Joe Burrow said Odell Beckham Jr. gave him real cash after the CFP Championship | Golic and Wingo
Trey Wingo, Mike Golic and Mike Golic Jr. react to Joe Burrow claiming on a podcast that Cleveland Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr. gave him real money after the LSU Tigers' College Football Playoff National Championship win vs. the Clemson Tigers.
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  • dubya724

    He knew those cameras were there; what was wrong with giving cash humbly behind the scene? He needed to peacock and get big ups and it now has caused a problem. He is a grown man and a professional, not an 18 y.o. kid who is on his first outing to the club with a bit of money to his name. He was looking for attention and he got it.🤷🏽‍♂️

  • shinny dime
    shinny dime

    It's time for the football fans to put pressure on THE NCAA(50 BBBBBBIILLION REVENUE) to pay their slaves. And alot more than these 100 dollars bills Odell gave out.

  • Tim Jones
    Tim Jones

    "why would you do that" He was way too buzzed

  • The Ladies Man
    The Ladies Man

    "Whoever wants to pay me money to play the game of football, I'll play for 'em. It doesn't matter to me," Burrow said, per Josh Wingrove of Bloomberg

  • Xxxx Big Rich
    Xxxx Big Rich

    I didn't know Takashi 69 plays for LSU.

  • Michael Nudelman
    Michael Nudelman

    Odell Beckham is like the old guy at the kegger

  • Paddling The Pink Canoe
    Paddling The Pink Canoe

    Its not that big of a deal. BTW its ON National Television so he didnt snitch. He clear gave the LSU player money watch the video.

  • Dave Gary
    Dave Gary

    You guys havw more production value than most and Pardon My Take still gets the Hiesman Championship winner the next day and he skips your show lol clowns

  • Jarett Guidry
    Jarett Guidry

    Odell is not a college coach nor is he giving the money as a recruiting bribe. He knows the coaches will make millions in bonuses and this is his way of gifting the players. He already had relationships with some of these players before beside just football and he’s just taking care of his people in Louisiana. He has millions and to me this shows character unlike the selfish pigs of the NCAA.

  • Lynda Brooks
    Lynda Brooks

    I wonder what these 3 lames would have said if someone like Drew Brees was seen handing money to Purdue players..I think we would notice a different reaction..Trey Wingo low-key racist anyway..His name Trey and look at this mf lmao!!!

  • John Rodrigues
    John Rodrigues

    sports commentators are idiots

  • raymond

    Guy with a camouflage sweatshirt is either drug or high on some sort of drug

  • Johnterrius Morgan
    Johnterrius Morgan

    It his last game their ncaa can’t do nothing to burrow

  • if your reading this subscribe
    if your reading this subscribe

    There adults, obj can do whatever he wants with HIS money.

  • Aubrey Killingsworth
    Aubrey Killingsworth

    Not to sound messed up but a lot of you know what are taking this way out of context. OBJ was just happy that’s all I don’t think he made it about himself. See this is wrong with America..... sensitive. Not one of them player were upset about celebrating with a star

  • Flo Jo
    Flo Jo

    Burrow"" says I'm not a student athlete anymore!

  • jamison709

    That’s no different than cam giving kids the ball in the middle of the game.... totally irrelevant to discuss.

  • Blue Jay
    Blue Jay

    Joe burrow just put his entire team on blast and its odells fault? Blame joe burrow dont trust this man in the locker room.

  • The FPV Life
    The FPV Life

    The white man calls this a donation.

  • TheOfficial MikeMike410
    TheOfficial MikeMike410

    "That wasn't even a thought on O'Dells mind" lemme know you just don't like the man

  • CommandMonster7

    These guys suck

  • TheOfficial MikeMike410
    TheOfficial MikeMike410

    Y'all sound dumb O'Dell use go to LSU so he there acting like other former players don't do that smh

  • Rudolf Fenz
    Rudolf Fenz

    Ummm, does the NCAA allow someone who's still currently enrolled to take money...why did Chase Young get in trouble?

  • Kenneth Browning
    Kenneth Browning

    These guys are haters! How’s it this a topic? He gave away thousands the school Just made millions

  • Knowledge DaOg
    Knowledge DaOg

    Joe is a rat. He never cared about his teammates or lsu. He used them and now threw them under the bus

  • Charles Rommello
    Charles Rommello

    3 dudes if they walked down the street nobody would care to even recognize them. So they are jealous of the the athletes who garner lots of attention. OBJ didnt ask those Cameras to follow him around . there was other LSU former stars there doing and acting just like him but the media focused on OBJ so stop it. Must be a slow news day

  • Charles Rommello
    Charles Rommello

    These dudes sound REDICULOUS Stop it ..its not that deep they all sound like haters. The LSU players loved it. .

