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  • Otacon Magoo
    Otacon Magoo

    Who cares about mints and vitamins for Pokemon? I want to see a true national dex, and not some secretly made paywalled dlc add on that we have to pay extra for later. I played the games to earn a national dex to be happy with an extended story a way to further my game enjoyment. Cutting the dex like you have done is inexcusable and seriously making me not want to keep putting my money towards a franchise you obviously want money from than player appreciation.

  • gray

    why did i get the notification for this today? lmao wtf i already had to look it up gtfo >:(

  • link_steve5678

    3 days before release “Game footage not final”

  • Thebattlecats Chicken
    Thebattlecats Chicken

    Go to we’re it says boxes and pause far fetched has eveloution or gala form

  • Osha Lake Warrior
    Osha Lake Warrior

    I don't have to spam items anymore it's the best thing I've seen yet :)

  • Peek- At -Ch'you
    Peek- At -Ch'you

    What about the option to turn off exp share?

  • All Like Was
    All Like Was

    Now I wish this was in the older games

  • All Like Was
    All Like Was

    Listen closely, and you will hear the select sound from sinnoh SINNOH REMAKE CONFIRMED

  • Noel DL
    Noel DL

    Does Zapdos,Greninja and sceptile exist in that game?

  • Ztrike Zz
    Ztrike Zz


  • Therion ΤρολλpelDanger
    Therion ΤρολλpelDanger

    It seems getting EXP is ridiculous easy Gengar still with Cursed Body? RIP

  • Xavier Boguhe
    Xavier Boguhe

    I love those starter evolutions.👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Cumber K
    Cumber K

    Competitive Players: Pokemon is getting old. I'm so done with it. Game Freak: *You sure about that?*

  • Sir Pufflington
    Sir Pufflington

    Dude I’m so exited for this game

  • Stretox

    Pff. Who needs Gameplay and Grinding if you could just use items right?

  • Michael

    Hey GameFreak, Hey Pokémon Company Please just sell the complete Pokémon franchise you guys should not be allowed making Video Games anymore I really hope that these Games wont sell and that they put more work into the next one And yeah i would Love to give My bulbasaur a mint but i cant so ...

  • Spencer Tyler
    Spencer Tyler

    Was the stat a jojo reference

  • Lymer

    PLEASE listen to this. All other stuff aside, the EXP share feature is RUINING this game. PLEASE release a toggle patch for EXP share, thats all I ask. One tiny, easy little feature to make the game MUCH funner. If you respect your fans, PLEASE do this!

  • Restless

    Can we just talk about you basically give a drug to your Pokemon and change it’s personality?

  • Oliver

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Pokemon: D R U G S

  • Just your average Touhou fan
    Just your average Touhou fan

    Is it just me? Or does the music sound Gen 3-ish without the trumpets

  • skybeatzz

    Again a Trailer where i think, what the hell happend to Pokemon? I mean i feature where u can use Multiple items at once? Guys its 2019, that isnt a feature, that should be default. and The mints and Exp Bonbons? Where is the Reason now to Bread Pokemons or to train them? I feel like tere is nothing more left in this game to be a Pokemon trainer... I see the ingame Shop coming where u can buy Masterballs....

  • flcnsml

    It’s starting to look like they should call these games Pokémon Let’s Go Sword and Let’s Go Shield. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Darby Fabre
    Darby Fabre

    All these extra features to make training your pokemon for competing easier but no national dex. Feels like a waste

  • LordBoxmanDaddy

    Fukin Mint 👌

  • ZakIsWak

    Sobble is a spy (Nod to Sherlock Holmes), Scorbunny will be a soccer player (soccer is huge in the UK), and Grookie will be a musician.

    • ZakIsWak

      J yeah I just saw the leaks today, you were right.

    • J

      Sobble and it's evolutions don't fall under Fair Use because they're inspired by an existing work, not directly copied from it. If you show Sobble's final evolution to your mom, dad, uncle, a 50+ year old copyright law judge, or to anyone who doesn't follow Pokemon news, they wouldn't recognize it as being James Bond-related/based, or if they did, one can make the argument that it's transformative enough (a bipedal water-based chameleon with a spy motiff) from the work that it is inspired by (a human spy wearing a black suit). As for "shooting", Inteleon's official art has it pointing it's finger like a gun shooting bubbles, it's hidden ability is "Sniper", and it can literally learn a move called "Snipe Shot" (a new signature move for Gen 8).

    • ZakIsWak

      J it just doesn’t make sense to me why they would pick 007 over Holmes. I don’t think that fair use laws would allow the use of 007 and also, 007 is more about shooting than Sherlock Holmes, which I don’t think the the pokemon company would like.

