Joe Burrow Can Say No To The Bengals
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  • MicroVolt

    He can say no. But he won’t. The bengals will not fail him. Mike Brown will not change. Burrow will have the tools around him to succeed. And he will succeed.

  • JohnAnderssonTV

    He doesn't have to fail. Remeber the 49ers before Montana? The Patriots before Brady?

  • Dylan Huddleston
    Dylan Huddleston

    with your logic there would only be 5 good teams every year and we should just get rid of the other ones

  • Danny Tackett
    Danny Tackett

    There's no doubt that the Bengals organization will never be confused with the Patriots as it stands right now. But at the same time people need not act like The Bengals refused to put any Talent around their quarterbacks. In 2015 Andy Dalton had AJ Green, Marvin Jones, Mohamed Sanu, a healthy Tyler Eifert and Jeremy Hill in the backfield. Andrew Whitworth, Andre Smith, Kevin Zeitler, Clint Boling and Russell Bodine on the line. That's not too shabby. Now of course the Bengals ended up letting some very important pieces of that puzzle walk.... but the Bengals made the playoffs five straight years. So it wasn't like Andy Dalton didn't have any Talent around him.

  • John Woodgate
    John Woodgate

    Burrow needs to say NO to Bengals. Burrow should request trade to Panthers. Bengals need to get 2 #1's for Joe Burrow.

  • Sean Jacobson
    Sean Jacobson

    As a Dolphins fan I have never been more hopeful for our future. Let’s draft Love as a project and capitalize on position needs, the future is bright.

  • Bryan Lutz
    Bryan Lutz

    You can't use Eli manning as an example because it worked out for him and he won with the giants. Say Joe does it goes somewhere else and doesnt do anything then hes in a worse position then if he went to the bengals

  • Andrew Hensley
    Andrew Hensley

    Lol yall sound silly

  • Craig Tong
    Craig Tong

    You need to stop your manchild fantasy of being a big shot sports reporter. It's important when you are discussing a topic to make sure you have the facts on what you are reporting on so you don't come off as a bumbling idiot. Your dad stumbling and bumbling around is ironic in the sense that he illustrates a perfect parallel to your level of knowledge on the Cincinnati Bengals. The facts are as follows:They have the 12th highest winning percentage in the league between 2010-2019 with playoff appearances in 5 out of the past 8 seasons. They have only had 2 quarterbacks since 2003 and both were multiple time pro bowlers with long, successful NFL careers. You should be more concerned with the beta male body language and lisp you got going on then the Cincinnati Bengal's organization.

  • Nathan Strait
    Nathan Strait

    Shut the hell up. He’s going to the Bengals.

  • Scarecrowscene

    You can also look at my boy John Elway who said "Fuck no" to Baltimore (also because he had the backup plan of playing in the MLB instead), and he never played a snap for them. The Broncos traded for him, and he didn't have to play for a team that he didn't want to

  • Zach Biondie
    Zach Biondie

    It’s clear after watching two videos based on burrow to the bengals you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Steven Leslie
    Steven Leslie

    Did the patriots want to beat the Dolphins? What a dumb question.

  • Jay Rod
    Jay Rod


  • Ken Winland
    Ken Winland

    Hey a** bengal .haters what do you know ESPN wouldn'T have you

  • Ryan Livingston
    Ryan Livingston

    this dude who looks like a human pube, has been smoking some CRAZY crack.

  • striderOO7

    I hate that Burrow might go to Cincinnati. I hope they take tua instead

  • Heath Reynolds
    Heath Reynolds

    These two soft cunts know nothing.

  • Don thr33
    Don thr33

    Quarterback analyst that's my job 😂😂

  • Carlos Enriquez Portillo
    Carlos Enriquez Portillo

    You are saying that Burrow should say no to the bengals but also supported that Baker went to the browns and kyler going to Arizona. So the cincy team just should disappear because only us, bengals fans, belive that we can get better with Burrow. We all know that we are shit and our owner is garbage but I really think the Taylor have a chance to make the team better just give him some time he took a team that had the same manager for 16 seasons. He is trying to change things but that is not going to happen after only 16 games.

  • Deezy Cain
    Deezy Cain

    It’s his hometown isn’t it your dream to get drafted by your home state team

  • Joshüa 115
    Joshüa 115

    Are you forgetting he grew up in Ohio and would be happy to back by his family

  • Antjuan Thomas
    Antjuan Thomas

    This video suck... Y'all dont know shit

  • Ravenlife 1372
    Ravenlife 1372

    Only pussies think like these two. Joe Burrow doesn’t strike me as a pussy

  • Delonte Duvall
    Delonte Duvall

    Joe burrow is not going to refuse to play for us despite the fact that we do have bad ownership


    Dalton took the Bengals to 5 straight playoffs appearances but Burrow will struggle to make the Bengals good. lmao. How easy people forget.

  • Connor Marrell
    Connor Marrell

    I’d be the happiest person in the world if he went to the dolphins

  • Shawn B
    Shawn B

    You know burrow is from Ohio right. He would not refuse being drafted by the Bengals... But honestly, as a Bengals fan, I'd prefer they take chase young. If tua doesn't get hurt this year burrow is probably the #3 qb coming out. He's not going to be a great NFL qb and isn't worth a #1 overall. You Lsu saints fans need to get over it lol.

  • Caleb Lambert
    Caleb Lambert

    Strong opinion here. You have a hard case of ligma.. Bengals are gonna dominate with this dude!

  • Austen

    Who are these clowns? The Bengals are so terrible that Joe Burrow has no chance at all to succeed? Do these clowns know Andy Dalton (mediocre QB) took them to 5 playoffs?