  • TK 1
    TK 1

    I don’t think it’s that deep I think he was drunk and just did it without thinking and now it’s a blowing up thing for no reason

  • Pure Jokes
    Pure Jokes


  • Black

    Joe Burrow is a real life snitch.

  • Pyrvx Kvng
    Pyrvx Kvng

    Imagine being mad that some CHAMPIONS got 100 dollars for WINNING. The NCAA wont pay em so who will?? 😭😂

  • Jonatan Tomšič
    Jonatan Tomšič

    Odell might have made a huge bet on this game.

  • Country Boy
    Country Boy

    Talk about why the NFL won't hire black coaches I don't hear you talkin are saying anyting about. All three of you are jokes

  • Brodie Bro
    Brodie Bro

    Sound like a bunch of Clemson fans

  • Grayson Miller
    Grayson Miller

    These out of touch yt dudes.

  • Randy Eason
    Randy Eason

    it was OBJ moment too. He was a superstar there. now hes a superstar in he NFL. Those players look up to him

  • Kat Angeron
    Kat Angeron

    Making himself look no matter what stupid . Lsu will cut his dumdass away from ther

  • Simone Eli
    Simone Eli

    Joe burrow is a snitch and soon to be bust

  • Ausssty

    Everyone who said the ncaa is dumb and it’s their fault thank you , these players deserve to be paid we all know no one goes to play d1 college football unless you wanna make it to the nfl , Odell was doing what the ncaa should’ve been doing for years by now . No LSU player or coach said he took the shine away from them like bro the only people that are trippin is the ncaa and the media . Not one LSU player or coach complained about him giving out money the only reason they would though is because of the NCAA . FOR THE FINAL TIME , NCAA PAY YOUR ATHLETES.

  • Dubbin Doug
    Dubbin Doug

    If the first thing you thought of when seeing the video was, “I wonder if that violates NCAA rules” then you’re a cop..

  • Kill Monger
    Kill Monger

    Three white guys hating on a black man. If it was Gronk it would have been Awesome!!

  • Pierre Harris
    Pierre Harris

    Bro.. He's a tiger . he was lit and excited. He was drunk as any fan. He just had access to the players.

  • andrew soldner
    andrew soldner

    Lol this show sucks. And that’s why Joe slept thru your interview with him.

  • D Guess
    D Guess

    How dumb can you be to talk about OBJ taking the spot light. You’re giving it to him. What else would you guys even be talking about lol

  • The P1 Fitzy
    The P1 Fitzy

    These guys got it wrong everyone else I have watch nfl undisputed and first take all are right

  • hipnautikboy1

    so much hate. so toxic. sound like online trolls

  • Willie Locke
    Willie Locke

    Do the players think this? Did they say this?

  • joseph Ard
    joseph Ard

    Are y'all mad at them because they're white?

  • the1called_z

    Who cares

  • J T
    J T

    Joe burrow just snitched and cost LSU some scholarships

  • Michael Donnelly
    Michael Donnelly

    Odell Beckham is an immature, selfish spoiled baby.he could be one of the all time greats,but he will sabotage it like most selfish immature brats do.

  • BE4ST

    I actually don't think there was malicious intent on obj's part or even an attempt to steal the spotlight. I think he's just an idiot.

  • lunchbox87

    Its ironic we talk about players getting money and the NCAA being evil for not allowing it but the only reason Odell is in the spot to be able to do something like this is from getting drafted because of free schooling the NCAA helped with ...we already have kids transferring theory them getting money is good but its a rolling snowball of them getting money and stuff to go to certain schools ...they get free education room and board free travel they get more than enough ..and not everyone on a team will even make it to the NFL so you would need to pay by talent and others might not see that as fair





  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo

    Joe isn’t snitching. I think he’s bringing awareness to this NCAA bs!! MNsoft South Park student athaletes

  • WhatzXcRacKin


  • Molorange

    Bro I’m so done with Odell he’s trash

    • unapologetically afrikan
      unapologetically afrikan

      Why are you done I'm curious?

  • Caron Miles
    Caron Miles

    Yea your gassing and bitching about something that they should already be receiving... Tryna say focus, FOCUS ON THE MONEY THAT THE PLAYERS SHOULD BE GETTING!!

  • Sadi Benard
    Sadi Benard