Grain Truck Rollover Accident - Part 1- I'm Lucky To Be Alive
For some reason only half the video uploaded. Watch Part 2 here:
Yesterday I had to hit the ditch to avoid a head on collision with a cattle semi that had crossed over into my lane. The semi I was driving flipped over on its side. I was not injured. This video includes footage from the scene, my reaction the next day, clean-up, and some things I wanted to get off of my chest from the experience.
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  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Same happen to another student in my cdl class. I clicked on it because I thought you were him!

  • kyndakrazy

    If you think you know who it was, you can have his Electonic logs subpoenaed. They have built in GPS and will show exactly where he was at the time of the accident. You won't need a subpoena for all of the suspects. The log will clear the innocent and they should be glad to show you proof. Once you find him, have his cell phone records checked and I'll bet you find out he was on the phone at the time.

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    It’s too bad someone didn’t get any info off the truck. That’s the issues with a lot of semi drivers now days. It’s not like the old days where a man stops and takes care of business after causing a wreck. I’m sure glad your ok but I can see the frustration in the loose ends. Accountability on that drivers part is about sad. You did the right thing. You saved your life and maybe his. Don’t usually see dash cams in farm trucks either. Mostly otr trucks. So again. Glad ur ok and you did everything right

  • Rollz 2
    Rollz 2

    Good to see you are ok buddy, that sucks

  • William Davis
    William Davis

    If insurance doesn’t believe you, you can take s lie detector test. Most will accept you were in situation you couldn’t help. Sorry people in this world. I’m surprised a witness didn’t chase him to get license plate number. Praise the lord you are alive. Hate that you lost some equipment. Hopefully insurance Wong give a headache over it and take care of it.

  • Cynthia Clampitt
    Cynthia Clampitt

    So glad you're okay. But seriously scary moment.

  • ilamay77

    God bless you..Angels are watching over you! You're alive because you're blessed!.. Thank God! Forgive the guy who obviously was afraid to stop. Forget the should've could've would've stuff completely!! Everyday you're out working driving whatever just thank God for his protection over you!

  • Charlie Penney
    Charlie Penney

    OMG Hope your ok

  • oceandrew

    Out of curiosity... is the law of any use out there in the country? Does getting the sheriff's dept involved accomplish anything besides an accident report for the insurance claim?

  • Eddie Heffernan
    Eddie Heffernan

    I am happy you are ok!!!!!

  • shop shop
    shop shop

    You are most gracious all things considered, that speaks very highly of the type of person you are! "Be angry but sin not".

  • Tom Peters
    Tom Peters

    God Bless You. Keep on keeping on.

  • 007NAC

    Good for you pursuing forgiveness in your heart! Bitterness is a deadly thing! I could tell you were a believer by how you were talking about it. Good job man praise the Lord!

  • spike Landman
    spike Landman

    God was looking out for the farmer who tills his land and feeds millions! Happy that you are safe!

  • Buckdodgers1906

    New Sub here. I don't go to church like I used to, but I believe in God. He was with you that day. A LOT more things could have gone wrong, but they didn't. Glad you're still alive and with us.

  • johnrtrucker

    Dont graze the truck like those comments said because that mirror will whip around and can either knock you out or kill you while still going 40+ mph given the circumstance you did the right thing even though the other driver didn't get dinged or even stop you're alive and well the truck is nothing compared to your life let the insurance handle it from here glad you're safe and ok bud!

  • Jim Harris
    Jim Harris

    Bless you son, glad you are not hurt.

  • Cheryl Carlson
    Cheryl Carlson

    Wow. Horn didn't work??

  • Christie Lindsay
    Christie Lindsay

    So glad you are ok! You are speaking wisdom. Very sorry about accident. God Bless❤️

  • Don Crap
    Don Crap

    You were probably texting.

    • Peterson Farm Bros
      Peterson Farm Bros

      I was not. I had just turned onto a highway and met another semi at the top of the next hill. He was in my lane. If I would've not been paying attention we'd have hit head on and I probably wouldn't have made it...

  • Kelly Benedix
    Kelly Benedix

    God bless you! KEEP THAT ATTITUDE. Pride you have it!

  • Nbbear 48nd
    Nbbear 48nd

    Can you give me a shout out my MNsoft channel is #nbbear48nd

  • Gary Shaw
    Gary Shaw

    Only the second video of yours I've seen, what a shock it had to be. You're obviously a really good person and I'm glad you're okay. Maybe that woke up the other driver and he will realize he screwed up.

  • Drew Dunlavey
    Drew Dunlavey

    greg Im glad you are not hurt and my uncle had the same thing happen but the semi can get fixed

  • Trayten Lanphier
    Trayten Lanphier

    God bless America I’m glad your safe buddy 😃

  • james west
    james west

    Thank God you are OK !! the truck can be replaced, I can tell you from experience a glancing head on hit is NO fun it was a car that came across the line into my truck Glad you are safe !!

  • Harvey Nichols
    Harvey Nichols

    You sir are a fine young man,God has blessed you.We have added you to our Prayer list.

  • Jeff P
    Jeff P

    Glad that you are alive. Sending comforting prayers

  • Robert Rinker
    Robert Rinker

    God was looking after you glad you are all right no won else was involved no won else was hurt or involved God bless

  • J.D. Terpstra
    J.D. Terpstra

    I think it's bad luck to be superstitious :) - Praise the Lord (Amen Nick) for guarding and protecting you through this. So glad you can walk away from this. Blessings on the rest of your harvest!

  • Landon Durrant
    Landon Durrant

    A lot of people that commented like you said on Facebook probably has never been in this kind of situation before. The last thing on your mind is making sure that you swap a little paint. Ive been in the same position as you. Unfortunately its a memory that never really goes away. The fact that you're both still a live is great and a blessing. With my accident, the other driver didn't live to tell the tail. God bless you and your family.

  • Dave Hughes Farm
    Dave Hughes Farm

    Geeezzz dude...Those deals are some eyeopeners..Thank your guardian angel..

  • Doug Cultra
    Doug Cultra

    You're very lucky and a True Christian to be able to forgive the other driver. God Bless and stay safe.

  • Dean Brown
    Dean Brown

    Glad you are alright. Sorry for your loss. Yes GODS miracle.

  • Gauge Brady
    Gauge Brady

    Just be glad your alive what that guy did is wrong but he’s the one who has to live with it

  • Lewie McNeely
    Lewie McNeely

    You can live with it. he'll HAVE to!

  • Judy Clayton
    Judy Clayton

    I’m very mad you don’t run someone off the road and keep driving he could have killed you they need to find him and take his license

  • A&R Farms
    A&R Farms

    Glad you’re alright. I been there. Rolled a frightliner loaded with pine logs. Ab same situation, went off rd to miss oncoming car and swerved off the rd and thought I was good until the trailer tires hit the ditch bank and it caved in. Had logs come thru the cab. Walked away w a busted ear and some minor cuts, but that’s one ride I don’t wanna make again. Thankfully the Almighty saved us both. Man ppl don’t half watch the rd anymore bc of these damn phones. I quit hauling for ppl just bc of that mess

  • Karon Nemetz
    Karon Nemetz

    I'm Proud of U for being the Man that U are. Don't listen to the naysayers, its ez to be a sideline quarterback. GOD will take care of the other driver, trust me - its usually in the name of KARMA

  • Čriček Steyr
    Čriček Steyr

    Are yor perants engri

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