Grandma Helps Save Base Jumper Dangling Off Building
A base jumper crashed into the side of a high-rise apartment building in Acapulco, Mexico and was left helplessly dangling. But a sweet grandma came to the rescue. The little old lady can be seen grabbing the base jumper by the hand and helping him safely onto her balcony. She even offers him a glass of water. Back home in Michigan, base jumper Kody Kosloski called his rescuer a "sweetheart" and said he was sorry for scaring her.

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    • Official Central Blocks City
      Official Central Blocks City

      Bredda da ludda deeserbs 2 go un de rad carpet.

  • Andrea Bran
    Andrea Bran

    She’s the cutest

  • Preena Patel
    Preena Patel

    All these comments abt water is making me very thirsty for a cold crisp glass of water.

  • j ram
    j ram

    She offers a glass of water like if it's normal to enter her apartment through the balcony lol

  • RebelCave85

    He reacted the right way and did not panic. The old lady 👵🏻 lol

  • Ebay User
    Ebay User

    She saved your life, the least you could do is accept her water. By the looks of it, it probably wasn't her first rodeo.

  • LosCar Delgado
    LosCar Delgado

    People play with there life's way too much 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Fernando Villalobos
    Fernando Villalobos

    If this guy would have died from this it would have been called an accident . Even thou he chose to jump off the building.....

  • adamd664

    Idiot at least do it at a suitable jump sight or something

  • mr toehead
    mr toehead

    she reminds me of mom want a glass of water classic got milk hope he sent some flowers to her as a big thank you

  • Ruin Me
    Ruin Me

    She's so calm like he just dropped by for a spot of tea

  • Prisha Sharma
    Prisha Sharma

    If that was in america he would be shoot to death

  • Omzzz Z
    Omzzz Z

    #holdmyfeedingtube while I try to be a dumbass

  • Sausagegaming

    Did he give her a hug?

  • Danny P P
    Danny P P

    Do u want a glass of water? I’d rather have a beer!

  • NekoMikoYe

    Me playing gta v

  • Huehuehue Hue
    Huehuehue Hue

    First thing she says after a man almost died do you want a glass of water?

  • Kenzie Mimzi
    Kenzie Mimzi

    Do not jump off a building wearing a parachute expecting to go places.

  • Harley Hpsn
    Harley Hpsn

    Ah hell yeah id take that glass of water!!!!!!

  • donavan alkatib
    donavan alkatib

    “do you want a glass of water” 🥺

  • Feer O
    Feer O

    My grandma: Its because of that goddang phone

  • Nyan Paul
    Nyan Paul

    Lol, I love how the grandma casually says "Do you want a glass of water?" As if nothing happend

  • Jonah S.
    Jonah S.

    The people applauding in the background, lmao

  • Mr President
    Mr President


  • Stanley Hape
    Stanley Hape

    NANA to the rescue !!

  • Mad Planet
    Mad Planet

    what an idiot

  • JustSilly rachet
    JustSilly rachet

    I am an idiot at the begging I thought he was going to try and jump to the pool and the get cold feet and hold on to a balcony

  • Brian Long
    Brian Long

    This is what happened when you skip high school physics. No one messes with Mr gravity.

  • drane1210

    He needs to be arrested for wreckless endangerment

  • Franklin Toreno
    Franklin Toreno

    When you get an airdrop in PUBG.

  • Mister Swimbait
    Mister Swimbait

    Man really just turned down a glass of water

  • Loveduhmusic

    Deserved to die for being an idiot. That grandma needs more credit.

  • Marta Tomczak
    Marta Tomczak

    In Poland the old lady probably would hit him with a broom several times.

  • Ford AFG
    Ford AFG

    She knows water is life

  • Morgan Reid
    Morgan Reid


  • Ninja Dook
    Ninja Dook

    Douche bag!

  • Big Man
    Big Man

    Would've been epic if someone like that guy from Scary Movie with the small deform hand came out and was like "oh let me help you, just grab my hand" and dude be like no give me your other hand , and small hand guy be like "its not strong enough, just give me your hand child" lmao.

  • manbearpig 1801
    manbearpig 1801

    Give her a damn hug clown

  • Hispanic Lovin
    Hispanic Lovin

    Wow 😘God Bless her

  • Jordan K
    Jordan K

    Gah damn Space Force falling out of the sky

  • Fearless Frogcatcher
    Fearless Frogcatcher

    Never deny your hero's hospitality u chump .. next time have a darn glass of water!!!

  • Dennis Da Menace
    Dennis Da Menace


  • Mero G
    Mero G

    "Do you want a glass of water?" Had me busted laughing out loud That lady must of have thought an angel was send to her to

  • Red Devil
    Red Devil

    Granny : do you want a glass of water ?? Me : want a coke instead .. Granny throws me out.. 🏌🏌🏌♿♿♿

    • yroohj gouy
      yroohj gouy

      I would’ve died if she offered him food 😂 such a sweet lady

  • DanielFilms

    Bruh I’m going to Acapulco today 😂

    • yroohj gouy
      yroohj gouy

      1 that lady is so sweet 2 Michigan gaannnnngggg--->

  • Mark O
    Mark O

    Let me fix ya some sandwiches!

  • Karma Elaine
    Karma Elaine

    Bless her heart 😌

  • Lilly Smith
    Lilly Smith

    Guy: almost falls to his death Old lady: want a glass of WatEr

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      Grandma power

  • Bre Shaw
    Bre Shaw

    Even without seeing the lady i could tell it was a grandma with her "would you like a glass of water?!" Seconds after saving the man lol

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      So ready for every single one of these comments to be about the glass of water question!

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    Acapulco is pretty

  • George Cortez
    George Cortez

    Ya grandma alright saving baby

  • random no one
    random no one

    That grandma was about to feed him too cause he looks so skinny

  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets

    You know shes a grandma when she offers you a glass of water after a deadly crisis

  • J Adkiss
    J Adkiss

    Smh..... Not smart

  • its_ honey!
    its_ honey!

    908th comment lmao

  • Barney The Blue Dinosaur
    Barney The Blue Dinosaur

    No hug?

  • MoneyGod vG
    MoneyGod vG

    Why open the parachute so close to the building I thought he was jumping into the pool I got confused then I seen the parachute

  • alisuo toko
    alisuo toko

    “Do you want a glass of water?” “No. No thank you, however, do you have a clean pair of shorts?”

    • Russian Bot
      Russian Bot

      alisuo toko :🤤🤤🤤

    • Sausagegaming

      alisuo toko 😂 Gg

  • Misfit 636
    Misfit 636

    Take my strong hand 🤚🏻

    • alisuo toko
      alisuo toko

      “Do you want a glass of water”? What a jewel!

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna

    1 that lady is so sweet 2 Michigan gaannnnngggg--->