How to Overcome Trauma
The School of Life
A great many of us have - in one way or another - been traumatised somewhere in our past. Not only have we suffered greatly, we are likely not to have been able properly to process and digest what we have gone through. A key feature of a good life is a capacity to look our trauma in the eye; and ensure that the future can be a whole lot more hopeful than the past.
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“Psychological trauma can be defined as a negative event so overwhelming that we cannot properly understand, process or move on from it - but, and this is the devilish aspect to it, nor can we properly remember it or reflect upon its nature and its effects on us. It is lodged within us but remains hidden from us, making its presence known only via symptoms and pains, altering our sense of reality without alerting us to its devilish subterranean operations.”

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  • The School of Life
    The School of Life

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    • Daniel von Bose
      Daniel von Bose

      @Rikki when you're 18, you can get out.

    • Daniel von Bose
      Daniel von Bose

      @Rikki when your'e 18 you can get out.

    • Andy Jenner
      Andy Jenner

      I surround myself with better people.... I come from an abusive home, although sadly my teachers and peers were also abusive towards me. I grew up thinking I was abnormal, that, no matter how badly people treat me, it was my fault and they were in the right. Everything seemed perfectly normal to me. But worst thing was, I was unable to welcome people into my life who had good intentions with me. Luckily, things are different now, as I am welcoming good people into my life. It's a two sided-sword. On one hand, I only realize now that it was abusive other people had been doing to me, and how bad it was. But on the other hand it also helps me question the behaviour in the old and this better treatment is becoming the new normal. I'm not fully over the abuse yet, but I hope that if this better behaviour in my life continues the way it is, I will eventually forget about it.

    • картофель

      @Kirstin Strand haha thank you. Take care. In your text, there are nothing I can't agree with.

    • Kirstin Strand
      Kirstin Strand

      @Rikki also, there are online therapists. Google Narcissistic Abuse and look for a man from Australia...he is very good! I will look up his name and get back to you.

  • Apex Predator
    Apex Predator

    What's the difference between trauma and depression?

  • CoolSaitama HD
    CoolSaitama HD

    My trauma cause by my parents who don't want to go to church

  • pleximanic

    My lens is crystal clear ,people are basically bad.

  • Kiki 〈3
    Kiki 〈3

    I’m starting to realize that I’m still working on myself and I’m only at the beginning of it, acceptance. I’m excited for my future in this healing process but there’s just this one thing nagging at me saying that I will never get over it idk tho.

  • Isabelle Amé
    Isabelle Amé

    I cry because I feel like the narrator understands me, like there is someone who understands.

  • noctis strife
    noctis strife

    I go back to past events in my life when someone did something wrong to me and talk to myself about that situation and how that person has no power over me or my mind and that I am better and stronger now since i survived that situation and then i visualize removing that individual from my mind by sending their negative essence into the sun as a black ball of energy.

  • Corey Pattison
    Corey Pattison

    I had less educated religious parents. I request a do over


    I mean, there's no one way "life is". Life's not objective, but I get what you're saying- You could change your worldview

  • Xion

    to whom ever runs this channel, thank you

  • tuzmo

    Nothing has ever spoken to me like this video. It is like he knows me personally. I have some things to sort out...

  • Shera Haya Kichin
    Shera Haya Kichin

    I just want to get rid of this feeling!

  • Shammel 002
    Shammel 002

    Since elementary school I was acosed by girls and obligated to do what they wanted,also they touched me and kissed me ( that's what I remember, i was like 4 years old). Then in high school I was again touched and kissesby a girl, I was more aware about what was going on but nobody listened to me, teachers and classmates were like: it's normal, she likes you. I wasn't sexually abusived but I'm 15 now and I feel like I forgot most of the events that happened because it was my way to deal with it, so now I don't like anybody to touch me cause it reminds me of that girls and the tears start coming out. what I don't know is if it is an actual trauma or it isn't. However, I'm saying this cause it helps me to face what happened and recognize me, 2 months ago I didn't know that events affected me the way it did, like I said, my way to pretend it did not affect me was forgetting and remembering helps to overcome it and makes me feel better

  • N.W.A /IceCube
    N.W.A /IceCube

    Note : Comment section is blessed with good helpful people

  • Jelly _Lord
    Jelly _Lord

    1:52 ok bud you’re getting a little to close to the mark here

  • KillerCactus

    watches video Me: Haha I do that.

  • TryinaD

    Is it weird to have childhood trauma which is caused by the wrong kind of attention in response to a disability? They were well meaning I’m sure but it has caused me to doubt myself and have really bad self esteem due to my disability. There’s also the social exclusion I received because of it as a child, which makes me scared of so many things

  • Noizu Tazuka
    Noizu Tazuka

    Me: I have trauma The School Of Life: 4:47

  • AnneSofieLovesMozart

    Dear School of Life Thank you for all these enlightening videos. I wish you would do some of how bullying in childhood affect people in adulthood, and some related videos to that.

