I Let Lexi Hensler Pick My Girlfriend | Date Takeover w/ Andrew Davila
The show that gives an influencer’s family member or BFF full control over finding them the perfect date.
I let My BFF Pick My Boyfriend | Date Takeover w/ Ben Azelart & Lexi Hensler - mnsoft.info/hd/video/i46xuLKggdyar3M
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Andrew Davila (@andrewdavila_)
Lexi Hensler (@lexihensler)
Executive Producer: Christopher Babers
Director: Justin Johnson
Associate Producer: Marta Palley
DP: Sevdije Kastrati
Production Designer: Victoria Slate
Editor: Jacob Gehnert
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  • rousse soto
    rousse soto

    I think the girl for him is right beside him 💜🧡❣️

  • Hussein Faraj
    Hussein Faraj

    Devin is the best why did he eliminate her

  • Emelia Badman
    Emelia Badman

    Katy rocks

  • funny texts
    funny texts

    SERIOUSLY andrew!devin was great aisha was pretty over-confindent no offense

  • Adi Tui Vuniwaqa
    Adi Tui Vuniwaqa

    No one: Literally no one: Lexi: wait wat do you do?*laughing Aisha:I'm a software developer Lexi:*laughs even more* OH JESUS CHRIST😂 Shelby(out of nowhere): wait, you're smart*suprised*

  • itz dayanara Cruz
    itz dayanara Cruz

    I feel like Aisha wanted andrew and andrew wanted Aisha bit Lexi why didn't you let andrew choose the girl that stays with him you think Shelby should stay and maybe andrew thought Aisha should stay

  • Fatima Muhammed
    Fatima Muhammed

    I liked Aisha were better

  • Delwin Rivera
    Delwin Rivera

    I have a question , why dont they just date ,rhere cute

  • Kali Baker
    Kali Baker

    I love the video

  • Kianca Black (DHS)
    Kianca Black (DHS)

    I will keep Devin ven though I'm a girl


    Andrew is mine

  • Mackenzie Smith
    Mackenzie Smith

    Andrew shaking🤣🤣🤣

  • Kaitlyn Luong
    Kaitlyn Luong

    Omg Ariana is apart of Markian’s smile squad

  • Sullivan Gavin
    Sullivan Gavin

    that is cute

  • Laila Onorati
    Laila Onorati

    Take away sh

  • Sabina Holden Appiah
    Sabina Holden Appiah

    why does=snt he go out with lexi

  • Eleven super Bff's
    Eleven super Bff's

    arriana is from the smile squad

  • Gansten Amigo
    Gansten Amigo

    i did not see this coming.....Andrew!!!! are u dead

  • Serigala Solo
    Serigala Solo

    I really like Arianna's personality especially in Markian videos.

  • Kimberly Garcia
    Kimberly Garcia

    No nono

  • Janelle Amane
    Janelle Amane

    You are too cute

  • Janelle Amane
    Janelle Amane


  • Vivian Reza
    Vivian Reza

    Ariana is from the youtube the youtube chanl smile squad

  • Joanna Perez
    Joanna Perez

    I know Ariana from smile squad like that button if you have seen it

  • Bilan.abdillahi abdillahi
    Bilan.abdillahi abdillahi

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="386">6:26</a> 😂😂😂

  • oresiametse mokgokolo
    oresiametse mokgokolo

    Aisha was the one Shelby wasn't the one!

  • Favour Alexis
    Favour Alexis

    I cried when he eliminated Devin 😔

  • My heartu Very dirty water!
    My heartu Very dirty water!

    Devin is so mfkin pretty!!!

  • Jayonna Stephanys
    Jayonna Stephanys

    I don't even think he actually dated anyone

  • kiana mcintyre
    kiana mcintyre

    I feel like me and sin could be friends💀💀💀

  • Clinton Narayanasami
    Clinton Narayanasami


  • Clinton Narayanasami
    Clinton Narayanasami

    Why don't Andrew and Lexi

    • Clinton Narayanasami
      Clinton Narayanasami


  • Hayk Vardanyan
    Hayk Vardanyan

    YAAAASSSS I like Aisha already she reminds me of Aisha from Winx Club😂❤️

  • Paulo Shipoke
    Paulo Shipoke

    Devine should not have been elimenated

  • Sang sanfi_hmar
    Sang sanfi_hmar

    The girls r fugly

  • finserv technology
    finserv technology

    Doesn't Ariana come from markian's channel

  • Albert Williams
    Albert Williams

    I don’t like she Dey sorry

  • Heather Henline
    Heather Henline

    Sin savio is the most scariest

  • Meir Mitchell
    Meir Mitchell

    You just don’t like Aiasha because she’s black

  • Meir Mitchell
    Meir Mitchell

    Your rude

  • Nicla Johnson
    Nicla Johnson

    I was so voting for Devin

  • Oasis B
    Oasis B

    Is lexi a lesbian?

