Executive Producer: P NATION
MV Director: VM Project Architecture
Composed by: PSY, 유건형, SPACE ONE, Anna Timgren
Lyrics by: PSY
Arranged by: SPACE ONE
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  • زهراء جبار سعدي
    زهراء جبار سعدي

    She looks so so so hot ""

  • Ester Natari
    Ester Natari

    Love you hyunaaaa❤️❤️

  • Luchie Palma
    Luchie Palma

    When Hyuna said "Even as flowers wither, don't you worry they will bloom again" that's hits her.

  • Teodora Golubovic
    Teodora Golubovic

    "Never give up and I never say never", this is the sentence that describes her so much, she was in 6 groups and after all disbands she stayed solo (Sorry for my bad english🙂)

  • Claire Zhang
    Claire Zhang

    She sounds and looks great 😊 welcome back Hyuna!

  • Merry Ignacio
    Merry Ignacio

    Amo está canción desde que salió y espero que regrese con más éxitos

  • Nguyễn Trí Tính
    Nguyễn Trí Tính

    Yeu chị

  • Nguyễn Trí Tính
    Nguyễn Trí Tính

    20 million let go

  • Nguyễn Trí Tính
    Nguyễn Trí Tính

    Việt Nam

  • wrenpark

    Hey fever left the chat

  • Thiri Yamin Aung
    Thiri Yamin Aung

    jowahae Hyuna

  • Noelia medina
    Noelia medina


  • Cristina Franco
    Cristina Franco

    Anyone knows, who is the boy who is dancing with hyuna,the boy with the curly hair?

  • Krys Santy
    Krys Santy

    HyunA is always Loved ❤ Just waiting for more Music from P Nation and HyunA. Please more promotion for HyunA ❤

  • -ghostae- FF’s
    -ghostae- FF’s

    1million likes Queen

  • Diana Guzmán Rivas
    Diana Guzmán Rivas

    Go! 20 millions! Go! Go!

  • Trâm Đỗ
    Trâm Đỗ

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="35">0:35</a> Did anybody think that the background dancers were half naked!?😂

  • jimindrizzle

    coming back for this queen since she slay in every KPOP MV

  • Yeah Okay so
    Yeah Okay so

    More and More looks different here-

  • Chickenwings

    I honestly like this type of songs! The lyrics match the mv really well and the lyrics aren’t bad. The dance is also pretty! I hope HyunA can make for songs like this! :D

  • Teemu Rinnesalmi
    Teemu Rinnesalmi

    This is the only kind of k-pop I can listen to

  • lkuukiks


  • Teemu Rinnesalmi
    Teemu Rinnesalmi

    I hate K-pop. Except HyunA😍🤩

  • Vicki Ma
    Vicki Ma

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="87">1:27</a> straight up choked-

  • Luna Brilhante
    Luna Brilhante


  • Little_Mango25

    Everyone is talking about how meaningful everything is and I agree, but I am still stuck on how to learn to glide as perfectly as she did in that yellow dress...

  • Yärä kïm Blînk 👽🍭
    Yärä kïm Blînk 👽🍭

    Dios! Como amoo a esta Mujer! 😍 Aaaahhhh

  • Apple Dimaala
    Apple Dimaala

    My non friend first listen this he said *Flower is shower*

  • maddie elineth plaza reyes
    maddie elineth plaza reyes

    현아 나는 당신을 사랑합니다 당신은 내가 당신을 강하게 알고 귀찮게 다른 팬들에 의해 협박되지 않는 최고입니다:) :D

  • 世界Jenny

    When she debuted I was not even alive

    • María cotelo
      María cotelo


  • Caroline Diaz
    Caroline Diaz


  • JB

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a> me and my friends going back to the class after staying 20 minutes in the director’s room

  • Salem Al_amri
    Salem Al_amri

    كييممم هيوناااا أحبك 여왕 현아 우리는 너를 사랑해 넌 정말 시원해 무대에서 다시 hope 길 바래김현아, 우리는 당신을 좋아합니다 ⁦(。♡‿♡。)⁩

  • alyssa

    goddess hyuna never disappoints me

  • Josefa Aranda Villar
    Josefa Aranda Villar


    • María cotelo
      María cotelo


  • wonwoo's burger
    wonwoo's burger

    Must be tired for Hyuna for carrying the kpop industry for so many years

  • BanGtan's ToOthbrush
    BanGtan's ToOthbrush

    I cAn't sTilL BeliEve ThAt sHe's tHe GirL in *GanGaM sTyLe!*

  • Sabrina Sousa
    Sabrina Sousa


  • Humairah Nasruddin
    Humairah Nasruddin

    Petition for Jessi & Hyuna collab ⬇️ ⬇️

  • M Daffa Ikbaar
    M Daffa Ikbaar

    Midsommar Hyuna Ver

  • 영 희
    영 희

    언니 진짜 예쁘다~☺︎사랑해요➰💗

  • Lyah_ Lowell
    Lyah_ Lowell

    Por qué Tusa me recuerda a esto? :v

  • I'm a Fanboy
    I'm a Fanboy

    She's so attractive.