  • S L Filho
    S L Filho

    I’d like to share the thoughts of Alfred Adler, a Freud contemporary, and a take he has on trauma that is sheer brilliance. He invites us to evaluate what the trauma symptom is bringing us - he claims symptoms have less of a cause and more of a PURPOSE. if fear of leaving home, what do we get by staying home? If fear of social contact, what kind of soothing remedy we get instead? If we evaluate this, it may gives clues for self-knowledge and healing. Adler’s methods are deemed at times difficult to apply and even too bold to encompass trauma’s subtleties, but still, it can be a great way to frame trauma’s symptoms as a way of keeping us within a comfort zone.

  • abubakar bagumbayan
    abubakar bagumbayan

    Truama couse of this strong earthquake😢

  • I’m Pickle Rick
    I’m Pickle Rick

    i just recently found out what a seizure looks like. my baby sister had one. and the look and her face. the way she tried to scream for help. how her face went blue, and how her body turned grey. she almost didn’t wake up. the doctors said if my mom didn’t do CPR... she wouldn’t be here. my mom saved my baby sisters life. this was a couple days ago. i can’t stop replaying it in my mind. it won’t go away. i’m always so scared. i’m never able to rest. i see it in my dreams. i can never stop thinking about it. i’m distancing myself. i need help. i need something.

  • Captain stark
    Captain stark

    I can't control my environment

  • Michele Kurlan
    Michele Kurlan

    most clever animations on this ever helpful channel.

  • Ultimate destination
    Ultimate destination

    For me the worst part about my trauma is not only the anxiety, it's more this indescribable loneliness that I feel and also the dissociation from the world and myself which creates this feeling of isolation. I feel like a prisoner in my own body and mind

  • Jason Jackson
    Jason Jackson

    People need our patience and understanding.

  • Zarina Macha
    Zarina Macha

    A lot of trauma videos focus on parental neglect but in my case things at home were always filled with love and support. Unfortunately all my problems were at school with the other kids and I wonder if having been raised in such a caring and loving environment shut me off to the possibility that others can be cruel, unkind, selfish, and manipulative. As a child I was often drawn to kids that were mean or neglectful towards me and this recurring pattern continued. Perhaps also the fact that my home life was so happy made me not want to break it by showing how sad I felt so I kept a lot of stuff to myself and didn't reveal my emotional vulnerabilities to my family until my later teens.

  • Carlos Calcaneo-Roldan
    Carlos Calcaneo-Roldan

    You aleays manage to find me at just the right moment... or is it the other way round? 😊. Thank you so much for these videos!

  • Joe Alias
    Joe Alias

    It took me a long time but I've seen that trauma is the best word for what's going on in my mind. Being convinced that I'm not good enough and I'm not attractive and no one could ever love me. I've seen all these stories and distortions for what they are. Now what I'm finding is that, despite what you would think, there is a huge amount of resistance in me to giving up these stories. Doing so feels incredibly unsafe. The work goes on.

  • angelisland


  • nóra juhász
    nóra juhász

    This might sound weird, but I feel like many people these days seem to feel like they are traumatised, or they say they probably have been traumatised by this big, old, traumatic something about which they only have blurred memories or ideas, but they assume it happened and it changed them forever. I guess I am no exception. Sometimes I wonder what things cause me to behave like this and that, or for having been in emotional places that feel somewhat odd. Then I remember our souls and minds and resilience have been wired through thousands of years when people lived their everyday life knowing that they can be taken any hour by a snake, a bear, from eating the wrong berry, from being too long in the cold, etc. If people went through things like this and still remained able to create and keep their families and social connections (otherwise they would have died most likely), then why our souls are so, so sensitive to seemingly minor stuff? Why so many people today say that they have been traumatised when our psyche had been developed to overcome and move forward against horrible odds?

  • 365ral

    I was a special-needs kid, and dealt with a number of teachers that bullied me throughout my childhood and teen years. Replace “how we view the world” with “how we view ourselves,” and this video fits to a tee!

  • Blu Skyye
    Blu Skyye

    Oh my God. I'm out of here, I cannot stand this dudes annoying accent.


    Please add a transcript with every video The words are shockingly so apt,so true, so hard hitting This is gold

  • Yoon

    I watched my parents fighting with each other over the silliest little things since I was a child, even until they have a grandchild they're still in disagreement. I'm scared of commitment thanks to them

  • l3l3Cakes

    I am beating trauma by being the parent I needed when I was younger. I make sure to always show up for myself, I give myself the attention I need, I tell myself that I am love and worthy of it, and I’m seeing major improvements in my confidence and self esteem.😊

  • Robert C.
    Robert C.

    This could essentially be a 5-minute argument against circumcision through the psychological lense. Thumbs way up.

  • Elvan Şavklı
    Elvan Şavklı

    I unfortunately came across one trama after another and I am in a country ( my country) where peopel are unsensetive to have feelings.

  • screenpagestv

    Excellent video and analysis of trauma!