  • Ricky Wong
    Ricky Wong

    is lexi and andrew acctually isblings

  • cappy mares
    cappy mares

    i think Aisha would of been a good gf thoooo

  • Shyam Adivi
    Shyam Adivi

    andrew: not devil me noo she is sooooo gud

    • Shyam Adivi
      Shyam Adivi


  • Maribel Uy
    Maribel Uy


  • Sherri Moore
    Sherri Moore

    I love Andrew he is so cute

    • Sherri Moore
      Sherri Moore

      My name is sherrissa

  • Wolf Girl
    Wolf Girl

    If I was lesbian I will choose sin girl I want someone with sharp teeth like me

  • Razwa

    Ariana??? So similiar . Who? Oh i know. Smile Squad 😊😊. Is that right ?

  • Marthea Ryann Laciste
    Marthea Ryann Laciste

    I liked Devin the most she was so chill and the perfect match for Andrew 😍

  • Isn’t it bad girl zyiah Bowman
    Isn’t it bad girl zyiah Bowman

    I love Andre I whis he was my boyfriend


    Isn’t Ariana from Markian? Sorry I can’t spell

  • Christina Boodoo
    Christina Boodoo

    Yes Andrew is cute but not only when he is nervous all the time😍

  • D2b _8
    D2b _8

    Aisha fine asf

  • Ysabelle Narvaez
    Ysabelle Narvaez

    Sometimes I ship Andrew and Lexi tbh

  • Jewel Ah kiau
    Jewel Ah kiau

    the way andrew stars at lexi when she was playing with his piece of hair

  • Freya-Ella Richards
    Freya-Ella Richards

    andrew looks like justin beiber

  • Russel James Dela Cruz
    Russel James Dela Cruz

    Arianna is from smile squad

  • valeria Lozano
    valeria Lozano

    I'm. ValeriaL You are so

  • valeria Lozano
    valeria Lozano

    I love you so much Andrew and your friends

  • Axolotlover


  • Gia!

    Who else was triggered by that one piece of Andrews hair that was like 🥴

  • Ambreen Akbar
    Ambreen Akbar

    Midnight Sin:hey i want to taste your fresh blood Andrew:no way hoesay Lexi:im here guys Lexi:noo your not😣

  • Dacotah Damian
    Dacotah Damian

    I wanted Aisha to win!!!

  • susan mathews
    susan mathews

    Aisha's eyelashes would slap me if I was there...

  • Lesang Morele
    Lesang Morele

    What is a sugar mama???

  • Cielito Olegario
    Cielito Olegario

    Arianna is from markian smile squad

  • Leslie Barcinas
    Leslie Barcinas

    Why shelbey

  • Cookiesworld Girl
    Cookiesworld Girl

    Sin is my favorite

  • Alayna Bullock
    Alayna Bullock

    It’s sad that Andrew sent Devin home

  • Alexander Escamilla
    Alexander Escamilla

    Aww 🤧🤧🤧🤧

  • Alexander Escamilla
    Alexander Escamilla


  • Eve Fleming
    Eve Fleming

    DEVEN is better then isha.

  • lily graham
    lily graham

    Sin freaks me out

  • lily graham
    lily graham

    Nooo Devin lost😔😔😔

  • Reyantony Brumley
    Reyantony Brumley

    Devin is wifey material he don't deserve that anyways

  • Quijanoyanyan 2
    Quijanoyanyan 2


  • Rek Bishop
    Rek Bishop

    Forget Lexi Aisha should when they probably didn't last a week

  • Shimla Aishath
    Shimla Aishath

    Is Sin really a vampire?

  • Hannah Villahermosa
    Hannah Villahermosa

    When I watched Devin go and Aisha saved, ooh girl, I immediately clicked out of the video.