How To Slice Every Fruit | Epicurious
Sharpen your knives and come to attention because class is in session! Join chef Frank Proto from the Institute of Culinary Education as he shares a comprehensive look at slicing fruits both large and small, from the tough to the exceedingly tender. Watch Frank peel, dice, hammer, and chop his way across the produce aisle and learn the skills you need to slice any fruit your sweet tooth desires.

Grapes 0:40
Strawberry 1:01
Fig 1:30
Plum 1:57
Lime 2:27
Lemon 2:46
Kiwi Berry 3:18
Longan 3:38
Gooseberry 4:07
Prickly Pear 4:26
Star Fruit 4:52
Rambutan 5:12
Passion Fruit 5:44
Mandarin Orange 6:01
Persimmon 6:16
Pepino Melon 6:45
Quince 7:15
Cherimoya 8:01
Apple 8:23
Dragonfruit 8:46
Avocado 9:23
Peach 10:32
Pomegranate 11:11
Orange 11:46
Yellow Plantain 12:18
Green Plantain 13:03
Mango 13:51
Grapefruit 15:12
Durian 15:55
Papaya 16:48
Pineapple 17:41
Cantaloupe 19:12
Pomelo 20:00
Pumpkin 20:46
Honeydew 21:21
Watermelon 22:03
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How To Slice Every Fruit | Epicurious

  • Kaseus 0220
    Kaseus 0220

    Jackfruit is way tastier than a durian although they look very similar

  • Kaseus 0220
    Kaseus 0220

    When he started cutting the yellow plantain, I lolled hard thinking it was a banana . How dumb

  • Wiell Nyan
    Wiell Nyan

    lychee? not there longan might be there but that isn’t it.

  • xxLaylaNovaxx

    Who else learned about new fruits watching this?

  • Poshinite3D

    U forgot Tomatoes and cucumbers

    • Poshinite3D


  • Syaeayah Israfil
    Syaeayah Israfil

    There is no mangosteen

  • SierraLarson2

    He didn't cut the pumpkin after taking the seeds out, though... Also this video made me wanna try more fruits. Especially longans.

  • Kaarunes boi
    Kaarunes boi

    Me at 3 am: i need to sleep i have school tommorrow Also me at 5 am:hOw To CuT eVeRy FrUiT

  • killtheskill

    Just download the app “fruit ninja”, that’s it.

  • reality check
    reality check

    You forgot the cucumber 🥒 And yes it is a FRUIT GO SEARCH IT UP WILL YA

  • Pet Piranha Gamer
    Pet Piranha Gamer


  • Pet Piranha Gamer
    Pet Piranha Gamer


  • zatoici hanzo
    zatoici hanzo

    Pomegranate, the other way:

  • Pet Piranha Gamer
    Pet Piranha Gamer

    My old friends had figs growing in the front yard and we there them at each other

  • Luigi Da Leopard
    Luigi Da Leopard

    what about the tomato.

  • Don U see i see
    Don U see i see

    Me: reading the title of this Me: scrutinising the tagged photo Me: *southern European blood boiling in my veins * Me:... going to watch this to see how bad he is gonna be with that poor pomegranate During video: two ways? There might be hope still. Immediately after: no hope. Hope was crushed. As was most of the seeds of that poor pomegranate. RIP

  • Lesbian Amazon Sister
    Lesbian Amazon Sister

    this was relaxing and fun to watch :)

  • Weed master 123
    Weed master 123

    Plantain us just an uncurvie banana

  • Michaelene Gabriel
    Michaelene Gabriel

    14:34 cutting a mango: "this piece, that's the treat for the chef. You eat it." hahaha Hilarious! So, all of us understands! #cheflife

  • weedblaze Ɽ
    weedblaze Ɽ

    Chef: Ok, how to cook an egg. First, were gonna cut the end off....