  • pad maus
    pad maus

    I always assumed I was emotionally weak and over-reactive, dramatic, or overly afraid. Yes, my mother was very critical of me and my father was depressed, yes my parents hated each other since I was young and still do, but the amount of self-loathing, doubt, and fear i felt/feel regularly seemed unjustified. A few years ago I began to suspect maybe I had repressed a traumatic event or wasn’t old enough to remember it, but that seemed like a convenient way to make excuses for my lack of emotional stability. This makes me feel validated and justified, something I have felt very little in my life. My parents were very young when I was born and though no one told me, I eventually realized that I was a complete accident. They also divorced when I was barely 1 year old, and their arguments in my early childhood were explosive. I must have witnessed arguments like this while they were still together, as an infant, which traumatized me. I am frowning or look confused in all of my baby pictures.

  • NROS2012

    Transactional analysis.

  • Andy Jenner
    Andy Jenner

    The best is to keeping away from the people who have traumatized you. My parents have abused me verybally AND physically AND psychologically. I did the only right thing and moved away from them as soon as I turned 18 in 2011. I even went abroad for a year in 2016, but when I returned in 2017, I propoably made the biggest (and yes, I mean THE biggest genuinely) mistake of my life. I moved back in wth my parents. When I moved back in, there was nothing but fighting, and they essentally continued their abusive behaviour. That, dear friends, has essentially created new wounds and re-opened many old ones. I live by myself since early 2019 again, but those past two years where I had been living with my parents is still haunting me.

  • Sarah Walton
    Sarah Walton

    I agree with much of this. However it doesn't cover the fact that you can be aware of your trauma and fear. However, through neglect there can be a loss of believing that you are 'deserving' of more. This was certainly the biggest hurdle I faced to take steps to address past trauma.

  • Jochen 19693600
    Jochen 19693600

    Plant medicines like ayahuasca and psilocybin mushrooms healed me from 20 years of severe depressions. It opens the close doors and shows you the way to universal love. ;-)

  • Tom Ripley
    Tom Ripley

    "Life teaches you how to live it if you survive it"

  • xxcrysad3000xx

    This is so on point it's scary. I've been medicated for nearly 20 years and my psychiatrist never brought up trauma as the underlying cause of my fears, anxieties, depression, and other dysfunctions.

  • Brisk of moonligh
    Brisk of moonligh

    Im traumatized to school everything that is close to it scares me. I got back 2 school and just came back now and the trauma stays. I had 3 panic attacks. I'm so stuck. I dont know what to do.

    • wendy mower
      wendy mower

      Makes an appointment with a counselor at your school. They can guide you towards help. There is light at the end of the tunnel if you persevere.❤

  • Rocky Ugsod
    Rocky Ugsod

    Irresponsible parenting, the worst.

  • A. L.
    A. L.

    Thanks for this video.

  • Evita17C

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  • Soytu19

    I feel i have mental blocks. They happen only when i talk. Sometimes i stutter and many times the fear itself of stuttering makes it even worse: i fear failing. I think i know where this comes from: I was raised by my mother alone. But i once saw the one who was my biological father (who i saw only three times) in bed with my mother. I was 6 years old. This infuriated me a lot, i started breaking things, etc... but the thing is that the strongest feeling was me trying to repress that thing i was seeing in front of me. The repression. Ive also spent my whole life also holding my stomach/belly in in order to look thinner. The thing is now im feeling the same repression in my speech.

  • Arsene Wenger
    Arsene Wenger

    Childhood abuse is FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR worse than any trauma suffered as an adult.. Such as an ADULT war veteran . The ADULT war veteran MADE THE CHOICE AS AN ADULT to become a solider The CHILD did NOT make the choice to become abused The adult war veteran was given a weapon to protect himself i.e a gun The abused child did NOT have a gun/weapon to protect himself/herself. Childhood abuse is FAR WORSE than any trauma suffered as an adult... And I WILL NOT be told otherwise by anyone.

  • Samantha K
    Samantha K

    This was a timely and needed video

  • Moses Hacmon
    Moses Hacmon

    Once people understand their spirit of water, how we are a cup of Water from an Ocean of Consciousness, they won’t have an identity crisis and depression anymore. Most people live in separation from nature and their environment today. Check out this channel-

  • Lee Ann Pelletier
    Lee Ann Pelletier

    I cant stop picking my face for hours every day and I always used to do it whenever something violent was happening at the house and now I do it constantly I zone out I dont know why

  • Tshepo Masiea
    Tshepo Masiea

    An enduring sense of worthlessness, and you don't even remember why.

  • Tony Coombs
    Tony Coombs

    Awesome thank you 🙋

  • Ruth Horenstein
    Ruth Horenstein

    Thank you for your videos. I'm responding to this one because I feel it would be irresponsible of me not to...Talking is not enough to heal trauma. Recent brain research shows that a traumatic reaction involves the body, and therefore healing trauma must be through the body. Talking alone can trigger and re-traumatize. (As stated in the comments). I strongly recommend seeking out a specific trauma healing treatment such as Somatic Experiencing or EMDR with a trained therapist. "Trauma is fact of life. It need not be a life sentence." -Peter Levine

  • Marcio Mendes
    Marcio Mendes

    powerful video !

  • S H
    S H

    There is no such thing as "overcoming trauma." Trauma causes fundamental changes to your physiological makeup. Children are especially vulnerable because their brains/bodies are still developing. Trauma may cause irreversible damage. There are ways to cope, but one can never overcome.