You could say maybe against Oklahoma, but they always get to the playoffs and get blown out so that's nothing new. I usually go by 3 things when grading an all-time team: average margin of victory, undefeated record, and overall draft picks off of that particular championship team. My top 3 teams of all-time are: 1. 2001 Miami, 2. 2013 FSU, 3. 1995 Nebraska. Trust me I'm not hating on LSU either lol, I was actually really happy when they beat the gators this year. That's the team/program I hate, but I also believe if that game would've been played in Gainesville there's a good chance the gators would've won. But I'll end with this, Joe Burrow is better than any of the QBs on the 3 teams I mentioned. Winston is a close second, but Burrow is better. With him at QB LSU has a chance against any team that's ever played


    Thank you joe.

  • Steven Jackson
    Steven Jackson

    Burrow new he was going to win it has already been pre arranged !!

  • Ctay

    I no longer go by ctay it’s BDC

  • Ascension Bear
    Ascension Bear

    Joe Burrow is totally correct and a legend. No one in college football on this team's level

  • Dennis D Diamond
    Dennis D Diamond

    Hmm. Kind of an arrogant dick, actually. Too bad. A little humility about a game would be a nice refresher. We”llc see how you do in the pros because that online degree of yours may not pay the future dividends you need to live well.

  • Holden Edwards
    Holden Edwards

    This clip is exactly why barstool is better than ESPN

  • RubTheRock64

    LSU played a great game, but he’s full of shit. Clemson wins that game if lawrence doesn’t overthrow FOURTEEN balls.