    • J

      Sherlock Holmes? Are you so unaware/ignorant of culture that you pick Sherlock Holmes, a police detective, over James Bond (007)? A (British) spy? Wow.

  • Fabián Quirós
    Fabián Quirós

    That music! ♥️

  • Scott Family
    Scott Family

    Can gamefreak please leak some shinys i would love to see the new shiny's

  • Gede Wibawa Cakramurti
    Gede Wibawa Cakramurti

    These comments are hilarious! *Insert Ilovethiscommunity meme

  • Rouge Cur
    Rouge Cur


  • qtpiecolton

    They havent even showed the evoloutions to the starters

    • Larl Wheezer
      Larl Wheezer

      the leakers already did it for them so whats the point lol

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    "Access Pokemon boxes from almost anywhere" RIP Twitchplayspokemon

    • Larl Wheezer
      Larl Wheezer

      nice job stealin a comment

  • Jimmy Orozco
    Jimmy Orozco

    Video: *Changes their starter for a random Pokémon* Me: **YOU ARE NOT THE POKÉMON COMPANY**

  • Chorby Metalchain
    Chorby Metalchain

    Oh yeah, we can change natures. Now i can switch my modest shiny spiritomb in the 8 gen and... wait...

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      "The official Pokemon MNsoft Channel" Why not just call it "Pokemon" with a verification checkmark?

  • S Forlord
    S Forlord

    These would be great for a gen that has ALL THE POKEMON IN IT

  • Adam Bajczyk
    Adam Bajczyk

    Pokemon company: we introduced a feature that should of been out around gen 4, so we decided to have less pokemon than we did then

  • afutla qian
    afutla qian

    "Access Pokemon boxes from almost anywhere" RIP Twitchplayspokemon

  • Awesome Bears Awesomeverse
    Awesome Bears Awesomeverse

    We have a big leak here 1:08 it belongs to sir fetched

  • eevee squad
    eevee squad

    So tell me when will eevee get it's own movie

  • Pulse Pixelite
    Pulse Pixelite

    Mmmm I like my geodude rock hard with sturdy

    • Larl Wheezer
      Larl Wheezer

      @afutla qian yeah but lgpe was kind of a joke tbh and you cant really consider it a truly core pokemon game

    • afutla qian
      afutla qian

      They act like being able to access boxes from anywhere is a new thing... but wasn't that also a thing in LG:PE?

  • Stormgem Thunder
    Stormgem Thunder

    Yes now my shiny yveltal wont be hasty anym- Oh wait Im not getting SwSh

  • Jason Macmillan
    Jason Macmillan

    Oh no, i'm lost in a cave, I'm out of repels and my last pokemon is almost dead, what am I gonna do!? *Opens PC*

  • Danetto

    good items!

  • kyuuyoshibi

    So Elon Musk launched Starlink even in Galar. Who would've thought.

  • Rally Elvis
    Rally Elvis

    I'm ready for Pokémon sword and shield and the content you'll be putting in the game

  • Sonic Speed 25
    Sonic Speed 25

    Where are the starters 2nd and 3rd evolution it’s coming out in 5 more days and you haven’t revealed it yet

  • Lourdes Genoveva
    Lourdes Genoveva


  • Will Ver Schneider
    Will Ver Schneider

    Turn a bad natured, low IV wonder traded pokemon into a competitive champion!

  • FoxMan

    Don't use supplements because they're absurdly expensive. You sell those suckers for 4900 Pokedollars a pop and then you go out into the wild and EV train *_LIKE A REAL MAN._*

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    "The official Pokemon MNsoft Channel" Why not just call it "Pokemon" with a verification checkmark?

    • MasterCha0s


  • Trintard

    This will be the easiest main pokemon game yet.(let's go is a side game)

  • Yami

    Mints? Such an Oopsie. That's right. POKÉMON Did an OOPSIE!

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu



    isn't the song in this video from a different generation?

  • TDN Atomic
    TDN Atomic

    Will Pokémon be able to follow you I really would like that feature even if it was in a park like in Pokémon platinum

  • Gavin Davis
    Gavin Davis

    They act like being able to access boxes from anywhere is a new thing... but wasn't that also a thing in LG:PE?

  • Jensen Hopkins
    Jensen Hopkins

    Mints are a good change

  • Cherokee Whitney
    Cherokee Whitney

    1:09 new pokemon


    Cramorant: because slapping folks with a fish is what's in.

  • C-B4ss

    That’s right bois we no longer have to farm Pokémon of the right nature

  • WetSliceOfBread

    am I the only one vibing with this tune

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