  • sindambiwe1

    SONG OF Allah

  • JeniceCR

    Them eyes tho 😭

  • Kitty lover Gacha Testing grounds
    Kitty lover Gacha Testing grounds

    No one: Me:DRAGON FRUIT!?!? REEEEEeE🤬

  • Namz

    please never cut a rambutan like that again

  • That_One_Gy

    Sees yellow plantain* Me; that's a damn banana Sees green plantain * Me: that's a damn green banana

  • Weeaboo 47
    Weeaboo 47

    Why would you cut a pomegranate like that

  • S_G_B

    I was going to watch the video but those sound effects are SO ANNOYING!!!!

  • Toasty Waffle
    Toasty Waffle

    Did he say lee-chi fruit 🤦‍♂️

  • WO McClung
    WO McClung

    watching him cut the grapefruit that way made me want to kill myself. I am a strong believer in the bowl method, when you cut it in half and slice the triangles to eat with a spoon and sugar.

  • Natanel Arnson
    Natanel Arnson

    Wasn't massively bothered by the fake audience, great video.

  • Thunder Flaw
    Thunder Flaw

    Sorry but, the comment section is even worse than the background.

  • lang 1007
    lang 1007

    He made so many fruits more complicated than it had to be

  • Laura Miner
    Laura Miner

    I wish he used the hammer on that coconut. Also, missed an opportunity to cut that Buddha's Hand from the bin at the begining of the video.

  • Polina

    TIL just slice the top and bottom off always

  • Patrick Hearne
    Patrick Hearne

    Oh god this audience...

  • T Color
    T Color

    No Audience

  • failing life 101
    failing life 101

    i have exams in the morning and what am i doing ... i watching some guy chop fruit at 3 in the morning smhhhhhh

  • Дмитрий Чуяшов
    Дмитрий Чуяшов

    Is tomato a fruit?

  • Aspen knight
    Aspen knight

    Didnt know there was even that many fruits wtf

  • Lonely Diver
    Lonely Diver


  • Diane Johnson
    Diane Johnson

    Fun fact that apparently even the chef doesn’t know: all parts of the apple are edible; the core, the skin and everything. Everything except for that little stick at the top.

  • Lonely Diver
    Lonely Diver


  • IcyReaper

    If my mom were to see this, say would say that your wasting meat of the fruit

  • sparkT7
    sparkT7 coconut ?

  • Sharon Keith
    Sharon Keith

    I heard that you can’t grow bananas from seeds. You plant a branch? I also heard the banana came here on the wind from outer space!

  • kenUwo

    y'all didn't do every fruit T.T lychee??

  • BG Resjek
    BG Resjek

    55 seconds

  • Eidenhoek

    I keep thinking he's Brad fromthebatestkitchen for some reason.

  • stormneko

    hey! no jackfruit! it stinks like durian but people seem to find it more pleasant despite the intensity, and it's hellish to cut. it oozes a weird latex sap goo that gets on everything and refuses to go away. oil your knife and pray

  • Vanessa Pavlovic
    Vanessa Pavlovic

    Fake crowd:"USE THE HAMMER" They totally missed an opportunity to say "HAMMER TIME"

  • Bawk Chicker
    Bawk Chicker

    Rambutan seeds are poisonous I think. I bit the seed and even though I spit it out, my mouth numbed up and my lips got swollen

  • MrPainfulTruth

    What happened to the second method for Pomegranate? Did the voices steal it?

  • Olsonelo

    Watermelon is a vegetable

  • the beast
    the beast

    He is the real fruit ninja

  • Matthew Gage
    Matthew Gage

    did my man just cut a banana

  • Natalie Hansen
    Natalie Hansen

    Hears "Gooseberry" Doesn't see green fuzzy berries for cobbler, but sees Physalis/Cape Gooseberries.

  • Lonely Diver
    Lonely Diver


  • Lonely Diver
    Lonely Diver


  • Lonely Diver
    Lonely Diver


  • some dude
    some dude

    That was definitely the worst way to break down a pom. Also probably the worst epicurious video I've stumbled into thus far. I hope the editor is back to selling used cars.

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