  • Pablo cesar Schwenke vargar
    Pablo cesar Schwenke vargar

    La cancion en muy pegajosa ❤

  • Babe Aria
    Babe Aria

    This is seriously Hyuna anthem. PSY wrote the lyrics knowing who she is. I still love it after 6 months 💕

  • kim hongjoong
    kim hongjoong


  • yejistea

    this sounds just like somi's debut song "birthday"

  • Anita Muñoz Barraza
    Anita Muñoz Barraza


  • Aurellia luv Lia
    Aurellia luv Lia

    20M is coming!

  • 복숭아씨

    진짜 인간 장미같다 화려하고 매혹적인 붉은색 장미ㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ현아 짱예.....ෆ

  • MperoR 아얀 Mark Ryan
    MperoR 아얀 Mark Ryan

    P Nation standout!!! 현아시!!!!

  • Muhammad Rahmat Agus
    Muhammad Rahmat Agus

    HYUNA 😍😍😍😍💪💪💪💪

  • 강민서

    항상 언니 뒤에는 언니를 응원하고 사랑하는 팬들이 있다는 거 알지? 너무 사랑해 앞으로도 꽃길만 걷자💜

  • Ashley P.
    Ashley P.

    i think HyunA has taught us a very valuable lesson: kpop idols can still date and be in relationships of any kind while being a successful artist, it's called human rights, freedom, and just plain common sense. just wish korean entertainment companies wouldn't have so many restrictions on their idols, especially the dating restriction

  • Diamond Haze
    Diamond Haze

    Hyuna:give me your like Me:ok queeen

  • Hưng Duy
    Hưng Duy


  • blink blackpink
    blink blackpink

    I Love hyuna ❤

  • นันท์นภัส ฝึกจันทร์
    นันท์นภัส ฝึกจันทร์

    Call me old-fashioned but I like 4minute hyuna. She needs to be with them again. This video didn’t make very much sense. The lip&hip remix was great.

  • Stefany Reyes Rosas
    Stefany Reyes Rosas

    I love new hyuna

  • TAEKOOK 101
    TAEKOOK 101

    I love you ♥️✨beautiful ✨

  • جميلة انيقة
    جميلة انيقة

    Hyuna Queennnnnnn i loveeee hyuna so muchhh

  • Matilde Diogo
    Matilde Diogo

    so weird that psy wrote this song

  • Yuly Benito
    Yuly Benito

    Me encanta el silbido y el cantar de los pájaros en esta canción, bonita combinación, me suele recordar a la película de Blanca Nieves.

  • Meri Cruz_A.R.M.Y
    Meri Cruz_A.R.M.Y

    Me gusta más esta versión, porque aquí se ve que no la sexualizan tanto como antes, me alegro muchos besos 😘 💖

  • My More Noble Pursuits
    My More Noble Pursuits

    I love this song so much!!! Its so happy and so breezy. It gives a great fresh feeling. Her outfits are so gorgeous!! Honestly, the yellow ballgown is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen, its what Bell should've had in "The Beauty and the Beast" remake. Honestly they should've casted Hyuna and her costume designer.

  • 苏庆瑞

    Hyuna is flowers queen! I love you ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • JL S. Real
    JL S. Real

    This is who was here before 20M views 👇🏽

  • Debasmita Das
    Debasmita Das

    Shoooooo pretttyyyyy (๑♡⌓♡๑)(๑♡⌓♡๑)💕💓💗💗💓🥺

  • Rei Skywalker
    Rei Skywalker

    This song’s sounds similar to Whistle from Black Pink😅

  • Ema CRz
    Ema CRz

    Me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaa😍

  • tiktok mashup
    tiktok mashup

    Chupa cube

  • nabila siva1902
    nabila siva1902

    Awet muda gess 😃

  • Em Re
    Em Re

    Let's make it 20 mln

  • totorominion

    Anyone know when the next comeback is happening?

  • suspiria


  • Haruto PLAYZS
    Haruto PLAYZS


    • Dahyuns Girlfriend
      Dahyuns Girlfriend


  • bombom ;;
    bombom ;;

    Esta mujer es puro talento y visualidad. HyunA I💛 U. #HyunaStanMexico

    • Jessica Rubi
      Jessica Rubi

      México yaaaay 🇲🇽✨

  • XxAestheticLiliesxX

    It's amazing- there is only 1 problem.. It ends ;c

  • i say markjinisbae
    i say markjinisbae

    13 years and still relevant❤️ BTW guys please stream red and get it to 100M views before hyuna 0606 bdayb