  • Tpace1328

    The bengals actually have a couple things going for them especially the offensive skill players if AJ Green comes back

  • T O
    T O

    I thought it said Joe Burrow Can Say No to Bagels... I was like, me too! what makes him so special?? ahahhahaa

  • Dick Lindenhoffer
    Dick Lindenhoffer

    Hold up....youre just a incel talkung about sports like you understand the nuances of whats its like to have your feet to the fire and you dont . chill. Talking a hundred miles an hour dont mean anything, all that other shit sound like idiots like Mel Kiper (see Jimmy Clausen). Keep in mind LSU has NFL talent at every single position...but all that passion/heart/ focused yada yada is you trying to project your hope of what you doing as transitive.

  • dae dae jones
    dae dae jones

    Get off the Bengals ****

  • Danger Zone
    Danger Zone

    Clearly these guys know nothing about Mr. Brown, the Bengals owner. Joe Burrow can say no but Mjle Brown will sit on his rights till he dies. Mike Brown worst owner in football. With that said, first time watching this channel and feel they are clueless.

  • BloodyBunny 99
    BloodyBunny 99

    So I see jealous Bengal haters fuck heads are already trying to sabotage and fuck us over smh not very sportsmen like of you bitches. 🖕

  • Mafiaman567

    Will he probably not should he hell yes

  • Simon says:
    Simon says:

    Bengal were purposely this bad. They obviously saw someone they wanted pretty bad.

    • Simon says:
      Simon says:

      Joe Burrow is from Ohio too.

  • Johnathon Curatolo
    Johnathon Curatolo

    Bro wasn’t he a Bengals fan growing up? Get him and maybe a lineman or two and the rest of the draft of D and you have a Chiefs circa 2018 where they try and shootout every game with poor defense. Cardinals overall sucked but showed flashes of improving with Kyler Murray and a new coach

  • Jordin

    Regardless, how many times do teams get better players in the offseason through free agency and end up with better situation the following season. Bengals have Mixon, AJ Green, Tyler Boyd & Auden Tate. If Cordy Glenn can stay healthy and Jonah Williams develops, it’ll help out that offensive line. Never count anyone out in the NFL.

  • Chris Chaney
    Chris Chaney

    Why are the bengals such a bad place to land. They have selected a first round olineman last draft. Veteran receiver an green. Joe Mixon complete back in the backfield. Defense could use pieces to compliment geno but this a better situation than Arizona was for kyler last year

  • Marcus

    You do know the Mannings didn’t want Peyton and Eli in the same conference right? They wanted a Manning Super Bowl. It was more than just not wanting to go to the Chargers.

  • Brandon Seamon
    Brandon Seamon

    Bengals will draft Joe Burrow

  • Ian Huyett
    Ian Huyett

    Eli Manning wasn’t playing foo!

  • Andrew Hiedelburg
    Andrew Hiedelburg

    Boomer already gave him a helmet. Done deal

  • Kurtis L
    Kurtis L

    Remember the Bengals lost 8 games by a score or less. They could easily be 10-6 if they had a star player in a key position like QB or WR

  • To Release is To Resolve
    To Release is To Resolve

    The Bengals aren't the Browns. They're not good but they're not the worst franchise in the league. More like the definition of mediocre.

  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott

    Steelers Opinion Sports

  • Marcus Watson
    Marcus Watson

    Why would he anyways? He’s not one of those players who desires to party and live in New York or Miami. He’s a white dude from Ohio. And the bengals really aren’t a terrible franchise. He won’t ever win a super bowl or maybe even a playoff game. But he can have a good long career there. Bengals aren’t the browns who just destroy QBs

  • Kevin

    He can say no but the Bengals won't trade him and he will never play football again unless it's with the Bengals if drafted by them.

  • Cringe Wizard
    Cringe Wizard

    I'd say since the NFL is mostly a fixed sport the Manning/Rivers trade was orchestrated by the NFL. Because the National Fixed League wanted a Manning in NYC

  • Lane Poovey
    Lane Poovey

    Why a would a kid from Ohio say no to a team from Ohio

  • Kad

    I hope he does say no.

  • One nacho 123
    One nacho 123

    He wouldn’t say no. Who knows. Maybe he can do for Cincinnati what Brees did for New Orleans.

  • Abdulplays

    He would go there you guys dont make sense

  • SagansWar

    I love listening to your analysis of QBs. Could you do one on Jacoby Brissett and why the Colts should move on from him? If they give him another year, not sure I can stomach it.


    I love how quickly your opinion on the franchise changed. Literally 9 months ago you posted a video talking about how excited you were to see the Bengals play this year and now you’re acting like Burrow would be better off to deny the Bengals the opportunity of drafting him, costing him millions of dollars, just to avoid this franchise. As a Bengals fan, I hear your concerns, especially with ownership, but your fears are blown way out of proportion.

  • PeanutButter Jelly
    PeanutButter Jelly

    Joe burrow to Miami would be a dream come true.

  • Richard Kok
    Richard Kok

    If I was Joe Burrow, I would play for the Patriots.

  • Shadow Life
    Shadow Life

    Doubt he'll go to the bengals. They're one of the least paying nfl orginzations in the league, they're completely ass, and sure he probably would wanna stay close to Ohio but I'm sure his parents would support him wherever he goes and would want for him to choose what's best for him and the Bengals are 100% not the best for him. People need to stop speculating and forcing the bengals down his throat, fuck the bengals. Joe Burrow is a winner he wants to stay a winner, he isn't going to the bengals.